Athlete Entries

Boys Var 3 Mile 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Lindsay, Mason Long Beach Poly (SS)
Perry, Brandon Long Beach Poly (SS)
Larson, Luke Long Beach Poly (SS)
Rufo, Jaedon Long Beach Poly (SS)
Rhone, Cameron Long Beach Poly (SS)
Guerrero, Robert Long Beach Poly (SS)
Brannon, Eric Long Beach Poly (SS)
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Frosh Boys 63 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Tapia, Christopher Long Beach Poly (SS)
Leandro, Chance Foothill Technology (SS)
Richardson, Eli Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Yakel, Toby Long Beach Poly (SS)
Virgen Jimenez, Angel Foothill Technology (SS)
Dicogno, Holden Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Campuzano, Uri Cate (SS)
Aleman, Erick Rio Mesa (SS)
Torres, Ilan Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
Settje, Cooper Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Winterstein, Cayden Foothill Technology (SS)
Beard-Armbruster, Sky Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Forry, Nic Cate (SS)
Medina, Zachary Rio Mesa (SS)
Snodgrass, Spencer Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
Frazer, Santiago Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Casanova, Joel Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Valle, Rio Laguna Blanca (SS)
Yi, Kaniel Foothill Technology (SS)
Gomez, Marco Cate (SS)
White, Ben Cate (SS)
Arias, Mathieu Long Beach Poly (SS)
Durtschi, Michael Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Gaggs, Thomas Bishop Diego (SS)
Deeble, Luke Long Beach Poly (SS)
Davis, Ryan Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Long, Ryan Long Beach Poly (SS)
Van De V, Nathaniel Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Koroshec, Luciani Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Melnick, Riley Long Beach Poly (SS)
Brennan, Andrew Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Siopongco, Jeremy Long Beach Poly (SS)
Gonzalez, Josh Foothill Technology (SS)
Udagedara, Dewdunu Long Beach Poly (SS)
Macias, Nikolas Foothill Technology (SS)
Shields, Liam Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Navarro, Vicente Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Peterson, Mason Long Beach Poly (SS)
White, Conor Foothill Technology (SS)
Chahine, Ezra Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Espinoza, Alex Cate (SS)
Enriquez, Cesar Rio Mesa (SS)
Torres, Gael Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
Lopez, Jarod Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Wofford, Brandon Foothill Technology (SS)
Brickus, Auris Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Huiner, Lucas Cate (SS)
Mitchell, Grant Cate (SS)
Vergara, Jesse Rio Mesa (SS)
Ameho, Joshua Long Beach Poly (SS)
Graham, Hayden Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Romero, Nathan Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Kim, Ryan Laguna Blanca (SS)
Anum, Samuel Cate (SS)
Dang, Adam Long Beach Poly (SS)
Reeve, Colson Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Smith, Konrad Bishop Diego (SS)
Lavi, Nicholas Long Beach Poly (SS)
Belete, Israel Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
McKiernan, Finnian Long Beach Poly (SS)
Chaubal, Sachin Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Gordon, Eamon Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Salazar, Dunkan Long Beach Poly (SS)
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Frosh Girls 44 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Shea, Eloise Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Jimerson, Taite Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Brewer, Kaija Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Gomez, Ruby Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Hernandez Lujan, Alexa Long Beach Poly (SS)
Rogers, Alex Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Yi-Vigoda, Alexa Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Rubio, Dia Long Beach Poly (SS)
Zumbroegel, Satya Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Dahlquist, Anna Rio Mesa (SS)
Raymond, Emily Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Antonio, Liana Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Staeger, Tallulah Laguna Blanca (SS)
Comstock, Kacie Long Beach Poly (SS)
Efner, Isabella Foothill Technology (SS)
Patrick, Madeleine Cate (SS)
Navarro, Malayah Rio Mesa (SS)
Brewer, Katrina Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Andelman, Parker Bishop Diego (SS)
Sanchez, Daniela Rio Mesa (SS)
Peterson, Caleigh Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Guerrero, Jaylien Rio Mesa (SS)
Heinrich-Linthicum, Ruby Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Gleason, Quinn Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Beckstrand, Torrey Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Majumdar, Gita Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
McLarty, Elisabeth Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Jolly, Brynn Long Beach Poly (SS)
Davenport, Leo Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
