John Hagerman Interview

Merced senior John Hagerman had two surgeries to correct Compartment Syndrome in both legs and is back excelling as a top mid-distance standout. But, because of his surgeries, he said he is being denied a chance to join the Navy and to "serve our county," which he says "I feel like that's what I'm destined to do."

On Saturday at the Dublin Distance Fiesta, Hagerman put his fitness level on display, leading the first 600m of the fast heat of the 800m (won by Alex Scales) while running a season-best 1:58.14. He came back later under the lights to win a heat of the 3200 in PR 9:54.13.

Hagerman said he had two surgeries on six of the eight compartments in his legs and that it took him two years to get back to where he is now. His previous 3200 PR was 10:13 set as a freshman.

"I keep running these times, fast, hoping to show that I'm not limited by this surgery," he says in this post-3200 interview.

"I just keep trying to prove that this surgery, this condition that no longer affects me, it's just going to have to take a little bit more convincing, I guess," he said. "I have to keep putting out every race, the best times I can, and hopefully that will win them over."

Watch Hagerman in the 800m race