Tuilefano PRs in shot; Sondre Guttormsen clears 17 again

CORRECTION: An earlier post incorrectly identified the pole vaulter at Davis High. According to his father, Atle, it was Sondre Guttormsen who cleared 17-1 at a league quad this week, not his bother Simen.

It was a comparatively light week of results but there were a couple of noteworthy from mid-week duals in CA:

El Camino senior Nu'uausala Tuilefano went 44-5 in the shot put to rank CA #4 and US #19 and Davis senior Sondre Guttormsen cleared 17 feet again in the pole vault. Sondre leads CA at 17-11 (US #2).

Tuilefano, competing in a league dual with Rancho Buena Vista, went six inches beyond her previous PR set last May and far surpassed her previous season best of 41-4 from the March 24 Mt. Carmel Invitational.

This was the third time in as many outdoor meets this season that Guttormsen has cleared 17 feet. He went 18-0 at the National Pole Vault Summit in January and twice went over 17-8 indoors this winter. 

Here's a look at other meets from the week that produced elite standard marks:

SSL Power Meet #2

Taft High School  Taft, CA 
Apr 4, 2018
939 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (3)
LJF 1 1st17-3Macayla WellsTaft High School (CS)
TJF 1 1st37-7Macayla WellsTaft High School (CS)
PVF 1 1st9-3Macayla WellsTaft High School (CS)
Boys (1)
PVF 1 1st13-0Luis SantillanoCesar E. Chavez High School (CS)

Sheldon Quad

 , CA 
Apr 4, 2018
721 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (20)
100mF 1 1st12.23Imani DupreeSheldon High (SJ)
200mF 1 1st25.98Tatumn LachapelleSheldon High (SJ)
400mF 1 1st59.69Yena LimDavis Senior High School (SJ)
1600mF 1 1st5:24.82Sophia LodigianiDavis Senior High School (SJ)
3200mF 1 1st11:46.78Aniela MitchellDavis Senior High School (SJ)
3200mF 1 1st11:52.65Ana FentonDavis Senior High School (SJ)
3200mF 1 2nd11:56.61Charlotte MitchellDavis Senior High School (SJ)
100HF 1 1st15.48Reyna JohnsonSt. Francis Sacramento (SJ)
4x100mF 1 1st47.96Sheldon High (SJ)
4x100mF 1 2nd49.11St. Francis Sacramento (SJ)
4x100mF 1 3rd49.86Davis Senior High School (SJ)
HJF 1 1st5-5Tiya Kamba-griffinDavis Senior High School (SJ)
HJF 1 2nd5-2Hannah LybbertDavis Senior High School (SJ)
LJF 1 1st17-4.5Abby LoDavis Senior High School (SJ)
TJF 1 1st37-7Yena LimDavis Senior High School (SJ)
PVF 1 1st10-0Meghan LaddSt. Francis Sacramento (SJ)
PVF 1 2nd9-6Elena SiemensDavis Senior High School (SJ)
PVF 1 2nd9-6Ianthe J PretoriusDavis Senior High School (SJ)
PVF 1 2nd9-6Kyra LeeDavis Senior High School (SJ)
PVF 1 5th9-0Lyla SchoenigDavis Senior High School (SJ)
Boys (11)
400mF 1 1st50.10Juan Zarate-sanchezDavis Senior High School (SJ)
1600mF 1 1st4:34.67Matt StrangioJesuit (SJ)
3200mF 1 1st9:57.81Bryce GreggDavis Senior High School (SJ)
3200mF 1 2nd9:59.41Zeno CastiglioniDavis Senior High School (SJ)
LJF 1 1st22-1Sondre GuttormsenDavis Senior High School (SJ)
PVF 1 1st17-1Sondre GuttormsenDavis Senior High School (SJ)
PVF 1 2nd14-6Elliot RaskinJesuit (SJ)
DF 1 1st150-5Tazio RosenbergDavis Senior High School (SJ)
DF 1 2nd142-4Sebastian GarciaJesuit (SJ)
SF 1 1st50-8Tazio RosenbergDavis Senior High School (SJ)
SF 1 2nd49-8.5Josh GillisJesuit (SJ)

