Elite Performances From The CIF SS Division I Prelims

Which athletes scored elite performances on Saturday at the CIF Southern Section Division I Prelims on Saturday in Mission Viejo? 

Check out the numbers below. 

100 Meter Hurdles Prelims14.40Anise BeckerLong Beach Poly (SS)
100 Meter Hurdles Prelims14.59Kaylin EdwardsWilson - Long Beach (SS)
100 Meter Hurdles Prelims14.64 hKylani GainesPolytechnic - Riverside (SS)
100 Meter Hurdles Prelims14.77Alene WashingtonWilson - Long Beach (SS)
100 Meter Hurdles Prelims14.96Jamiyah SandersWilson - Long Beach (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims11.73Keelan WrightChaparral (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims11.92Mikensi SmithYucaipa (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims12.06Leila HollandLong Beach Poly (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims12.09Mia ColemanRedondo Union (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims12.09Brooklyn LeeLong Beach Poly (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims12.13Aniyah BrooksLong Beach Poly (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims12.15Obioma EmecheteAyala (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:53.79Sofia LiebermanMurrieta Valley (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:54.07Braelyn CombeSantiago Corona (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:55.46Reena HsiehArcadia (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:56.15Makenzie McRaeHuntington Beach (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:58.36Jordin LiebermanMurrieta Valley (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:59.00Olivia FoodyAliso Niguel (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:59.34Megan CrumTemescal Canyon (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:59.59Nicole AlfredRancho Cucamonga (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims5:01.09Phoebe BenunSanta Monica (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims5:01.22Lyza YetterSan Clemente (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims5:05.17Kaitlin KenneyCrescenta Valley (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims5:05.46Holly BarkerTrabuco Hills (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims5:05.70Sadie WilsonMira Costa (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims5:07.85Natalie GonzalezDowney (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims5:08.68Natalie DrewitzML King (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims5:09.13Adamara EsparzaSanta Ana (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims5:14.95Melanie RamosChino Hills (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims23.90Keelan WrightChaparral (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims24.15Kayla McBrideAyala (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims24.62Amaya RiceLakewood (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims24.76Mikensi SmithYucaipa (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims24.80Leila HollandLong Beach Poly (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims24.87Nevaeh LewisLong Beach Poly (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims24.89Obioma EmecheteAyala (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims24.92Amira WhiteheadSummit (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims43.13Anise BeckerLong Beach Poly (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims43.25Kaylin EdwardsWilson - Long Beach (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims44.03Saniah VanardoWilson - Long Beach (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims44.28Jaylen SpencerVista Murrieta (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims44.54 hKylani GainesPolytechnic - Riverside (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims44.85Morgan KingLong Beach Poly (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims44.99Layla RoslanArcadia (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims45.04Ndiah HallRancho Cucamonga (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims45.11Claire BanfieldSan Juan Hills (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims45.24Trishelle BargeChaffey (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims46.07Isabelle SalazarAyala (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims46.13Avana ZennerMira Costa (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims46.26Miyana Gramata-MasseyLong Beach Poly (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims46.26Ashley BradbardLos Osos (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims46.31Kayla CarrascoTrabuco Hills (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims46.39Taylor GarciaChino Hills (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:25.35Rylee BladeSantiago Corona (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:27.49Sydney RubioHuntington Beach (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:28.01Holly BarkerTrabuco Hills (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:30.11Makenzie McRaeHuntington Beach (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:32.41Arielle AvinaMurrieta Valley (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:35.04Olivia FoodyAliso Niguel (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:37.00Erika KirkVista Murrieta (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:39.05Millie BaylesTrabuco Hills (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:39.52Avery PeckLong Beach Poly (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:41.24Reena HsiehArcadia (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:41.65Nicole AlfredRancho Cucamonga (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:41.69Megan CrumTemescal Canyon (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:45.26Anna DesormeauTrabuco Hills (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:47.02Phoebe BenunSanta Monica (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:49.06Audrey BuckleySantiago Corona (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:52.32Lauren VillegasAyala (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:52.51Elizabeth JacklinML King (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:53.08Madilyn SianaSantiago Corona (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims10:57.69Priscilla VillalobosVista Murrieta (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims11:02.13Sophie GuilfoilePortola (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims11:02.63Emilia GreenwayCrescenta Valley (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims11:04.57Elena MartinezChaffey (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims11:13.07Skylar WattsTrabuco Hills (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims11:14.85Victoria JamisonSaugus (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims11:16.02Lucia PearsonSaugus (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims54.77Kayla McBrideAyala (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims55.01Saniah VanardoWilson - Long Beach (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims56.73Lanai GantHighland (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims56.91Brooke BlueWilson - Long Beach (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims57.08Jaylin HunterLong Beach Poly (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims57.14Layla RoslanArcadia (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims57.21Hazel RhodesSaugus (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims57.32Xiomara LewisLa Serna (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims57.91Nevaeh LewisLong Beach Poly (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims57.92Aliyah StokesLong Beach Poly (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims57.97Malaya HardimanJordan (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims46.63Relay TeamLong Beach Poly (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims46.85Relay TeamWilson - Long Beach (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims47.03Relay TeamAyala (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims47.71Relay TeamEtiwanda (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims47.74Relay TeamVista Murrieta (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims47.99Relay TeamRedondo Union (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:50.89Relay TeamWilson - Long Beach (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:51.92Relay TeamAyala (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:53.43Relay TeamLong Beach Poly (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:14.05Braelyn CombeSantiago Corona (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:14.50Sofia LiebermanMurrieta Valley (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:14.88Jordan LeeTrabuco Hills (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:15.10Taylor DavisSantiago Corona (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:15.97Shirayah Lewis-WilliamsLong Beach Poly (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:16.54Kinsley WhitecavageSantiago Corona (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:16.67Lyza YetterSan Clemente (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:16.74Michelle RamosChino Hills (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:17.47Kiarra StewartTrabuco Hills (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:17.81Kaitlin KenneyCrescenta Valley (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:17.93Juanita ShotwellWilson - Long Beach (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:18.36Hannah ButterfieldRancho Cucamonga (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:18.46Fiona HollowayVista Murrieta (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:19.18Elisa RodriguezWilson - Long Beach (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims2:19.96Cleo ToppSanta Monica (SS)
Discus Prelims120-4Chrisma AgborPortola (SS)
Discus Prelims122-11Kirssy ReyesWarren (SS)
Discus Prelims123-6Abbey ReichardPortola (SS)
Discus Prelims124-9Andreese OrtizHeritage (SS)
Discus Prelims126-4Mai RicksLong Beach Poly (SS)
Discus Prelims137-5Trinity TiptonCamarillo (SS)
Long Jump Prelims17-8.5Alaya RobinsonEtiwanda (SS)
Long Jump Prelims17-9Quiana LaughlinBurroughs Burbank (SS)
Long Jump Prelims17-9Makena BaileyChino Hills (SS)
Long Jump Prelims17-10Saje HeardRancho Cucamonga (SS)
Long Jump Prelims17-11.5Jaelynn LaneLa Serna (SS)
Long Jump Prelims19-3.75Alyssa AlumbresVista Murrieta (SS)
Long Jump Prelims19-9.75Loren WebsterWilson - Long Beach (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims10-6Scarlett BiondolilloSan Juan Hills (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims10-6Natalia GaitanLos Osos (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-0Cheyenne TaksasOak Hills (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-0Sadie HartmanVista Murrieta (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-0Prahlika HattiDiamond Bar (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-0Daniella MondinoFountain Valley (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-0Payton SimmonsCrescenta Valley (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-6Michal CoatesGreat Oak (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-6Aspen FearsVista Murrieta (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-6Olivia BettingerLos Alamitos (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-6Isabella AbrahamsFountain Valley (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-6Camilla BrennanRedondo Union (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-6Emma SamvelianArcadia (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-6Sophia AlaghaArnold O. Beckman (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-6Mia CerecerezAlta Loma (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims11-6Katelynn SuemnickChaparral (SS)
