Section Showdown Virtual Meet: Boys, NC vs. SD


What is this?
  • This is a dual meet team competition that matches the all-time marks in one section against those in another using dual meet scoring and individual event participation rules.
  • The first phase was head-to-head. If you missed any of those articles,click hereto get caught up.This phase of the competition is head-to-head semifinals in a double-dual scoring format.
Contenders, pretenders and the beast awaiting the feast
  • There are six sections that range between 101 and 198 schools: Central, San Diego, Los Angeles, Central Coast, North Coast, Sac-Joaquin. Those are the six in the dual meet competition.
  • There are three sections with a combined total of just 105 schools: San Francisco, Oakland, Northern. Those sections don't have the depth of athletes to be competitive in this virtual format. Sorry, but they are not part of the dual meet tournament.
  • From the dual tournament, two three sections from each gender were eliminated leaving three semifinalists, which would be scored in a double-dual: North Coast, Sac-Joaquin and San Diego in the boys and Central Coast, North Coast and Sac-Joaquin in the girls.
  • And then there's the Southern Section, which includes 37 percent of the schools in the state. We have something special lined up down the road to involve the beast that is our friends in the SS.
The setup
  • Meets are held at neutral sites on a perfect 70-degree evening with no wind. Scoring is based on the best all-time marks from each section. Times may be converted. Altitude is not a factor.
  • Sections are limited to three entries per event and athletes are limited to four individual events. Dual and double-dual meet scoring is 5-3-1 for 1st through 3rd with a 5-0 score for both relays. There is separate competition for boys and girls.
  • Meets are presented in order of events with updated scoring after each event. The approximate conclusion of each field event is slotted throughout the track event schedule.


  • If only this could happen for real!

BOYS: San Diego Section vs. North Coast Section

4x100 Relay

Just as it did against the Sac-Joaquin Section, the San Diego Section racked up the first five points as University City's 1998 quartet used its balance to clock a fine 40.66 to down Concord De La Salle's 40.85 in 2009. Score: SD 5, NC 0


This race features the best of the dirt track and 440 yards against the modern lightweight track shoes and all-weather surfaces run over 400 meters. The old-time-sub-4-minute miler -- Tim Danielson of Chula Vista (3:58.1 converted to a 3:59.4 mile) -- prevails over St. Joseph-Notre Dame's Cooper Teare (3:58.76 en route to a 4:00.16 mile in 2017). De La Salle's Rich Kimball (4:01.0 in 1974) edges University City's Mac Fleet (4:01.49 in 2009) for third. Score: SD 5, NC 4. Running score: SD 10, NC 4.

110m Hurdles

Top 10 hurdlers Kevin Craddock (13.39 in 2004) of James Logan and Ells' Dedy Cooper (13.3 in 1975) join Kennedy's Robert Gaines (13.4 in 1975) to give the NCS a 9-0 sweep and a lead in the team race. Score: NC 9, SD 0. Running score: NC 13, SD 10.

High Jump

Berkeley's Kerry Myers soared over 7-2 in 1978 and a year later Madison's Frank Schiefer cleared the same height allowing the two sections to split the eight first and second points. The NCS grabs third with Danville Monte Vista's Mark Wilson (7-1.75 in 1974). Score: NC 5, SD 4. Running score: NC 18, SD 14.


With Olympic gold medalist and NCAA titlist Steve Lewis (45.76 in 1987) leading the way, the NCS collects its second 9-0 sweep to take a commanding team lead. Eureka's Alexis Robinson (46.55 in 2013) and Pittsburg's Derald Harris (46.6 in 1976) roll on. Score: NC 9, SD 0. Running score: NC 27, SD 14.


The NCS may dominate those middle distances but the short sprints are another matter. State Meet co-record holders Kenan Christon (10.30 in 2019) and Southwest's Riley Washington (10.30 in 1992) sweep the top two spots but Salesian's Jahvid Best (10.36 in 2007) isn't far behind. Score: SD 8, NC 1. Running score: NC 28, SD 22.

