Poll: Greatest CIF-State Girls XC Champion - Semifinals

Your votes have determined the final four legendary CA XC champions as (from left) Fiona O'Keeffe, Haley Herberg, Jordan Hasay and Claudia Lane. (Credits: Spencer Allen, Lizette Adams, Don Rich, Pat Rhames)

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The objective is for you to determine the Greatest CIF-State Cross Country Champion. Over the past few weeks, your votes have pared the original field of 32 former CIF-State girls XC champions down to an elite final four.

In the first round, half of the higher-seeded former champions were eliminated. Seeds 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 16 were voted out.

During the Elite Eight quarterfinal round, two-time champion Fiona O'Keeffe eliminated four-time champion Sarah Baxter by a mere seven votes. Haley Herberg, the 2017 champion, knocked out three-time champ Julia Stamps by 22 votes. Four-time winner Jordan Hasay was a runaway winner over 2015 champion Destiny Collins. And Two-time champion Claudia Lane was an easy winner over four-time champion Sara Bei.

Read more about these amazing champions in the bios on the next page.

Your votes determine which of these final four lades will advance to the championship round. Voting opens today (9/10) at noon and closes Sept. 15 at noon. Who ya got?

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The CIF-State Cross Country Championships were held for the first time in 1987 with three divisions. Division IV was first contested at the State Meet in 1990 and DV was added for the 1996 championships.

The meet always has been held on the 5,000-meter course at Woodward Park in Fresno.


In the history of the CIF-State XC Championships, only six girls have run the course to win a title in less than 17 minutes. Those six girls combined to run sub-17 to victory 11 times. Two of those girls, plus nine others, have won CIF-State XC titles in fast times between 17 minutes and 17:10. One of those plus 11 others have winning times between 17:11 and 17:19.

We also have three girls that have won division titles all four years and another five girls who have won the state title three times.

Anyone with three or more multiple titles and/or winning times of sub-17:20 automatically was included among the original 32 girls in this tournament.

We identified 29 girls who met that criteria. The final three were selected from a pool of 14 two-time champions who did not meet the criteria. They were added based on their combined winning times.

The Final 32

Athlete bios for those who you voted into this round of competition are listed below. We originally ranked all 32 athletes in tiers of four and listed them alphabetically within each tier for bracketing purposes.

For example, an athlete in Tier 1 with a last name beginning with the letter A would then be bracketed against the athlete in Tier 8 with a last name beginning with the letter Z.

The tiers are no longer applicable once bracketing was completed. To read bios of eliminated athletes, click the "Greatest CIF-State XC Champion Poll" series link at the top of this article to see all articles in this series.


Find voting on the third page. Each round will last at about five days. Please encourage friends and teammates, current and past, to support your favorite champion.

Thank you for your continued participation and support of MileSplitCA!