Sprinters Set to Defy the Rain on Saturday at Redondo

As has been the case so far during this outdoor season, the biggest question regarding the Redondo Nike Track Festival may be the weather. At least we can say things are improving over last weekend: Friday should be just about perfect for the distance runners, but we might have rain showers on Saturday that could put a damper on the power-event performances. Of course, a lot of that depends on attitude - with a proper warm-up and the right frame of mind, we can still see great performances from sprinters and jumpers this weekend!

One thing that is NOT in question this weekend: the talent level on the track in Redondo will be enormous! Nearly every event is stacked with recognizable top performers, and the entries are also very deep. While the meet is huge, necessitating many sections and flights, each of them should be very competitive. That will make the meet fun to watch, either in person or on our live stream (see below for the link!).

Let's wade in hip-deep and look at every event at this weekend's Festival on the following slides!

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