Laguna Beach Distance Carnival #2 2021

Laguana Beach, CA

Meet Information

The Laguna Beach Distance Carnival #2 is a distance invitational that is intended to gather the fastest athletes in Orange & surrounding counties. We are expanding the size of our meet so more athletes have the opportunity to compete in either the 800m, 1600m, or 3200m runs. We will be actively following covid protocols, especially regarding use of facilities, so please read the following document carefully as to ensure a smooth and safe meet.

General Information:

Meet Location: Laguna Beach High School; 625 Park Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Competing athletes and coaches only, no spectators

All persons will abide by CDC Physical distancing & mask mandate at all times

Athletes will remove disposable mask on start of race and receive new disposable mask at finish of race

Athletes are to leave the facility promptly after individual race is completed

Bathrooms are marked on the map and will have a limited capacity. 

Gaps in race schedule allow for athletes, coaches, and officials to enter and exit the facility while following covid protocols

Please abide by local parking and traffic laws (as posted on street signs)

There is no specifically designated parking spaces for this event

Registration Information

Estimated entry times based on current fitness and workouts are acceptable. Please be honest, and as accurate as possible, about your athletes entry time as we would like to make each race as competitive as possible. Entering verified race results will hold more weight than estimated entry times when selecting accepted athletes into each race.

$17 per athlete (per race). Checks payable to: LBHS Track & Field Boosters 

Please understand not all entries will be accepted into the meet as we can only allow a certain number of competitors per race. See the schedule below. 

Registration deadline: Tuesday, May 11th at 9PM. 

Note: The entry deadline has been pushed back to allow for athletes who don't qualify into their County Championships an opportunity to compete. 

Accepted entries released: Wednesday, May 12th

Scratches due: Wednesday, May 12th at 8pm

There will be no adds, alternates, changes, or replacements.


Top finisher in each race will receive a medal. 

Top five finishers in each invitational race will receive a medal. 

Race Schedule:

Gates Open at 5:00; Baseball field opens at 5:30.

Races will run on time. Heats will run slow to fast. 

7:00pm Girls 1600 Heat 1 (19 athletes max)

7:08pm Boys 1600 Heat 1 (19 athletes max)

7:16pm Girls 1600 Heat 2 (19 athletes max)

7:24pm Boys 1600 Heat 2 (19 athletes max)

7:32pm Girls 1600 Heat 3 (19 athletes max)

7:40pm Boys 1600 Heat 3 (19 athletes max)

7:48pm Girls 1600 Heat 4 (19 athletes max)

7:56pm Boys 1600 Heat 4 (19 athletes max)

8:04pm Girls 1600 Invitational (16 athletes max)

8:12pm Boys 1600 Invitational (16 athletes max)

8:20pm Girls 800 Heat 1 (18 athletes max)

8:25pm Boys 800 Heat 1 (18 athletes max)

8:30pm Girls 800 Heat 2 (18 athletes max)

8:35pm Boys 800 Heat 2 (18 athletes max)

8:40pm Girls 800 Invitational (18 athletes max)

8:45pm Boys 800 Invitational (18 athletes max)

8:50pm Girls 3200m Heat 1 (24 athletes max

9:05pm Boys 3200m Heat 1 (24 athletes max)

9:20pm Girls 3200m Invitational (24 athletes max)

9:35pm Boys 3200m Invitational (24 athletes max)