California State Championships ONSITE




Woodward Park, Fresno, CA

November 29, 2008

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22nd Annual CIF State Championships: Onsite Coverage, Photos, and video by Margot Kelly & compilation by Aron Taylor

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State Meet Preview 

by Aron Taylor


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2008 State Meet Results


Division I Boys Results

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Complete State Meet Coverage       

Division I Story Boys  Girls 

Recap: Dana Hills boys run the fastest time in CIF state history traversing the 5K course in 77:38. Led by individual champion Tyler Valdes, Dana Hills records the 2nd fastest time all-time; Buchanan #3 all-time  read more...

The Dana Hills girls record the 2nd fastest team time in the history of Woodward Park, 91:10, to open the meet. San Clemente standout Alex Dunne takes individual honors read more...

Division II Story Boys  Girls:

Recap: Loyola boys upset nationally ranked Thousand Oaks recording #5 all-time team time, 78:04, led by individual state champion Elias Gedyon read more...

U.S. #1 Saugus records fastest team time in U.S. history with an 18:01.5 average, 90:06, lead by individual state champion Kaylin Mahoney "Greatest of All-Time" read more...

Division III Story:

Recap: Barstow boys win state title in division record time and Corona Del Mar win record tying sixth state championship. University City standout Mac Fleet and Sammy Silva take individual honors read more read more...

Division IV Story:

Recap: Big Bear boys destroy division time record enroute to state championship; La Reina girls run wild on division bringing home championship. Individual standouts Sabrina Lopez and Tyre Johnson take individual crowns read more...

Division V Story:

Recap: Woodcrest Christian boys led to state championship by individual state title performance of Jake Jeanson; Chadwick girls win state championship, Jordan Hasay runs 4-peat state championship read more...

The Kelly Chronicles          














Woodward Park Course Records (Top Ten Team Times: California Only)
Boys All-time Team Times Girls All-time Team Times
1. Trabuco Hills, 2006 77:55 1. Saugus, 2007 90:49
2. Thousand Oaks, 1993 77:59 2. Corona del Mar, 2005 91:21
3. Buchanan, 2008 Clovis Invitational 78:10 3. Saugus, 2008 91:24
3. Buchanan, 2008 Central Section Finals 78:10 4. Sultana, 2002 91:53
4. Royal, 2005 78:10 5. Corona del Mar, 2005 91:55
4. Royal, 2006 78:12 6. College Park, 2003 92:23
7. Arroyo, 1987 78:23 7. Sultana, 2003 92:34
8. Royal, 2006 78:25 8. Saugus, 2007 92:35
9. Thousand Oaks, 1994 78:46 9. Carondelet, 2007 92:38
10. Camarillo 1989 78:50 10. Ventura, 2004 92:44



Woodward Park Top Individual Times All-Time
Boys Individual Top Time Girls Individual Top Time
German Fernandez, Riverbank HS, 14:24 (2007) Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa HS, 16:43 (1996)



State Meet Schedule

Division I Boys Race 8:30am
Division II Boys Race 9:00am
Division I Girls Race 9:30am
Division II Girls Race 10:05am
Division III Boys Race 10:40am
Division IV Girls Race 11:10am
Division V Boys Race 11:45am
Division III Girls Race 12:15pm
Division IV Boys Race 12:50pm
Division V Girls Race 1:20pm