2016 Central Section State Meet Contenders: Sprints & Hurdles

The CIF State Meet is arguably the One True State Meet among all the states of our nation, because ALL of California feeds into a single championship meet - no classifications, no separate sanctioning bodies for independent schools.  Only 3 athletes can advance to the state meet from most of the sections, including the Central Section.  Below is a pre-season list of the contenders for those three berths in the field events.  Don't forget to check out Monday's article on the Central Section distance runners!

Girls 100 Dash

Favorite: Hannah Waller (Buchanan)

Threats: Falon Wilson (Stockdale), Jazmine Ramey (Centennial), Zara Anthony (Bakersfield)

Wildcards: Jasemin Green (Liberty Bakersfield), Valerie Body (West Bakersfield), Jenna Shelton (Mt. Whitney), Daizhiana Ebert (Ridgeview)

Boys 100 Dash

Favorite: Darius Smith (Ridgeview)

Threats: Charles Williams (Bullard), Deshawn Ruffin (Sunnyside), Isaiah Robinson (Buchanan)

Wildcards: Chuby Dunu (Buchanan), Emmitt Brooks (Kingsburg), Lawrence Cairo (Central), Raymond Marquez (East Bakersfield)

Girls 200 Dash

Favorite: Hannah Waller (Buchanan)

Threats: Yamilet Biggers (Buchanan), Brooke Watts (Buchanan)

Wildcards: Dwana Chaney (Firebaugh), Sophie Jimenez (Central), Zara Anthony (Bakersfield), Sambria Morgan (Edison), Valerie Body (West Bakersfield)

Boys 200 Dash

Favorite: Charles Williams (Bullard)

Threats: Darius Smith (Ridgeview), Isaiah Robinson (Buchanan)

Wildcards: Mahmoud Adams (Bullard), Lawrence Cairo (Central)

Girls 400 Dash

Favorite: Hannah Waller (Buchanan)

Threats: Sophie Jimenez (Central), Danae Manibog (Buchanan)

Wildcards: Gabby Satterlee (Central Valley Christian), Mikayla Romanini (Reedley)

Boys 400 Dash

Favorites: Jakell Tomlin (Bakersfield), Mahmoud Adams (Bullard)

Threats: Tanner Tucker (Clovis East)

Wildcards: Byron Williams (Sunnyside), Curtis Threlkeld (North), Elijah Isaiah (Edison)

Girls 100 Hurdles

Favorites: Iesha Hamm (Stockdale), Falon Wilson (Stockdale)

Threats: Cynthia Gomez (Tulare Western)

Wildcards: Brynley Bower (Clovis West), Julianne Finch (Garces Memorial), Tyla Graves (Edison), Remington Mahlum (Buchanan)

Boys 110 Hurdles

Favorites: Ben HIbbert (Frontier), Isaac Leppke (Dinuba)

Threats: Ethan Turner (Foothill Bakersfield)

Wildcards: Jaeden Watson (Stockdale), Brandon Hill (Buchanan)

Girls 300 Hurdles

Favorite: Riley Slayton (Liberty Bakersfield)

Threats: Elyse Espe (Yosemite), Andee Poole (Sanger)

Wildcards: Mikayla Romanini (Bakersfield), Dominique Hernandez (Tulare Western), Remington Mahlum (Buchanan), Jayme Budwig (Fowler)

Boys 300 Hurdles

Favorites: Paramveer Chohan (Buchanan)

Threats: Pablo Perez (Clovis East), Jaeden Watson (Stockdale)

Wildcards: Isaac Leppke (Dinuba), Ben Hibbert (Frontier), Ethan Turner (Foothill Bakersfield)