Arcadia All-Comers 2018

Arcadia, CA
Hosted by Arcadia (SS)

Meet Information

Arcadia High School All-Comers Meets

Date: 2/3/18
Time: Events begin at 9:00 AM, stadium to open at 8:00 AM
Entry Fee: $5.00 (This includes unlimited entries for participants or spectator admission)


Spikes: Please bring only 3/16 needle spikes (we will sell them to you for $4.00 per 14)
Events: We will run the events in this order, but will not publish a time schedule as the number
of entrants may vary from week to week. If there are any requests for running a 4 x 200 Relay,
let Coach Schultz know in advance and we could add that to the schedule (most likely between
the 800 Meters and 300 Meter Hurdles)

Running Events | Field Events (all of these will begin at 9:00 AM
400 Meter Relay | Long Jump (open pit)
1600 Meter Run | Triple Jump (open pit)
60 Meter Hurdles | High Jump (opening height 36)
110 Meter Hurdles | Pole Vault (opening height 60)
100 Meter Hurdles | Shot Put (men and women mixed flights)
400 Meters | Discus Throw (follows Shot Put)
60 Meters
100 Meters
800 Meters
300 Meter Hurdles
200 Meters
3200 Meters
1600 Meter Relay

Field Event Reminders: Because the long and triple jump pits are open, you may take your
jumps at your convenience, but please try to have all run-throughs done by 9:00 AM so that at
that time we will only be worrying about measuring. Look at the opening heights for the pole
vault and high jump. If your opening height is substantially higher than those posted, we will
allow an extra run-through for each competitor at regular rises through the event (i.e. at 80,
100, 120, and 130 in the pole vault and 46, 50 56, and 60 in the high jump).

Running Event Notes: We will try to place you into heats with people that are at a similar level,
but this does require some level of honesty. Please help us run the meet smoothly by being at the
starting line when your event is called and paying attention to instructions.
We hope that we can provide a great opportunity to begin your preparation for the 2018 season.

If you have any questions please contact Coach Schultz at