Tuton, Maya Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Ball, Ava Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Chun, Emily Long Beach Poly (SS)
Barnes, Beatrice Foothill Technology (SS)
Martinez, Jazlyn Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Sutch, Francesca Cate (SS)
Taboada, Destiny Rio Mesa (SS)
Conner, Adele Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Catalan, Isabella Long Beach Poly (SS)
Romero, Loren Foothill Technology (SS)
Gemberling, Daisy Cate (SS)
Gonzalez, Jessica Rio Mesa (SS)
Atkinson, Isis Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Andelman, CJ Bishop Diego (SS)
Mena, Alexis Rio Mesa (SS)
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JR Boys 44 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Rhone, Cameron Long Beach Poly (SS)
Bensen, Kai Foothill Technology (SS)
Hunt, Cooper Long Beach Poly (SS)
Kayser, Theo Foothill Technology (SS)
Schreiber, Konrad Long Beach Poly (SS)
Fuchs, Caden Cate (SS)
De La Trinidad, Erik Foothill Technology (SS)
Kellogg, Willie Cate (SS)
Weinerth, Nicholas Rio Mesa (SS)
Ye, Orlando Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Zhang, Rory Cate (SS)
Ramirez, Kevin Rio Mesa (SS)
Koroshec, Luciani Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Conde Raggett, Owen Cate (SS)
Gilmore, Ian Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Livingston, Oscar Cate (SS)
Garard, Aiden Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Marsh, Noah Long Beach Poly (SS)
Hess, Ethan Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Ramirez-Giron, Kevin Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Spieler, Tom Bishop Diego (SS)
Lindsay, Mason Long Beach Poly (SS)
Billings, Jonah Foothill Technology (SS)
Larson, Luke Long Beach Poly (SS)
Kovalski, Daniel Foothill Technology (SS)
Addison, Noah Long Beach Poly (SS)
Mcadam, Harry Cate (SS)
Ruano, Dustin Foothill Technology (SS)
Chism, Tony Long Beach Poly (SS)
Musyimi, Justin Cate (SS)
Connelly, Aidan Foothill Technology (SS)
Moussavi, Sasha Cate (SS)
Aleman, Ivan Rio Mesa (SS)
Jamieson, Tyler Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Higgins, Jack Cate (SS)
Dolan, Conor Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Lim, Jae Cate (SS)
Flint, Connor Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Porter, Luke Long Beach Poly (SS)
Hinnrichs, Weston Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
Serniak, Adrian Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Goncharenko, Sasha Cate (SS)
Jaslove, Jackson Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Willis, Jonah Long Beach Poly (SS)
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JR Girls 39 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Harnden, Trinity Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Bechtel, Lylie Cate (SS)
Espada, Maraiya Rio Mesa (SS)
Dent, Sarah Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Lopez, Eva Flintridge Sacred Heart (SS)
Landaverde, Savanna Rio Mesa (SS)
Chahine, Samsara Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Hancock, Phoebe Cate (SS)
Boyle, Zea Laguna Blanca (SS)
Alpuerta, Aideen Flintridge Sacred Heart (SS)
Wahlberg, Reese Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Rockenback, Katie Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Lindsay, Camille Long Beach Poly (SS)
Bowman, Madison Foothill Technology (SS)
Patel, Rheya Long Beach Poly (SS)
Henderson, Simone Foothill Technology (SS)
Quinn, Maile Long Beach Poly (SS)
Perez, Alyxandria Rio Mesa (SS)
Lopez, Arianna Long Beach Poly (SS)
Arreola, Maryjane Rio Mesa (SS)
Thorne, Kendall Cate (SS)
Hernandez, Elisandra Rio Mesa (SS)
Houser, Michelle Flintridge Sacred Heart (SS)
Gleason, Elliott Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Herrera, Samadzary Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Tom, Talia Cate (SS)
Oropeza, Isabella Rio Mesa (SS)
Perkins, Josie Flintridge Sacred Heart (SS)
Wolfe Lyons, Phoebe Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Allison, Emily Cate (SS)
Gamble, Amanda Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Schroeder, Hannah Long Beach Poly (SS)
Falat, Kiersten Foothill Technology (SS)
Palmer, Lila Long Beach Poly (SS)
Mendieta, Marylynn Rio Mesa (SS)
Bryson, Alexa Long Beach Poly (SS)
Mastrangelo, Mia Rio Mesa (SS)
Dailey, Lillian Long Beach Poly (SS)
Perez, Jessica Rio Mesa (SS)
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Soph Boys 51 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Martin, Peter Long Beach Poly (SS)
Coleman, Dean Foothill Technology (SS)
Gleason, John Rio Mesa (SS)
Wright, Finnegan Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Veltman, Fritz Cate (SS)
Waters, Maxwell Long Beach Poly (SS)
Arias Romero, Diego Rio Mesa (SS)
Callahan, Sean Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Chaparro, Ethan Long Beach Poly (SS)
Ibarra, Aaron Rio Mesa (SS)
Carmona, Ricardo Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
Lucero, Benigno Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
McClintock, Andreas Laguna Blanca (SS)
Long, Matthew Long Beach Poly (SS)
Elliott, Braeden Foothill Technology (SS)
Gable, Bo Cate (SS)
Henry, Austin Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Rick, Griffin Laguna Blanca (SS)
