Section Showdown Virtual Semis: Girls, CC vs. SJ


What is this?
  • This is a dual meet team competition that matches the all-time marks in one section against those in another using dual meet scoring and individual event participation rules.
  • The first phase was head-to-head. If you missed any of those articles,click hereto get caught up.This phase of the competition is head-to-head semifinals in a double-dual scoring format.
Contenders, pretenders and the beast awaiting the feast
  • There are six sections that range between 101 and 198 schools: Central, San Diego, Los Angeles, Central Coast, North Coast, Sac-Joaquin. Those are the six in the dual meet competition.
  • There are three sections with a combined total of just 105 schools: San Francisco, Oakland, Northern. Those sections don't have the depth of athletes to be competitive in this virtual format. Sorry, but they are not part of the dual meet tournament.
  • From the dual tournament, two three sections from each gender were eliminated leaving three semifinalists, which would be scored in a double-dual: North Coast, Sac-Joaquin and San Diego in the boys and Central Coast, North Coast and Sac-Joaquin in the girls.
  • And then there's the Southern Section, which includes 37 percent of the schools in the state. We have something special lined up down the road to involve the beast that is our friends in the SS.
The setup
  • Meets are held at neutral sites on a perfect 70-degree evening with no wind. Scoring is based on the best all-time marks from each section. Times may be converted. Altitude is not a factor.
  • Sections are limited to three entries per event and athletes are limited to four individual events. Dual and double-dual meet scoring is 5-3-1 for 1st through 3rd with a 5-0 score for both relays. There is separate competition for boys and girls.
  • Meets are presented in order of events with updated scoring after each event. The approximate conclusion of each field event is slotted throughout the track event schedule.


  • If only this could happen for real!

GIRLS: Central Coast Section vs. Sac-Joaquin Section

4x100 Relay

Tracy's Merrill West with Jennifer Nash as a junior sped to a 45.78 in 2005 and that was more than enough to allow the Sac-Joaquin to draw first blood. Score: SJ 5, CC 0. Running score: SJ 5, CC 0.


The cheering had barely subsided when this event produced a 9-0 sweep from El Dorado Hills' Alex Kosinski (4:38.15 in 2007), Rio Americano's Eileen Claugus (4:39.1 converted from a 4:40.7 mile) and Granite Bay's Caitlin Chock (4:40.88 in 2004). Score: SJ 9, CC 0. Running score: SJ 14, CC 0.

100 Hurdles

Mt. Pleasant's Vashti Thomas (13.03 in 2007) produced a big win here over El Cerrito's Kaylah Robinson (13.32 in 2017) and when Silver Creek's Jazlynn Shearer (13.36 in 2019) edged Vacaville's Jurnee Woodward (13.42 in 2017), the CC was on the board. Score: CC 6, SJ 3. Running score: SJ 17, CC 6.

High Jump

The first field event had some surprises of its own. Ties aren't normal but two in one event? Woodside's Wendy Brown (6-2.25 in 1984) and Woodland's Julie Broughton (6-2.25 in 1989) shared first, splitting eight points while St. Ignatius' Jenna Gimaldi (6-0 in 2001) and Sacramento St. Francis' Karen Lysaght (6-0 in 1980) deadlocked for third. Score: SJ 4.50, CC 4.50. Running score: SJ 21.50, CC 10.50.


Going back a ways, Olympian Kathy Hammond of Mira Loma (51.8 in 1969), still No. 5 all-time in the state, easily captures this event. But all-star teammate Deonna Lawrence of Sheldon (52.77) barely out-leans Mills' Leslie Maxie (52.83) for third. Score: SJ 8, CC 1. Running score: SJ 29.50, CC 11.50.


The sprints figure to be the domain of the CC in this dual with Mt. Peasant's Jeneba Tarmoh (11.24 in 2006) and Monterey's Sani Roseby (11.42 in 1999) with San Jose Valley Christian's Khrystal Carter (11.57 in 2005) edging Merritt West's Jennifer Nash (11.58 in 2004), making it a 9-0 sweep. Score: CC 9, SJ 0. Running score: SJ 29.50, CC 20.50.

