Covina Invitational-Postponed (Reschedule date TBD) 2020

Covina, CA
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29th Annual Covina Invitational Dear Coach:
On behalf of Covina High School, I would like to invite you and your team to become a part of the 29th Annual Covina Invitational. The date of this years Covina Invite is Saturday, March 28th at Covina District Stadium (200 W. Puente St. Covina, CA 91723). Our sanctioned meet will be running a CIF order of events schedule beginning at 8:30am.
Date/Time: Saturday, March 28th 2020 8:30am start
Divisions: Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity, Boys F/S, & Girls F/S
Awards: Covina Invitational Medals will be given to the top three
overall places in each relay and individual event. Every other heat and flight will medal the winner only. There will also be team championship trophies for 1st-3rd place.
Fees: $125 per team in each division or $450 for all four
divisions. Smaller schools with individual entries may enter at $15 per athlete.
Entry: Athletes will be seeded according to submitted times and marks through the Internet on Three athletes in each sprinting event, three athletes in field events, and three entries in distance events (800,1600, 3200). Entries will be due by Wednesday, March 25th at 11:59pm.
Please confirm your intent to participate by sending an email confirmation to meet director naming your school and coachs name along with sending the attached/enclosed contract. Our meet does fill soon so please do this early to guarantee entry. If there are any questions please feel free to email me or text my cell.
Thank you,
Kevin Glaspy, Meet Director
Covina Invitational CALL OR TEXT QUESTIONS 626 824-0852 CHS 626 974-6030 Covina High School 463 S. Hollenbeck, Covina CA 91723
Revised 9/27/19
COVINA INVITATIONAL Covina District Stadium 200 W. Puente Ave. Covina 91723
Meet Information
Bus Drop off and Parking- Bus drop off will be in the east side lane next to the stadium. Bus parking will be at Covina High School (463 S. Hollenbeck Covina) 14 mile away.
Implement weigh in will be at the shot and discus ring prior to each event.
Warm Ups- The warm up area is located in the infield. Non-competing athletes will not be allowed to set up in the infield area. Coaches and parents will be asked to not congregate in the infield.
Clerk of the Course The clerk of the course is located in the infield. Athletes must check in 30 minutes prior to their event or they will be scratched.
Scoring Team scoring is 10-8-6-4-2-1 for all levels and events. Times/marks for the following heats/flights can score if they are in the top six places overall.
Coaches/Weightmans Relay Only athletes competing in a throwing event are allowed to participate in this event. Coaches willing to risk embarrassment are also allowed to compete. This event is non-scoring and non-medaling.
Medals Top three places in all invitational heats and flights (1st heat/flight is invitational). Only heat and flight winners after 1st heat/flight. Top three places in ALL distance races will medal (800,1600, 3200). Medals will be distributed at each field event and after each race.
Team Packets Team packets can be picked up at the finish line upon your arrival. Payment must be made prior to competition. Checks are payable to Covina High Track.
Spikes Please make sure all track athletes have 3/16 spikes or less. Spikes will be checked and sold at the entrance of the stadium.
*time schedule subject to change based on entries received
29th Annual Covina Invitational - Schedule of Events
Track Events Field Events 8:30 GFS 4x100 Shot Put BV 8:30 8:40 BFS 4x100 GV 11:00 8:50 GV 4x100 BFS 1:00 9:00 BV 4x100 GFS 3:30 9:10 GFS 1600m 9:20 BFS 1600m Discus BFS 8:30 9:35 GV 1600m GFS 11:00 9:50 BV 1600m BV 1:00 10:15 BFS 110HH GV 3:30 10:25 BV 110HH 10:40 GFS 100H Pole Vault GFS 8:30 10:50 GV 100H GV 10:30 11:05 GFS 400m BFS 12:30 11:15 BFS 400m BV 3:00 11:30 GV 400m 11:50 BV 400m High Jump BFS 9:00 12:10 GFS 100m GFS 10:30 12:20 BFS 100m GV 12:00 12:30 GV 100m BV 2:00 12:45 BV 100m 1:00 GFS 800m Long Jump BV 8:30 1:15 BFS 800m GV 11:00 1:30 GV 800m BFS 1:30 1:45 BV 800m GFS 3:30 2:00 GFS 300IH 2:10 GV 300IH Triple Jump BFS 8:30 2:20 BFS 300IH GFS 11:00 2:30 BV 300IH BV 1:30 2:45 GFS 3200m GV 3:30 3:00 BFS 3200m 3:15 GFS 200m 3:30 BFS 200m 3:45 GV 200m 4:00 BV 200m 4:20 GV 3200m 4:40 BV 3200m 5:00 Coaches/Weightmans Relay 5:15 GFS 4x400 5:25 BFS 4x400 5:40 GV 4x400 5:55 BV 4x400