Shot Put Prelims38-7.5Makena GuyArcadia (SS)
Shot Put Prelims38-10.5Kirssy ReyesWarren (SS)
Shot Put Prelims39-0.5Reign SnowdenSanta Monica (SS)
Shot Put Prelims39-8Trinity TiptonCamarillo (SS)
Shot Put Prelims42-3Andreese OrtizHeritage (SS)
Shot Put Prelims42-4Mai RicksLong Beach Poly (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims36-0Rochelle HenareAyala (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims36-1.5Kolena ApanaTemescal Canyon (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims36-2.75Crystal SteierElsinore (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims36-3Ryann HudsonAlta Loma (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims36-3.5DaQari HamptonWilson - Long Beach (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims36-3.5Samiya StevensJordan (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims36-7Maddison LeRancho Cucamonga (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims36-11Alaya RobinsonEtiwanda (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims37-0Journii SpencerWilson - Long Beach (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims37-5.5Makena BaileyChino Hills (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims39-8Alyssa AlumbresVista Murrieta (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims10.53Devin BraggLos Alamitos (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims10.56Brian BonnerValencia (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims10.60Jeremiah HarrisRoosevelt (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims10.66Benjamin HarrisLong Beach Poly (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims10.67Zion WilliamsMira Costa (SS)
100 Meter Dash Prelims10.75Jordan RossWarren (SS)
110 Meter Hurdles Prelims14.46William Isaiah BrightMurrieta Mesa (SS)
110 Meter Hurdles Prelims14.53Arthur CelestineMurrieta Mesa (SS)
110 Meter Hurdles Prelims14.57Daniel WimbushRancho Cucamonga (SS)
110 Meter Hurdles Prelims14.62Sedwitz DumontWilson - Long Beach (SS)
110 Meter Hurdles Prelims14.63Quran ClaytonOak Hills (SS)
110 Meter Hurdles Prelims14.68Dario GarrettTrabuco Hills (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:10.25Jason ParraMillikan (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:11.73Connor BennettLoyola (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:11.77Ibzan FelixArnold O. Beckman (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:11.95Maximo ZavaletaML King (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:12.80Dylan JubakTrabuco Hills (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:13.47Gabriel RodriguezGreat Oak (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:14.00Westin BrownGreat Oak (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:14.24Brett EphraimSan Clemente (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:15.90Jace DeledonnePolytechnic - Riverside (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:17.89Brayden LunettaML King (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:18.24Logan CarlsonML King (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:18.85Yishai RodriguezValencia Placentia (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:18.86Diego MontagCamarillo (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:19.12Evan NahuatValley View (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:19.27Jack HorrocksFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:19.89Martin Torres-SandovalLa Quinta (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:20.01Aidan DominguezDowney (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:20.39Caleb OrnelasAyala (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:20.48Nathan MaganaPatriot (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:20.68Joshua ChambersCrescenta Valley (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:20.71Adrian CantuSaugus (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:20.88Tyler McLemenCamarillo (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:21.30Nathaniel HorrocksFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:21.33Kyle NguyenRedondo Union (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:21.81Uriel TexisChannel Islands (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:22.41Jack ParadiseGreat Oak (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:22.43Logan ShawNorthwood (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:23.07Arlo GagnonCrescenta Valley (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:23.64Juan Flores JrWarren (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:23.68Owen TeagueHemet (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:24.26Bernardo EnriquezFountain Valley (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:24.53Destino SotoChaffey (SS)
