Girls Returning Track And Field Rankings - Distances

Jacqueline Duarte of Chino Hills is pictured during her winning 1,600-meter run at the 2019 CIF-State Championships when she was a sophomore. (Photo: DeAnna Turner)

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This article has been updated with additions to the ranking lists.

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The 2021 track and field season is underway! We are previewing the season with a series of returning rankings articles and a section-by-section look at top athletes scheduled to return. 

Below are returning ranking lists in the distance group -- 800 meters, 1,600m, and 3,200m -- based on times achieved during the 2019 season, when current athletes were freshmen and sophomores, and the abbreviated 2020 season, for those who were able to compete. The ranking order is based on the last full season, 2019.

The database search was for up to 50 athletes for each year in each event. These are outdoor marks only. Achievements in 2021 are not included.

The rankings lists include a top 2020 marks addition for athletes who did not have a top-50 result in 2019 and thus are missing from the primary list.

We realize some athletes may have graduated early, changed schools, relocated out of state, or are no longer competing. Athletes that we know of where that applies have been removed.

For omissions and updates, please email and make note of the mark, the meet, and the date of the omitted result.


Samantha Wallenstrom - Marin Catholic (NC)2:08.78
Audrey Suarez - Mayfield (G) (SS)2:11.162:36.40
Makayla Browne - J.W. North High (SS)2:11.30
Jacqueline Duarte - Chino Hills High School (SS)2:11.66
Kennedy Jennings - Edison High School (CS)2:11.692:31.39
Daniela Quintero - Harvard Westlake (SS)2:11.942:18.78
Isabelle Cairns - St. Francis Mountain View (CC)2:12.90
Emma Hadley - Canyon Anaheim Hills (SS)2:13.012:24.81
Jacey Farmer - Rancho Bernardo High (SD)2:13.15
Natalia Quintero - Harvard Westlake (SS)2:13.752:22.92
Malia Gay - Christian Brothers High School (SJ)2:14.712:17.62
Lucea Wright - Marlborough High (SS)2:14.872:23.60
Alaina Zamorano - Christian High School (SD)2:15.002:23.86
Kaho Cichon - Fountain Valley (SS)2:15.012:21.00
Megan Gonzalez - West Torrance (SS)2:15.14
Ellaney Matarese - La Canada High (SS)2:15.21
Nia Lamas - Sanger High (CS)2:15.572:39.00
Mia Chavez - Chino High School (SS)2:15.982:15.48
Tatum Zinkin - Clovis North (CS)2:16.202:19.31
Mia Barnett - Village Christian (SS)2:16.40
Danielle Salcedo - Saugus High School (SS)2:16.432:20.21
Rebecca Vander Poel - Liberty HS Bakersfield (CS)2:16.46
Maya Lacamp - Lick Wilmerding (NC)2:16.53
Siena Palicke - Yorba Linda High School (SS)2:16.762:20.30
Trinity Dixon - San Marcos High (SD)2:16.772:21.33
Sofia Abrego - Granada Hills Charter High (LA)2:16.84
Kendall Saeger - Santa Margarita Catholic High (SS)2:16.852:16.29
Laila Irigoyen - Ripon High (SJ)2:17.032:25.96
Mckenna Bradley - Santa Margarita Catholic High (SS)2:17.392:17.14
Sophia Berry - Paso Robles High (CS)2:17.422:24.51
Jordan Cornet - St. Mary's College High (NC)2:17.48
Emily Eddy - Cosumnes Oaks (SJ)2:17.602:27.53
Nicole Frigon - Acalanes High School (NC)2:17.662:22.32
Lauren Yee - Acalanes High School (NC)2:17.732:21.47
Hannah Gehrt - Lincoln (Abraham) High (CC)2:17.902:29.81
Fiona Hawkins - Newbury Park High School (SS)2:18.02
Anna Terrell - Palos Verdes High (SS)2:18.13
Brooke Secreto - Foothill Technology (SS)2:18.162:18.23
Kari Anema - Tokay High School (SJ)2:18.392:28.74
Fiona Herron - Los Gatos High School (CC)2:18.402:30.97
Ana Fenton - Davis Senior High School (SJ)2:18.45
Arionn Livingston - Steele Canyon High (SD)2:18.482:30.15
Christel Elkins - St. Francis Mountain View (CC)2:18.70
Hannah Dearman-so - Foothill Technology (SS)2:18.71
Mackenzie Morgan - Nevada Union High (SJ)2:18.76
Alexis Fernandez - West Ranch (SS)2:18.88
Sydney Weaber - La Costa Canyon (SD)2:19.24
Loryn Brimhall - Yucca Valley High (SS)2:19.292:29.05
Isis Diaz - Sierra Canyon (SS)2:19.312:43.18
Kali Anema - Tokay High School (SJ)2:19.392:33.43
Additional top 800m times from 20202020
Samira Kennedy - Castilleja School (CC)2:15.56
Jasper Timmermans - Hamilton (SS)2:16.28
Ashlee Gallegos - JSerra Catholic (SS)2:17.60


