Chino Hills vs Los Osos 2023

Chino Hills, CA
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Athlete Entries

Boys 100 Meter Dash 52 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Parish, Donnie 10.70 Chino Hills (SS)
Davis, Will 10.92 Chino Hills (SS)
Racelis, Matthew 11.05 Chino Hills (SS)
Edney, Darien 11.10 Chino Hills (SS)
Menefee, Chase 11.28 Chino Hills (SS)
Petersen, Matthew 11.37 Los Osos (SS)
Molina, Jaden 11.49 Chino Hills (SS)
Corbin, Colin 11.57 Chino Hills (SS)
Delgado, Jacob 11.65 Los Osos (SS)
Garcia, Isaiah 11.69 Chino Hills (SS)
Jennings, Orion 11.72 Chino Hills (SS)
Edney, Davin 11.87 Chino Hills (SS)
Hernandez, Jacob 11.98 Los Osos (SS)
Martin, Rashad 12.02 Los Osos (SS)
Tea, Dylan 12.02 Chino Hills (SS)
Hunter, Jeremy 12.04 Chino Hills (SS)
Savage, Sean 12.06 Chino Hills (SS)
Mata, Ryan 12.07 Chino Hills (SS)
Zhuang, Colin 12.08 Chino Hills (SS)
Brinson, Jaiden 12.08 Chino Hills (SS)
Plete, Christian 12.19 Chino Hills (SS)
Munguia, Ethan 12.22 Chino Hills (SS)
Leal, Rei 12.36 Chino Hills (SS)
Rodriguez, Damien 12.38 Los Osos (SS)
Anderson, Gabriel 12.43 Chino Hills (SS)
Macedo, Lucas 12.50 Los Osos (SS)
Ortiz, Julien 12.51 Los Osos (SS)
Allenegui, Elmer 12.52 Chino Hills (SS)
Green, Ethan 12.55 Los Osos (SS)
Purcell, Kaden 12.59 Chino Hills (SS)
Ateja, Rameen 12.65 Los Osos (SS)
Mendoza, Raenan 12.66 Chino Hills (SS)
Ruiz, Vincent 12.70 Chino Hills (SS)
Castiller, Zacchaeus 12.76 Los Osos (SS)
McZeal, Evan 12.87 Chino Hills (SS)
Alqazan, Moody 12.90 Chino Hills (SS)
Reiner, Dylan 12.92 Los Osos (SS)
Rodriguez, Luis 12.94 Chino Hills (SS)
Lim, Chris 12.97 Los Osos (SS)
Ayala, Benjamin 12.97 Los Osos (SS)
Manaspienlert, Poramate 13.00 Los Osos (SS)
Avila, Stanley 13.02 Chino Hills (SS)
Greer, Micah 13.08 Chino Hills (SS)
Oben, Keon 13.13 Chino Hills (SS)
Lardieri, Dominic 13.17 Chino Hills (SS)
Medina, Giovanni 13.25 Los Osos (SS)
Lim, Aldrich 13.40 Chino Hills (SS)
Marquez, Gabriel 13.56 Los Osos (SS)
Ambrus, Andrew 13.62 Los Osos (SS)
Alhinn, Faris 13.92 Los Osos (SS)
Huntington, Brandon 14.10 Los Osos (SS)
Herrera, Nolan 14.44 Los Osos (SS)
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Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Leal, Rei Chino Hills (SS)
Lozano, Michael 16.03 Chino Hills (SS)
McLoughlin, Drew 16.62 Chino Hills (SS)
Sierra-Tillery, Kole 17.97 Los Osos (SS)
Rocha, Dylan 18.40 Chino Hills (SS)
Schmidt, Keegan 18.45 Los Osos (SS)
Vanvield, Devin 18.62 Chino Hills (SS)
Lindsay, Jake 18.69 Chino Hills (SS)
Eakle, Jonathan 19.53 Los Osos (SS)
Ramirez, Bruce 20.09 Chino Hills (SS)
Ilori, Brandon 22.23 Los Osos (SS)
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Boys 1600 Meter Run 31 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gomez, Aidan 4:22.21 Chino Hills (SS)
Chairez, Noah 4:23.38 Los Osos (SS)
Pusztai, Jack 4:28.33 Chino Hills (SS)
Dinneweth, Rylan 4:40.69 Chino Hills (SS)
Hernandez, Fernando 4:41.87 Los Osos (SS)
Stone, Max 4:48.63 Chino Hills (SS)
McGarry, Ethan 4:51.26 Chino Hills (SS)
Ruiz, Matthew 4:55.80 Los Osos (SS)
Skiles, Dominic 4:56.12 Los Osos (SS)
Gillespie, Hunter 4:56.74 Chino Hills (SS)
Cota, Evan 4:59.71 Chino Hills (SS)
