California State Meet Pre-Season Girls' Distance Contenders

The always uber-competitive California State meet will once again feature some of the top distance runners in the nation. Here are the favorites for the three girls' distance races as well as all their main threats and wild card runners. Most of the runners listed are 10-12th graders so it's possible that a potential 9th grader who may contend is missing from the lists below. PRs for each runner are listed in parenthesis. Feel free to comment in the section below.

Girls 800m.

Mikaela Smith Clovis North CS (2-time defending champion 2:06.85)
Threats: Hannah Benoit Buchanan CS (2:08.75), Bianca Bryant Piedmont Hills CCS (2:09.12)
Wildcards: Juliana Mount Notre Dame, San Jose CCS (2:10.07), Taylor Arco Mission Viejo SS (2:10.38), Chloe Jenkins St. Mary's Berkeley NCS (2:11.31), Cassie Durgy Huntington Beach SS (2:11.54), Amber Gore Redondo Union SS (2:10.76), Jacquelyn Hill Etiwanda SS (2:10.43), Anevay Hiehle Redondo Union SS (2:09.19)

Girls 1600m.

Destiny Collins Great Oak SS (2nd place 2014 4:45.26)
Threats: Amanda Gehrich Tesoro SS (4:46.53), Kendall Derry Bella Vista SJS (4:52.00), Marissa Williams Palisades Charter LA (4:52.32)
Wildcards: Brooke Starn Monte Vista NCS (4:53.36), Kelly Bernd Canyon Crest Academy SDS (4:53.05), Brighie Leach Campolindo NCS (4:54.27), Chloe Hansel Las Lomas NCS (4:54.50), Megan McCandless Granada NCS (4:54.78), Lizzie Lacy Menlo CCS (NT)

Girls 3200m.

Destiny Collins Great Oak SS (4th Place 2014 10:14.33)
Threats: Fiona O'Keeffe Davis SJS (10:14.60), Kimberly Coscia South Torrance (10:18:57)
Wildcards: Emily Beneduce Oak Park SS (10:25.93), Caroline Pietrzyk Malibu SS (10:30.45), Megan McCandless Granada NCS (10:32.82), Marissa Williams Palisades Charter LA (10:25.02), Lizzie Lacy Menlo CCS (NT)