Jacqueline Duarte - Chino Hills (SS)4:42.58
Audrey Suarez - Mayfield (G) (SS)4:45.00
Mia Barnett - Village Christian (SS)4:46.12
Emma Hadley - Canyon Anaheim Hills (SS)4:51.015:18.57
Dalia Frias - Mira Costa (SS)4:51.47
Sofia Abrego - Granada Hills Charter High (LA)4:51.80
Jacey Farmer - Rancho Bernardo (SD)4:53.755:30.44
Siena Palicke - Yorba Linda (SS)4:54.205:08.93
Isis Diaz - Sierra Canyon (SS)4:54.585:50.31
Miliana Perez - Clovis North (CS)4:54.855:07.66
Julia Heckey - McClatchy (C.K.) High (SJ)4:55.245:16.88
Bella Longo - Mission Vista (SD)4:55.905:05.05
Fiona Hawkins - Newbury Park (SS)4:56.01
Riley Chamberlain - Del Oro High (SJ)4:56.944:44.80
Nia Lamas - Sanger High (CS)4:57.695:27.18
Samantha Wallenstrom - Marin Catholic (NC)4:57.88
Madison Kackley - Gregori (Joseph A.) High School (SJ)4:58.52
Cate Joaquin - St. Francis Sacramento (SJ)4:58.624:54.79
Daniela Quintero - Harvard Westlake (SS)4:59.96
Sydney Weaber - La Costa Canyon (SD)5:00.50
Annika Salz - Torrey Pines High School (SD)5:00.50
Harper Mcclain - St. Helena High (NC)5:01.00
Hannah Fredericks - Saugus High School (SS)5:01.885:18.40
Natalia Quintero - Harvard Westlake (SS)5:02.01
Natalie Harper - Cosumnes Oaks (SJ)5:02.235:11.67
Ellaney Matarese - La Canada High (SS)5:02.25
Kendall Saeger - Santa Margarita Catholic High (SS)5:02.264:59.36
Jill Walker - Simi Valley High (SS)5:02.97
Ana Fenton - Davis Senior High School (SJ)5:03.14
Brooke Secreto - Foothill Technology (SS)5:03.195:18.56
Rebekah Niednagel - La Costa Canyon (SD)5:03.505:08.13
Alaina Zamorano - Christian High School (SD)5:03.705:14.44
Kiana Bourgeois - Torrey Pines High School (SD)5:04.305:25.52
Alexis Fernandez - West Ranch (SS)5:04.43
Norma Alvarez - Santee EC (LA)5:04.825:18.14
Brianna Weidler - Great Oak High School (SS)5:05.54
Rebeca Coronado - Bullard High School (CS)5:06.225:13.90
Anna Vogtmann - Vista del Lago High (SJ)5:06.515:21.39
Ashley Learn - Rancho Bernardo High (SD)5:06.88
Melissa Cichon - Leland High School (CC)5:07.285:34.48
Audrey Allen - Miramonte High (NC)5:07.335:12.40
Sydney Morrow - South Pasadena Senior High (SS)5:07.455:06.74
Julia Pearson - Saugus High School (SS)5:07.505:24.11
Christel Elkins - St. Francis Mountain View (CC)5:07.52
Tatiana Cornejo - St. Francis Sacramento (SJ)5:08.305:19.82
Jordyn Duby - Point Loma Senior High (SD)5:08.47
Amber Rios - Colony High School (SS)5:09.115:27.32
Mia Chavez - Chino High School (SS)5:09.175:14.49
Layla Ruiz - Watsonville High (CC)5:09.22
Abigail Fletcher - Oak Ridge High School (SJ)5:09.665:08.82