Chamberlin, Maverick 5:02.86 Los Osos (SS)
Gasparian, Ben 5:04.59 Los Osos (SS)
Arevalo, Sacramento 5:05.26 Los Osos (SS)
Murata, Grant 5:05.48 Chino Hills (SS)
Uribe, Sebastian 5:06.32 Chino Hills (SS)
Guignard, Julian 5:10.89 Chino Hills (SS)
Cox, Brayden 5:10.98 Los Osos (SS)
Winter, Jacob 5:12.85 Los Osos (SS)
Ramirez, Chris 5:17.65 Chino Hills (SS)
Garcia, Santiago 5:18.02 Chino Hills (SS)
Castillo, Nathan 5:18.45 Chino Hills (SS)
Trask, Troy 5:23.66 Los Osos (SS)
Thomas, Kyle 5:26.14 Los Osos (SS)
Alvarez, Matthew 5:27.35 Chino Hills (SS)
Cantoran, Robert 5:28.27 Chino Hills (SS)
Lee, Nathan 5:29.84 Los Osos (SS)
Marquez, Adrian 5:37.80 Los Osos (SS)
Delgadillo, Antonio 5:37.97 Chino Hills (SS)
Enda, Tyler 5:41.19 Chino Hills (SS)
Strahan, Brayden 5:49.31 Chino Hills (SS)
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Boys 200 Meter Dash 46 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Davis, Will 21.73 Chino Hills (SS)
Parish, Donnie 22.25 Chino Hills (SS)
Racelis, Matthew 22.59 Chino Hills (SS)
Van Voorhis, Jadon 22.88 Chino Hills (SS)
Edney, Darien 22.93 Chino Hills (SS)
Garcia, Andrew 23.02 Los Osos (SS)
Martin, Rashad 23.34 Los Osos (SS)
Petersen, Matthew 23.47 Los Osos (SS)
Eyster, Jeremiah 23.57 Los Osos (SS)
Molina, Jaden 23.66 Chino Hills (SS)
Garcia, Isaiah 23.84 Chino Hills (SS)
Tea, Dylan 23.93 Chino Hills (SS)
Wang, Andy 24.06 Chino Hills (SS)
Mata, Ryan 24.15 Chino Hills (SS)
Jennings, Orion 24.34 Chino Hills (SS)
Corbin, Colin 24.38 Chino Hills (SS)
Savage, Sean 24.64 Chino Hills (SS)
Milbes, Omar 24.67 Los Osos (SS)
Banks, Geovanni 24.67 Chino Hills (SS)
McLoughlin, Drew 24.70 Chino Hills (SS)
Hernandez, Jacob 24.76 Los Osos (SS)
Edney, Davin 24.94 Chino Hills (SS)
Macedo, Lucas 24.96 Los Osos (SS)
Howden, Gavin 25.01 Los Osos (SS)
Zhuang, Colin 25.11 Chino Hills (SS)
Mendoza, Raenan 25.21 Chino Hills (SS)
Allen, Ari 25.34 Chino Hills (SS)
Rodriguez, Damien 25.35 Los Osos (SS)
Garcia, Jake 25.36 Chino Hills (SS)
Suber, Brandon 25.70 Los Osos (SS)
Forbes, Kareem 25.79 Los Osos (SS)
Castiller, Zacchaeus 25.97 Los Osos (SS)
Ruiz, Vincent 26.09 Chino Hills (SS)
Green, Ethan 26.14 Los Osos (SS)
Alqazan, Moody 26.20 Chino Hills (SS)
McAnany, Mitchell 26.58 Chino Hills (SS)
Purcell, Kaden 26.65 Chino Hills (SS)
Lim, Chris 26.76 Los Osos (SS)
Rodriguez, Luis 26.89 Chino Hills (SS)
Ateja, Rameen 26.90 Los Osos (SS)
Medina, Giovanni 26.96 Los Osos (SS)
Manaspienlert, Poramate 27.01 Los Osos (SS)
Ward, Jordan 27.34 Los Osos (SS)
Lim, Aldrich 27.50 Chino Hills (SS)
Marquez, Gabriel 27.73 Los Osos (SS)
Ambrus, Andrew 27.91 Los Osos (SS)
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Boys 300 Meter Hurdles 9 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Lozano, Michael 41.64 Chino Hills (SS)
McLoughlin, Drew 42.20 Chino Hills (SS)
Eakle, Jonathan 43.86 Los Osos (SS)
Schmidt, Keegan 44.95 Los Osos (SS)
Rocha, Dylan 45.85 Chino Hills (SS)
Sierra-Tillery, Kole 46.14 Los Osos (SS)
Lindsay, Jake 48.21 Chino Hills (SS)
Ramirez, Bruce 50.08 Chino Hills (SS)
Ilori, Brandon 50.94 Los Osos (SS)
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Boys 3200 Meter Run 26 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Marquez, Adrian Los Osos (SS)
