Winners From The CIF State XC Championships On Saturday

Here are the overall winners from the CIF State Cross Country Championships on Saturday at Woodward Park in Fresno, California: 

Division I Boys: Jason Parra, Millikan, 14:56.8

Division I Girls: Rylee Blade, Santiago Corona, 16:48.5

Division I Boys Team: San Clemente, 48 points

Division I Girls Team: Santiago Corona, 57 points

Division II Boys: Aydon Stefanopoulos, Los Gatos, 14:58.4

Division II Girls: Sadie Engelhardt, Ventura, 16:40.7

Division II Boys Team: Santa Barbara, 91 points

Division II Girls Team: Ventura, 85 points

Division III Boys: Evan Noonan, Dana Hills, 14:35.3

Division III Girls: Hanne Thomsen, Montgomery, 17:10.2

Division III Boys Team: Dana Hills, 42 points

Division III Girls Team: Cathedral Catholic, 83 points 

Division IV Boys: Emmanuel Perez, Cathedral, 14:45.5

Division IV Girls: Chiara Dailey, La Jolla, 17:09.2

Division IV Boys Team: St. Francis, 66 points

Division IV Girls Team: JSerra Catholic, 40 points

Division V Boys: Eyan Turk, Woodcrest Christian, 14:59.2

Division V Girls: Elsa Krummel, Bay School of San Francisco, 18:06.3

Division V Boys Team: Crystal Springs Uplands, 111 points

Division V Girls Team: Crystal Springs Uplands, 97 points -- 6th runner scored 31 points to break the deadlock (race ended in a tie with Immanuel).