2016 Central Section State Meet Contenders: Field Events

The CIF State Meet is arguably the One True State Meet among all the states of our nation, because ALL of California feeds into a single championship meet - no classifications, no separate sanctioning bodies for independent schools.  Only 3 athletes can advance to the state meet from most of the sections, including the Central Section.  Below is a pre-season list of the contenders for those three berths in the field events.  Don't forget to check out Thursday's article on the Central Section sprinters & hurdlers!

Girls Long Jump

Favorites: Daizhiana Ebert (Ridgeview), Breanna Covington (Central)

Threats: Ty Wallace (Liberty Bakersfield), Brenae Wellington (Buchanan)

Wildcards: Brynley Bower (Clovis West), Tyla Graves (Edison), Gisselle Flores (Cesar E. Chavez), Destiny Smith (Clovis West)

Boys Long Jump

Favorite: Emmitt Brooks (Kingsburg)

Threats: Dennis Hicks (Liberty Bakersfield), Will Lee (Edison), Chineme Allison (Clovis), Darrious Eaton (Bakersfield)

Wildcards: Lawrence White (Ridgeview), Damon DeGraffenreid (Ridgeview)

Girls Triple Jump

Favorite: Brynley Bower (Clovis West)

Threats: Remington Mahlum (Buchanan)

Wildcards: Justice Smith (Highland Bakersfield)

Boys Triple Jump

Favorite: Seth Brooks (Kingsburg)

Threats: Chuby Dunu (Buchanan), Dennis Hicks (Liberty Bakersfield)

Wildcards: Quincy Jountti (Liberty Bakersfield), Peter Laird (Highland Bakersfield)

Girls High Jump

Favorite: Alexis Vincent-Walker (Clovis)

Threats: Lauren Simonian (Clovis North), Iesha Hamm (Stockdale)

Wildcards: Brenae Wellington (Buchanan), Cynthia Gomez (Tulare Western), Annie Regier (Immanuel)

Boys High Jump

Favorite: Emmitt Brooks (Kingsburg)

Threats: Isaac Leppke (Dinuba), Jahni Newhauser (El Diamonte), Jeremiah Foster (Bakersfield)

Wildcards: Carson McGlasson (Stockdale), Jaleyn Prevost (Ridgeview), Jackson Carroll (Liberty Bakersfield), Jaeden Watson (Stockdale)

Girls Pole Vault

Favorite: Shelby Noble (Clovis West), Brooke Tjerrild (Clovis North)

Threats: Remington Mahlum (Buchanan)

Wildcards: Julianne Finch (Garces Memorial), Macy Clark (Frontier), Nikki Crouch (Clovis East)

Boys Pole Vault

Favorites: Griffen Carter (Buchanan), Zack Bethel (Clovis West)

Threats: Garret Welch (Clovis East)

Wildcards: Chris Orange (Sierra), Nicholas Zandes (Stockdale), Kyle Scaletta (Sierra), Chase Rodriques (Clovis East)

Girls Shot Put

Favorite: Allyssa Klinger (Shafter)

Threats: Addyson Smith (Madera), Christy Norris-Dow (Exeter)

Wildcards: Alicia Viveros (Liberty Bakersfield), MacKenzie Curtis (Clovis North)

Boys Shot Put

Favorites: Ben Parker (Buchanan), Jacob Wilson (Buchanan)

Threats: Spencer Smith (Clovis), McKay Johnson (Clovis North)

Wildcards: Andrew Vorhees (Kingsburg), Jonah Wilson (Clovis), AJ Hans (Central)

Girls Discus Throw

Favorite: Alicia Viveros (Liberty Bakersfield)

Threats: Cari Acosta (Buchanan), Allyssa Klinger (Shafter), Christy Norris-Dow (Exeter), Addyson Smith (Madera)

Wildcards: MacKenzie Curtis (Clovis North)

Boys Discus Throw

Favorite: Jacob Wilson (Buchanan)

Threats: Jonah Wilson (Clovis), McKay Johnson (Clovis North), Chase Mears (Ridgeview), AJ Hans (Central)

Wildcards: Daniel Richardson (Frontier)