Garcia, Santiago Chino Hills (SS)
Pusztai, Jack 10:05.71 Chino Hills (SS)
Dinneweth, Rylan 10:07.44 Chino Hills (SS)
Delgadillo, Efrain 10:24.60 Chino Hills (SS)
McGarry, Ethan 10:29.89 Chino Hills (SS)
Hernandez, Fernando 10:40.50 Los Osos (SS)
Gillespie, Hunter 10:49.80 Chino Hills (SS)
Cota, Evan 10:55.92 Chino Hills (SS)
Chamberlin, Maverick 10:57.13 Los Osos (SS)
Guignard, Julian 11:01.10 Chino Hills (SS)
Murata, Grant 11:02.54 Chino Hills (SS)
Arevalo, Sacramento 11:08.17 Los Osos (SS)
Skiles, Dominic 11:26.83 Los Osos (SS)
Ruiz, Matthew 11:27.81 Los Osos (SS)
Ramirez, Chris 11:42.98 Chino Hills (SS)
Cox, Brayden 11:53.36 Los Osos (SS)
Trask, Troy 12:09.50 Los Osos (SS)
Castillo, Nathan 12:12.11 Chino Hills (SS)
Alvarez, Matthew 12:12.60 Chino Hills (SS)
Cantoran, Robert 12:13.39 Chino Hills (SS)
Thomas, Kyle 12:16.60 Los Osos (SS)
Winter, Jacob 12:18.92 Los Osos (SS)
Gasparian, Ben 12:39.83 Los Osos (SS)
Lee, Nathan 13:06.08 Los Osos (SS)
Gomez, Aidan 9:42.47 Chino Hills (SS)
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Boys 400 Meter Dash 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
McAnany, Mitchell 1:02.82 Chino Hills (SS)
Meaders, Zion 50.41 Chino Hills (SS)
Garcia, Andrew 51.40 Los Osos (SS)
Eyster, Jeremiah 52.75 Los Osos (SS)
Martinez, Nicolas 53.25 Los Osos (SS)
Martin, Rashad 53.87 Los Osos (SS)
Luna, Adrian 54.44 Chino Hills (SS)
Milbes, Omar 54.52 Los Osos (SS)
Allen, Ari 55.25 Chino Hills (SS)
Savage, Sean 55.51 Chino Hills (SS)
Wang, Andy 56.06 Chino Hills (SS)
Banks, Geovanni 56.34 Chino Hills (SS)
Eakle, Jonathan 56.41 Los Osos (SS)
Howden, Gavin 56.65 Los Osos (SS)
Garcia, Jake 57.11 Chino Hills (SS)
Farol, Ethan 59.07 Chino Hills (SS)
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Boys 4x100 Meter Relay 4 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 43.00 Chino Hills (SS)
Relay Team A 43.00 Chino Hills (SS)
Relay Team A 45.23 Los Osos (SS)
Relay Team A 45.23 Los Osos (SS)
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Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 3 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 3:26.44 Chino Hills (SS)
Relay Team A 3:31.49 Los Osos (SS)
Relay Team A 3:31.49 Los Osos (SS)
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Boys 800 Meter Run 28 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Dinneweth, Rylan Chino Hills (SS)
Chairez, Noah 1:58.37 Los Osos (SS)
Gomez, Aidan 2:00.08 Chino Hills (SS)
Pusztai, Jack 2:03.24 Chino Hills (SS)
Hernandez, Fernando 2:06.97 Los Osos (SS)
Stone, Max 2:07.39 Chino Hills (SS)
Cota, Evan 2:08.40 Chino Hills (SS)
Ruiz, Matthew 2:10.27 Los Osos (SS)
Skiles, Dominic 2:11.72 Los Osos (SS)
Gasparian, Ben 2:11.93 Los Osos (SS)
Arevalo, Sacramento 2:15.05 Los Osos (SS)
Delgadillo, Efrain 2:16.53 Chino Hills (SS)
Uribe, Sebastian 2:17.14 Chino Hills (SS)
Winter, Jacob 2:18.97 Los Osos (SS)
Cox, Brayden 2:20.05 Los Osos (SS)
Trask, Troy 2:22.93 Los Osos (SS)
Castillo, Nathan 2:25.57 Chino Hills (SS)
Lee, Nathan 2:26.45 Los Osos (SS)
Murata, Grant 2:26.58 Chino Hills (SS)
Cantoran, Robert 2:27.03 Chino Hills (SS)
Ramirez, Chris 2:27.11 Chino Hills (SS)
