Sierra Foothill League XC #5 2020

Rocklin, CA

Meet Information

Sierra Foothill League Meet #5

Saturday March 6 at Johnson Springview Park, Rocklin

SFL  Triple Dual Meet Schedule

Dual 1 - Granite Bay v. Oak Ridge

Team(s) Arrival: 8:00 am

8:55 am F/S Boys 2 mile and Girls 2 mile

9:20 am Varsity Boys 5K

9:50 am Varsity Girls 5K

Team(s) Departure: 10:30 am

Dual 2 Del Oro v. Whitney

Team(s) Arrival: 11:30 am

12:00 F/S Boys 2 mile

12:25 pm F/S Girls 2 mile

12:50 pm Varsity Boys 5K

1:20 pm Varsity Girls 5K

Team(s) Departure: 2:00 pm

Dual 3 Folsom v. Rocklin

Team(s) Arrival: 3:00 pm

3:30 pm F/S Boys 2 mile

3:55 pm F/S Girls 2 mile

4:20 pm Varsity Boys 5K

4:50 pm Varsity Girls 5K

Team(s) Departure: 5:30 pm

Race/COVID Protocols per the City of Rocklin

All personnel, to include student - athletes, coaches, volunteers etc. will be required to use face

coverings and maintain social distancing (6 ft.).

o Student Athletes shall maintain a face covering while not in the act of running and shall

maintain social distancing at all times.

o This rule includes when interacting solely with their own teammates and coaching staff.

No parents or spectators will be permitted near the start area, nor the finish area, nor the team

camps (football field);

o Parents may view the race(s) from the public spaces along the course and are

encouraged to wear masks and socially distance themselves.

Maintain social distancing while awaiting use of the restroom(s), Portable Toilets.

Runners shall wear a face covering to the start line until the start of the race, at which time

masks can be tucked in shorts or gators dropped to neck level.

o Runners shall not drop their masks on the course, as this constitutes a bio-hazard.

At the starting line, race officials will keep the two teams (two cohorts) separate

During competition runners should make every effort to maintain social distancing.

At the finish, runners shall run through the finish chute and immediately replace their face


o Single use masks shall be available at the finish, should a runner lose their covering on

the course.

o No hugging, high fives, hand shaking allowed. In the case of an emergency or simple fall,

it is preferred that a coach assists a runner up or provides care.

The track infield will be available for socially distanced team camp set-up and warm-ups and

each team camp area will be designated for all 3 dual meets.

All athletes and coaches must wear a face covering unless actually warming-up or racing

anytime at Spring View park during the event; coaches will enforce this within their teams.

All teams please provide your own hydration and first aid kits.

o No athletic trainer will be onsite. No sharing of water bottles.