Redwood Empire Area Track & Field Showcase 2021

Healdsburg, CA

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Redwood Empire Area Track & Field Showcase

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(1024 Prince Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448)


SPONSORED BY: Fleet Feet Santa Rosa

SATURDAY, MAY 29, 2021

CO-MEET DIRECTORS: Robert Bear Gray and Chris Vanden Heuvel  



Sonoma, Napa, Humboldt, Mendocino, Lake, Marin


*This is a high school sanctioned end of season invitational in lieu of league finals and NCS meets.   





Sunday, May 23, 2021


Meet Entry Deadline

Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Heat Sheets Published /Scratch Deadline




HOW TO ENTER: MileSplit is already set to receive entries at this site:   

Supporting Notes: 

  • Entries in MileSplit are un-limited by school, however, individual athletes are still limited to 4 entries max (not counting alternates on relays) 

  • Entries are limited to only those schools within the eligible six (6) selected Counties: Sonoma, Napa, Humboldt, Mendocino, Lake, Marin

  • Running Events: Hand times will be accepted (an entry of one digit in the decimal value, i.e. an entry 12.1 is considered as hand timed, vs. an entry with a value of 12.10 will be considered as a FAT mark); IMPORTANT: All hand timed entries will have +.24 added for final seeding

  • Field event entries will be in the format of whole feet-inches (i.e. Discus of 1156 will be entered as 115-6, or a High Jump mark of 510 will be entered as 5-10.5

  • Note that all entries are not guaranteed to be accepted, subject to review by meet management.

ENTRY MAX LIMIT: We will be accepting the top 16 individual marks for laned running events (2 heats x 8 lanes), 2 heats for distance events (TBD based on entries: 2 x 8-12 per heat for 800, and 2 x 15-24 per heat for 1600 and top 18 for 3200), two heats for Relays (16 total) and top 16 marks (2 flights of 8) for all field events.   


SPECTATORS: There will be a limit on the number for spectators allowed in the venue. Thus, once a maximum is reached, no more tickets will be sold. It is expected that spectators will respectfully leave the facility once their athlete is done competing.  All Spectators will need to complete the COVID questionnaire via the QR code available at the front gate, prior to entering the stadium.    Expectation is that all participating athletes will be COVID temp checked and COVID symptom screened by their individual coaches prior to departing for the event.   Mixing or gathering of athletes, teams, cheerleaders, and households prior to and post-competition is strongly discouraged   Spectators must be separated from other households by six feet.   We will be following CDPH guidelines for outdoor venues, including designated seating/observation areas that will be marked and must not be removed or altered by spectators. Members of the same household may sit together, but must distanced at least 6 feet from other spectators. All spectators must be masked at all times. 

Tickets will only be available for purchase in advance in an online ticketing system. Links for tickets will be sent to participating coaches to circulate to the households of participating athletes. As we are only permitted to have 33% capacity by CDPH standards (in the orange tier), only 150 spectators will be permitted for the field events and track sections. If Sonoma County moves to the yellow tier prior to the meet, we may be able to allow for more spectators. 

SPECTATOR FEE: Spectator admission price is $10 general admission and $6 for students and senior citizens.  Individual passes or student association cards do not entitle the holder to free admission.  

ATHLETE ENTRY FEES: Athlete entry fees are $10 per individual and $15 for each relay.   Payments will be expected at packet pick-up.  

AWARDS: Medals to top finishers in each event and special custom embroidered backpacks for each event champion.   We will also have a special item available for every Senior (1 per athlete) participating.

LIVE RESULTS: LIVE RESULTS provided by Red Cap Timing:

RELAY ENTRY FORMS: Relay Rosters are limited to 4 members + 2 alternates (6 members total).   Relay team members must be confirmed to all be members of the same High School.

ENTRANCE TO THE TRACK: Only coaches, athletes and pre-identified volunteers helping with the meet will be admitted into the stadium free of charge. Upon entering, the head coach should check in at the coachs table and pick up their packet for their respective athletes.

WARM-UP AREA: Warm up area will be outside the stadium, in the adjacent baseball/softball fields (details TBD we will have an aerial map of HHS clearly outlining all critical areas for this meet); there will also be a limited area on the in-field turf for warming up near the finish line staging area.  


Field Events: Please check-in at the location of your field event

Running Events: Please check-in at the bullpen located in the center of the infield   

ELECTRONIC DEVICE RESTRICTIONS: Electronic devices are NOT allowed in the field of competition.  The field of competition includes the bullpen area, the track, each field event site and the infield.  The use of electronic devices by athletes or coaches in these areas is grounds for disqualification.



Competition in the high jump and pole vault will be conducted in 4-6 alive format.  Competition will start at the heights listed below and competition will continue until final places are determined.  Once a total of (8) competitors or less remain in the competition, then the competition will be conducted in (1) continuous flight of 8 competitors. 