Garcia, Santiago 2:27.46 Chino Hills (SS)
Thomas, Kyle 2:29.34 Los Osos (SS)
Enda, Tyler 2:31.23 Chino Hills (SS)
Marquez, Adrian 2:31.56 Los Osos (SS)
Delgadillo, Antonio 2:32.65 Chino Hills (SS)
Alvarez, Matthew 2:39.45 Chino Hills (SS)
Strahan, Brayden 2:40.93 Chino Hills (SS)
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Boys Discus 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Poon, Tyler 143-11 Chino Hills (SS)
Corbin, Hunter 119-9 Chino Hills (SS)
Van Voorhis, Jadon 113-5 Chino Hills (SS)
Bartia, Mahaivir 109-1 Los Osos (SS)
Reiner, Dylan 93-3 Los Osos (SS)
Corbin, Colin 89-0 Chino Hills (SS)
Protic, Milan 80-5 Los Osos (SS)
Sandoval, Alexander 75-3 Los Osos (SS)
Avila, Stanley 74-9 Chino Hills (SS)
Herbrand, Joseph 71-9 Chino Hills (SS)
Reyes, Jude 67-9 Chino Hills (SS)
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Boys High Jump 13 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Lozano, Michael 6-2 Chino Hills (SS)
Criner, Alexander 5-11 Chino Hills (SS)
Vanvield, Devin 5-8 Chino Hills (SS)
White, Phoenix 5-6 Chino Hills (SS)
Leal, Rei 5-6 Chino Hills (SS)
Suber, Brandon 5-4 Los Osos (SS)
Curtis, Devonaire 5-4 Chino Hills (SS)
Johnson, Joshua 5-2 Los Osos (SS)
Burke, Andrew 5-0 Los Osos (SS)
Swanson, Ethan 5-0 Los Osos (SS)
Stephens, Jeramiah 5-0 Los Osos (SS)
Huntington, Brandon 4-6 Los Osos (SS)
Alhinn, Faris 4-4 Los Osos (SS)
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Boys Long Jump 22 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Parish, Donnie 22-5.75 Chino Hills (SS)
Agustin, Simon 19-5 Chino Hills (SS)
Suber, Brandon 19-2.5 Los Osos (SS)
Vanvield, Devin 18-9 Chino Hills (SS)
Crisostomo, Tristan 18-7 Chino Hills (SS)
Anderson, Gabriel 17-10 Chino Hills (SS)
White, Phoenix 17-9 Chino Hills (SS)
Ilori, Brandon 17-7.5 Los Osos (SS)
Farol, Ethan 17-7.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Schmidt, Keegan 17-6.5 Los Osos (SS)
Ortiz, Julien 17-1 Los Osos (SS)
Ward, Jordan 17-1 Los Osos (SS)
Howden, Gavin 17-0.5 Los Osos (SS)
Stephens, Jeramiah 16-5.5 Los Osos (SS)
Fassbinder, Jeff 16-4 Chino Hills (SS)
Rodriguez, Luis 16-3 Chino Hills (SS)
Martin, Rashad 15-11.5 Los Osos (SS)
Jones, Amari 15-11 Los Osos (SS)
Edney, Davin Chino Hills (SS)
Garcia, Isaiah Chino Hills (SS)
Edney, Darien Chino Hills (SS)
Leal, Rei Chino Hills (SS)
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Boys Pole Vault 9 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Delgado, Jacob 10-6 Los Osos (SS)
Forbes, Kareem 9-7 Los Osos (SS)
Martinez, Nicolas 9-6 Los Osos (SS)
Coyle-Vega, Xavious 9-6 Chino Hills (SS)
Herrera, Nolan 8-0 Los Osos (SS)
White, Phoenix 8-0 Chino Hills (SS)
Arias, Aaron 7-6 Chino Hills (SS)
Hill, Donavan 7-6 Chino Hills (SS)
Summich, Ben 7-0 Chino Hills (SS)
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Boys Shot Put 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Poon, Tyler 42-9.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Corbin, Colin 42-6 Chino Hills (SS)
Corbin, Hunter 41-10.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Kamphuis, Caleb 39-11 Chino Hills (SS)
Bartia, Mahaivir 38-5.5 Los Osos (SS)
Ortega, Ayden 34-7 Chino Hills (SS)
