Div II Girls: Nat#1 Saugus 90:06


Woodward Park, Fresno, CA

November 29, 2008

California NXN qualifiers will be selected by the NXN committee following the state meet.

 22nd Annual CIF State Championships: Onsite Coverage by Margot Kelly

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Division II Girls "Greatest Team Ever"

Live!!! Following a very cloudy morning the Nationally Ranked #1 Saugus girls swept through the 5000m Woodward Park Course in the fastest team time in U.S. history. Recording a mind-boggling 90:06 on the backs of individual state championship of Kaylin Mahoney and an historic team performance. The Saugus girls placed all five scorers in the top 20 , and all 7 in the top 27.

With an 18:01.5 average and a 60 second 1-5 spread Saugus dominated all other teams for a blowout victory scoring 32 points (meet record) and winning by over 3 minutes in total team time.

The 90:06 total team time was more than 40 seconds, 43 seconds to be exact, superior to the 2007 Nationally Ranked #2 Saugus girls. It is clear that Saugus has their sites set on a much anticipated rematch with 2007 National Champion and fully loaded Manlius NY girls team.

Greatest Team Ever?

The best of All-Time, the 1999 Bingham UT girls squad was first heralded as the greatest high school girls team in U.S. history. That 99 squad set a total team time of 91:05 (18:13 avg) at the Great American XC Festival on the Footlocker South course, that few thought could ever be matched. Most recently in 2004 Saratoga was mentioned as the "best ever" when they ran 90:15 (18:03 avg.) shattering Bingham's mark at SAS Park in the Great American Cross Country Festival. With a total team time almost a minute faster than the 99' Bingham squad and clearly superior to the Saratoga team, the Rene Paragas coached Saugus team heads to the NXN National Championships as arguably the "Greatest Team Ever" in U.S. history. The performance at the California State Championships will go down in history as one of the great team preformances of all-time.

Greatest Team Ever 90:06 (18:01.5 5K avg.)
1. Kaylin Mahoney, SO 17:34 Greatest Team Ever
2. Brianna Jauregui, SR 17:48 Greatest Team Ever
3. Amber Murakami, JR 18:03 Greatest Team Ever
4. Stephanie Bulder, SO 18:18 Greatest Team Ever
5. Karis Frankian, FR 18:23 Greatest Team Ever

Top Five Individuals  Time
1. Kaylin Mahoney, Saugus 17:34
2. Hillary Hayes, Edison 17:37
3. Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 17:40
4. Brianna Jauregui, Saugus 17:48
5. Elizabeth Apgar, Abraham Lincoln 17:54
Complete Results  
1. Saugus, 32 90:06
2. Mira Costa, 141 93:54
3. Sultana, 178 94:41
4. Mountain View, 183 95:12

Woodward Park Course Records (Top Ten Team Times: California Only)
Girls All-time Team Times  
1. Saugus, 2008, 90:06 * Div II State Champion (Greatest U.S. Team Ever?)  
2. Saugus, 2007 90:49  
3. Dana Hills, 2008, 91:10 *Div I State Champion  
4. Torrey Pines, 2008, 91:11 *Div I State Runner-up  
5. Corona del Mar, 2005 91:21  
6. Saugus, 2008 91:24  
7. Sultana, 2002 91:53  
8. Corona del Mar, 2005 91:55  
9. College Park, 2003 92:23  
10. Sultana, 2003 92:34