Meet Information

9th Annual Cougar Classic

On behalf of Covina High School and Azusa Pacific University, I would like to invite you and your team to participate in the Ninth Annual Cougar Classic track meet. The date of our meet is Saturday, March 5th, at Azusa Pacific University. The meet is CIF sanctioned and will run a CIF order of events from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Our meet has continued to grow over the years and will offer superb early season competition. This is an excellent opportunity to get early season marks on your athletes as you prepare them for league and CIF competition.

DATE/TIME: Saturday, March 5th, 2016-8:30am-5:30pm

DIVISIONS: Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity, Boys F/S, Girls F/S

AWARDS: Cougar Classic medals will be awarded to the top six places overall in individual events, and to the top three in each relay event. Also, the meet will be scored and team championship trophies will be awarded to the top two schools in each division.

FEES: $100 per team in each division or $400 for all divisions. Individuals and smaller schools may be allowed to enter at $10 per athlete.

ENTRY: Athletes will be seeded according to times and marks submitted to Three athletes in each sprinting event, three athletes in each field event, and three athletes in each distance event (800, 1600, 3200) will be accepted.

Entries will be due on Tuesday, March 1st.Please send an e-mail confirmation to If you have questions, please call the invitational hotline. Thanks, and we will see you at APU!

Erik Starkey, Meet Director

Cougar Classic Hotline-909-730-2921

FAX-626-974-6045, CHS-626-974-6040

CHS 463 S. Hollenbeck, Covina, CA 91723

APU 901 E. Alosta Ave. Azusa CA 91702-7000

Cougar Classic Time Schedule (Meet Start-8:30)

GFS=Girls Frosh-Soph BFS=Boys Frosh-Soph GV=Girls Varsity BV=Boys Varsity

Time Schedule subject to change based on entries received.

4x100 Relay 200 Meter Dash Discus Throw

GFS 9:00 GFS 2:45 BFS 8:30

BFS 9:10 BFS 3:00 GFS 10:00

GV 9:20 GV 3:15 GV 11:30

BV 9:30 BV 3:30 BV 1:00

1600 Meter Run 3200 Meter Run Shot Put

GFS 9:40 GFS 3:45 GFS 8:30

BFS 9:55 BFS 4:00 BFS 10:00

GV 10:15 GV 4:15 BV 11:30

BV 10:35 BV 4:30 GV 1:00

110/100 Hurdles 4X400 Meter Relay

BFS 10:55 GFS 4:45

BV 11:05 BFS 5:00

GFS 11:15 GV 5:15

GV 11:25 BV 5:30

400 Meter Dash FIELD EVENTS:

GFS 11:35 Long Jump

BFS 11:45 BV 8:30

GV 11:55 BFS 9:30

BV 12:10 GV 10:30

GFS 11:30

100 Meter Dash

GFS 12:25 Triple Jump

BFS 12:35 BV 12:30

GV 12:45 BFS 1:30

BV 1:00 GV 2:30

GFS 3:30

GFS 1:10 Pole Vault

BFS 1:20 GFS 8:30

GV 1:30 GV 9:30

BV 1:45 BFS 11:30

BV 2:30

GFS 2:00 High Jump

GV 2:10 BFS 9:00

BFS 2:20 GFS 11:30

BV 2:30 GV 1:00

BV 2:30