Long Jump

Castro Valley's Nate Moore (25-8.75 in 2014) uses his No. 8 all-time state mark to top San Diego's Doyle Steele (25-5.25 in 1966) and University City's 1990 state champion Jerome Price (25-5) to keep the NCS rolling. Price's windy 20-8.50 would still trail Moore's breezy 20-10. Score: NC 5, SD 4. Running score: NC 33, SD 26.


Berkeley's Pete Richardson (1:47.31 in 1981) was the state's all-time leader for 16 years and with James Logan's Aaron Richberg (1:48.40 in 1995) standing seventh on the list, the best San Diego can do is pick up the third place behind Madison's Bob Hose (1:48.6 in 1964). Score: NC 8, SD 1. Running score: NC 41, SD 27.

Shot Put

Since no one else has surpassed 73 feet, or 74, or 75, or 76, so Fallbrook's Brent Noon (76-2 in 1990) clearly wins this event. Amador Valley's Nathan Esparza (69-4.75 in 2016) jumped between Noon and Morse's Darius Savage (66-3.33 in 2006) to keep the point loss to a minimum. Score: SD 6, NC 3. Running score: NC 44, SD 33.

300m Hurdles

Remember the NCS 1-2-3 sweep of the high hurdles? They almost repeat here as California's David Klech (35.45 in 2006) and James Logan's Kevin Craddock (35.93 in 2004) top Granite Hills' Jeff Hunter (36.25 in 2001). Two-time Olympic champ Felix Sanchez of University City preferred the longer (400 meters) race. Score: NC 8, SD 1. Running score: NC 52, SD 34.


Once again the SDS shows its speed but also once again, the NCS won't allow a sweep. Madison's Kenan Christon (20.55 in 2019) was best but Salesian's Jahvid Best (20.65 in 2007) came up huge for second against Morse's Ike Okenwa (20.97 in 1998). Score: SD 6, NC 3. Running score: NC 55, SD 40.

Discus Throw

Morse's Darius Savage (212-1 in 2006), fourth all-time in this event, would not be denied and when teammate Daniel Schaerer (206-5 in 2004) edged Clayton Valley's Jeff Williams (205-7 in 2017), San Diego was able to close the gap a little. Score: SD 8, NC 1. Running score: NC 56, SD 48.


The last individual event on the track would get the NCS within range of a victory with St. Joseph Notre Dame's Cooper Teare (8:41.46 in 2017) topping Patrick Henry's Thom Hunt (8:42.2 in 1976) and Oceanside El Camino's A.J. Acosta (8:43.27 in 2006) for five big points. Score: NC 5, SD 4. Running score: NC 61, SD 52.

Triple Jump

With Rancho Buena Vista's Von Ware (52-0 in 1994) leading the way, San Diego surges to make it so the meet could still go down to the 4x400 relay. Olympian Willie Banks (51-3 in 1974) of Oceanside grabs second but Deer Valley's Hammed Suleman (51-2 in 2009) and Orange Glen's Lenny McGill (51-2 in 1989) tie for third. Score: SD 8.50, NC 0.50. Running score: NC 61.50, SD 60.50.

Pole Vault

Acalanes' Brent Burns (17-8 ½ in 1987) easily tops this field which might have been different had there been a season this spring with La Costa Canyon' Garrett Brown already over 16-6. But it is what it is and that's a 1-2 sweep with San Ramon California's Justin Miller (17-0 in 2008) topping SDS record-holder Derek Scott (16-8 in 2005) of Oceanside El Camino for third-clinching the team title. Score:  NC 8, SD 1.

Running score: NC 69.50, SD 61.50.

4 x 400 relay

In 1981, Berkeley, led by Pete Richardson, roared to a 3:08.94, the fifth fastest ever run in the state. San Diego Morse posted a 3:10.80 but the North Coast Section celebrated the race and meet victory. Score:  NC 5, SD 0.

  • FINAL SCORE: North Coast Section 74.50, San Diego Section 61.50.
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Photos by Kirby Lee/Image of Sport, Eric Taylor, Pat Rhames, DeAnna Turner.