CVC Center Meet 2A

Oakmont High School (SJ)  Roseville, CA 
Apr 5, 2018
716 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (8)
200mF 1 1st25.51Emma BarthelBella Vista High School (SJ)
100HF 1 1st15.48Sadye PeschkeBella Vista High School (SJ)
300HF 1 1st44.80Sadye PeschkeBella Vista High School (SJ)
4x100mF 1 1st49.36Bella Vista High School (SJ)
LJF 1 1st17-3.75Emma BarthelBella Vista High School (SJ)
PVF 1 1st9-6Isabel SimmonsWhitney High (SJ)
PVF 1 1st9-6Rachel PayanWhitney High (SJ)
PVF 1 3rd9-0Aaliyah KirkpatrickBella Vista High School (SJ)
Boys (3)
HJF 1 1st6-4Donovan JonesRoseville High School (SJ)
PVF 1 1st14-4Adam O'brienWhitney High (SJ)
DF 1 1st143-11Zachary BorojaWhitney High (SJ)

SCVAL Dual: Fremont, Santa Clara, Monta Vista

Los Altos High School  Los Altos, CA 
Apr 5, 2018
749 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (3)
1600mF 1 1st5:24.24Sophia KennedySanta Clara High (CC)
DF 1 1st120-11Amaya FullerSanta Clara High (CC)
SF 1 1st38-11Grace WillsSanta Clara High (CC)

West Torrance vs Torrance

West High School  Torrance, CA 
Apr 5, 2018
577 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
PVF 1 1st9-0Amanda HerbertTorrance High (SS)
DF 1 1st110-11.5Katie LongjohnTorrance High (SS)
Boys (7)
100mF 1 1st10.94Turner FernandezWest Torrance (SS)
400mF 1 1st50.20Alec FroningWest Torrance (SS)
400mF 1 2nd50.92Chris PittsTorrance High (SS)
1600mF 1 1st4:33.99Manny GilTorrance High (SS)
PVF 1 1st12-6Kyten ArthurWest Torrance (SS)
DF 1 1st144-0.5Ryan LocanoTorrance High (SS)
SF 1 1st48-9Ryan LocanoTorrance High (SS)

CCA at Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines High School  San Diego, CA 
Apr 5, 2018
505 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (13)
400mF 1 1st59.78Jade Babcock-chiTorrey Pines High School (SD)
400mF 1 2nd59.93Sabrina MorseCanyon Crest Academy (SD)
800mF 1 1st2:22.96Isabella AguiarTorrey Pines High School (SD)
1600mF 1 1st5:08.98Claire BerndCanyon Crest Academy (SD)
1600mF 1 2nd5:09.58Carlie DorostkarCanyon Crest Academy (SD)
1600mF 1 3rd5:18.23Isabella AguiarTorrey Pines High School (SD)
3200mF 1 1st11:11.46Carlie DorostkarCanyon Crest Academy (SD)
3200mF 1 2nd11:42.08Haley PlattTorrey Pines High School (SD)
100HF 1 1st15.71Kate ThomasTorrey Pines High School (SD)
100HF 1 1st15.71Brigitte BonebrakeTorrey Pines High School (SD)
300HF 1 1st45.50Kate ThomasTorrey Pines High School (SD)
4x100mF 1 1st49.93Torrey Pines High School (SD)
PVF 1 1st9-5Kimika BestTorrey Pines High School (SD)
Boys (6)
1600mF 1 1st4:33.61Robert BartschTorrey Pines High School (SD)
3200mF 1 1st9:51.10William BurkeCanyon Crest Academy (SD)
3200mF 1 2nd9:52.10Nick SalzTorrey Pines High School (SD)
3200mF 1 3rd9:54.70Alan EdmondsTorrey Pines High School (SD)
TJF 1 1st44-2.5David CynkinTorrey Pines High School (SD)
SF 1 1st49-0Matthew AmankonahCanyon Crest Academy (SD)

Rio Mesa at Oxnard

Oxnard High School  Oxnard, CA 
Apr 4, 2018
567 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
200mF 1 1st25.49Arissa ThompsonOxnard High (SS)
LJF 1 1st17-0Samantha MendozaOxnard High (SS)
Boys (1)
200mF 1 1st21.77 wChase WellsOxnard High (SS)