Mather, Carter Long Beach Poly (SS)
Bondy, Cody Foothill Technology (SS)
Tiches, Alexander Bishop Diego (SS)
Gonzalez, Christian Cate (SS)
Kylander, Leif Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Dehli, Noah Laguna Blanca (SS)
Duckles, Aidan Long Beach Poly (SS)
Leedy, Nathan Foothill Technology (SS)
McLarty, Lachlan Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Lee, Oliver Cate (SS)
Wenger, Cole Rio Mesa (SS)
Garvey, Torrey Long Beach Poly (SS)
Angkico, Edward Rio Mesa (SS)
Gentry, Andrew Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Warren, Myles Cate (SS)
Gillogly, Shane Long Beach Poly (SS)
Garcia, Sergio Rio Mesa (SS)
Beccue, Zach Providence Santa Barbara (SS)
Satterblom, Conner Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
Mathews, Robert Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Murphy, Tanner Laguna Blanca (SS)
Rodriguez, Leo Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Mayfield, John Laguna Blanca (SS)
Boyce, Judah Long Beach Poly (SS)
Evans, Owen Foothill Technology (SS)
Sutch, Sebastian Cate (SS)
Corral, Dominic Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Noble, Owen Laguna Blanca (SS)
Green, Daniel Long Beach Poly (SS)
Borkowski, Mason Foothill Technology (SS)
White, Zach Cate (SS)
Sanchez, Adrian Rio Mesa (SS)
Matthews, William Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
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Soph Girls 19 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Dalporto, Amelie Laguna Blanca (SS)
Keohane, Caroline Cate (SS)
Saleh, Sophie Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Johnson, Sasha Long Beach Poly (SS)
Villa-Quintero, Isabella Long Beach Poly (SS)
Carlson, Morgan Long Beach Poly (SS)
Bernard, Victoria Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
Macias-Casas, Ashley Long Beach Poly (SS)
Parker, Natalie Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
Acosta, Alexia Laguna Blanca (SS)
Hu, Grace Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Schroeder, Hannah Long Beach Poly (SS)
Perez, Macy Rio Mesa (SS)
McKibben, Makenzie Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Hernandez Lujan, Evelyn Long Beach Poly (SS)
Lopez, Jennifer Long Beach Poly (SS)
Chang, Ella Long Beach Poly (SS)
Tulis, Lily Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
Muzinich, Miranda Bishop Diego (SS)
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SR Boys 38 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Barraza, Antonio Long Beach Poly (SS)
Manriquez, Rowen Bishop Diego (SS)
Jones, Kaden Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Dodge, Peter Long Beach Poly (SS)
Bates, Oliver Laguna Blanca (SS)
Tienda, Erick Rio Mesa (SS)
Arriola, Xavier Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Brannon, Eric Long Beach Poly (SS)
Patrick, Nick Cate (SS)
Busse, Andrew Cate (SS)
Wade, Benjamin Rio Mesa (SS)
Pelto, Sam Providence Santa Barbara (SS)
Wood, Peter Cate (SS)
Alexander, Simon Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Yan, Jayden Cate (SS)
Obispo Munoz, Javier Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Teehee, Owen Foothill Technology (SS)
Vincent, Justin Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Linane, Joey Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
Perry, Brandon Long Beach Poly (SS)
Guerrero, Robert Long Beach Poly (SS)
Gorman, Scott Bishop Diego (SS)
Torres, Phillipe Rio Mesa (SS)
Hinshaw, Jacob Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Rufo, Jaedon Long Beach Poly (SS)
Nicks, George Laguna Blanca (SS)
Troup, Samuel Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Sentypal, Filip Cate (SS)
Vazquez Mendoza, Leonardo Rio Mesa (SS)
Molin, Jackson Cate (SS)
Hellman, Alexander Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Mcnees, Zach Providence Santa Barbara (SS)
Valente, Ricky Cate (SS)
Bi, Edward Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Walker, Jacob Foothill Technology (SS)
Christensen, Bennett Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Stilwell, Frank Foothill Technology (SS)
Knight, Camron Santa Ynez Valley Union (SS)
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SR Girls 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Lawson, Sofia Foothill Technology (SS)
Smith, Jacqueline Bishop Diego (SS)
Pallares, Katie Flintridge Sacred Heart (SS)
Lopez, Alyssa Cabrillo Lompoc (SS)
Mckiernan, Mia Long Beach Poly (SS)
Godina, Sophia Rio Mesa (SS)
Simpson, Kennedy Cate (SS)
Gray-reyes, Angelia Foothill Technology (SS)
Wahlberg, London Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Crouch, Acacia Foothill Technology (SS)
Von Wolffradt, Aud Flintridge Sacred Heart (SS)
Peterson, Charlotte Long Beach Poly (SS)
Masri, Hanna Laguna Blanca (SS)
Ismail, Maya Flintridge Sacred Heart (SS)
Noriega, Yadira Rio Mesa (SS)
Boisselier, Gia Rio Mesa (SS)
Disorbo, Anna Cate (SS)
Head, Diamond Cate (SS)
Hellman, Katherine Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
Prieto, Sofie Foothill Technology (SS)
Ballew, Julianna Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)
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