1600 Meter Run Prelims4:24.77Alexander BarbarieRedondo Union (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.21Rider CooperPortola (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.51Jeremiah HarrisRoosevelt (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.51Benjamin HarrisLong Beach Poly (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.52Dheer PatelNorthwood (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.52Devin BraggLos Alamitos (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.55Rodney SermonsRancho Cucamonga (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.62Jack StadlmanTemecula Valley (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.70Jackson MorganTemescal Canyon (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.72Julius JohnsonLong Beach Poly (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.75Jordan RossWarren (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.79Cory ButlerCentennial Corona (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.85Keilin DavisCajon (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.94Jackson McCuskerTrabuco Hills (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.96Xai RicksLong Beach Poly (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.99Tyler HarveyTrabuco Hills (SS)
200 Meter Dash Prelims21.99Zion WilliamsMira Costa (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims37.77Daniel AgbelusiBeaumont (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims37.79Cayden RobersonRoosevelt (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims37.85John MuellerLoyola (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims38.29Arthur CelestineMurrieta Mesa (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims38.36Daniel WimbushRancho Cucamonga (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims38.38Kamran JahromiPortola (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims38.59Mac LamkinMira Costa (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims38.75Sedwitz DumontWilson - Long Beach (SS)
300 Meter Hurdles Prelims39.15Ethan BarteeWilson - Long Beach (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims8:54.35Jason ParraMillikan (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims8:59.47Eddie SionCrescenta Valley (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:07.09Maximo ZavaletaML King (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:07.37Ryan StanleyTrabuco Hills (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:08.07Westin BrownGreat Oak (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:08.45Ibzan FelixArnold O. Beckman (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:08.66Jeffrey Cameron) KeeneGreat Oak (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:09.43JR LesherHueneme (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:10.23Daniel RezaChaffey (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:10.36Owen FranckMira Costa (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:11.42Grant MillerLa Serna (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:13.17Parker StickneyMira Costa (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:17.18Brad QuezadaML King (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:18.61Gabriel CastilloEtiwanda (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:19.10Aaron PavonLoyola (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:19.69Sebastian PerazaSaugus (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:20.71Isaac FaynsodMira Costa (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:20.84Thomas AchtenArnold O. Beckman (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:27.50Owen WeemsPolytechnic - Riverside (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:27.76Issaiah McCorveyLancaster (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:29.61Maximiliano RamirezMillikan (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:30.93Evan NahuatValley View (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:31.52Luke LopezRoosevelt (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:31.98Scott CaricatoYucaipa (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:33.95Liam ZadoorianCrescenta Valley (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:35.20Nathaniel HorrocksFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:37.79Louis SantibanezWarren (SS)
3200 Meter Run Prelims9:39.80Ernesto JalomoLoyola (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims47.54Rider CooperPortola (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims47.79Xai RicksLong Beach Poly (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims48.07Dheer PatelNorthwood (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims48.32Kaedyn BurroughsWilson - Long Beach (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims48.61Jt KraemerWilson - Long Beach (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims48.72Donovan RallsPatriot (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims48.86Jalen KennedyDowney (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims48.93Kylan GreenVista Murrieta (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims48.96Jackson MorganTemescal Canyon (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims49.06Jae'Ron HarrisWilson - Long Beach (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims49.15Noah SmithLong Beach Poly (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims49.20Connor CoatsVista Murrieta (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims49.28Rashad MartinLos Osos (SS)
