Apache Invitational 2018

Arcadia, CA
Hosted by Arcadia (SS)
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Meet Information

When: Friday, October 26th
Where: Location: Arcadia County Park, Arcadia, CA (Santa Anita Avenue and Huntington Drive)
Bus Parking in Santa Anita Racetracks Lot (just off Huntington Drive)

Exclusive registration at www.finishedresults.com.
Please register here: https://goo.gl/forms/EGZsuDUqiBVbg0kH2

About this event:

Our meet is the rare end-of-season race thats on a flat-as-a-pancake, grass-heavy course.
The course is 3 miles long, and has been measured this year with both wheels and Garmins.
Varsity and Sweepstakes squads may consist of up to 10 athletes per gender, with only the top 7 factoring into the scoring. For our rising-star or less-experienced athletes, this is a great chance to get a taste of that Varsity-level intensity; for coaches, this setup helps us figure out/nail down our top 7 the week before most of our respective League Finals and two weeks before our CIF meets.

The meet is extremely spectator-friendly, with the evening races run under the floodlights.
Its a fun, exciting, and competitive race thatll be easy on your athletes legs, and an unbeatable opportunity to run a confidence-boosting 3-mile PR before heading into your end-of-year competition!

Meet Schedule

1:30pm: SS Soph/Frosh Girls (25)
2:05pm: SS Soph/Frosh Boys (50)
2:35pm: SS JV Girls (35)
3:10pm: SS JV Boys (50)
3:40pm: SS Varsity Girls (50)
4:10pm: SS Varsity Boys (50)
4:40pm: LS Frosh Boys (50)
5:10pm: LS Soph/Frosh Girls (50)
5:45pm: LS Soph Boys (50)
6:15pm: LS JV Girls (50)
6:45pm: LS JV Boys (50)
7:15pm: LS Varsity Girls (50)
7:45pm: LS Varsity Boys (50)
8:10pm: Sweepstakes Girls (30)
8:35pm: Sweepstakes Boys (30)

SS = Small School; LS = Large School (2000+ Enrollment); (#) = Number of Individual Medals for Each Race

Team Plaques: Top 3 Teams in Sweeps/Varsity Heats; Top 2 Teams in All Other Heats

Setting Up Camp

Feel free to set up camps along the perimeter of the park, as well as in the center. IMPORTANT: Please do not set up camps on the baseball diamonds!

Starting Boxes and Line

Our starting boxes are vertically-oriented, Mt. SAC-style. Please place your fastest runner on the line, the second-fastest behind him/her, the third-fastest behind him/her, etc. In races with fewer teams, more runners will be allowed onto the starting line.

Sidewalks and Walkways

If its within the course boundaries, its legal to run on the pavement! The shortest version of the course is entirely grass and dirt, but there are several spots where you can pop out onto the sidewalk in order to pass. IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should a racer enter territory populated by cars, i.e. roads and parking lots. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification.


Our lovely parks people have planted several baby trees on our course. Theyre easily avoided and heavily caution-taped, but make sure your athletes are aware! Weve also widened the course in many areas to reduce bottlenecking, and this has resulted in some larger trees ending up on the course as well. Theyre never in the most efficient areas to run, but again best to be aware in advance.

Chips, Bibs, and Timing

All athletes wear chest/abdominal bibs and a single racing chip. Please make sure the chip is tied securely to a shoe that is tied equally securely! Its how we track your finish time. At the end of the meet, gather your chips back onto your lanyard and return them to our Finished Results timers. As for our timers: theyve situated two mats and a camera at the end of the course. IMPORTANT: The camera is on the BACK side of the finishing tree. Tell your athletes to run through BOTH mats!

Medals and Awards

Team awards (1st and 2nd place for each race) will be available 15 minutes after each race near the Clerk of the Course. Please check your teams results carefully, as teams have left the meet in the past without realizing theyd earned a plaque!

In order to pick up your medal, keep your bib on your singlet. The top 50 finishers in each race* get a medal! (*Exceptions are SS S/F Girls, with 25 medals; SS JV Girls, with 35 medals; and the Sweeps races, with 30 medals each.) Please return to the Clerk of the Course / awards area 15 minutes after your race ends, show the awards folks your bib, and tell them your place in the race. Theyll check you against the results and give you the appropriate medal!

Concessions and Merchandise

Youll find a big concession area and merchandise tents in the center of the park! Please encourage your kids to swing by and pick up a memento of their Apache Invitational experience, or to simply grab some great food on a beautiful Friday afternoon/evening!

Questions? Contact: Meet Director Michael Feraco-Eberle at mferaco-eberle@ausd.net!