Meet Information


Saturday, April 11, 2020
At Martin Luther King HS
Stadium opens at 7 am
Field events at 8:30 am
Running events at 9 am

Dear Coach;
On behalf of Martin Luther King High School and the Riverside Sports Hall of Fame, I would like to invite you and your team to the seventh revival of the Raincross Tradition-the Riverside City Championships. In 2010, we brought this meet back after a 20-year absence. We appreciate your participation and your support and we hope that you will be taking part again. Please check out our website for all the information and please send along your contract as soon as possible.

John Corona
Meet Director

Boys and Girls Varsity
Large Schools invited: Arlington, North, King, Poly, Ramona, La Sierra, Norte Vista, Rubidoux, Patriot, Jurupa Valley, Moreno Valley and Hillcrest
Small Schools invited: Notre Dame, Woodcrest Christian, Sherman Indian, CSDR, and Bethel Christian

Custom made patches for first place in all varsity events in both divisions. Custom made medals for places 2 through 5 in every varsity event in Large Schools and places 2 and 3 in Small Schools. We will medal varsity relays places 2 through 4 in the Large Schools and 2 and 3 in Small Schools. Awards are determined by the top performances in each event regardless of heat or flight. THERE WILL BE NO

AWARDS FOR INDIVIDUAL HEATS/FLIGHTS. Soph/Frosh medals ( if any) will be awarded depending on number of entrants. Please remind your athletes that we will be awarding their medals (if they placed) immediately after their event is over and t be available for presentation of their medal at the awards stand.

Large Schools-$150 per team-$300 for both boys and girls. Small Schools-$100 per team-$200 for both boys and girls teams. We would appreciate getting your check in BEFORE April 6 so we can pay our bills. Failure to pay the entry fee by the day of the meet will result in our holding onto your awards until payment is received. Please be sure to make your checks out to King Track Boosters.

Finished Results is handling the entries for our meet this year. Please go to the Finished website and it will link you to the registration page and thats where you enter your athletes. Please look for us under Raincross Tradition-Riverside City Championships. If you have issues, please contact Chris Drescher at 951-334-8300 and he can guide you through it. You will be allowed 5 entries in the boys and girls varsity sprints (100/200/400/Hurdles) and the field events as well as 8 entries in the distances. Only one 4 X 100 and 4 X 400 relay from each school may be entered. There might be a Soph/Frosh 4 X 800. DO NOT FAX OR EMAIL YOUR ENTRIES. THEY WILL BE IGNORED. Entries open on Sunday March 10th at 8 am and close Wednesday April 3 at 11pm.

We will run CIF order of events with the 4 X 100s/ We will seed each heat slowest to fastest and determine our results from there. We have decided to do away with prelim heats. In years past we have run prelims for the 100/200/Straight hurdles but this time of year, we probably want to save the kids legs and not have them run so many more events that prelims would require. Depending on the number of heats, we MAY use both sides of the track at the same time. We will also (if needed) be placing the slower heats of the 3200 as well as the Soph-Frosh 4 X 800,( if we run the event) in places we think we help give the athletes better rest periods or to help with the speed of the meet.

NEW EVENTThe Charles Leathers 100 meters. In honor of North track coach Charles leathers who passed away last year, we are putting together a 100 meter race for Special Needs athletes. In addition to coaching track, Coach Leathers was a Special Education teacher. We are hoping to get at least one special needs boy and one girl from each school to participate in this event. How you arrive at this is up to you but we would want them in official uniform; have their physicals done, etc. In RUSD, we have an event called dance and dash and I am hoping we can get our athletes from that event. You will hear more on this from me leading up to the event. ALL Special needs athletes would get a medal and a chance t be on the podium.

We will be competing on the 8 lane all-weather facility at Martin Luther King High School. King has a 5000 seat stadium that also has a synthetic field turf infield. Athletes and spectators can sit on both side of the stadium. NO radios or boom boxes will be allowed in the stands. The warm-up area will be on the grassy area just north of the stadium.

