CCA Ravens Fleet Feet SD XC Invitational 2022

San Diego, CA

Meet Information

Division A: 3 Mile Races

8:00 AM - Boys Senior/ Invitational Race

8:25 AM - Girls Senior/ Invitational Race

8:50 AM - Boys Junior Race

9:15 AM - Girls Junior Race

9:40 AM - Boys Sophomore Race

10:05 AM - Girls Sophomore Race

10:30 AM - Boys Freshmen Race

10:55 AM - Girls Freshmen Race

Division B: 1.5 Mile Races

11:20 AM - Boys Junior/ Senior Race

11:45 AM - Girls Junior/ Senior Race

12:10 PM - Boys Freshmen/ Sophomore Race

12:35 PM - Girls Freshmen/ Sophomore Race

Div A and B are only determined by race distance. Teams can have athletes in both divisions as to where the head coach feels is best for their athletes. Div A races should be for athletes that can handle 3-mile races and are separated by classes.

Senior/ Invitational race is for those athletes that are seniors or any grade athlete that looks to run faster than 16:30 (Men) and 19:00 (Women) for 3 miles. It is our goal to have as many of the faster athletes in this race if possible.