2016 San Diego Section State Meet Contenders: Distance

The San Diego Section (SDS) is unique in that it's qualifying meet has two divisional finals (Division I and II). The top 3 marks in each event qualify to the CA state Track and Field meet unless other athletes or relay teams surpass the 2016 At-Large Time Standards.  It's very possible I could have missed an athlete or two so please chime in below on those athletes.  Additional comments?

Girls 800m.
Division I
The favorites: Nia Akins Rancho Bernardo (Pomerado News file photo)/Kiley McCarthy Carlsbad
Threats: Meaghan Donnelly Torrey Pines, Jourdan Wilson El Camino
Wildcards: Sarah Abrahamson La Costa Canyon, Sarah Hawley Mt. Carmel, Carlene Mesar Steele Canyon, Paige Carter San Marcos

Division II
The favorite: Sakura Roberson La Jolla
Threats: Kragen Metz Canyon Crest, Claire Hobrock Cathedral Catholic
Wildcards: Kelly Bernd Canyon Crest Academy, Ameya Patel Cathedral, Jacqueline Van Liefde Rock Academy

Boys 800m.
Division I
The favorite: Jarett Chinn Poway (Sherri Dunlap photo)
Threats: Josh Minnie El Camino, Tanner Layton Carlsbad
Wildcards: Alex Barr Scripps Ranch, Jacob Milnes Rancho Buena Vista, Thomas Rintoul Patrick Henry

Division II
The favorite: Donovan Prince High Tech High
Threats: Tomas Miralles La Jolla Country Day, Niko Chapman University City
Wildcards: Rod Rodriguez Valley Center, Dylan Petkevich Canyon Crest, Tyler Ruff El Capitan

Girls 1600m.
Division I
The favorite:  Sarah Abrahamson La Costa Canyon (San Diego Runners photo)
Threats: Paige Carter San Marcos, Renee Laurenzana San Pasqual, Carlene Masar Steele Canyon, McKenna Brown La Costa Canyon
Wildcards: Leyla McFarland Eastlake, Nia Akins Rancho Bernardo, Jourdan Wilson El Camino

Division II
The favorite:  Kelly Bernd Canyon Crest
Threats: Kira Loren Canyon Crest, Renee Phillips Coronado
Wildcards: Claire Bernd Canyon Crest, Janice Deguerio Santana, Elise Boisvert University City

Boys 1600m.
Division I
The favorite: Awal Hussen Hoover
Threats: Tanner Layton Carlsbad, Cory Vaughn El Camino, Jarod Dias Vista
Wildcards: Alex Barr Scripps Ranch, Alex Hernandez Valhalla, Bryan Johnson La Costa Canyon

Division II
The favorite: Allen Siegler University City (University City team page photo)
Threats: Joaquin Martinez De Pinillos Cathedral Catholic, Cameron Tomlinson Del Norte
Wildcards: Rod Rodriguez Valley Center

Girls 3200m.
Division I
The favorite: Erica Barrett Westview
Threats: Paige Carter San Marcos, Alex Caligari Poway, Laura Moran Mt Carmel, Kassady Learn Rancho Bernardo, Kristin Fahy La Costa Canyon
Wildcards: Sarah Abrahamson La Costa Canyon, Nia Akins Rancho Bernardo

Division II
The favorite: Jasmine Rippey Coronado (above left, Karia Armes photo)
Threats: Renee Phillips Coronado
Wildcards: Kelly Bernd Canyon Crest, Hannah Zheng Del Norte, Erin Beck Canyon Crest

Boys 3200m.
Division I
The favorite:  Alex Egan San Pasquel
Threats: Samuel Boone Mt Carmel, Luis Pina Steele Canyon
Wildcards: Jarod Dias Vista, Charlie Pope Torrey Pines, Bryan Johnson La Costa Canyon

Division II
The favorite: Allen Siegler University City
Threats: Beau Prince Sage Creek, Cameron Tomlinson Del Norte
Wildcards: Joaquin Martinez De Pinillos Cathedral Catholic, Hank Tadeusiak Cathedral Catholic, Michael Robinson Cathedral Catholic