Tents will be allowed in the bleachers. However, tents must be set up at the top of the bleachers and NONE may be set up in front of the Press Box. Meet Management will provide zip ties to anchor the tents to the back fence of the bleachers as the wind will pick up through the stadium as the days wears on. Tents can be set up out in the warm-up area outside the stadium.
Only 3/16 inch pyramid needle spikes or less will be allowed on the track and runways. Athletes spikes will be checked upon entrance to the stadium. 3/16 inch pyramid needle spikes will be available for purchase at the gate and must be in place on the shoes prior to entrance into the facility. If the athlete does not have the proper spike in their shoe, they wil be denied entrance. We will disqualify any athlete that goes onto the track with spikes that are not 3/16 pyramid needles or less.
NO FOOD, GUM OR DRINKS OTHER THAN WATER ARE ALLOWED ON THE TRACK OR INFIELD AREA. Any athlete in violation of this rule will be disqualified from the meet. This will hold true EVEN IF THE ATHLETE HAS JUST FINISHED THEIR EVENT OR THEIR RACE. Be aware that parents LOVE to hand their kids a bottle of Gatorade or other flavored drinks over the fence Ponce they are done with their race. Water is fine but thats it!!!!

For the most part, we will be running Large School and Small School separately. In some of the distance races, we will run them together. Please remember, coaches will be allowed to enter up to 5 kids in sprint events (100/200/100H/110H/300H/400) and all field events. We will be allowing up to 8 entrants in the distance events. We will seed athletes with like times and performances together in the same heat/flight. We WILL NOT be condensing or combining heats as it has proven over the years to be just too cumbersome and time intensive. Field event athletes will check in at their event while runners check in at the clerk of the course at the northeast corner of the stadium. Athletes must check in beginning with the first call and be ready to head to the track after the third and final call to the clerk. Athletes may be substituted in the place of a previously entered competitor) but they must compete under the name of the person they are replacing. We can add athletes to the field events BUT that name has to go in BEFORE the meet begins.

Aside from the normal reasons for disqualification (see the NFHS rulebook), meet management will disqualify athletes or teammates of said athletes on the following offenses.
Warming up on the infield/loitering on the infield
Coaches on the infield (Pole Vault will have a coaching box available) unless previously identified as a judge or meet official
Athletes that have food, gum or a flavored drinks on the track or infield
Athletes that try to compete in spikes other than 3/16 pyramid needles
Athletes who do not check in at the clerk of the course by the third call.


A variety of food and beverage items will be available throughout the meet. 2 complementary diner tickets will be provided for the coaches of each school.

The King High Athletic Trainer and student trainers will be on site. Please bring your own tape and pre-wrap.

Coaches will check in and pick up their information packets in Coach Peters classroom-G-123- behind the stadium to the East.

Results will be posted outside the concession stand on the Northeast end of the stadium.

In the event of rain, call Coach Corona at 951-544-1068 to determine whether the meet will go off or not. In the event of a rainout, there will be no makeup date and we will attempt to refund as much of your entry fee as possible.
Any questions or information, please contact John Corona at the below numbers. Thanks for your consideration and your support in helping us keep this meet a great one! See you on April 6th, 2019!!!!
John Corona
Meet Manager- Raincross Tradition
951-789-5690-Ext. 62028

All races will be run in heats. Fastest heat will be the final heat.
Girls Pole Vault- 8:30 AM-All Divisions-Boys Pole Vault-All Divisions- to follow
Shot Put- 8:30 AM-Boys (All Divisions)-Girls-(All Divisions)- to follow-4 attempts
Discus- 8:30 AM-Girls (All Divisions)-Boys-(All Divisions) to follow-4 attempts
High Jump-8:30 AM-Girls (All Divisions)-Boys (All Divisions) to follow
Long Jump-8:30 AM -North Pit-Boys (All Divisions)-4 attempts-Triple Jump to follow
Long Jump-8:30 AM-South Pit-Girls (All Divisions)-4 attempts-Triple Jump to follow
LJ/TJ with have 1 1/2 hour open pits. Time may be extended depending on number of entrants