Suduh, Gagnet 33-0.75 Chino Hills (SS)
Reiner, Dylan 30-6 Los Osos (SS)
Sandoval, Alexander 30-2 Los Osos (SS)
Reyes, Jude 28-6.75 Chino Hills (SS)
Issa, George 28-5.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Lardieri, Dominic 27-7.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Avila, Stanley 26-1 Chino Hills (SS)
Protic, Milan 21-6 Los Osos (SS)
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Boys Triple Jump 13 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Lozano, Michael 39-10 Chino Hills (SS)
Agustin, Simon 39-6 Chino Hills (SS)
Crisostomo, Tristan 38-5 Chino Hills (SS)
White, Phoenix 36-2.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Farol, Ethan 36-0 Chino Hills (SS)
Howdershelt, Eddie 35-8.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Ilori, Brandon 35-6.25 Los Osos (SS)
Ortiz, Julien 35-4 Los Osos (SS)
Sierra-Tillery, Kole 34-1.5 Los Osos (SS)
Schmidt, Keegan 34-1 Los Osos (SS)
Fassbinder, Jeff 33-7 Chino Hills (SS)
Howden, Gavin 33-0 Los Osos (SS)
Ward, Jordan 31-5.5 Los Osos (SS)
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Girls 100 Meter Dash 48 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Okafor, Adaorah 12.33 Chino Hills (SS)
Thomas, Jordyn 12.57 Chino Hills (SS)
Duarte, Isabella 12.65 Chino Hills (SS)
Jenson, Layne 12.97 Los Osos (SS)
Parish, Trinity 13.21 Chino Hills (SS)
Navarro, Mikayla 13.27 Los Osos (SS)
Kamper, Natalie 13.40 Los Osos (SS)
Navarro, Mia 13.41 Los Osos (SS)
Wineburger, Kayla 13.44 Los Osos (SS)
Vosloo, Marina 13.60 Los Osos (SS)
Durgin, Katelynn 13.62 Chino Hills (SS)
Davis, Ah'jah 13.73 Chino Hills (SS)
Widger, Samantha 13.79 Chino Hills (SS)
Shephard, Samaya 13.84 Chino Hills (SS)
Packer, Hailey 13.98 Los Osos (SS)
Chuang, Hailey 14.00 Chino Hills (SS)
Eyre, Emma 14.01 Los Osos (SS)
Jean-Marie, Alyssa 14.08 Los Osos (SS)
Wells, Makayla 14.09 Los Osos (SS)
Ward, Madisen 14.12 Chino Hills (SS)
Smith, Kianna 14.24 Chino Hills (SS)
Marah, Chinonyelum 14.28 Chino Hills (SS)
Jenson, Haley 14.34 Los Osos (SS)
Smith, Kathy 14.37 Chino Hills (SS)
Guzman, Citlali 14.37 Los Osos (SS)
Bradley, Shayla 14.56 Los Osos (SS)
Hively, Madeline 14.58 Los Osos (SS)
Martinez, Ashlyn 14.58 Los Osos (SS)
Donaldson, Brooklyn 14.71 Los Osos (SS)
Higuchi, Ayanah 14.82 Chino Hills (SS)
Burrows, Danica 14.89 Los Osos (SS)
Juarez, Alexandra 14.97 Los Osos (SS)
Kang, Khushnoor 15.06 Los Osos (SS)
Arellano, Edhen 15.11 Los Osos (SS)
Hughes, Alanah 15.32 Chino Hills (SS)
Petersen, Keira 15.34 Los Osos (SS)
Wang, Eileen 15.42 Chino Hills (SS)
Nevarez, Ariana 15.66 Los Osos (SS)
Noriega, Gianna 15.75 Chino Hills (SS)
Martinez, Izabella 15.80 Los Osos (SS)
Larrinaga, Sara 15.82 Los Osos (SS)
Gilollague, Camila 16.04 Los Osos (SS)
Guevara, Danielle 16.13 Los Osos (SS)
Okamoto, Ashlyn 16.13 Chino Hills (SS)
Brusca, Sophia 16.15 Los Osos (SS)
Faia, Kelsi 16.33 Chino Hills (SS)
Sainz, Cassandra 16.35 Los Osos (SS)
Gomes, Chayse 16.37 Chino Hills (SS)
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Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 10 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wong, Caitlyn Chino Hills (SS)
Garcia, Taylor 15.27 Chino Hills (SS)
