Video of Jesuit's 10:01.82 DMR including splits

This past Wednesday, the Jesuit quartet of Ajani Salcido (1,200) Martin Smith (400) Chase Gordon (800) and Matt Strangio (1,600) ran the 7th fastest DMR in California history (10:01.82). The current CA record is held by Jesuit's 1986 team with a time of 9:56.3. This following video is courtesy of Jesuit coach Walt Lange. The unofficial splits taken by Coach Lange are as follows: 3:06.0, 49.02, 1:57.2 and 4:09.6. If you watch the entire video, you will see that both the 1986 national setting team and the team on Wednesday both carried the same baton. Very cool!

The photos below are courtesy of Dan Tyree.