Pole Vault: The pole vault starting height will be 86 for the boys and 7 for the girls.  The bar will be raised in 6 increments until it reaches 11 in the boys and 10 in the girls.  After 11 in the boys and 10 in the girls, the bar will be raised in 3 increments.  NOTE:  All head coaches of pole vault athletes verify the pole vault athlete poles inspected and sign the athletes weight verification form, when checking in on the field table or booth in order for their vaulter(s) to be eligible for competition.

High Jump: The high jump starting height will be 44 in the girls and 54 in the boys.  The bar will be raised in 2 increments until it reaches 5 for the girls and 6 for the boys, then increments will be reduced to 1.

Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put and Discus: Each of the contestants in the long jump, triple jump, shot put and discus will be allowed three (3) qualifying trials.  The top nine (9) competitors will receive three (3) additional trials to determine the top finishers.

IMPLEMENT WEIGH-INS:  Implements must be weighted-in 45 minutes prior to the start of flights for every athlete competing. All implements not meeting specifications will be impounded for the duration of the meet.

Redwood Empire Area Track & Field Showcase COVID Protocols

COVID SAFETY PROTOCOLS:  Due to pandemic related concerns and restrictions, only residents residing in Counties adjacent to Sonoma County as well as Humboldt County will be allowed to participate in the event   There will be no drinks (public water fountains will not be available) or food offered at this venue; every athlete needs to bring their own drink and food. 


Participating schools agree to only approve athletes to attend who have 1. Tested negative for Covid-19 in a PCR test within 72 hours of the meet OR 2. Be fully vaccinated by Saturday, May 29. Full vaccination is defined as being two weeks after final shot, vaccination. Participating schools/coaches are expected to validate one of the above criteria with each athlete who attends. Any athlete who does not meet one of the above criteria will not be allowed entry into the meet. 


All coaches must temperature check and screen each athlete/coach prior to departing to come to the meet. Any students/coaches with a temperature higher than 99.9 or any symptoms must not enter the meet facility and will be scratched from their events. 


FACIAL COVERINGS FOR ATHLETES: Must be worn at all times and social distancing must be adhered to by everyone in attendance even when within designated event staging areas.  The only exception is when the student athlete is in competition.  All competing student athletes must report to the Clerk of the Course in the bullpen with facial coverings on at their scheduled time of their race.  The competitors must have on their facial coverings until the starter begins their starting commands.  Once commands are started they may remove their facial covering. The competitors must make every attempt to socially distance themselves from other competitors during the race.  Once athletes have crossed the finish line or completed their final attempt in a field event, they must put their facial covering back on.  The finish for all races on the track will be completely contactless.

RESTROOMS: Every athlete can only use the designated restrooms during the meet.  Only three (3) student athletes are allowed in the restroom at one time, designated by gender.  A line can form outside adhering to socially distancing guidelines.  Plan for longer lines than normal at the restrooms because of social distancing protocols. Restrooms can be found between the gyms in the breezeway and just past the Science Building next to the vineyard. 

ATHLETE DROP OFF AND PICK-UP:(TBD will have an aerial map of HHS with designated areas for Athlete drop-off/pick-up, registration and meet entry, designated warm-up areas, Bullpen area, Race Staging Area and exit of facility for running events. These areas will be separated throughout the facility to maximize social distancing during ingress/egress)


Only athletes competing or in the events immediately following those competing will be permitted to enter the track area. Athletes will be called to enter through the north gate of the track and will be escorted off the track at the west gate, immediately following their race. This will limit the number of athletes in the track area, where distancing can easily be accommodated. 


Teams will be assigned designated areas to set up their canopies/blankets/chairs etc. When not competing, all athletes are to stay with their teams in their designated areas.


The Field events session will occur in the morning and conclude in early afternoon. Running events will occur in the late afternoon evening. Unless competing in running events, athletes who competed in field events should vacate the campus prior to the beginning of the running session, limiting the number of athletes on campus. 


Spectators will purchase tickets through an online ticketing system and must use their smartphone to display tickets at the entry gate on the southwest side of the track on University avenue. Designated spectator area will be on the South side of the track and there will be no mixing of spectators with coaches or athletes in the track area.    Link for ticketing: TBD


Transportation to and from the event should either be individual athletes with their household only or school provided transportation, masked and maximizing ventilation, to maintain the integrity of their teams stable group. 


All teams from outside Sonoma County will be required to gain approval for participation from their local health department. This approval must be given prior to Wednesday, May 26, to enable alternate entries if a team/athlete is not permitted to participate. 

Expected Participating Teams/Athletes

This meet has been carefully planned and staged to mitigate potential transmission.  Field Events: There will be 6 field events with Boys and Girls divisions. Thus, 12 events total with 16 athletes participating in each event or 192 athletes total. Actual athletes participating in Field Events will be less due to some athletes (~20% of them) doing multiple events.  There is a one hour break in the meet from 4-5:00PM to reduce overlap of events and allow for the exit of field even athletes.