Bailey, Makena 15.52 Chino Hills (SS)
Johnson, Alyssah 16.40 Chino Hills (SS)
Rogers, Jamacyn 16.49 Chino Hills (SS)
Killian, Taylor 19.75 Los Osos (SS)
Navarro, Mikayla 19.96 Los Osos (SS)
Walker, Natalya 20.03 Chino Hills (SS)
Huntington, Kathryn 20.36 Los Osos (SS)
Stewart, Asia 21.59 Chino Hills (SS)
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Girls 1600 Meter Run 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Chu, Christina Chino Hills (SS)
Gallegos, Jenna 5:11.70 Chino Hills (SS)
Ramos, Melanie 5:29.02 Chino Hills (SS)
Chiotti, Megan 5:32.12 Chino Hills (SS)
Smith, Hannah 5:37.29 Chino Hills (SS)
Brandyberry, Jasmine 5:43.07 Chino Hills (SS)
Miller, Lauren 5:47.07 Chino Hills (SS)
Hassan, Hannah 5:50.09 Los Osos (SS)
Sanhamel, Jolee 5:54.01 Chino Hills (SS)
Mobarak-Alcaraz, Ella 5:55.33 Chino Hills (SS)
Purdy, Morgan 6:00.38 Chino Hills (SS)
Hernandez, Tatiana 6:26.89 Chino Hills (SS)
Ho, Brianna 6:33.48 Chino Hills (SS)
Mitchell, Emmery 6:37.80 Los Osos (SS)
Fierro, Savannah 6:38.85 Los Osos (SS)
Rivera, Reese 6:42.35 Chino Hills (SS)
Alvarez, Victoria 6:54.63 Chino Hills (SS)
Oravets, Sydney 6:58.94 Los Osos (SS)
Hermosillo, Sofia 7:01.40 Chino Hills (SS)
Tashiro, Aya 7:54.89 Chino Hills (SS)
Chavez, Sophia 8:47.25 Chino Hills (SS)
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Girls 200 Meter Dash 46 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Stevens, Emoni Chino Hills (SS)
William-Mensah, Lady 25.41 Chino Hills (SS)
Thomas, Jordyn 25.46 Chino Hills (SS)
Duarte, Isabella 25.88 Chino Hills (SS)
Okafor, Adaorah 25.99 Chino Hills (SS)
Jenson, Layne 27.15 Los Osos (SS)
Archambault, Grace 27.40 Chino Hills (SS)
Durgin, Katelynn 27.46 Chino Hills (SS)
Vosloo, Marina 27.49 Los Osos (SS)
Wineburger, Kayla 27.58 Los Osos (SS)
Kamper, Natalie 27.82 Los Osos (SS)
Navarro, Mia 27.85 Los Osos (SS)
Martinez, Asiah 27.88 Los Osos (SS)
Parish, Trinity 27.93 Chino Hills (SS)
Widger, Samantha 28.48 Chino Hills (SS)
Davis, Ah'jah 28.59 Chino Hills (SS)
Packer, Hailey 28.90 Los Osos (SS)
Wells, Makayla 29.28 Los Osos (SS)
Gaitan, Natalia 29.39 Los Osos (SS)
Ward, Madisen 29.39 Chino Hills (SS)
Marah, Chinonyelum 29.70 Chino Hills (SS)
Smith, Kianna 29.75 Chino Hills (SS)
Jenson, Haley 29.82 Los Osos (SS)
Eyre, Emma 29.84 Los Osos (SS)
Smith, Kathy 29.84 Chino Hills (SS)
Jean-Marie, Alyssa 30.58 Los Osos (SS)
Martinez, Ashlyn 30.60 Los Osos (SS)
Hively, Madeline 30.72 Los Osos (SS)
Wallace, Regan 30.77 Los Osos (SS)
Kang, Khushnoor 31.04 Los Osos (SS)
Mooberry, Hailee 31.36 Chino Hills (SS)
Burrows, Danica 31.72 Los Osos (SS)
Arellano, Edhen 31.81 Los Osos (SS)
Guzman, Citlali 31.95 Los Osos (SS)
Petersen, Keira 31.97 Los Osos (SS)
Juarez, Alexandra 32.23 Los Osos (SS)
Wang, Eileen 32.59 Chino Hills (SS)
Noriega, Gianna 32.70 Chino Hills (SS)
Larrinaga, Sara 32.81 Los Osos (SS)
Okamoto, Ashlyn 32.82 Chino Hills (SS)
Nevarez, Ariana 33.96 Los Osos (SS)
Faia, Kelsi 34.14 Chino Hills (SS)
Guevara, Danielle 34.35 Los Osos (SS)
Bradley, Shayla 34.56 Los Osos (SS)
Sainz, Cassandra 34.78 Los Osos (SS)
Brusca, Sophia 35.92 Los Osos (SS)
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Girls 300 Meter Hurdles 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Stewart, Asia 1:07.00 Chino Hills (SS)
