Brooks PR: Moussa and Oshier win big!


 Ammar Moussa (Sr., Arcadia, CA) won the Brooks PR Invitational 2 mile race with a strong break-away from the field in the final 100 meters.

Although not planning to, Moussa led the field through most of the race.  "I had no plans to lead," said Moussa after the race, "but when I saw my 400 split I had to go." 
The race started a little slow as the group settled in with the first 800 split at 2:19 then picked up the pace for a 2:16 second 800 split for a mile time of 4:35.
Jacob Smith took the lead at the mile but Moussa took it back with 3 laps to go.  
With 2 laps to go Moussa and Matt Jablonski (Sr., Loyola-Blakefield, MD) were neck and neck until the final 100 meters when Moussa began his kick separating himself from Jablonski and the rest of the group.  Moussa finished with a time of 9:00.62 followed by Jablonski in 9:02.51.  
In the girls 2 mile race Wesley Frasier (Ravenscroft, NC) took the pace out with Haley Pierce ((Tatnalll, DE) in a tight 2nd followed by Erin Finn (West Bloomfield, MI) and Allie Woodward (Notre Dame Academy, WI).  Molly Grabill (Rancho Bernardo, CA) was in 6th place.  
2 minutes into the race Finn took the lead with Frasier responding to take it back.  The two girls continued to fight for the lead as Joanna Thompson (Knoxville Catholic, TN) stepped into 3rd place.
As the lead group crossed the mile in 5:07 Haley Pierce moved up next to Finn and with less than 3 laps to go (307 meter laps) Kayla Beattie moved (Woodstock, IL) into the lead and appeared as though she would finish with the win until Frasier, who was sitting back in fourth, decided to explode into a full out sprint and pass Beattie at the tape to take the win finishing in 10:17.47.  Beattie finished 2nd in 10:17.93 followed by Finn in 10:19.28, Woodward in 10:20.18, Pierce in 10:20.34 and Grabill in 10:23.38.
In the mile Jantzen Oshier (Trabuco Hills, CA) moved into the lead at the 800 meter mark with a 2:07 split with Elias Gedyon (Loyola, CA) close behind.  The two branched off from the group for the final 800 with Oshier moving fluidly into the lead and with a little more than 100 meters to go Geydon made a move and caught up to Oshier 10 meters before the tape but was edged at the line.  Oshier finished with a 4:07.52 over Gedyon's 4:07.58.