LA City Preview: Division 2 Girls

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LA City Prelims

Division 2 Girls

Patricia Sanchez, a senior from Santee EC, is the defending section champion in this division. Sanchez ranks third in the division heading into Wednesday's LAC prelims at Pierce College in Woodland Hills.

Jackeline Corona, a senior from Bravo Medical Magnet, second in the division final last year, ranks as the fastest D2 girls a 3-miles this season. Corona is nearly five seconds faster than Valerie Zavale, a senior from Verdugo Hills.

Three Mile Run

Team Competition

Division 2 Girls

Santee EC defeated Bravo Medical Magnet in last year's final by one point, 48-49. The MileSplit database virtual meet projects a much easier trek to the title for Santee this year at the Nov. 18 final at Piece College. 

Three Mile Run

1Santee EC (LA) (CA)47
1) Patricia Sanchez18:50.603
2) Emilia Lopez19:16.205
3) Kimberly Martinez19:39.508
4) Destiny Lopez20:36.7014
5) Carina Rojas20:51.6017
Average Time: 19:50.92 Total Time: 1:39:14.60 1-5 Split: 2:01.00
6) Estefania Martinez21:26.4028
7) Eileen Silva22:27.4644
2Bravo (Francisco) Medical Magnet High (LA) (CA)70
1) Jackeline Corona18:41.101
2) Tammy Tran20:33.2113
3) Jennifer Guzman20:43.6615
4) Melanie Huitzil21:03.4020
5) Katlyn Espinoza21:12.7021
Average Time: 20:26.81 Total Time: 1:42:14.07 1-5 Split: 2:31.60
6) Sandy Orellana21:24.3026
7) Valeria Calles21:46.5030
3Eagle Rock Junior-Senior High (LA) (CA)111
1) Jordyn Turner19:55.1010
2) Itzel Whyte-aguayo19:57.3011
3) Shaina Simental21:20.0023
4) Andrea Camacho21:49.3933
5) Amelia Kim21:54.7034
Average Time: 20:59.30 Total Time: 1:44:56.49 1-5 Split: 1:59.60
6) Alejandra Estrada23:00.6054
7) Haley Miranda23:21.8060
4University Senior High (LA) (CA)114
1) Stephanie Cruz Beltran19:48.109
2) Stephanie Cruz Bel20:22.1812
3) Dasani Anderson21:17.6022
4) Claire Haftteck21:28.9029
5) Ce'arion Turner22:25.9642
Average Time: 21:04.55 Total Time: 1:45:22.74 1-5 Split: 2:37.86
6) Nicolette Grief22:31.5045
7) Noemi Sanchez22:55.8052
5Canoga Park Senior High (LA) (CA)125
1) Marcela Argueta19:12.504
2) Lesly Rivera21:02.6519
3) Estefany Vasquez21:48.3531
4) Martha Juarez21:56.1635
5) Serena Yeager22:03.5836
Average Time: 21:12.65 Total Time: 1:46:03.24 1-5 Split: 2:51.08
6) Gabriela Martinez22:03.6237
7) Lesly Rivera22:45.1050