Garcia, Taylor 46.53 Chino Hills (SS)
Bradbard, Ashley 48.00 Los Osos (SS)
Johnson, Alyssah 48.08 Chino Hills (SS)
Rogers, Jamacyn 49.52 Chino Hills (SS)
Killian, Taylor 50.75 Los Osos (SS)
Navarro, Mikayla 52.87 Los Osos (SS)
Walker, Natalya 53.02 Chino Hills (SS)
Walker, Natalya 53.02 Chino Hills (SS)
Wong, Caitlyn 53.28 Chino Hills (SS)
Widger, Samantha 54.38 Chino Hills (SS)
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Girls 3200 Meter Run 13 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gallegos, Jenna 11:08.27 Chino Hills (SS)
Smith, Hannah 12:16.28 Chino Hills (SS)
Chiotti, Megan 12:25.67 Chino Hills (SS)
Brandyberry, Jasmine 12:26.30 Chino Hills (SS)
Mobarak-Alcaraz, Ella 12:50.45 Chino Hills (SS)
Sanhamel, Jolee 12:55.48 Chino Hills (SS)
Simon, Evelyn 13:28.86 Los Osos (SS)
Oravets, Sydney 13:29.17 Los Osos (SS)
Purdy, Morgan 13:30.82 Chino Hills (SS)
Hassan, Hannah 13:43.02 Los Osos (SS)
Hernandez, Tatiana 13:57.35 Chino Hills (SS)
Ho, Brianna 13:59.87 Chino Hills (SS)
Fierro, Savannah 15:13.63 Los Osos (SS)
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Girls 400 Meter Dash 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
William-Mensah, Lady Chino Hills (SS)
Bradbard, Ashley 1:00.43 Los Osos (SS)
McGarry, Alayna 1:00.74 Chino Hills (SS)
Solano, Gianna 1:01.57 Los Osos (SS)
Vosloo, Marina 1:02.97 Los Osos (SS)
Martinez, Asiah 1:04.88 Los Osos (SS)
Archambault, Grace 1:04.99 Chino Hills (SS)
Roberts, Arianna 1:06.34 Chino Hills (SS)
Wallace, Regan 1:08.22 Los Osos (SS)
Mooberry, Hailee 1:11.76 Chino Hills (SS)
Ramos, Michelle 59.59 Chino Hills (SS)
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Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 3 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 47.21 Chino Hills (SS)
Relay Team A 51.70 Los Osos (SS)
Relay Team A 51.70 Los Osos (SS)
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Girls 4x400 Meter Relay 3 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 3:49.35 Chino Hills (SS)
Relay Team A 4:10.08 Los Osos (SS)
Relay Team A 4:10.08 Los Osos (SS)
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Girls 800 Meter Run 20 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Duarte, Isabella 2:18.91 Chino Hills (SS)
McGarry, Alayna 2:19.31 Chino Hills (SS)
Ramos, Michelle 2:21.50 Chino Hills (SS)
Nunez, Race 2:27.81 Chino Hills (SS)
Ramos, Melanie 2:28.17 Chino Hills (SS)
Miller, Lauren 2:29.80 Chino Hills (SS)
Hernandez, Jennessy 2:31.80 Los Osos (SS)
Solano, Gianna 2:33.93 Los Osos (SS)
Hassan, Hannah 2:35.75 Los Osos (SS)
Mobarak-Alcaraz, Ella 2:41.56 Chino Hills (SS)
Purdy, Morgan 2:44.45 Chino Hills (SS)
Fierro, Savannah 2:51.28 Los Osos (SS)
Sanhamel, Jolee 2:52.03 Chino Hills (SS)
Mitchell, Emmery 2:52.50 Los Osos (SS)
Hernandez, Tatiana 2:56.01 Chino Hills (SS)
Ho, Brianna 2:56.21 Chino Hills (SS)
Rivera, Reese 3:00.48 Chino Hills (SS)
Alvarez, Victoria 3:02.90 Chino Hills (SS)
Tashiro, Aya 3:28.07 Chino Hills (SS)
Chavez, Sophia 3:34.83 Chino Hills (SS)
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Girls Discus 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Middleton, Arelle 87-11 Los Osos (SS)
