Girls #CountdownToXC, Complete 1-30

Top 5 - 6-10 - 11-15 - 16-20 - 21-25 - 26-30 - Honorable Mention

MileSplitCA is counting down the days to the start of cross country season! Using August 15th as the target date, we will spotlight 1 boys' team and 1 girls' team each day for the next 30 days. The teams selected are chosen using a variety of criteria:

  • Returning Team 5K Rankings from 2014 XC: carries the most weight
  • Returning Team 1600 and 3200 Rankings from 2015 Outdoor: less weight, but important
  • Improvement Rating: a long-term statistical evaluation of how each program improves from season to season. This custom metric compares a team's final team average from each season to their returning team average from the previous season, while also accounting for how highly-ranked the team was. Data is a little thin right now, but we have good 3-year numbers on some teams, and we will continue to expand this through future seasons.
  • Place at the 2014 CIF State Meet
  • A little bit of "gut feeling"

This isn't intended to be a true ranking! For the sake of covering a broad area, we are making sure to include teams from all 5 divisions and from at least 6 sections, so we might not get all of the top 30 teams in the state. Having said that, all of the teams in this countdown should be noteworthy for this upcoming season, and we won't be far off from what we would consider the true top 30. So check back each day to see which girls' teams are in the countdown!

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