Deep Dive: Breaking Down the CIF State Meet

Comparing the 2021 State Meet to the 2019 State Meet (Full Report)

As the conclusion to our series of reports examining how the 2021 season compares to 2019, we've got the comparison between the two state meets below. As you can see, the two main indicators on which we've been focusing (overall average and common athletes) both show that this year's edition was slower than two years ago. 208 out of 334 common athletes (who ran in both meets) ran slower this year, and the overall average was up 23 seconds. The top 25 athletes averaged faster this year, as did the top 50% of common athletes - that means most of the effect of the lost season was felt by athletes in the bottom 50%, which has been true all season.

Overall Athletes-4019591999
Overall Average+23.2518:58.0318:34.77
1st-10th Place-9.2614:47.8414:57.10
1st-25th Place-2.6415:03.8915:06.52
1st-50th Place+0.7815:16.9715:16.19
1st-100th Place+2.9815:29.9415:26.96
Common Athletes----334
Ran Faster82208126
Ran Season Best-37181218
Average Time-10.0118:29.7718:39.78
Median Time-8.3018:35.5018:43.80
Middle 80% Times-10.3118:25.3718:35.68
Top 10% Times-34.8715:17.2915:52.16
Top 25% Times-33.6515:49.2716:22.92
Top 50% Times-25.3916:43.6817:09.06
Bottom 50% Times+5.3720:15.8720:10.50
Bottom 25% Times+13.9421:16.5521:02.61
Bottom 10% Times+18.0722:26.2822:08.21