Arcadia Invitational 2015

Arcadia, CA


Friday Focus: Dani Jones Apr 17, 2015

The Arcadia 3,200m Champion tests her legs at the 800 this weekend at Mt. SAC Relays in a bid for a Brooks PR Invite

Photos from Arcadia Invitational! Apr 12, 2015

Thousands of photos from this weekend's Arcadia Invitational in California and many more to come from our photographer Mary Ann Magnant. Check out the photos uploaded so far below!

Illinois Contingent Complete Arcadia Deal In Fine Fashion Apr 12, 2015

Illinois always seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to external things. For example, Chicago is often called "The Second City" but most people generally look at New York and Los Angeles as the top two geographical choices. In sports, the Windy city is often a laughing stock outside of the Bulls and Blackhawks.

Quick Thoughts on Arcadia Apr 12, 2015

Dri Mustin was able to help the North Canyon girls lay ahold of the fastest 4x400m in the state at the Arcadia Invitational this weekend. Arizona Milesplit Photo.

IL Kids Strut Stuff At Arcadia On Day 1 Apr 11, 2015

No one should ever get criticized for giving a maximum effort when called upon. What is even more eye opening is when teams and individuals take a trek to somewhere when they no they shouldn't. Illinois has had its share of boo boos on the big stage in recent memory

Arcadia Invitational Boys Preview Apr 10, 2015

Get hyped for the 88th annual Arcadia Invitational in Los Angeles, California with the MileSplit event-by-event preview. Stay tuned for live updates, photo galleries & video interviews from the meet!

Tony’s Take: No Time To Be Messin' Around In California Apr 10, 2015

The prevailing theme for the small Illinois contingent traveling to California is pretty much the same... "go out and do my best." OKAY. But the truth of the matter is pundits, onlookers, skeptics, fans, whomever are going to be watching closely and expecting much more than that. I will come back and expand on this angle

Colorado Entries at Arcadia (corrected) Apr 09, 2015

Eric Hamer will be representing Palmer Ridge and Colorado in the Invitational 3200 at Arcadia on Saturday evening. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.