Updated Combined Results: SoCal's Fastest 3 Mile Races!

One of our statistical themes this year is combined results from similar groups of meets, such as the fastest, flat 3 mile courses for which Southern California is famous or the challenging 3 mile courses of the Bay Area. This week, we're adding Dana Hills, traditionally one of the quickest courses in the state, to three other notoriously fast tracks - including the launching pad they call the Woodbridge Classic. This allows us to cast a wide net and compare teams and individuals that did not compete directly against each other. Comparing meets can be a dubious proposition, but we're convinced that an educated eye can find value in these rankings - and we find them interesting. We hope you do, too!

Merged Results - All Dana Hills Races Together: Boys - Girls

Combined Results - SoCal's Fastest 3 Mile Races: Boys - Girls

(Dana Hills + Woodbridge + Cool Breeze + Rosemead)