400 Meter Dash Prelims49.38Orlando CollinsQuartz Hill (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims41.16Relay TeamRancho Cucamonga (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims41.39Relay TeamLong Beach Poly (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims41.47Relay TeamRoosevelt (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims41.54Relay TeamValencia (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims41.73Relay TeamMurrieta Valley (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims41.76Relay TeamTrabuco Hills (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims41.81Relay TeamGreat Oak (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims41.95Relay TeamPortola (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims42.01Relay TeamCajon (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims42.16Relay TeamWarren (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims42.17Relay TeamLiberty (SS)
4x100 Meter Relay Prelims42.17Relay TeamVista Murrieta (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:18.68Relay TeamWilson - Long Beach (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:19.18Relay TeamNorthwood (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:19.37Relay TeamVista Murrieta (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:19.61Relay TeamLong Beach Poly (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:20.76Relay TeamRancho Cucamonga (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:21.08Relay TeamBeaumont (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:21.09Relay TeamSan Clemente (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:21.62Relay TeamRoosevelt (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:21.78Relay TeamLos Alamitos (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:22.01Relay TeamTrabuco Hills (SS)
4x400 Meter Relay Prelims3:22.17Relay TeamCajon (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:53.62Jt KraemerWilson - Long Beach (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:53.85Taj ClarkSan Clemente (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:54.02Ian HansenMira Costa (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:54.29Ethan MejiaEtiwanda (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:54.46Juan JuarezLiberty (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:54.92Jack HorrocksFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:54.95Jack ParadiseGreat Oak (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:54.97Wyland ObandoWilson - Long Beach (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:55.03Pierce ClarkSan Clemente (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:55.40Beckett SullivanPolytechnic - Riverside (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:55.60Johan PerezDowney (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:55.90Dylan JubakTrabuco Hills (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:56.30Liam ZadoorianCrescenta Valley (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:56.90Gabriel RodriguezGreat Oak (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:57.00Noah CavenderMurrieta Valley (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:57.31Connor BennettLoyola (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:57.41Jackson BrownellSan Clemente (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:57.85Mateo Allen-AguirrePortola (SS)
800 Meter Run Prelims1:58.00Peter SandovalOrange Vista (SS)
Discus Prelims150-5Sebastian SilvaArcadia (SS)
Discus Prelims151-11Damion OrtizCajon (SS)
Discus Prelims158-10Duke HemsleyMillikan (SS)
Discus Prelims160-6Laighton ScottWilson - Long Beach (SS)
Discus Prelims160-7Isaiah CasillasMurrieta Mesa (SS)
Discus Prelims161-7Rashad WestbrooksLoyola (SS)
Discus Prelims170-0Andrew DixonML King (SS)
Discus Prelims171-0John EmmerlingMurrieta Valley (SS)
Discus Prelims172-3Joseph GarciaElsinore (SS)
Discus Prelims173-7Jayden EppsPaloma Valley (SS)
Discus Prelims174-6Ethan NuechterleinVista Murrieta (SS)
Discus Prelims186-4Benjamin LingenfelterYucaipa (SS)
Long Jump Prelims22-9.25Tyrus MurguiaBeaumont (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-0Louis GoldmanRedondo Union (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-0Bennett JeppsenGreat Oak (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-0Diego AmescuaLos Alamitos (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-0Connor HutchisonPortola (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-0Gavin MezaAlta Loma (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-0Owen TorresHuntington Beach (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-6Dexter BriceSan Clemente (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-6Jaden MckeeML King (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-6Ogden LucsikBurbank (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-6Garrett HigginsTrabuco Hills (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-6Evan KimVista Murrieta (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-6Artin FazeliRedondo Union (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-6David O'BrienRoosevelt (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-6Tomek GorzkowskiMira Costa (SS)
Pole Vault Prelims14-6Gabriel GandaraLos Alamitos (SS)
Shot Put Prelims51-9Duke HemsleyMillikan (SS)
Shot Put Prelims51-11Noah BuchananMurrieta Mesa (SS)
Shot Put Prelims52-2Khali RatcliffeHesperia (SS)
Shot Put Prelims52-3.5Gabriel LewisLa Serna (SS)
Shot Put Prelims52-4Luis AguileraOxnard (SS)
Shot Put Prelims53-3Drew HarisayEtiwanda (SS)
Shot Put Prelims55-7Eman GoodloeWarren (SS)
Shot Put Prelims56-2Benjamin LingenfelterYucaipa (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims45-8Andrew RobinsonGreat Oak (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims46-0Jamar AndrewsJordan (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims46-0Camren SmithQuartz Hill (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims46-1.5Kosi NwaforVista Murrieta (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims46-3Nicolas AlexisGreat Oak (SS)
Triple Jump Prelims46-7Andre JonesSan Clemente (SS)