Simi Valley Winter Qualifier Full Coverage Hub

Full coverage from the Simi Valley Winter Championships Qualifier held Saturday, Feb. 10 at Simi Valley High School. The meet produced more than 80 qualifying marks for the Feb. 17 CA Winter Championships at Arcadia HS and 44 "Gold" standard Elite marks (see list below).

Saturday marked the last of five consecutive weekends where all-comers meets across the state were designated specifically for Winter Championships qualifying. Simi Valley was one of 17 such meets since early January, including four this past Saturday.

Feb. 10 Winter Championships Qualifier Results:

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The Simi Valley Winter Qualifier produced 57 "Elite" performances including 44 "Gold" standard or First Team results:

44 performances met the MileSplit US First Team standard.

1,500 Meter Run Finals4:46.70Mia BarnettVillage Christian (SS)
300 Meter Dash Finals41.17Pamela BookerChino Hills High School (SS)
Discus Finals26-1 (7.95m)Melani VegaChino High School (SS)
Discus Finals41-1 (12.52m)Victoria VasquezChino High School (SS)
Discus Finals41-3 (12.57m)Lauren GregorioProvidence Burbank (SS)
Discus Finals85-1 (25.93m)Isabella McclellandRio Mesa High (SS)
Discus Finals89-8 (27.33m)Sosefina AuauLompoc High (SS)
Discus Finals91-9 (27.97m)Alyssa PeckSimi Valley High (SS)
Discus Finals91-9 (27.97m)Maddie ThatcherLa Reina High School (SS)
Javelin Finals48-0 (14.63m)Vivian AkeneChino High School (SS)
Javelin Finals64-5 (19.63m)Kimberly JamesMonroe (James) High (LA)
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:51.55Relay TeamSimi Valley High (SS)
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:52.45Relay TeamCalabasas (SS)
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals2:14.62Relay TeamBuena High School (SS)
Discus Finals54-2 (16.51m)Robert LopezSimi Valley High (SS)
Discus Finals74-8 (22.76m)Brian MarkeyRoyal High School (SS)
Discus Finals76-7 (23.34m)Adrian CarrenoSimi Valley High (SS)
Discus Finals80-6 (24.54m)Brett LouieCampbell Hall (SS)
Discus Finals90-7 (27.61m)Edward WalshSimi Valley High (SS)
Discus Finals91-1 (27.76m)Joshua KarununganSimi Valley High (SS)
Discus Finals103-3 (31.47m)Cole ChirigotisSimi Valley High (SS)
Discus Finals103-7 (31.57m)Brett SkidmoreSimi Valley High (SS)
Discus Finals104-8 (31.9m)Jaren BauerCamarillo High School (SS)
Discus Finals107-5 (32.74m)Kienan DonovanUnattached CA
Discus Finals108-9 (33.15m)Hernan QuinteroChannel Islands High School (SS)
Discus Finals123-1 (37.52m)Hunter PaneBuena High School (SS)
Discus Finals125-1 (38.13m)Andrew VilleneuveCampbell Hall (SS)
Discus Finals126-10 (38.66m)Juan DelunaLompoc High (SS)
Discus Finals128-4 (39.12m)Jovany LucateroLompoc High (SS)
Discus Finals136-5 (41.58m)Ronald PayneChino High School (SS)
Discus Finals148-7 (45.29m)Jake RadwanNewbury Park High School (SS)
Discus Finals154-8 (47.14m)Gino CruzNewbury Park High School (SS)
Discus Finals155-1 (47.27m)Dexter StephensSimi Valley High (SS)
Discus Finals157-11 (48.13m)Daniel BryantWest Ranch (SS)
Discus Finals159-10 (48.72m)Nick KrauseNewbury Park High School (SS)
Javelin Finals80-3 (24.46m)Carter CraigNewbury Park High School (SS)
Javelin Finals98-0 (29.87m)Andrew AguilarChino High School (SS)
Javelin Finals100-7 (30.66m)Josh ValadezRoyal High School (SS)
Javelin Finals104-6 (31.85m)Luke WueshoffSimi Valley High (SS)
Javelin Finals109-9 (33.45m)Ronald PayneChino High School (SS)
Pole Vault Finals15-3.5 (4.66m)Christian VallesBurroughs Burbank (SS)
Shot Put Finals55-11 (17.04m)Daniel BryantWest Ranch (SS)
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:37.40Relay TeamBuena High School (SS)
800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay Finals1:37.57Relay TeamSimi Valley High (SS)