We Need Your Help! Open Rankings Through Friday

The California state rankings will be available to non-subscribers today through Friday! We want you to have the chance to explore all of our statistical tools, and let us know if you find any mistakes.

Ever Wondered About the Features of MileSplit's Insider Rankings?

We spend a lot of time covering meets and writing articles, but the core of any MileSplit page is the database.  When we get properly formatted results, our system can import the separate performances into the database, allowing us to connect and organize them in many different ways.  If you've never been a subscriber, then it's likely that you've never had the chance to see all the features that are available to Insiders.  Well, now's your chance!  We've opened up our rankings to EVERYONE for the next three days, running through Friday night.  You have a free opportunity to explore all the rankings, from simple lists to advanced, custom reports, so you can see for yourself the benefits of being an insider.  We also have another reason for opening up the rankings...

We Need Your Help!

Here's something you might not know: the folks that operate MileSplitCA only work on it part time.  We put a lot of time and effort into making our database as deep and accurate as it can be, but with limited time (and a huge volume of results to handle in this state) there are bound to be errors.  We've programmed the current division assignments and updated the teams in each section, and we have most of the leagues entered, as well; we've also tried to keep up with the published results of as many meets as we could find.  Now we need some people out there to help us "proofread" our settings and performances, to see if we missed anything. This is all part of our long-term goal to provide the best high school cross country and track rankings out there!

In particular, if you find any of the following errors, please email jgeorge@milesplit.com and include a link to the page where you find it:

  • Duplicate names on team rosters or in the rankings.
  • Athletes assigned to the wrong team or to multiple teams.
  • Teams assigned to the wrong division or league

Get Started Here

Once performances are entered into our database, they can be used in a wide range of automated and custom reports.  Some of these are only available in articles, but most of the tools that MileSplit's webmasters and reporters use are also available to subscribers.  Those can be accessed from three main "launching points," which you can also find by mousing over the "Rankings" heading in our navigation bar on every page.  Each of these fundamental starting points has several options that you can use to customize the report, including sorting by league/division/section, sorting by grade year, different race distances, and more.  You can get starte