ESL League Meet 2

Granite Hills  Porterville, CA 
Apr 4, 2018
563 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
3200mF 1 1st11:58.03Mckaylie CaesarLindsay Senior High (CS)
SF 1 1st36-5.5Marlena GutierrezLindsay Senior High (CS)

HDN League Meet #1 @McKinleyville

McKinleyville High School  McKinleyville, CA 
Apr 5, 2018
546 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
300HF 1 1st46.26Lizzie DolanMcKinleyville High (NC)
PVF 1 1st11-0Camrin DolciniFortuna Union High (NC)
SF 1 1st36-5Kisdyante JosephHoopa Valley High (NC)
SF 1 2nd35-1Sara BlairEureka Senior High (NC)

Poway @ Del Norte

Del Norte High School (SD)  San Diego, CA 
Apr 4, 2018
438 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (21)
400mF 1 1st59.36Jayda RustemogluDel Norte High School (SD)
800mF 1 1st2:22.08Maggie LuskPoway High (SD)
800mF 1 2nd2:23.38Karlie HayesDel Norte High School (SD)
800mF 1 3rd2:24.23Katalin McnairDel Norte High School (SD)
1600mF 1 1st5:23.11Isabelle DavisDel Norte High School (SD)
1600mF 1 2nd5:24.50Katie DownsPoway High (SD)
3200mF 1 1st11:34.09Isabelle DavisDel Norte High School (SD)
3200mF 1 2nd11:35.52Eva RethmeierPoway High (SD)
3200mF 1 3rd11:39.37Hannah ZhengDel Norte High School (SD)
3200mF 1 4th11:56.19Katalin McnairDel Norte High School (SD)
HJF 1 1st5-2Noelle ElkintonPoway High (SD)
PVF 1 1st9-0Madeline BittnerPoway High (SD)
PVF 1 1st12-0Mia CervantesPoway High (SD)
PVF 1 2nd11-6Katerina AdamiecPoway High (SD)
PVF 1 3rd11-0Isabella BurkhardtDel Norte High School (SD)
PVF 1 3rd11-0Camryn ThomsonPoway High (SD)
PVF 1 5th10-0Gina StonePoway High (SD)
PVF 1 6th9-0Zandile MakatiniDel Norte High School (SD)
DF 1 1st119-11Lindy CornwellPoway High (SD)
DF 1 2nd111-0Ashley AllumsPoway High (SD)
SF 1 1st35-2Noelle ElkintonPoway High (SD)
Boys (2)
3200mF 1 1st9:54.33David BarajasDel Norte High School (SD)
PVF 1 1st13-3Evan DudleyPoway High (SD)

Beckman vs Corona Del Mar

 , CA 
Apr 4, 2018
483 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (3)
100HF 1 1st16.00 wJulianne BartzCorona del Mar High School (SS)
300HF 1 1st47.01Paige DamronCorona del Mar High School (SS)
DF 1 1st124-1Simona BocanceaCorona del Mar High School (SS)
Boys (4)
1600mF 1 1st4:31.42Joseph CianfraniCorona del Mar High School (SS)
1600mF 1 2nd4:34.17Ian TurnerCorona del Mar High School (SS)
3200mF 1 1st9:52.69Joseph CianfraniCorona del Mar High School (SS)
DF 1 1st156-5Cole WhiteCorona del Mar High School (SS)

SEYL Meet #1

Bakersfield HS  Bakersfield, CA 
Apr 3, 2018 Apr 4, 2018
500 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
DF 1 1st122-10Jessianne SolisHighland High Bakersfield (CS)
Boys (1)
TJF 1 1st46-6.5Syric DavisHighland High Bakersfield (CS)

Eastlake @ Olympian

Olympian HS  Chula Vista, CA 
Apr 5, 2018
424 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (11)
100mF 1 1st12.48Alexis MeeksOlympian (SD)
200mF 1 1st25.62Kolumbia PageOlympian (SD)
200mF 1 2nd25.75Saisha BanksEastlake High (SD)
400mF 1 1st57.42Adaeze NobleOlympian (SD)
400mF 1 2nd58.12Kolumbia PageOlympian (SD)
300HF 1 1st47.44Leyla McfarlandEastlake High (SD)
300HF 1 2nd47.59Alexis MeeksOlympian (SD)
4x100mF 1 1st48.17Olympian (SD)
4x100mF 1 2nd49.82Eastlake High (SD)
PVF 1 1st9-8Natalia CortesEastlake High (SD)
PVF 1 2nd9-6Renna CozzaEastlake High (SD)
Boys (4)
400mF 1 1st50.07Jeffrey PageEastlake High (SD)
400mF 1 2nd50.30Mikael TylerOlympian (SD)
LJF 1 1st22-3Jalyn JacksonEastlake High (SD)
TJF 1 1st46-10Jalyn JacksonEastlake High (SD)