Long Jump

Oh yes, that Woodside Wendy Brown girl again. As versatile as they come, she makes her PR (20-9.75 in 1984) superior to two outstanding jumpers from Merrill West -- Shevell Quinley (20-7.75 in 2005) and Brittany Daniels (20-7.75 in 2004) -- for the victory. Score: CC 5, SJ 4. Running score: SJ 33.50, CC 25.50.


Camden's Ann Regan (2:04.37 in 1977) stands fourth of the all-time list and that's unbeatable here but still less than a second ahead of Del Oro's Cathilyn McIntosh (2:05.22 in 2017). One of the truly great former runners who went on to an incredible career, Fremont's Francie Larrieu (2:05.9 in 1970) grabs third. Score: CC 6, SJ 3. Running score: SJ 36.50, CC 31.50.

Discus Throw

Downey's Suzy Powell (188-4, 1994) remains No. 2 all-time and leads the Sac-Joaquin section to a 1-3 because Valley Christian's Elena Bruckner (186-10 in 2016) is just one spot behind Powell. Laguna Creek's Chaniqua Ross (177-1 in 1997) grabs third. Score: SJ 6, CC 3. Running score: SJ 42.50, CC 34.50.

300 Hurdles

Only the Long Beach Wilson duo of Lashinda Demus and Ebony Collins are higher on the list than Mills' Leslie Maxie (40.18 in 1984). Two other Top 10 performers, both from the SJS, Fairfield's Daje Pugh (40.57 in 2012) and Vacaville's Jurnee Woodward (40.62 in 2016) keep it close. Score: CC 5, SJ 4. Running score: SJ 46.50, CC 39.50.

Pole Vault

The Central Coast needed a big event to get back in the team race and this is one of them. Castilleja's Tori Anthony (14-1.25 in 2007) and Pacific Collegiate's Erika Malaspina (13-9 in 2016) go 1-2 in front of Cordova's Brysun Stately (13-6 in 2015). Check out the running score. Score: CC 8, SJ 1. Running score: SJ 47.50, CC 47.50.


Remember how the CC swept the 100? It happens again here. Mt. Pleasant's Jeneba Tormah (23.14 in 2006) adds the 200 to the century victory and is quickly followed by versatile Leslie Maxie (23.40 in 1984) and Monterey's Sani Roseby (23.53 in 1999). Score: CC 9, SJ 0. Running score: CC 56 ½, SJ 47 ½.

Shot Put

On a roll, Valley Center's Elena Bruckner (54-7 in 2016) adds another five points to the section's total, topping Laguna Creek's Jessica Pressley (51-5 in 2003) and Woodland's Jill Camarena (50-11.25 in 1999). Score: CC 5, SJ 4. Running score: CC 61.50, SJ 51.50.


Just as the CC dominated the sprints, the SJS is unbeatable in the 3200 with Davis' Laurynne Chetela (9:52.51 in 2008), beating all-star teammate Caitlin Chock (9:59.51) of Granite Bay and Davis' Fiona O'Keeffe (10:00.85 inn2015). That doesn't even count the Oak Ridge 2018 duo of twins Maddy (10:01.02) and Elena Denner (10:12.17). Score: SJ 9, CC 0. Running score: CC 61.50, SJ 60.50.

Triple Jump

The superlative Merritt West's Brittany Daniels (44-11.75 in 2004) is only the all-time state leader in this event but the SJS can't get the second place here to win the meet as Mt. Pleasant's Vashti Thomas (43-1.50 in 2008) and Woodside's Wendy Brown (42-10.50 in 1984) grab second and third. This one is going down to the long relay. Score: SJ 5, CC 4. Running score: SJ 65.50, CC 65.50.


Just as with the boys meet, the non-participating team members lined up on the infield edge of the track to urge on their team. Piedmont Hills (CC) and Fairfield (SJ) go head to head in a thrilling race with the Pirates (3:41.14 in 2013) barely edging Fairfield (3:41.59 in 2006) at the tape. Score: CC 5, SJ 0

  • FINAL SCORE: Central Coast Section 70.50, Sac-Joaquin Section 65.50
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Photos by Jeff George, Kirby Lee/Image of Sport, Eric Taylor, DeAnna Turner.