Riley Chamberlain - Del Oro High (SJ)10:21.31
Mia Barnett - Village Christian (SS)10:22.51
Harper Mcclain - St. Helena High (NC)10:29.68
Audrey Suarez - Mayfield (G) (SS)10:33.46
Sofia Abrego - Granada Hills Charter High (LA)10:35.7911:11.00
Isabella Frisone - Canyon Anaheim Hills (SS)10:37.65
Jill Walker - Simi Valley High (SS)10:39.04
Madison Kackley - Gregori (Joseph A.) High School (SJ)10:39.3512:26.96
Miliana Perez - Clovis North (CS)10:44.94
Emma Hadley - Canyon Anaheim Hills (SS)10:44.94
Nia Lamas - Sanger High (CS)10:45.62
Hope Bergmark - Amador Valley High School (NC)10:46.50
Julia Pearson - Saugus High School (SS)10:46.96
Miranda Schriver - Palisades Charter High (LA)10:47.64
Cate Joaquin - St. Francis Sacramento (SJ)10:47.7910:57.08
Dalia Frias - Mira Costa High School (SS)10:49.4510:48.75
Bella Longo - Mission Vista (SD)10:49.7311:10.94
Audrey Allen - Miramonte High (NC)10:54.34
Sarah Paino - Canyon Anaheim Hills (SS)10:55.88
Annika Salz - Torrey Pines High School (SD)10:56.61
Mary Deeik - Vintage High (NC)10:57.13
Ashley Learn - Rancho Bernardo High (SD)10:58.60
Natalie Wieland - Ponderosa High School (SJ)10:59.01
Alexis Fernandez - West Ranch (SS)11:00.93
Amber Rios - Colony High School (SS)11:01.1111:05.88
Layla Ruiz - Watsonville High (CC)11:01.53
Dani Barrett - Wildwood (SS)11:01.60
Isis Diaz - Sierra Canyon (SS)11:02.21
Yvonne Brien Miller - Sequoia High (CC)11:02.8511:57.55
Shae Hill - Granada High (NC)11:03.70
Makayla Browne - J.W. North High (SS)11:04.8211:47.52
Alejandra Ayala - Paramount High (SS)11:05.16
Isa Glassen - Newport Harbor High School (SS)11:06.0711:46.71
Kasey Lynd - El Toro High School (SS)11:06.89
Abigail Fletcher - Oak Ridge High School (SJ)11:07.00
Tiani Goeson - Serrano High School (SS)11:07.04
Hannah Fredericks - Saugus High School (SS)11:07.1611:33.06
Haliegh Humble - Oakdale High (SJ)11:07.27
Ariella Pacheco - Cathedral Catholic (SD)11:08.1912:36.05
Evie Cohen - St. Ignatius College Prep (CC)11:08.50
Brooklyn Bendrat - Saugus High School (SS)11:08.6212:20.39
Tatiana Cornejo - St. Francis Sacramento (SJ)11:08.7611:21.08
Riley Rodriguez - Upland High (SS)11:09.3411:44.65
Viveca Pannell - Los Gatos High School (CC)11:09.4912:10.90
Madison Chavez - San Ramon Valley High (NC)11:10.6313:25.25
Kyra Compton - La Costa Canyon (SD)11:10.91
Mia Bergman - Sonora High (SS)11:11.2811:25.27
Brooke Secreto - Foothill Technology (SS)11:11.61
Stormy Wallace - Sage Creek (SD)11:12.68
Grace Rubio - San Luis Obispo High (CS)11:13.95
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