2016 L.A. City Section State Meet Contenders: Field Events

The CIF State Meet is arguably the One True State Meet among all the states of our nation, because ALL of California feeds into a single championship meet - no classifications, no separate sanctioning bodies for independent schools.  Only 3 athletes can advance to the state meet from most of the sections, including the Central Section.  Below is a pre-season list of the contenders for those three berths in the field events.  Don't forget to check out Thursday's article on the Central Section sprinters & hurdlers!

Girls Long Jump

Favorite: Naiah Boardingham (El Camino Real)

Threats: Jonon Young (Carson), Jalyn Walker (Carson)

Wildcards: Ashleigh Allen (University Senior)

Boys Long Jump

Favorite: Ryan Hall (Carson), Lafayette Dorsey (Dorsey)

Threats: Tommy Gross (Dorsey)

Wildcards: Monroe Watson (Dymally), Jeremy Villorante (Marshall)

Girls Triple Jump

Favorites: Jonon Young (Carson), Crystal Washington (Carson)

Threats: Jalyn Walker (Carson)

Wildcards: Veronica Coates (Carson)

Boys Triple Jump

Favorites: JoJo Landy (Dorsey)

Threats: Monroe Watson (Dymally), Arron Palacio (Dorsey)

Wildcards: Raul Anaya (Garfield)

Girls High Jump

Favorite: Paige Johnson (El Camino Real)

Threats: Chiara Berruto (North Hollywood)

Wildcards: Chianne Warner (El Camino Real), Crystal Farrkand (Sylmar), Veronia Coates (Carson)

Boys High Jump

Favorite: Tommy Gross (Dorsey)

Threats: Brandon Thomas (Taft), Kylon Lincoln (San Pedro)

Wildcards: Luke Dorsey (Monroe), Amir Carneh (Cleveland)

Girls Pole Vault

Favorite: Jocelyn Yale (Marshall)

Threats: Micayla Rendon (Birmingham Community), Alicia Houth (Birmingham Community)

Wildcards: Alicia Miyares-Hernandez (Marshall)

Boys Pole Vault

Favorites: Mario Hong (Marshall)

Threats: Allan Gramajo (Birmingham Community)

Wildcards: Mario Lopez (Grant), Jared LeBaron (Birmingham Community), Oliver Arany-Toth (Birmingham Community)

Girls Shot Put

Favorite: Emily Donovan (El Camino Real)

Threats: Stefanie Vazquez (San Fernando)

Wildcards: Dior Parks (Van Nuys), Sierra Morrison (Roosevelt)

Boys Shot Put

Favorite: Augustus Cropper (Taft), Orlando Umana (Grant)

Threats: Nahje Flowers (Dorsey), Kelechi Okoh (Palisades), Gabe Sanchez (Cleveland)

Wildcards: Tomi Orisarayi (El Camino Real), Rudy Peralta (Roosevelt), Gregory Jordan (Dorsey), Mauricio Gonzalez (Sylmar)

Girls Discus Throw

Favorite: Emily Donovan (El Camino Real)

Threats: Amber King (Roosevelt), Sierra Morrison (Roosevelt)

Wildcards: Kenya Bragg (Roosevelt)

Boys Discus Throw

Favorite: Orlando Umana (Grant)

Threats: Jaylun Smiley (Grant), Amir Reams (Grant)

Wildcards: Oscar Umana (Grant), Ryan Ghassemi (El Camino Real), Darryel Abraham (Grant)