Clovis Invitational 2017

Fresno, CA

Meet Information

Contact Information: Rob Brenner -

Tentative SCHEDULE:
7:15 a.m. Division M Varsity Girls
7:40 a.m. Division S Varsity Girls
8:05 a.m. Division M Varsity Boys
8:25 a.m. Division S Varsity Boys
8:40 a.m. Championship Girls report to the starting line for introductions
8:55 a.m. Championship Girls Race
9:15 a.m. Championship Boys report to the starting line for introductions
9:30 a.m. Championship Boys Race
9:50 a.m. Division XL Varsity Girls
10:15 a.m. Division L Varsity Girls
10:40 a.m. Division XL Varsity Boys
11:00 a.m. Division L Varsity Boys
11:20 a.m. Division M and S Freshman/Sophomore Boys
11:50 a.m. Division L (non Champ), M and S JV Boys
12:15 p.m. All Divisions Freshman/Sophomore Girls
12:40p.m. All Divisions JV Girls
1:00 p.m. Division XL and L Freshman/Sophomore Boys
1:20 p.m. Division XL and 'Champ' JV Boys