Meet Information

Sierra Foothill League Meet #4

All coaches, officials, athletes and parents must only enter the campus from Iron Point Road and proceed to the lot adjacent to the course/reservoir. This is the only parking lot authorized for our use. Folsom High School is being utilized by Sacramento Country as a COVID 19 Vaccination Center on Saturday as well. The course or surface

streets may be utilized for warm-up. Please advise all student-athletes and parents/family members to refrain from entering the campus or parking in another parking lot.
A violation could result in the health department shutting down our competition. All teams please exit the premises immediately upon conclusion of your event.


Del Oro vs Folsom

FSG 900 AM

FSB 930 AM

VG 1000 AM

VB 1030 AM

 Oak Ridge vs. Rocklin

 FSG 1130 AM

FSB 1200 PM

VG 1230 PM

VB 100 PM

Granite Bay vs. Whitney

FSG 200 PM

FSB 230 PM

VG 300 PM

VB 330 PM

Race/COVID Protocols

COVID Screening: All students must be screened to include temperatures by

their coach to prior warm-up and/or intermixing with others.
  • Runner

    drop off, parking, and pick-up MUST be done in the lot adjacent to

    the reservoir (entrance from Iron Point Rd). Please do not be late. Do

    not park elsewhere as

    there is a COVID 19 vaccination clinic being conducted on campus

  • All personnel, coaches, volunteers, spectators, etc. will be required to use

    face coverings and maintain social distancing (6 ft.).
  • Student Athletes shall wear face covering and shall maintain social distancing

    at all times other than when engaged in competition.

o   Runners shall wear a face covering to the start line until the race official gives the command they may be removed, at which time masks may be tucked in shorts or gators dropped to neck level.

Runners shall not drop their masks on the course; this constitutes a


o   During competition runners should make every effort to maintain social distancing.

o   At the finish, runners shall run through the finish chute and immediately replace their face covering. Single use masks shall be available at the finish, should a runner lose their covering

on the course.

o   No hugging, high fives, hand shaking allowed. In the case of an emergency or simple fall, it is preferred that a coach assists a runner up or provides care.

  • Maintain

    social distancing while awaiting use of the restroom. No more than two individuals will occupy the restrooms at any one time. Restrooms are located at Buildings C and within the park (restroom turn).

  • Team amp set-up will be in the park along the fence line. Tents must be no closer than 50 meters from any other team tent. Teams should ensure social distancing while warming up.
  • The Folsom High School physical campus is closed to all spectators and coaches excluding access to the parking lot and the designated restrooms. No warming up on campus will be allowed.
  • All teams please provide your own hydration and first aid kits. No athletic trainer will be onsite.