Section Showdown: Girls, Southern Section vs CA All-Stars


What is this?

  • We took the top all-time marks from the Southern Section and scored them against the top all-time marks from the other nine sections in CA, a collective section team we're calling the CA All-Stars.
  • This is the final phase and final article of our three-phase Section Showdown Series. (Click the link above to read other articles in this series.)

In The Beginning

  • There are six sections in CA that range between 101 and 198 schools: Central, San Diego, Los Angeles, Central Coast, North Coast, Sac-Joaquin. Those are that have been included in this dual meet competition.
  • There are three sections with a combined total of just 105 schools: San Francisco, Oakland, Northern. Those sections don't have the depth of athletes to be competitive in this virtual format. Sorry, but they were not part of the dual meet tournament.
  • After the dual tournament, sections were eliminated leaving three semifinalists per gender that were scored in a double-dual: North Coast, Sac-Joaquin and San Diego in the boys and Central Coast, North Coast and Sac-Joaquin in the girls.
  • The winners were the Central Coast Section for girls and the North Coast Section for boys.
  • Now we're onto the final phase, the Southern Section vs. the rest of the state, aka, CA All-Stars. The Southern Section includes 37 percent of the schools in the state and we're still not sure this is going to turn out to be a fair fight. Keep reading to find out if SS has much of a chance against CC, CS, LA, NC, NS, OK, SD, SF and SJ.
The setup
  • These final meets are held at neutral sites on a perfect 70-degree evening with no wind (aka, wind-aided marks are not considered). Scoring is based on the best all-time marks from the Southern Section vs. the best all-time marks for any other athlete not in the CIF-SS. Times may be converted. Altitude is not a factor.
  • Each team is limited to three entries per event and athletes are limited to four individual events. Standard dual meet scoring applies: 5-3-1 for 1st through 3rd with a 5-0 score for both relays.
  • There is separate competition for boys and girls.
  • Meets are presented below in order of events with running scoring after each event. The approximate conclusion of each field event is slotted throughout the track event schedule. Follow along as if the meet were in real time.

A Wish

  • If only this could happen for real!