MileSplitCA Super 17 All-State Team: Junior Girls

The MileSplitCA Super 17 All-State Teams are subjective selections with strong consideration given to CIF-State Meet finals qualification (3200 excluded), top placing at the section finals level, season-long consistency at a high level, and versatility. Top marks within the class is a consideration but not a guarantee of making this list. Now that we have arrived at upperclass athletes, we find that we have too many to fit into just one team - so we're listing TWO teams of 17! This is a testament to how many talented athletes there were in the Class of 2020 this past season.

This is the fifth installment of a 10-part series leading up to the overall MileSplitCA All-State teams. 

2018 MileSplitCA Junior Girls First Team All-State

(listed alphabetically)


Jocelynn Budwig


SP/DTCA #1 OVERALL, US #1 junior in SP & DT; CIF State Champ in SP, 3rd in DT

Fatima Cortes

Great Oak/SS

CA #1 & US #3 junior in 1600, CA #5 junior in 3200; 8th in CIF State Meet 1600

Kristen Fahy

La Costa Canyon/SD


CA #1 junior in 3200, CA #6 junior in 1600; 4th in CIF State Meet 3200

Asha Fletcher



CA #3 junior in LJ; 3rd in CIF State Meet LJ

Shyann Franklin

Golden Valley/SS


CA #2 overall, US #5 junior in SP; 2nd in CIF State Meet SP; CA #5 junior in DT, made state meet

Jazmyne Frost



CA #2 & US #6 junior in 100; CA #1 & US #6 junior in 200; 2nd in CIF State Meet 100, 3rd in 200 

Emily Garner



CA #2 junior in HJ, CA #3 junior in TJ; 3rd in CIF State Meet HJ, 8th in TJ

Alysah Hickey



CA #1 & US #4 junior in HJ; CA #1 & US #5 junior in LJ; CIF State Champ in LJ, 4th in HJ; also CA #4 junior in 100

Meagen Lowe



CA #4 & US #9 junior in 1600; CA #7 & US #10 junior in 3200; 7th in CIF State meet 3200, 9th in 1600

Deanna Nowling



CA #1 OVERALL & US #2 junior in 100; CA #4 junior in 200; CIF State Champ in 100, 4th in 200

Kenya Payne

Long Beach Poly/SS


CA #2 & US #11 junior in 300H; 4th in CIF State Meet 300H

Natalie Ramirez

West Ranch/SS

SP/DTCA #2 & US #4 junior in DT; CA #3 & US #9 junior in SP; 3rd in CIF State meet SP, 7th in DT

Kyla Robinson-Hubbard


300HCA #1 OVERALL & US #5 junior in 300H; 2nd in CIF State Meet 300H

Jazlynn Shearer

Silver Creek/CC


CA #1 & US #7 junior all-conditions LJ; CA #1 & US #5 junior in TJ; CA #1 & US #9 junior in 100H; 4th in CIF State Meet 100H, 5th in TJ, 8th in LJ

Amari Turner


PVCA #4 junior in PV, 2nd in CIF State Meet PV

Indiah Turner  


CA #2 junior in LJ, 2nd in CIF State Meet LJ

Laurel Wong

Santa Catalina/CC

PVCA #1 OVERALL & US #5 junior in PV; CIF State Champ in PV