North Coast Section XC Championships Preview

Saturday, November 23, 2019-Hayward High School
NCS Cross Country Championships Race Schedule and Preview 

RACE SCHEDULE (Same order as CA State Meet)

WALK THE COURSE 7:00am - 8:15am

8:30am      Division II Girls' Race

9:00am      Division III Girls' Race

9:30am      Division II Boys' Race

10:00am     Division III Boys' Race

10:30am     Division IV Girls' Race

11:00am     Division V Boys' Race

11:30am     Division I Girls' Race

12:00pm     Division IV Boys' Race

12:30pm     Division V Girls' Race

1:00pm            Division I Boys' Race

Awards Schedule: (in the gymnasium)

10:00am     Division II Girls

10:20am     Division II Boys

10:40am     Division III Girls

11:00am     Division III Boys

11:20am     Division IV Girls

11:45am     Division V Boys

12:15pm     Division I Girls

12:45pm     Division IV Boys

1:15pm      Division V Girls

1:45pm            Division I Boys

The NCS Divisions are as follows:

Division I        2,710 and above        

Division II       1,901 - 2,709           

Division III      1,365 - 1,900           

Division IV       601 - 1,364

Division V        600 and fewer