Valle, Amelie 83-2.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Nickel, Lauren 78-9.75 Chino Hills (SS)
Benson, Chloe 76-8 Los Osos (SS)
Phaychanpheng, Kyra 74-6 Chino Hills (SS)
Hughes, Isabelle 69-4 Chino Hills (SS)
Gutierrez, Madison 68-1 Los Osos (SS)
Zuniga, Bella 64-10 Los Osos (SS)
Kadakia, Heli 58-10.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Tang, Sophia 58-4 Chino Hills (SS)
Martinez, Izabella 48-0 Los Osos (SS)
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Girls High Jump 9 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bailey, Makena 5-7 Chino Hills (SS)
Donaldson, Brooklyn 5-0 Los Osos (SS)
Phaychanpheng, Kyra 5-0 Chino Hills (SS)
Chuang, Hailey 4-6 Chino Hills (SS)
Huntington, Kathryn 4-4 Los Osos (SS)
Nevarez, Ariana 4-2 Los Osos (SS)
Widger, Samantha 4-2 Chino Hills (SS)
Jean-Marie, Alyssa 4-0 Los Osos (SS)
Gilollague, Camila 3-10 Los Osos (SS)
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Girls Long Jump 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Eyre, Emma 15-6 Los Osos (SS)
Summers, Jenna 15-0 Los Osos (SS)
Hassan, Hannah 14-9 Los Osos (SS)
Chuang, Hailey 14-2 Chino Hills (SS)
Wu, Taylor 13-11 Chino Hills (SS)
Valle, Amelie 13-8.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Bradley, Shayla 13-7 Los Osos (SS)
Martinez, Ashlyn 13-7 Los Osos (SS)
Burrows, Danica 13-3.5 Los Osos (SS)
Franco, Marissa 12-2 Chino Hills (SS)
Bennett, Mariah 12-1.25 Chino Hills (SS)
Faia, Kelsi 11-10 Chino Hills (SS)
Franco, Brianna 11-2 Chino Hills (SS)
Hively, Madeline 11-0.25 Los Osos (SS)
Sainz, Cassandra 10-3 Los Osos (SS)
Arellano, Edhen 10-1.5 Los Osos (SS)
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Girls Pole Vault 5 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gaitan, Natalia 10-2 Los Osos (SS)
Simon, Evelyn 10-0 Los Osos (SS)
Bailey, Makena 7-0 Chino Hills (SS)
Killian, Taylor 6-0 Los Osos (SS)
William-Mensah, Lady Chino Hills (SS)
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Girls Shot Put 13 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Middleton, Arelle 30-3 Los Osos (SS)
Bennett, Mariah 28-6.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Phaychanpheng, Kyra 28-5.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Nickel, Lauren 27-5 Chino Hills (SS)
Crewswell, London 24-4 Chino Hills (SS)
Valle, Amelie 23-8.25 Chino Hills (SS)
Benson, Chloe 23-6.5 Los Osos (SS)
Hughes, Isabelle 23-5 Chino Hills (SS)
Gutierrez, Madison 21-7 Los Osos (SS)
Tang, Sophia 21-4 Chino Hills (SS)
Zuniga, Bella 20-11.5 Los Osos (SS)
Kadakia, Heli 18-2.5 Chino Hills (SS)
Martinez, Izabella 17-11 Los Osos (SS)
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Girls Triple Jump 9 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bailey, Makena 37-6 Chino Hills (SS)
Summers, Jenna 32-2 Los Osos (SS)
Johnson, Alyssah 32-2 Chino Hills (SS)
Chuang, Hailey 31-1 Chino Hills (SS)
Solano, Gianna 30-8 Los Osos (SS)
Wu, Taylor 29-3 Chino Hills (SS)
Crivelli, Ava 28-9 Chino Hills (SS)
Bennett, Mariah 28-5 Chino Hills (SS)
Burrows, Danica 27-9.5 Los Osos (SS)
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