Point Loma v. UCHS

University City HS  San Diego, CA 
Apr 4, 2018
413 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (10)
1600mF 1 1st5:14.55Elise BoisvertUniversity City High School (SD)
1600mF 1 2nd5:20.93Isabelle ShepherdUniversity City High School (SD)
300HF 1 1st47.88Kilee HornerUniversity City High School (SD)
TJF 1 1st36-0.5Sadie HeckmanPoint Loma Senior High (SD)
TJF 1 2nd35-3.5Elena AndreeUniversity City High School (SD)
PVF 1 1st9-8Madeleine Masser-fryeUniversity City High School (SD)
PVF 1 2nd9-2Abrianna SebastianiUniversity City High School (SD)
DF 1 1st119-1Jillian CoronadoUniversity City High School (SD)
SF 1 1st38-4Jillian CoronadoUniversity City High School (SD)
SF 1 2nd36-5Angel SrioudomUniversity City High School (SD)
Boys (2)
LJF 1 1st22-3.5Altan MitchellPoint Loma Senior High (SD)
SF 1 1st52-2.5David FolsomPoint Loma Senior High (SD)

Etiwanda @ Chino Hills

Chino Hills  Chino Hills, CA 
Apr 3, 2018
385 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (12)
100mF 1 1st12.31Zani MeadersChino Hills High School (SS)
200mF 1 1st24.38Zani MeadersChino Hills High School (SS)
200mF 1 2nd25.03Brooke SavageChino Hills High School (SS)
200mF 1 3rd25.98Toni AyalaChino Hills High School (SS)
400mF 1 1st59.87Toni AyalaChino Hills High School (SS)
800mF 1 1st2:20.74Jacqueline DuarteChino Hills High School (SS)
1600mF 1 1st5:03.32Jacqueline DuarteChino Hills High School (SS)
4x100mF 1 1st48.88Etiwanda High School (SS)
4x100mF 1 2nd49.11Chino Hills High School (SS)
PVF 1 1st10-6Jocelyn DuboisChino Hills High School (SS)
PVF 1 2nd9-6Zoi MeadersChino Hills High School (SS)
DF 1 1st113-2Nysiah LegardyeEtiwanda High School (SS)
Boys (3)
1600mF 1 1st4:33.19Ivan MejiaEtiwanda High School (SS)
3200mF 1 1st9:56.49Ivan MejiaEtiwanda High School (SS)
TJF 1 1st45-6Bethel BabatundeEtiwanda High School (SS)

El Camino vs Rancho Buena Vista

El Camino HS XC  Oceanside, CA 
Apr 6, 2018
400 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (6)
LJF 1 1st17-7Vanessa SpizewskiRancho Buena Vista High (SD)
PVF 1 1st9-0Lilly McgrawEl Camino HS (SD)
DF 1 1st132-8Nu'uausala TuilefanoEl Camino HS (SD)
SF 1 1st44-5Nu'uausala TuilefanoEl Camino HS (SD)
SF 1 2nd36-2TaupoulemutaalofamaileatuRancho Buena Vista High (SD)
SF 1 3rd35-6Natalia HiattRancho Buena Vista High (SD)
Boys (4)
PVF 1 1st13-0Jachin ClarkeEl Camino HS (SD)
DF 1 1st142-9Aydin WoodEl Camino HS (SD)
DF 1 2nd140-2Jonathan TuitasiEl Camino HS (SD)
SF 1 1st48-4Austin SunseriRancho Buena Vista High (SD)

