Who Won Friday Night at Woodbridge?

With 4 varsity races each for boys and girls, not to mention some excellent performances from the JV and grade-level races, the Friday night session at the Woodbridge Cross Country Classic is as big as most California invitationals! With that in mind, let's use our Virtual Meet function to put the results from all the races on Day 1 together and see which teams and individuals had the best overall performances:

Boys Friday Night Results Merge (Full Report)

1West Torrance (SS)1122+12+19+38+41 (53+70)37.3015:14.10
2Sunny Hills High (SS)1315+22+28+33+43 (90+337)29.7015:18.50
3Indio High (SS)27532+52+55+58+78 (173+194)20.8015:34.28
4Seattle Preparatory School29426+51+61+62+94 (120.5+190)30.4015:36.02
5Hamilton High School301.51+42+50+88+120.5 (172+217)1:27.7015:27.24
6South Torrance (SS)3288+60+73+91+96 (105+106)47.9015:37.18
7Santa Ana High (SS)33927+34+65+104+109 (151+199)34.7015:39.22
8Downey High (SS)44845+46.5+99.5+116+141 (253+417)34.6015:46.72
9Green Valley High School49818+87+92+144.5+156.5 (354+394)53.7015:48.82
10Arnold O. Beckman (SS) High School55356+79.5+101+150+166.5 (200+269)34.4015:53.84

Girls Friday Night Results Merge (Full Report)

1Trabuco Hills High School (SS)31216+17+36+101.5+141.5 (173+219.5)1:23.8018:25.38
2Flintridge Prep (SS)315.56+23+58+113+115.5 (264+322)1:34.9018:26.58
3La Canada High (SS)3637+21+45+75+215 (382.5+525)2:08.5018:26.18
4El Camino HS (SD)37715+24+86+91+161 (168+169)1:32.1018:35.72
5St. Lucy's (SS)453.550+59+69+136.5+139 (145+281)53.7018:48.34
6Santa Ana High (SS)47828+68+97+126+159 (293+330)1:20.1018:50.22
7Granite Hills High (SS)54327+55+89+178+194 (325+439)1:33.0018:52.62
8West Torrance (SS)55137+88+135+138+153 (205+217)1:08.7018:57.90
9Brea Olinda High (SS)595.539+43+164+165.5+184 (192+227)1:17.8018:57.58
10Bishop Amat High School (SS)59725.5+30+127+191+223.5 (301+480)1:42.6018:54.02