Oak Ridge vs. Rocklin

Oak Ridge High School  El Dorado Hills, CA 
Apr 3, 2018
430 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
1600mF 1 1st5:22.43Elena DennerOak Ridge High School (SJ)
100HF 1 1st15.51Shimona DraperOak Ridge High School (SJ)
300HF 1 1st47.04Shimona DraperOak Ridge High School (SJ)
DF 1 1st113-7.75Crystal DieiOak Ridge High School (SJ)


Bullard HS  Fresno, CA 
Apr 4, 2018
403 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (7)
200mF 1 1st25.94Sariyah CopelandEdison High School (CS)
400mF 1 1st58.31Kamari WilsonEdison High School (CS)
100HF 1 1st14.69 wGianna DicksonBullard High School (CS)
100HF 1 2nd15.92 wAndee PooleSanger High (CS)
300HF 1 1st46.62Gianna DicksonBullard High School (CS)
4x100mF 1 1st49.60Edison High School (CS)
TJF 1 1st35-6Cu-nisha MitchellSanger High (CS)
Boys (2)
200mF 1 1st22.02 wMichael StampsBullard High School (CS)
400mF 1 1st50.98Jalen HarrisEdison High School (CS)

Hanford/El D/Mt Whitney

 , CA 
Apr 4, 2018
426 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
DF 1 1st113-2Jade WhitfieldMt. Whitney High (CS)
SF 1 1st36-3Jade WhitfieldMt. Whitney High (CS)
Boys (2)
DF 1 1st141-3Gearrod ClementsMt. Whitney High (CS)
SF 1 1st48-9.5Cameron MckayMt. Whitney High (CS)

Los Altos vs. Los Gatos

Los Gatos High School  Los Gatos, CA 
Apr 3, 2018
351 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (10)
100mF 1 1st12.35 wErin MossLos Gatos High School (CC)
100mF 1 2nd12.48 wJessie CarlsonLos Altos High School (CC)
200mF 1 1st25.54Erin MossLos Gatos High School (CC)
400mF 1 1st57.33Abby MontiLos Gatos High School (CC)
400mF 1 2nd58.24Anna ZaeskeLos Altos High School (CC)
300HF 1 1st46.74Thea MollerstedtLos Altos High School (CC)
300HF 1 2nd47.82Abby MontiLos Gatos High School (CC)
4x100mF 1 1st49.26Los Altos High School (CC)
4x100mF 1 2nd49.32Los Gatos High School (CC)
TJF 1 1st35-0Rebecca LimLos Altos High School (CC)
Boys (9)
400mF 1 1st50.91Austin TownsendLos Altos High School (CC)
400mF 1 2nd50.98Rodrigo CochranLos Altos High School (CC)
800mF 1 1st1:59.66Brendan CumminsLos Gatos High School (CC)
1600mF 1 1st4:26.75Owen MacKenzieLos Altos High School (CC)
1600mF 1 2nd4:31.82Luca BommaritoLos Gatos High School (CC)
1600mF 1 3rd4:33.06Adam SageLos Altos High School (CC)
HJF 1 1st6-4Oliver AristilLos Gatos High School (CC)
LJF 1 1st22-0.25Max MolchanovLos Altos High School (CC)
TJF 1 1st44-7Max MolchanovLos Altos High School (CC)

CSL 4-way @immanuel

Reedley High School  Reedley, CA 
Apr 6, 2018
425 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 1 1st35-1Yazmine Villarreal-harrisDinuba High School (CS)
Boys (2)
SF 1 1st49-8Dirk NelsonCentral Valley Christian (CS)
SF 1 2nd48-4Alex SandovalDinuba High School (CS)

Cluster vs. Car ,PG, Stev at PG

Pacific Grove  Pacific Grove, CA 
Apr 6, 2018
417 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
LJF 1 1st17-9Kulaea TuluaPacific Grove High (CC)
PVF 1 1st9-7Mary GrebingPacific Grove High (CC)
Boys (2)
3200mF 1 1st9:48.05Henry LohPacific Grove High (CC)
3200mF 1 2nd9:51.87Will StefanouPacific Grove High (CC)

Liberty vs Heritage

Heritage High School (NCS)  Brentwood, CA 
Apr 4, 2018
402 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
TJF 1 1st35-11Victoria RamirezLiberty High (NC)
Boys (4)
400mF 1 1st49.61Jett CharvetHeritage High (NC)
400mF 1 2nd51.00Jordyn TurnerLiberty High (NC)
1600mF 1 1st4:30.15Micah DelgadoLiberty High (NC)
1600mF 1 2nd4:31.65Max WaechterHeritage High (NC)

Oak Hills at Serrano

Serrano HS  Phelan, CA 
Apr 3, 2018
408 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
PVF 1 1st9-6Carly EwingSerrano High School (SS)
PVF 1 2nd9-0Nethania SernaSerrano High School (SS)
Boys (1)
PVF 1 1st13-10Brandon ForbesSerrano High School (SS)

Rancho Verde vs Canyon Springs / Valley View

 , CA 
Apr 4, 2018
376 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Boys (3)
200mF 1 1st22.17Carlton JohnsonRancho Verde High (SS)
400mF 1 1st50.46Torre SmithRancho Verde High (SS)
4x100mF 1 1st42.19Rancho Verde High (SS)

SDA v. La Costa Canyon

San Dieguito Academy  Encinitas, CA 
Apr 5, 2018
348 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (3)
1600mF 1 1st5:22.92Sydney WeaberLa Costa Canyon (SD)
1600mF 1 2nd5:24.67Natalie SchroederLa Costa Canyon (SD)
PVF 1 1st9-6Alyssa FisherSan Dieguito Academy (SD)
Boys (4)
200mF 1 1st22.13Karson LippertLa Costa Canyon (SD)
PVF 1 1st15-6Kevin WardSan Dieguito Academy (SD)
PVF 1 2nd13-0Cameron ZamoraSan Dieguito Academy (SD)
PVF 1 3rd12-6Garrett BrownLa Costa Canyon (SD)

Monache vs. Tulare Western

 , CA 
Apr 5, 2018
373 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
300HF 1 1st47.30Dominique HernandezTulare Western High School (CS)
LJF 1 1st17-4Melyna HeadTulare Western High School (CS)

Foothill vs Carpinteria

Carpinteria HS  Carpinteria, CA 
Apr 5, 2018
363 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
800mF 1 1st2:24.41Carissa RodriguezFillmore Senior High (SS)
Boys (1)
PVF 1 1st13-9Nathaniel RussellFoothill Technology (SS)

Menlo-Atherton vs. Sequoia

Menlo-Atherton HS  Atherton, CA 
Apr 4, 2018
345 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
1600mF 1 1st5:22.17Eva GilletSequoia High (CC)
3200mF 1 1st11:58.97Yvonne Brien MillerSequoia High (CC)
4x100mF 1 1st49.35Menlo-Atherton High School (CC)
PVF 1 1st9-0Samantha BrookSequoia High (CC)

Escondido vs. Valley Center

Valley Center  Valley Center, CA 
Apr 5, 2018
329 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
300HF 1 1st46.51Jennifer PedrozaEscondido High (SD)

Burroughs at Apple Valley

Apple Valley High School  Apple Valley, CA 
Apr 3, 2018
309 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
DF 1 1st120-7Rebekah BaurBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)
SF 1 1st36-11Mariah HansenBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)

PVL Foothill @ Placer

 , CA 
Apr 4, 2018
280 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (5)
3200mF 1 1st11:38.60Marin ChamberlinPlacer High School (SJ)
PVF 1 1st10-0Marin ChamberlinPlacer High School (SJ)
PVF 1 2nd9-0Grace MantchPlacer High School (SJ)
DF 1 1st115-6Shade SanderPlacer High School (SJ)
SF 1 1st35-3.5Shade SanderPlacer High School (SJ)
Boys (1)
3200mF 1 1st9:57.28Adam FragolaPlacer High School (SJ)


Palo Alto High School  Palo Alto, CA 
Apr 3, 2018
251 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (7)
400mF 1 1st58.75Charlotte TomkinsonMenlo School (CC)
1600mF 1 1st5:20.46Tevah GevelberCastilleja School (CC)
100HF 1 1st15.25Alexandra ChanMenlo School (CC)
300HF 1 1st47.81Alexandra ChanMenlo School (CC)
HJF 1 1st5-2Makayla ConleyMenlo School (CC)
HJF 1 2nd5-2Elaine ChenCrystal Springs Uplands School (CC)
SF 1 1st36-2Moorea MitchellCastilleja School (CC)

DVL Dual:Xavier at Palm Desert

Palm Desert High School  Palm Desert, CA 
Apr 5, 2018
256 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
100mF 1 1st11.97Hailey MurdicaPalm Desert High (SS)
LJF 1 1st18-0Taylee UndemXavier College Prep (SS)
Boys (3)
100mF 1 1st10.92Jace MacconellXavier College Prep (SS)
100mF 1 2nd10.99Jedidiah JacksonPalm Desert High (SS)
100mF 1 3rd11.00Chandler BarbatoXavier College Prep (SS)

Laguna Beach vs Costa Mesa / Calvary Chapel

 , CA 
Apr 6, 2018
247 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
DF 1 1st139-3Felicia CrenshawCosta Mesa High (SS)
DF 1 2nd125-2Tayla CrenshawCosta Mesa High (SS)
SF 1 1st38-5Felicia CrenshawCosta Mesa High (SS)
SF 1 2nd35-5Tayla CrenshawCosta Mesa High (SS)

Morse v. Scripps

Morse High School  San Diego, CA 
Apr 6, 2018
217 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (3)
100mF 1 1st12.50Clarke TaylorScripps Ranch High School (SD)
LJF 1 1st17-0.5Dejanae ThompsonMorse Senior High (SD)
PVF 1 1st9-4Faith HeffronScripps Ranch High School (SD)
Boys (5)
100mF 1 1st10.82Shamar MartinMorse Senior High (SD)
200mF 1 1st21.94Shamar MartinMorse Senior High (SD)
DF 1 1st149-6Joshua BoamahScripps Ranch High School (SD)
DF 1 2nd147-0Courvosiea IrbyMorse Senior High (SD)
SF 1 1st50-1.5Courvosiea IrbyMorse Senior High (SD)

Citrus Valley v. Cajon

 , CA 
Apr 3, 2018
221 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
100mF 1 1st12.40Kyrah JohnsonCitrus Valley (SS)
200mF 1 1st25.30Cienna Norman - ThomasCitrus Valley (SS)
400mF 1 1st59.07Cienna Norman - ThomasCitrus Valley (SS)
4x100mF 1 1st49.66Citrus Valley (SS)

NYL Meet #4

Sunnyside High School  Fresno, CA 
Apr 4, 2018
220 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Boys (2)
200mF 1 1st21.74Tahj HartHoover High School Fresno (CS)
TJF 1 1st44-1Daniel De La TorreRoosevelt High (CS)

San Marino @ La Canada

La Cañada HS  La Cañada Flintridge, CA 
Apr 3, 2018
210 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
800mF 1 1st2:22.55Olivia RuizSan Marino High (SS)
3200mF 1 1st11:47.65Ellaney MatareseLa Canada High (SS)
Boys (1)
TJF 1 1st44-2Chuma AzingeSan Marino High (SS)

CHS vs Liberty Ranch HS Duel

Cordova HS  Cordova, CA 
Apr 4, 2018
210 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 1 1st36-9Faauiga ToeleCordova High (SJ)

Dual vs FHS, CHS, MHS (WSL)

Fowler High School  Fowler, CA 
Apr 6, 2018
178 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
DF 1 1st159-1Jocelynn BudwigFowler High (CS)
DF 1 2nd114-2Ariel SejaFowler High (CS)
SF 1 1st43-10Jocelynn BudwigFowler High (CS)
SF 1 2nd36-5.5Andrea MirelesFowler High (CS)
Boys (1)
1600mF 1 1st4:35.00Ronaldo DelgadoCaruthers High (CS)

WSL Dual 1

 , CA 
Apr 4, 2018
178 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
DF 1 1st159-1Jocelynn BudwigFowler High (CS)
DF 1 2nd114-2Ariel SejaFowler High (CS)
SF 1 1st43-10Jocelynn BudwigFowler High (CS)
SF 1 2nd36-5.5Andrea MirelesFowler High (CS)
Boys (1)
1600mF 1 1st4:35.00Ronaldo DelgadoCaruthers High (CS)

Delta League Elk Grove, Grant

Elk Grove High School  Elk Grove, CA 
Apr 4, 2018
155 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 1 1st38-8.5Kiashe HobbyGrant Union High School (SJ)