Check Out Full Entries For The Clovis Invitational

* Hanne Thomsen is one of the pre-race favorites heading into the Clovis Invitational

Photo Credit: DeAnna Turner/MileSplit

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The Clovis Invitational is headed for the start line on Saturday at Woodward Park in Fresno. 

Billed as a pre-state of sorts, the invitational will welcome over 4,000 runners from across the Golden State and will grant opportunities for athletes to get a run on the famed course. 

Check out full entries below. 









Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityThomsenHanneFMontgomery (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEngelhardtSadieFVentura (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGodseyPaytonFOaks Christian (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoritzWinterFUniversity City (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTorrecillasMiaFHighland (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBoothbyAshlynFScotts Valley (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDaileyChiaraFLa Jolla (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopizzoGioanaFLa Costa Canyon (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLomeliEllianaFBuchanan (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaciasCameronFClovis West (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcGillisEllaFCentral Catholic12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBuckleyKynzleeFBuchanan (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBladeRyleeFSantiago Corona (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCornettSierraFBuchanan (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySesockStefaniaFBuchanan (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCurtisAeloFVentura (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySearlsRenaeFAlhambra (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHoornaertKylieFProspect (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTorosianTaylerFBuchanan (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDe BrouwerMayaFLa Canada (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRayDarcyFUniversity City (SD)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCzajkowskaKingaFPalo Alto (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChenJie Yi Denise FClaremont (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaBrynnFJSerra Catholic (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityZanettoSabrinaFSt. Francis (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRectorZoeFCentral Catholic12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoobrianEmilyFLos Altos (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDjomby EnyaweMelisseFCorona del Mar (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMarheinekeEvieFArchbishop Mitty (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRakerEleanorFGalena High School11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFloresEmilyFTulare Western (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchott Emily FAyala (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFiskKirraFLa Jolla (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGeyerGraceFOaks Christian (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBaxterGrace FGranite Bay (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTasserKaylahFJSerra Catholic (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAllisonEmilyFGranite Bay (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAraminiAmayaFBishop Manogue High School12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRobarKeatonFNewport Harbor (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlfredNicoleFRancho Cucamonga (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEmmonsKaitelynFClovis North (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLewis-MussaShemsyFUniversity City (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGrantSophiaFNewbury Park (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilsonSummerFJSerra Catholic (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHutchisonAveryFBuchanan (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityErringtonAbigailFSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAitkenKiahFLodi (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIngargiolaAdrianaFOak Ridge (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMatareseKatelynFLa Canada (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTorzaDevlynFGreat Oak (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndersonLydiaFLos Altos (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityOlivaMakenaFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcCulloughMarleyFNewport Harbor (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKittelstromSeelahFMontgomery (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySidhuJasleenFLos Altos (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCombeBraelynFSantiago Corona (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBuckleyAudreyFSantiago Corona (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarmichaelKaitlynFUniversity (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLuczkowAvaFBishop Manogue High School12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHsiehReenaFArcadia (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarronJanaFGranada (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHopkinsCharlotteFLa Canada (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHansenLizzyFGranite Bay (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMannionBrennaFVista del Lago (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoaresAnnaFPlacer (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIsiahAmiahFTulare Western (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuizKatelynnFWatsonville (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySianaMadilynFSantiago Corona (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDraperLaurenFSt. Francis (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKrummelElsaFBay School of San Francisco (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityReinholdMaliaFRancho Cucamonga (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRidderMazzyFWest Ranch (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMirelezSophiaFMatilda Torres (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFelstedKambriFSpanish Springs11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRiddleClaraFImmanuel (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDanishMiraFCentral Catholic11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPetersonLucyFBay School of San Francisco (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLacefieldAmrieFMontgomery (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrwinAlisonFWest Ranch (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNatarajanMayaFNewbury Park (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDunhamGraceFSt. Francis (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNunezMaelinFGreat Oak (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCilleyCaitlinFSt. Francis (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTowneKaylaFSt. Francis (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLarssonKiannaFRio Americano (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEspondaChloeFSouth Torrance (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGordonFionaFOak Ridge (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaltosMiyaFClovis North (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDecleveAvaFScotts Valley (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGossettAlexaFClaremont (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMiuraJadenFRancho Cucamonga (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDrazsnzakPhoebeFSan Luis Obispo (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEbellSamanthaFClovis North (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGutmanMicahFViewpoint (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityClintonAddisonFOak Ridge (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTRUEMelanieFVentura (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStrawnRyannFSt. Francis (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySutchKelseyFSt. Francis (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBulmerIslaFClaremont (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBharadwajAmayaFPalo Alto (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWolkAveryFDavis (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRandallMaddyFLos Altos (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilliamsGraceFRoseville (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySmithAveryFGreat Oak (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLiJoyceFSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPatelSamanthaFLos Altos (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLiebermanSofiaFMurrieta Valley (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeedonEmmaFLos Altos (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLaughlinLucindaFSan Francisco University (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAllanKinsleyFSanger (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityByrneSaidbh (Sive)FSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrotckeDanielleFNewbury Park (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNicholSophiaFSan Francisco University (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPachecoAubreyFClovis North (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKaushekAriyaFMenlo School (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDazeyAmberFTesoro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMayerDaphneFLa Jolla (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlvarezNievesFWasco (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVarnerAbigailFBakersfield (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAguilarCordeliaFFrontier (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityReiersonAlexandraFOaks Christian (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNeuhsKeaniFTempleton (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWashburnEveFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBoothLeahFPlacer (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezGiselleFNewbury Park (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLehtoNorahFNewbury Park (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRiveraJimenaFMadera South (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBizikMollyFClovis West (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBuddHannahFCarson High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDanaherDakotaFEl Toro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNakamuraAudreyFSouth Torrance (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySahota-FloodKashmirFSan Luis Obispo (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGladyshAngelaFWoodcreek (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBoyerEllaFEsperanza (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNapieralaDelaneyFOaks Christian (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySamsonNicoleFThe Webb Schools (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGreenwayEmiliaFCrescenta Valley (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBalupariLaasyaFDublin (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAranaJaslinFClovis (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDoyleSummerFRio Americano (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWolfeMayaFModesto (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityReedOliviaFYorba Linda (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuigleyKeiraFClovis North (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCreasonTateFOak Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMullaneKatieFSt. Francis (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFittAshleyFBishop Union (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySmithKaitlynFClaremont (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWalkerElizabethFOaks Christian (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityModrzejewskiKatarinaFOak Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBallHaloFLa Canada (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreraCynthiaFCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJimenezValorieFMadera South (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDuynsteeBrianneFLa Costa Canyon (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDorresteinTatianaFUniversity City (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMummeryMaddieFSouth Torrance (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTrenamGracieFMaria Carrillo (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySauderKerriganFGranada (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPachecoSamanthaFGranada Hills Charter (LA)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMinerVeaFCarson High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityYetterLyzaFSan Clemente (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityOlivasLeannaFRoyal (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWhitecavageKinsleyFSantiago Corona (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStoneSamanthaFLodi (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVarelaLucyFEl Toro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPalmerMcKennaFReno High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIannuzziChloeFPatrick Henry (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySmorickElizabethFEl Toro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDavisTaylorFSantiago Corona (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRosasMadisonFShafter (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreraCarlyFTulare Western (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVacaAlexaFSanger (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJoyceQuinnFSan Domenico (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAitkenZoeFLodi (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKingChapelFSan Francisco University (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKiesslingRomyFPalo Alto (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGrayJuliaFFresno Christian (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGladson-PangEllieFArcadia (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDiehlJazlinFClovis East (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStolteErinFRedwood (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFelandAnnaFThe Nueva School (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityValenzuelaAngieFBeaumont (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKaiaPlaceFAlbany (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndradeGiselleFQuartz Hill (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLaurentScarlettFArroyo Grande (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFieldingIzzyFClovis (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityParodJosieFRio Americano (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCsutorasAva-MarieFChico (NS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBoydBrookeFYorba Linda (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySaitoKaoruFLa Canada (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChavezJasmineFMadera South (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBozorgchamiAidaFDavis (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNakamuraMadysonFRoosevelt (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGrantElyseFNewbury Park (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLecinaLaureFVista del Lago (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTamburroReeseFAgoura (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBergqvistEliseFPlacer (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySolisErinFSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNunezBriannaFCarson High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDobsonEmmaFSt. Francis (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeBrunSydneyFYorba Linda (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWittNicoleFPoint Loma (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamosIsabellaFPoint Loma (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPonczochJinnieFCarson High School11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJavierYoloFLaguna Beach (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKeriotisEleniFNevada Union (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChoeKatherineFMaria Carrillo (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHewittCateFSan Francisco University (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTokuboKaraFNewark Memorial (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIrwinAvaFNewark Memorial (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinezArianaFSummerville (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPrentonMeliaFDublin (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityThiaraEmmaFRiver Valley (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMetlerAnaFClovis East (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMenteKlarissa FAyala (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLunaMiaFBrea Olinda (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHumphreySofiaFSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMebustLilyFLa Jolla (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHowardEmilyFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcAndrewMorganFFullerton Union (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWalkerRebeccaFFoothill Technology (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVasquezJasmineFHighland (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJamesReganFSan Luis Obispo (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMerriJenniferFRio Americano (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNavarroPriscillaFClovis (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityO'BeirneErinFUniversity City (SD)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCaradonnaGraceFArchbishop Mitty (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySmitFinnyFSan Francisco University (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndresenAnnalinaFReno High School12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTavaresZoeFCentennial Corona (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBendzickSarahFSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLiSophiaFArcadia (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTolottiSamanthaFBishop Manogue High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHartfordFaithFSan Luis Obispo (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoetaertHannahFBranham (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAguirreMiriamFPatrick Henry (SD)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySuttonTaylorFTempleton (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySzczekockiBrookeFMaria Carrillo (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPetersonMelissaFRoseville (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCorderZoeFBella Vista (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLuongAddisonFVista del Lago (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamirezSophieFCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityO'BrienSophiaFLa Jolla (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuizEmelyFML King (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRojas-PerezMirandaFRedwood (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGeiszlerSaraFPoint Loma (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDazeyBrookeFTesoro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchartmannLexiFImmanuel (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityYimAllisonFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRayaPriscillaFWasco (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHagerMadisonFCarson High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonMaleahFCentennial Corona (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWallaceKeeraFFoothill Technology (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAtashkarianEllieFRedwood (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonJennaFAgoura (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVuMichelleFOak Park (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIidaAlyssaFNorth Torrance (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityYedidiaArianeFThe Nueva School (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPrillinger OgirydziakSaskiaFSan Francisco University (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarrieAnouaFLaguna Beach (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKeatingChloeFBishop O'Dowd (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRivera CabreraKatherineFEl Toro (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuesadaSophiaFSt. Mary's (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuckmann-BarnesEvelynFGranada (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySymonLilyFLos Altos (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGaviolaKalaniFPaso Robles (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonLeilaFSan Luis Obispo (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMazzeiHaleyFBella Vista (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJenniCorinne (ZuZu)FSouth Torrance (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuhseAnnieFPoint Loma (SD)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKatzEllaFViewpoint (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStanleyAvaFYosemite (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLlamasLenaFBuhach Colony (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNaccoMarleyFRedwood (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlivovDianaFScotts Valley (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTurnerEstellaFLa Serna (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezMiaFGreat Oak (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySilverstienMapleFSan Domenico (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChouCatherineFSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLevEmiliaFClovis North (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPalmerElizabethFYucaipa (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaloneySiobhanFArchbishop Mitty (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCortesAmadaFSouth Pasadena (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarreon-GarciaMarianaFLaguna Creek (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVillegas Lauren FAyala (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityShullBrooklynFBishop Manogue High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWagnerPaytonFSt. Francis (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVelozaGraceFNewark Memorial (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVandeveldeRoseFSouth Pasadena (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPassafiumeOliviaFPlacer (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoeKiraFMaria Carrillo (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarmonaAnnieFTerra Linda (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVanderwalZoeFCentral Catholic12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBurkeLaenaFLodi (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJaroszAnnaFBishop O'Dowd (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWalkerKateFOaks Christian (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBondsAutumnFRiver Valley (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTriceReeceFGranada Hills Charter (LA)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDifedeAlexandraFPalo Alto (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNegreteSiennaFClovis (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKenneyKaitlinFCrescenta Valley (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKimAryaFUniversity City (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFongChloeFSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMirelesLesslieFHighland (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHoBeatriceFHomestead (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySotoPaolaFNorth Torrance (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityReidOliviaFBishop Manogue High School12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillerMadisonFLa Quinta (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySydneySydneyFLaguna Beach (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTsubotaAllisonFClovis East (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVogelJessicaFSkyline (OK)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKnutsonShelbyFCentral Catholic11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHartzogPaigeFTesoro (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNoyesEmilyFClaremont (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChrismanDorothyFSan Francisco University (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDavidsonAvaFArnold O. Beckman (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcAlisterCaiyaFSan Clemente (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySwensonAmeliaFBella Vista (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAnguianoAprilFRiver Valley (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLargerSarahFImmanuel (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySwartzGabriellaFRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoustiratsAmelieFArroyo Grande (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStewartKianaFBeaumont (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPhamSophiaFBella Vista (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySevenCharlotteFSkyline (OK)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBritoCristinaFOcean View (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLogsdonSidneyFHilmar (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTubmanDanicaFMission Viejo (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWongKacieFAmador Valley (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMontenegroVanessaFQuartz Hill (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDelacruzOliviaFMadera South (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcinoshSidneyFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHoffmanLyndseyFSouth Torrance (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRossEllieFDavis (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNelsonAnnieFLa Costa Canyon (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChalstromJillianFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMathewson-MartinezRenneeFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonSaraFEl Toro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStecherBridgetFSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEliasVeronikaFSan Domenico (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamirezGabyFImmanuel (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuirozHaileyFCentennial Corona (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCevallosMichelleFCollege Park (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMikulkaMiraFCorona del Mar (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTroyKylieFPaso Robles (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPatelRomaFBrea Olinda (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStringerKiraFProspect (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBravoAvery FAyala (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMataLupeFPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonCocoFSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKirkegaardAmeliaFPatrick Henry (SD)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCocquytSashaFThe Nueva School (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGoyalJuhiFAmador Valley (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPitzKarinaFLaguna Beach (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityConteKendallFViewpoint (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilkinsonEdenFClovis East (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTalbotSamanthaFCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGilsenBaileeFYucaipa (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrownfieldJenniferFScotts Valley (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChengJoyFClaremont (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCuellarMarcellaFSanger (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoteloAiramFShafter (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFloresKiaraFLaguna Beach (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKimballCambreeFRedwood (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarbajalKaylaFBeaumont (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFordeKaitlynFSkyline (OK)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJosephHaydenFLaguna Beach (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChoMadeleineFCrescenta Valley (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySteinAbbyFGranada (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKostelykNorahFCentral Valley Christian (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVon GuntenCarolineFVentura (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDavisIsabelleFRedwood (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKingLucyFBishop O'Dowd (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJimenezSusanFMadera South (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMarceloMagdalenaFMonache (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFahyNoleenaFMorro Bay (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPopovElenaFTesoro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNguyenAliaFOakmont (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRomeroIsabellaFArroyo Grande (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchlampJuliaFThe Nueva School (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAcevedoGiselleFWasco (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTorresYahairaFKing City (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPalaciosLexiFAlta Loma (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFriskBrookeFTokay (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLarrieta CeronKarinaFSkyline (OK)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDelightAbigailFPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndrzejekClaireFBay School of San Francisco (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHofstetterCharlieFSt. Francis (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezYamileFMillikan (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNeufeldAnnieFExeter (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHammondJordanFPaso Robles (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEganAstridFLa Jolla (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIssaHannahFWest Ranch (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPackardAnne EliseFJSerra Catholic (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinezIreneFMatilda Torres (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDarrahOliviaFMira Loma (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDaltonMackenzieFYorba Linda (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuerreroRaisaFLa Quinta (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHuthAbigailFGreat Oak (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBudingerKimberlyFSan Luis Obispo (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityShowMackennaFSanta Barbara (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBravermanLaurenFFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTuckerCatherineFSan Luis Obispo (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBouronJuliaFHomestead (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeClaireMissyFCollege Park (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKebeneiIsabellaFChino (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRomeoEleanorFCarson High School11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaLilyFTesoro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGrupeMollyFLincoln - Stockton (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVoraMayaFCentral Catholic11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPedeupeIsabellaFVista del Lago (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilsonHalleFGranite Bay (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityOeschAnnaFBakersfield (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDeSotoRidleyFSanta Barbara (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBen-ZviMiaFCorona del Mar (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityUnderwoodCoraFCapistrano Valley (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchubertCarleyFMaria Carrillo (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBernauerYuviaFEl Segundo (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBhandarkarAnikaFMonta Vista (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamirezCrystalFNordhoff (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWhiteZoeyFPoint Loma (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVasquezGabrielaFBeaumont (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJandaElizabethFNewport Harbor (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWongLauraFDavis (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySepulvedaNatalieFThe Nueva School (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHeathAudreyFCapistrano Valley (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHarlineLilyFOakmont (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMelendezEsmeraldaFOcean View (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNelsonAylaFDouglas High School11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBitterHannahFValley Christian (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityParedesEmilyFLa Serna (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlvaSophiaFViewpoint (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySalazarAshleyFMonache (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDiazAngelinaFClaremont (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLemoineMeganFPalo Alto (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNordLucyFDouglas High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHendriksLucyFPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopezVictoriaFFrontier (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHendersonCharlotteFWoodcreek (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEncinasBriaFClovis West (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPhelpsMarilynFCentral Catholic10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityArrillagaYulianaFOcean View (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySweetJayaFHighland (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoaresArielFPlacer (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFloresAlexaFKing City (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKoenkeCadenceFPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezKarlyFWasco (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMikhailMauraFEsperanza (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNicolaescuFia (Mara)FBella Vista (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityParringtonMeredithFRio Americano (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityThompsonMeganFExeter (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMelanconCourtneyFPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodilAlessiFBella Vista (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDanielLeahFClovis West (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySreerajKavyaFOak Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezBryanaFFrontier (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEsquiviasAnsalFFullerton Union (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinezSamanthaFMonache (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCamePippinFPaso Robles (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarrionCamilaFRoyal (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreraNayeliFSanger (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWrightNatalieFRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLapicKatherineFPoint Loma (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGutierrezCailinFUniversity City (SD)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDarracqCharlotteFClovis West (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGladson-PangLizzieFArcadia (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBravoNatalieFSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuerreroSaveyraFLa Quinta (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVargasPamelaFSt. Francis (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEnamoradoJassmineFCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFernandezBellaFMira Loma (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFrancoeurMargauxFMonta Vista (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAudreyNordenholzFAlbany (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPetersenJillianFSpanish Springs12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCliffeSophieFReno High School9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDenoveJoellaFOaks Christian (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLiebermanJordinFMurrieta Valley (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPaikMeghanFEsperanza (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCruzEvaFPatrick Henry (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezMaribelFMillikan (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStakleySarabellaFOrange Lutheran (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTamTaylorFArnold O. Beckman (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinezGueritziFBuhach Colony (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySidhuMiraFChico (NS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGutierrezEmilyFNorth Torrance (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKeiserBraelynFRancho Cucamonga (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCollinsAylaFPatrick Henry (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMansfieldEmmaFSummerville (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPascaultMelanieFWest Ranch (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySantanaStephanyFCordova (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarnesBeatriceFFoothill Technology (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcCutchenVioletFScotts Valley (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEdwardsClaireFChico (NS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityOsborneBrooklynFGreat Oak (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrownRosalieFChico (NS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFahlenAliFFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinez-LunaVianneyFMatilda Torres (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityArdonYajayraFParaclete (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityShaneAnnaFCarson High School9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRoutrayArohaFFolsom (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNeviusHannahFPatrick Henry (SD)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySureshRithikaFNotre Dame - San Jose (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLepeGloriaFOntario (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDelgadoDaniellaFTulare Western (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySilvaPaloaFEsperanza (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFossBrooklynnFCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBushPaxsonFEdison (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityUvalleAmayaFRighetti (Ernest) (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRiddleMacieFImmanuel (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKarresSerenaFMontgomery (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrubakerChloeFAlta Loma (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMatteaFrankFAlbany (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityZeissigNataliaFAyala (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPalmerJaneFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFrailingAbbeyFOntario Christian (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKetchedjianPriscillaFCapistrano Valley (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLamKaseyFTracy (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStewartKaydenceFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonSashaFDublin (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLugoAliFPleasant Valley (NS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCaldwellAshlynFSan Clemente (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCoreaIreneFEdison (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezZowieFSanger (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityYohmanPiperFVilla Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVidaAddieFSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPavaoElianaFLaguna Creek (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDominguezAlina MArieFLa Quinta (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityO'BrienEmmaFClovis East (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuirarteEsperanzaFPlacer (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCampbellSophiaFCentennial Corona (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarcia-AndTrinityFFernley High School12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlexanderMiaFRoseville (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDavidJulietFTracy (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriquezSerenityFWasco (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityOwensCaitlinFMission Viejo (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMuellerGraceFPlacer (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrincovanRebecaFRoseville (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySullivanTaylorFSan Juan Hills (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopezAlyssaFLa Quinta (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBattleSophiaFGranada Hills Charter (LA)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWyssAnnikaFCapistrano Valley (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBedalAngelynaFBella Vista (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDeyhimyNatalieFSan Clemente (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRakeshJanakiFAmador Valley (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKinnickLailaFFernley High School12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlemaniaEliseFExeter (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNordLuciaFDouglas High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEllisonEmilyFLincoln - Stockton (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWesselChloeFBishop Manogue High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuelasRoseFKing City (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGossardRileyFRoosevelt (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAguirreHannahFPatrick Henry (SD)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBartonNizaFDouglas High School12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcCallAriannaFWoodcreek (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNiehMeganFMonta Vista (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBroylesMadisonFWest Ranch (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMurdockLeiaFLincoln - Stockton (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKwonJessicaFWest Ranch (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJeongAlexaFViewpoint (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityConnollyMeganFFresno Christian (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMungcalNinaFMillikan (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPendletonLeahFML King (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFashingNikaletteFPleasant Valley (NS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcCantsArianaFAlameda (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIrvinMadisynnFReno High School11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndradeMiaFWest Ranch (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAxtellLoganFDouglas High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBallElizaFReno High School11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVandenBergJessicaFOrange Lutheran (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEguiluz-SerranoFranciscaFLincoln - Stockton (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityClausiRileyFPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMalloyCocoFBay School of San Francisco (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPalmerJillianFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySteinkeLindsayFWoodcreek (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMatneyAliFHighland (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPichaMackenzieFCapistrano Valley (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAyzenbergValerieFMonta Vista (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCaseyMaguireFNordhoff (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcCrackenEmilyFGranite Bay (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCombrinkColetteFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlvarezAlejandraFEdison (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPeggKatelynFPalo Alto (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEskridgeAuroraFMurrieta Valley (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHastingsChloeFNewark Memorial (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEvansShelbyFSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityClemensKatieFFolsom (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityShepardJacarandaFNordhoff (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGomezEbelinFShafter (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRoperAmayaFReno High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWongAllisonFQuartz Hill (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEfnerIsabellaFFoothill Technology (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillsAlexaFUniversity (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEggersAlyssaFLa Quinta (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillerGenevieveFSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLouneyStellaFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySherrDelaneyFNevada Union (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPitterAshleyFShafter (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWhartonBrookeFQuartz Hill (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityOsegueraVanessaFCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFletesZamanthaFKing City (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLipinska-HuntIsabellaFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHallAliciaFBakersfield (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonSophieFSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezAntheaFCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWongAlenaFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWatersIsabellaFTokay (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBoyleScarlettFRedwood (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcCantsNatalieFLa Serna (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCatalan JaimesBelenFSanta Barbara (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDunnHaydenFBeaumont (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBondMirabellaFSkyline (OK)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTrujilloBrigetteFContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySantibanezMiaFRedwood (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySushinskyLianaFValencia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCanafeAllisonFMira Loma (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKinleyRengerFAlbany (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMyersLiliFScotts Valley (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaisanoMiaFVilla Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezEmberlyFEdison (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityReyes-MendozaAmericaFSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarlickBayFMatilda Torres (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySmithJennaFSt. Mary's (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilliamsEmilyFLaguna Beach (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarmonaSeliaFPioneer Valley (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDe RosasKatelynFMission Viejo (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChenKatherineFAmador Valley (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeDeitHelenaFNotre Dame - San Jose (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGoldwasserAddisonFNewport Harbor (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKolbeckAlyssaFCapistrano Valley (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDe LaCruzDanikaFMonache (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRojas-PerezValeriaFRedwood (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGlidewellReaganFFullerton Union (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIrickTylerFBeaumont (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorenoMalonniFFrontier (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPolidoroMadisonFMonta Vista (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLavoratoAlessiaFLa Reina (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityValdezAlexaFAlta Loma (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDenzlerSophiaFVentura (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMavricksJulianaFClovis (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAalaeiHannahFLa Jolla (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHebertAngelaFWatsonville (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPinheiroVioletFHilmar (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKarnawatSiddhiFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHendersonMakaylaFSpanish Springs11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarberEviFNevada Union (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySimhonNoaFHomestead (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinHaileeFBrea Olinda (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWeissLauraFCollege Park (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityReynoldsonAnikaFLaguna Creek (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRosalesAmelieFShafter (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCordovaGabriellaFMission Viejo (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLinJoyceFFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHanCarolFCentennial Corona (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndersonSarahFHilmar (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBadjateLavanyaFMenlo School (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillsAlexandraFAlameda (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKavciogluEmmaFGranada Hills Charter (LA)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHulbertBrookeFArchbishop Mitty (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityParkAuroraFMonache (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPappasVictoriaFTerra Linda (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLarsenAmberFOrange Lutheran (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKirkendallKaylaFProspect (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLachinoYasmineFMonache (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeonTaylorFLa Quinta (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcGrewDylanFTesoro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIsherwoodKatherynFCollege Park (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPiedmontePaigeFAgoura (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMirelezIsabellaFMatilda Torres (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKrauseGavriellaFArnold O. Beckman (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHileHannahFOcean View (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFranichSiennaFCapistrano Valley (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinez JimeneValeriaFCorcoran (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezKaylynFFrontier (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHaileyReinhardtFAlbany (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKimNaomiFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySandsKa'RessaFBakersfield (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTurnerMcKennaFNordhoff (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRossenElenaFChino (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHoneycuttPenelopeFMission Viejo (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCejaCereinaFRoosevelt (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVillegasAlejandraFBeaumont (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopesSophiaFHilmar (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityContosAthenaFDublin (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityXuZiyuFValley Christian (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityConleyGraceFUniversity (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFleuryAvariFRiver Valley (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBreechNoelleFTokay (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDuttoJordynFHighland (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFoggAndiFMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNguyenSarahFFolsom (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBensonAnwynFBishop Union (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHillJulianneFDouglas High School12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreraAmberlyFHesperia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrockCampbellFCollege Park (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySweetingAnnaFRoyal (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPlankKinseyFArnold O. Beckman (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMurphySierraFSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTranMindyFNotre Dame - San Jose (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchwartzKylaFTempleton (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityShaoAngelaFValley Christian (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFerrerCitlalihFMonache (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCortezChloeFFolsom (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJeongZooeyFViewpoint (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchmidtElioraFArroyo Grande (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMonsibaisLilianaFHighland (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityYorkEllieFMira Loma (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoto NavarreteValentinaFValencia (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySolanoDianaFPioneer Valley (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuevaraLidiaFPioneer Valley (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCastro-JarNatalieFSpanish Springs12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBienaimeAnaisFPalo Alto (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityZunigaJuliannaFCorcoran (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityContrerasHaileyFHesperia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGalesSunnyFEl Segundo (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPenlandLainaFFresno Christian (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMortholeCoraFMontgomery (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGomezKimberlyFKing City (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySanchezAnahiFMadera South (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVan BebberMadeleineFSanta Barbara (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFlanaganSophieFYosemite (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFlores MoralesAlexaFShafter (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHigaAlexisFCypress (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEgglestonAdalynFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMollCarissaFOrange Lutheran (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaoJillianFOak Ridge (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRudenskyEzraFSkyline (OK)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySantelMegFBay School of San Francisco (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBhaktaNatashaFDublin (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTodaroLindsayFAlameda (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezGisseleFTokay (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySiddiquiSamaarahFNotre Dame - San Jose (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTanLydiaFProspect (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezAngelinaFNordhoff (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAbrahamAnnikaFHomestead (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarrKieraFParaclete (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeeKatherineFMonta Vista (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoteloPalomaFTulare Western (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHaywoodCeciliaFExeter (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySeitzRylieFPleasant Valley (NS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityScottKoriFFernley High School12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBerkowitzAryahFNevada Union (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIzarrarazJocelynFRoosevelt (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWeatherlyLilaFPaso Robles (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySullivanSaraFNevada Union (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLaraAlyssaFParaclete (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFerreiraSophiaFArroyo Grande (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStroudSydneyFMontgomery (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBabikianAbigailFOcean View (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityForrestMackenzieFTesoro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarnett-DavisAstridFMorro Bay (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTuongKaitylnFMission Viejo (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVorisEdenFSan Juan Hills (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChavezMelissaFTempleton (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTremainHollyFLiberty (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTeaCorinFMira Loma (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFernandezLilianaFRighetti (Ernest) (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityZambranoLaylaFValley Christian (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityO'DayTarynFWindward (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaLuzFCorcoran (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySanchezYareliFWasco (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTozerDaisyFSkyline (OK)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySharmaGretaFMira Loma (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCortezMirandaFWasco (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMacleanIslaFRedwood (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopezMariaesperanzaFValencia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHendricksLillyFYosemite (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKuzmaSophiaFSan Domenico (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPeraltaBiancaFAlta Loma (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTurzakDylanFScotts Valley (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMayotteKalieFDouglas High School12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBronsAshleyFMission Viejo (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFischelEmmaFOakmont (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoralesKellyFPioneer Valley (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRobinsonMadilynFCollege Park (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBerdoteSashaFLa Serna (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySortoZeldaFUniversity (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTurnerAbigailFCollege Park (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAgbonhaseChristineFValley Christian (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGorodetskiMashaFUniversity (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityShenMelodyFValley Christian (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaNatalieFKing City (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRengJillianFRedwood (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDoloresJaylynnFPioneer Valley (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGroenKieraFCypress (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTabbalSofiaFFullerton Union (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBermudezSamanthaFArnold O. Beckman (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRichardKennedyFWindward (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityApardLucieFAmador Valley (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDombroskiVivianFTerra Linda (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeleriqueSofiaFHilmar (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCamachoEvelinFYosemite (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDansbyLailaFSpanish Springs10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTruongEmmaFOcean View (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCastroJasleneFPioneer Valley (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcCoyCaseyFLaguna Creek (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDesaiAriFNotre Dame - San Jose (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChavezVanessaFTempleton (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCokeleyAudreyFBishop Union (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityYuAlessandraFDublin (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLucateroSamarahFHesperia (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinGraceFAlameda (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityReyesMaripazFKing City (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHuffmanLillianaFTracy (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEichieIsiFCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMunozLucyFRoosevelt (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySwimMadelineFPleasant Valley (NS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRyanAbigailFPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRussoAudrieFOrange Lutheran (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeetnerGraceFEl Segundo (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrennanSophiaFBishop O'Dowd (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCostaMeeraFBay School of San Francisco (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLoreleiLeeFRoyal (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMusgraveZiaFSpanish Springs10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCatalonCarolynFAlta Loma (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTolentinoGraceFLincoln - Stockton (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWhiteHopeFHeritage Christian Northridge (S11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezKimberlyFContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarreraNathalyFCorcoran (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMontesKaitlynnFRancho Cucamonga (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlvisturReeseFChico (NS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMarchettiEmilyFOakmont (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKrasonFaithFNevada Union (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGranadosGuadalupeFHilmar (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezArianaFPioneer Valley (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWuSamanthaFValley Christian (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMickela-JohnsonJaydahlineFPleasant Valley (NS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinezKimberlyFParaclete (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRosasElizebethFHesperia (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNguyenAmyFAlameda (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStudyRebeccaFParaclete (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWestMariyaFLiberty (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMagoffinKennaFRoyal (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDiazIannaFTracy (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDe JongNanci-LynnFCentral Valley Christian (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopezAlexisFShafter (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySparrowChloeFExeter (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezAlizeFExeter (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityZipkinTaliaFWindward (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHouserKarisFTempleton (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarverMiaFCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySandbergKaylenFParaclete (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySrnovaRosieFSan Domenico (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWagenerAnjaliFHeritage Christian Northridge (S11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezKendallFArcadia (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGilstrapGuinevereFExeter (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWellersdickTaylorFChico (NS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTairaVeronicaFMenlo School (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFernandezSofiaFMonte Vista (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySteinmanEmilieFCorona del Mar (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityZhouGogoFRowland (John A.) (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBennettMiaFMorro Bay (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCameraIsabellaFVilla Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTurnerLanaFLa Serna (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityOchsKylieFTracy (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityOkaBrooklynFCrescenta Valley (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPearsonLuciaFSaugus (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityOlmedoPaulaFTracy (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPaulsenSuttonFOak Ridge (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPatmonElyseFGranite Bay (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityThomasEmilyFImmanuel (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTraniJennaFFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPeltzKelseyFLiberty (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVanderfinGwynethFYucaipa (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityO'BrineElizabethFYucaipa (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrittSienaFRedwood (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityO'BrienMatlinFVista del Lago (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAvinaArielleFMurrieta Valley (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNowellSolanaFVilla Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPalosiSydneyFLa Reina (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerdomoMayaFCalifornia (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFordAlexandraFAlameda (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNoriegaSabrinaFDublin (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFarrellEmilyFValencia (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezIsabelleFNordhoff (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDyerAmiraFArchbishop Mitty (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNodalElissaFClovis West (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDiamondKianaFGranada Hills Charter (LA)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNicelyLauraFBuena (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCooperMadelineFThousand Oaks (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezRebeccaFRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChavez GonzalezJessicaFContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerlovJosephineFRedwood (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCanzanoJordanFClovis (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerryFrannieFTempleton (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityButterfieldHannahFRancho Cucamonga (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNiaziRoxanaFAgoura (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBockDaniellaFRoyal (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNeffIsabelFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilsonWendyFMorro Bay (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityNavarroAimeeFCalifornia (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlchinHollyFPleasant Valley (NS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMurrayKyleeFSaugus (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySotoSteffanyFNorth Torrance (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPhamStephanieFBranham (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarnicaBiancaFMadera South (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMunozJacssiryFOcean View (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFreiPaigeFLa Costa Canyon (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPhungKimFRowland (John A.) (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySuarezRubyFBuena (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMucciAlisaFArchbishop Mitty (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFekadeselassieAmenFBranham (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorudKinleighFPaso Robles (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySzathmarySidney FSummerville (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorganChloeFBuena (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEastJadeFRoyal (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMontesMiaFQuartz Hill (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTeilChloeFBranham (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMontenegroIlianaFEl Segundo (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDolanPeytonFMonte Vista (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMonroeSkyeFFrontier (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityde JongJaelynFCentral Valley Christian (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPolaySophieFJSerra Catholic (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTroyKelsieFPaso Robles (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoncayoMiaFCalifornia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCollardCharlotteFEl Segundo (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMirandaLolaFEdison (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTuttleMakennaFRoseville (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillerKieleFClovis (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChangEllaFVilla Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPowellAlexandraFMonte Vista (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVargasGiselleFNorco (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillerEmersonFYucaipa (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCampbellSiobhanFAmador Valley (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPriceArianaFSan Juan Hills (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVoldsethBrookeFVista del Lago (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPriceKirstenFCorcoran (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrownNevaehFRiver Valley (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMetkeMariahFOakmont (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBoucherLotiFOak Ridge (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPulleyLaneeFFernley High School9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWienMalanaFRowland (John A.) (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMendozaCelesteFCentennial Corona (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilliamsonNaomiFPoint Loma (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMejiaNadiaFMillikan (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWolfeMilaFCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuintanillaBessyFChino (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAmareMarakiFMonte Vista (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMedeirosSarahFTulare Western (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAikenEmilyFPleasant Valley (NS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcPetersTaliFSanta Barbara (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySotoJaquelineFNorth Torrance (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRacancoj LopezAbbyFCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGelukAmyFOakmont (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcCartyAliceFNewark Memorial (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStanfordCharlieFQuartz Hill (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaunuSydneyFAgoura (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarcia LorenzoValentinaFDavis (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMattySophiaFLincoln - Stockton (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFuertesAzumiFFullerton Union (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMasutuboRoseyFEdison (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStormPoppyFLodi (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamirezMaritzaFContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStrutzPalomaFSan Domenico (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMarkAnnikaFSaugus (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFlemingMacyFAlta Loma (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaradiagaAngelinaFNewport Harbor (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFeldtNorahFDavis (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamos-HassettGiselaFGranada Hills Charter (LA)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFarrellMaeganFThousand Oaks (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityManleyAudreyFGranada (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEvertonOliveFUniversity (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRandolphJuliaFThe Nueva School (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTa-PerezCamilleFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMallonAshlinFMaria Carrillo (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityElbazChloeFJSerra Catholic (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityMadsenEmiFOak Ridge (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTanVickyFBay School of San Francisco (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRebolledo-YnostrosMarleyFCalifornia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTaylorShelbyFMorro Bay (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLuna AguasBellaFFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityThanhAllisonFTracy (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRedmanMollyFLiberty (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDrewitzNatalieFML King (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRedmanSarahFLiberty (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDilworthLilyFFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLudenaElsaFGranada Hills Charter (LA)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTorresElisaFBrea Olinda (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLozaValeriaFCalifornia (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityde JongHaylieFCentral Valley Christian (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLouieMarissaFMenlo School (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCos RenojKimberlyFContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLossingOliviaFCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCoriaNaomyFHesperia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopezJanineFClovis East (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCondeEmilyFNorco (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRenneyGiselleFClovis North (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityColinDesiraeFBuena (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLnenickaMiaFGranada (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTurnsAllieFMonte Vista (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLinTinaFLa Canada (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChristensonNatalieFEl Segundo (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLilithBullerFMorro Bay (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChavezKaylynFFoothill Technology (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRicaldeAnikaFCypress (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityvan de WaterPolly FBishop O'Dowd (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRiceBrooklynFLaguna Creek (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCejaMayaFNorth Torrance (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeyvaSamanthaFNewport Harbor (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarpenterGwendolynFAgoura (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeongEdieFAlbany (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVazquezYureimiFBakersfield (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeibNatalieFChino (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVigilMarinaFRoseville (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeeCoraFFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVivaldoLeilaniFEl Toro (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRiddleScarlettFFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCaceresMadisonFMillikan (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeaheyAlexaFMonte Vista (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityButhEmmaFMillikan (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLedieffChloeFFresno Christian (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrownAshontiFLincoln - Stockton (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRivera GuerreroEmilyFContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBridgmanBaileyFFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRizo RomanDarelysFFullerton Union (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBothofElleFCentral Valley Christian (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLedesmaLesleyFEsperanza (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBlieseOliviaFNewport Harbor (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLayayeAudreyFAyala (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBerrySavannahFFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRoblesRubyFFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilliamsGwenethFEl Toro (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodgersIsabellaFBishop O'Dowd (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilsonNicoFQuartz Hill (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLawrenceAbigailFNorco (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBanfieldClaireFSan Juan Hills (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodmanBennettFFoothill Technology (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBáezAlexisFCorcoran (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLatimerShayFNordhoff (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndersenMadelineFFrontier (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityLaneAspenFRio Americano (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPatelSarinaFYorba Linda (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKusserowMonicaFWindward (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlbaJocelyn FArnold O. Beckman (SS)--
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKumarAshaFBranham (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAbu-GhazalehJudeFML King (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKreilNatalieFBuena (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityParkEdenFRowland (John A.) (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKrause-ChristensenAddysenFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGilmoreGiadaFFresno Christian (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKrasonLEAHFNevada Union (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGillespieCorbynFFernley High School9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKozubikKateFRedwood (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGeisertSophiaFBishop O'Dowd (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKorndorferSydneyFAmador Valley (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarrigueSarahFBrea Olinda (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKooChloeFSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStangMadeleineFVilla Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKimOliviaFAyala (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGardnerZoeFHomestead (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKimEvieFRowland (John A.) (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaSophiaFOntario (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKimAvaFBranham (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityStephensSofiaFWoodcreek (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKerrEvaFArroyo Grande (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFriedmanMayaFTerra Linda (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKelleyMayahFHeritage Christian Northridge (S9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFredriksenMelissaFBakersfield (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRossettiIsabelleFTerra Linda (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFournierPenelopeFYorba Linda (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRossittoCoraFAgoura (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFloresIngridFHesperia (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRotheryPeytonFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFlingKatieFFolsom (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKeetonArdenFCalabasas (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFletcherSarahFHeritage Christian Northridge (S9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKazemSariahFProspect (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySundgrenMollyFBuchanan (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKawabataLillyFNewark Memorial (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFernandezAndreaFCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKasaharaSydneyFSaugus (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFekaduRahwaFNewark Memorial (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKajitaKateFThousand Oaks (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityFatino-MackAnnaFReno High School9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuizGiselleFSaugus (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySweginnisSedonaFSan Clemente (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuizIsabellaFOntario (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEwersBellaFMenlo School (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityKajitaCassidyFThousand Oaks (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEstridgeRadenFSouth Pasadena (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuizVictoriaFCalifornia (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEspinozaJazmineFMatilda Torres (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJonesSiennaFChico (NS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEmeryHaileyFNorco (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonSamantha FLiberty (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityElliottBreenaFBuena (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityRydellFrancesFSan Juan Hills (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTamayoJadenFRancho Cucamonga (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySabatinoPenelopeFVista del Lago (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDyerCaelynFNotre Dame - San Jose (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonNaiobeFMira Loma (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTangEmilynFMonte Vista (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonAmeliaFLodi (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDuncanRoseFTerra Linda (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySalamachaJuliaFSt. Francis (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDucheneautSarahFHomestead (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySalasJessicaFThousand Oaks (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTeleganMadeleineFClovis West (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJesseeSemyiahFParaclete (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDriverLaurenFSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySalazarMelanieFFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityThomasKatherineFMontgomery (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySamaan AparicioNashlaFBuena (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDotyHannahFRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJamisonVictoriaFSaugus (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDisslySophiaFGranite Bay (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJaimesValerieFMatilda Torres (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDiazBriannaFFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityJacksonAinsleyFImmanuel (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDeLoyeRuthFML King (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPabloSavannaFRowland (John A.) (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityDe la RiondaMaggieFThousand Oaks (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIsordiaMayaFTokay (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityde JongJacklynFCentral Valley Christian (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityIbarraBellaFCalifornia (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCunninghamBellaFOakmont (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHuynhNayeliFGreat Oak (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCroneAvaFFolsom (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHutchingsLilliannaFNorco (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCortezNataliaFEl Segundo (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySantosHannahFEsperanza (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCorriganElizabethFCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySantosMadiFClovis East (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCooperMyklinFFolsom (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySapruNaiyaFCorona del Mar (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCondeNatalieFNorco (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHurguyVioletFVentura (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCommandatoreAvaFRio Americano (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySaxTiffanyFVentura (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityTurnbullVioletFWoodcreek (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHulfordCorrineFSanta Barbara (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCinciripinoRinaFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHudsonSolanaFLa Costa Canyon (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCicinelliSylvieFOak Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHsuMirandaFMonta Vista (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChungAvaFRoosevelt (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHsuAinsleyFThe Nueva School (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityUlloaAndreaFChino (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchranzSunnyFSt. Francis (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChitrySkylaFHesperia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPadgettPaytonFYosemite (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVacaGenovevaFSanger (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchuler-BarraganChloeFSpanish Springs9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityValenzuelaAliciaFChino (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHotchkissRachelFVilla Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityChanKatiaFArchbishop Mitty (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHolleyReeseFJSerra Catholic (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCerezoEmmaFLa Serna (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHillEllyceFRiver Valley (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCepedaMyaFMurrieta Valley (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHillAnnieFArroyo Grande (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCejaEdenFTokay (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySellmanKellyFLa Canada (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPascacioGuadalupeFOntario (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySenthilnathanSamyukthaFOak Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCareyAddisonFSan Clemente (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHillAnnaFSantiago Corona (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVazquezValeriaFNorco (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHigtonHaileyFFresno Christian (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCanadayKaraFCentral Valley Christian (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreresJazleneFCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityVigilAdelineFRoseville (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreraNatalieFChino (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCampanaMykaelaFValencia (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHayesSummerFThousand Oaks (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityViramontesEllaFLodi (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHaydamackBaileyFValencia (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCalvertJennaFFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHaskellSarahFSan Domenico (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityCalkinsOliviaFSan Juan Hills (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHarndenKatelynFCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityButtnerKristinaFCypress (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityShepherdAudrinaFBranham (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityPappasCatherineFSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHansenAddisonFSan Juan Hills (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBumpusSadeFGranada (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHannibleKyndall FBakersfield (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrownCambriaFNewbury Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHanleyNatalieFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWallenAnnaFTerra Linda (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHankinsMaraFOak Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWassonTelaineFFernley High School9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHanNoelleFArnold O. Beckman (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBraunEmmyFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHales-YangLilianFDavis (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityHackAubreyFLaguna Creek (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuzzettaGracieFML King (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBostromAlysonFAlameda (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGutierrezKaileyFCentennial Corona (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBlumMakennaFSaugus (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuthrieLindsayFOrange Lutheran (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBestHelenFWindward (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuillermoBella RoseFRiver Valley (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWierciochGwendalynFValencia (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitygraham isabelleFML King (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilliamsDynastyFTulare Western (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySmithClaireFCorona del Mar (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeaumontClarisseFYosemite (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGoseAlyssaFRoosevelt (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilliamsIsabelleFWoodcreek (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGordonHannahFLa Costa Canyon (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeattieEllaFLa Costa Canyon (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySmithMakaylaFLa Serna (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarraganLitssyFHilmar (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezSavannahFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWinderAnnabelleFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySneddonSierraFBrea Olinda (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBallouAddisonFMurrieta Valley (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezSamanthaFLiberty (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBallTaylorFSan Clemente (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlvarezMakennaFSanger (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityBaekErinFCypress (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlonzoIsabellaFYucaipa (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndersonEmmaFFoothill Technology (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlexanderAudreyFEsperanza (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityWroblewskiIsabellaFYorba Linda (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityYocDestinyFCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlysonEspinozaFYosemite (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrtegaOliviaFTokay (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityYanDakotaFCorona del Mar (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezIsabellaFNorth Torrance (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAllisonJennaFRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezEmilyFMillikan (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityYimRachelFNotre Dame - San Jose (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGomezPamelaFAlta Loma (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlexanderAileyFSanta Barbara (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySongJuliaFHomestead (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityYoshiharaKatieFSouth Torrance (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoniaFoxFAlbany (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityYuloYsabellaFRowland (John A.) (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGomezAmberly FEdison (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityAguilarSharryFContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGlasbrennerMadyFMurrieta Valley (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityZenonAlyzzaFLaguna Creek (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityGilsenCodeeFYucaipa (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEilandAshleeFSouth Torrance (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityParkerIsabellaFHeritage Christian Northridge (S11
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityZwierzchowskiAlexisFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunVarsityEintrachtSarahFUniversity (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillerLiamMSouth Torrance (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHicksCadenMUniversity City (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHolmanBroenMSonora (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBellJoshuaMTempleton (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDoshiDevMNewbury Park (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNoonanEvanMDana Hills (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezEmmanuelMCathedral (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityParraJasonMMillikan (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRattaryJackMCollege Park (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCalderNolanMSan Juan Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFast HorseAnthonyMVentura (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezEmmanuelMCathedral (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezJaydenMDana Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorgenfeldGrantMPalo Alto (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySpradlingCarterMClovis East (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlsaidiOmarMOakdale (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWoodruffGarrettMDana Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPretreLandonMMenlo School (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGrossmanMicahMVentura (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTurkEyanMWoodcrest Christian (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFieldsMaxMPalisades Charter (LA)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKushenGriffinMTesoro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrtizZionMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezGabrielMGreat Oak (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAldanaAidenMSt. John Bosco (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHarrisLoganMDana Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEphraimBrettMSan Clemente (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCohenLucasMAlbany (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrdaJoelMDana Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHunterOliverMDana Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCapelleEverettMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBurrAndrewMSacramento Country Day (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDresickSamMClovis West (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySantanaMatthewMSan Juan Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFernandezBenjaminMMatilda Torres (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCougevanConnorMDavis (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySandersLukeMBuchanan (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFortierRomeoMSan Juan Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOlneyBenMYosemite (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAyalaMikeMDana Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPuglieseSawyerMSanger (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDybdahlAndreasMSanta Barbara (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMetcalfLukeMSt. Francis (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRiceCharlesMSan Juan Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityReynoldsJonahMJesuit (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGalvezDanielMSanger (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPhillipsLyleMBishop O'Dowd (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySaxtonLiamMArchbishop Mitty (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOlneyJackMYosemite (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCressmanChaseMJesuit (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityReishCaydenMSan Juan Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcNealColeMClovis (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKeeneyJeffreyMGreat Oak (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySinghEshaanMGranada (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOliveiraJacksonMOakdale (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFrancoSamMSt. Francis (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityClarkPierceMSan Clemente (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySnowBlaiseMSanta Barbara (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGreeneishWestonMSan Luis Obispo (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDoctorJayMDavis (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHansenIanMMira Costa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySteggeFordMYosemite (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityElliottBraedenMFoothill Technology (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOvergaardJeffreyMLincoln - Stockton (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDelgadilloJosiahMClovis (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCostaHollisMVentura (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySionEddieMCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKunkelRyanMBuchanan (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRippeBenMNorco (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityClarkTajMSan Clemente (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStickneyParkerMMira Costa (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcKnightLiamMBakersfield (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPandherTegMClovis North (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoralesJalenMClovis (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPritskyMichaelMBuchanan (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySkoglundHunterMRedwood (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRasnerThomasMRedwood (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPatelSidMNewark Memorial (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPalaviciniNicoMClovis West (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezAndrewMSt. John Bosco (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChangLucasMBay School of San Francisco (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBirchimCainanMSanta Barbara (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityValenciaAlexMBakersfield (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHauserWilliamMMenlo School (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHarringtonDallinMSan Clemente (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWernerEthanMRedwood (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAdairAllisterMSan Francisco University (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySantiagoJuanMPioneer Valley (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityArumugamAakashMSacramento Country Day (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFranckOwenMMira Costa (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityArigaTaiyoMArnold O. Beckman (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrtega-GammillEricMReno High School12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChuaJarronMRowland (John A.) (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySalinasMarcusMClovis East (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilliamsRyanMUniversity City (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTijerinaEragonMRoseville (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWrightTreyMSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPriceDevinMSan Domenico (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreraJordanMClovis East (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGeyerJansenMBuchanan (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRoemmichNolanMSan Luis Obispo (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGrahamLukeMMira Costa (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcBrideCallumMAlbany (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKeyAustinMNorth Valleys High School12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOlmosAntonioMSantiago Corona (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRobertsLucianoMSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFaynsodIsaacMMira Costa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRansomAidanMEdison (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityShettyArnavMNewbury Park (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHardyQuentinMOak Ridge (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAhtenEliMHart (William S.) (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZadoorianLiamMCrescenta Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPapavasiliouLiamMThousand Oaks (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrnelasCalebMAyala (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGoetzJadenMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDeaconJefferyMFolsom (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEilenbergEnnioMBishop O'Dowd (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySkarrSebastianMCathedral (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeonAlexMSt. John Bosco (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWrightJeffersonMDavis (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJonesBenMSan Francisco University (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChambersJoshuaMCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJustinianCyrusMRio Americano (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeungBlakeMCollege Park (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHammelHenryMVentura (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalesManuelMTulare Western (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDaillakTylerMPaso Robles (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezEthanMBishop O'Dowd (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonJonasMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNewmanTayeMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeeAsherMRoyal (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFelixIbzanMArnold O. Beckman (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGraffignaNoahMYosemite (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcAleenanMarkMClovis East (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuzmanAidanMSt. Francis (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPeraltaDylanMRancho Cucamonga (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCravenTylerMBellarmine College Prep (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCavanaughJacobMOakdale (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKirbyKellenMBella Vista (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTorres-SandovalMartinMLa Quinta (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBaltzerJaceMLa Serna (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaradiagaCarlosMNewport Harbor (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezOzzyMMatilda Torres (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySweetJaxonMHighland (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonOwenMClovis East (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrownJackMMillikan (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillerPeytonMSpanish Springs11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGlickMattMMission Viejo (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLottConorMClovis North (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoralesAldenMJSerra Catholic (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinAugeMSt. Francis (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMachadoConnerMMonache (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBadoSamuelMRoyal (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGeorgeBenMScotts Valley (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAbbottIsaacMJesuit (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrownJacobMGreat Oak (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChapaKalebMClovis West (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHannahHunterMMatilda Torres (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMullikenWillMArchie Williams (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLayJaceMSantiago Corona (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFelix AndradeNoahMMatilda Torres (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDuffinBenMSan Francisco University (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySeefeldtAndrewMBranham (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeandroChanceMFoothill Technology (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySandersonGrantMMaria Carrillo (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHeinJacksonMPleasant Valley (NS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMyersLukeMCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityProvineYuvanMArchbishop Mitty (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLendoNicolasMLa Serna (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFrielPierceMSan Francisco University (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrantuasNicholasMUniversity City (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcNeeCooperMOaks Christian (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityClippinger-ZimmermanOliverMThousand Oaks (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySteinmanKevinMCorona del Mar (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezAngelMCapistrano Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRoseteUrielMNewport Harbor (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChettiarShreyMBellarmine College Prep (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJacobDarrickMAgoura (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTudorCalvinMRedwood (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGagnonArloMCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPellettiereChristopherMOaks Christian (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTamLucasMDavis (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuerreroDiegoMCathedral (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGriffinJoshMNevada Union (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDavisLukeMDouglas High School11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKoopmanNolanMRancho Cucamonga (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMooreMonteMMonache (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMurilloAlijahMBranham (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGlynnJPMAgoura (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFritchAndrewMLincoln - Stockton (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOlsenJacksonMBeyer (Fred C.) (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGivanDeaglanMBuchanan (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLantzMasonMScotts Valley (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNeunerLoganMLincoln - Stockton (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBerkJoshMAyala (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlpertMatthewMAgoura (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGardnerEvanMHomestead (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJonesAndrewMClovis West (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAzevedoMaxMMontgomery (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKeelingGrahamMSan Luis Obispo (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySotoNoahMSt. John Bosco (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMinutoliJohnMArchie Williams (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYoungJoshuaMTokay (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezMichaelMGreat Oak (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySaalJaredMMenlo School (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityShieldsGavinMRio Americano (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLuceroCashMLincoln - Stockton (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDennyNateMMission Viejo (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLawrenceCooperMPatrick Henry (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOlsenKaiMSan Clemente (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBanksKadenMSan Juan Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrennenCharlesMChico (NS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBacklinCadeMSan Luis Obispo (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYorkNickMArroyo Grande (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWinstonDavidMWoodcreek (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySpainZacharyMPalo Alto (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAvantSebastiaanMArroyo Grande (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEstilloreJustenMSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYoderChristianMOaks Christian (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinezSalvadorMMonache (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLinAaronMHomestead (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreraMichaelMClovis East (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBumbargerCooperMThousand Oaks (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYamiKidusMArchbishop Mitty (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRoddeyZachMUniversity City (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOliveiraMasonMOakdale (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndrulaitisBodeMSanta Barbara (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndersonMattMChico (NS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJaureguiMaxMBuchanan (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeckerRyanMCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBriefMichaelMMillikan (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHoneyJacobMWoodcreek (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRajeshPrithvijMAmador Valley (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityArndtBrianMPaso Robles (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFitzpatrickRyanMThe Nueva School (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEwingWesleyMOak Ridge (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMooreLiamMCollege Park (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCaseNoahMUniversity City (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopezEmmanuelMServite (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuizAnthonyMYosemite (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGill GulatiArranMAmador Valley (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZunigaGerardoMSanger (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAmaroVictorMHesperia (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNeelyMaxMClaremont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamos-JudgeMaximillianMMira Costa (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRubalcabaJakeMSantiago Corona (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySiebertJoshMServite (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHorrocksJackMFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNoelLandonMBakersfield (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMitchellJoshuaMOaks Christian (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWolfLukasMPatrick Henry (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityShahDevanshMBellarmine College Prep (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRomaine GleimMicahMPatrick Henry (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezAxelMSt. Francis (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySolomonDylonMReno High School11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVenegasDiegoMEl Toro (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMarottaKaiMGreat Oak (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRangelRichardMBakersfield (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWechslerEmmettMMillikan (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarnerLucasMSan Francisco University (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDoudMarkMPleasant Valley (NS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHooeyEdwinMVista del Lago (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDominguezIsmaelMOakdale (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRaigosaNicholasMWest Ranch (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRansomAidenMMillikan (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMacySawyerMCarson High School11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPazKaelMFernley High School11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMerkwanXanderMYucaipa (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuffChristopherMLa Jolla (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDhillonMehtaabMModesto (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinezJonahMWoodcrest Christian (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJansenNicolasMTempleton (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartelSidneyMAgoura (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTorresLoganMBuena (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLinLeytonMSan Francisco University (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBenamLorenzoMHesperia (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKoneru-AnsariSamiMFolsom (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEstradaJakeMMonache (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityArreyBradleyMJSerra Catholic (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEynonLandonMBella Vista (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDuttaRahulMDublin (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTassosNicholasMSanta Barbara (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrilliantJackMSan Francisco University (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGanTristanMDublin (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPotterJohnMWest Ranch (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVargasZackahrieMRedwood (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarrollLukeMOak Ridge (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBurkeAidanMPioneer Valley (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityManningChaseMTesoro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGordonEthanMLa Costa Canyon (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGeorgeSpencerMScotts Valley (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCatanedaKeanMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKarrCarsonMOak Ridge (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerazaSebastianMSaugus (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCiszekLoganMRancho Cucamonga (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuirozEdwinMMadera South (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHollisterJohnMSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJacksonNoahMSpanish Springs12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNogalIsaacMLa Serna (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorsetteBishopMPaso Robles (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRockwellSimonMClaremont (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRivieraGabrielMSanger (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLuceNathanMWoodcrest Christian (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMarcucciGrantMLa Costa Canyon (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityIniguezAlbertoMLittlerock (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMasonConorMSan Luis Obispo (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBishelReidMImmanuel (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRoundsSamMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFosterJoaquinMSan Domenico (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBodnar-CohenReedMBellarmine College Prep (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGivensBrennanMSaugus (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCampbellBenMBella Vista (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityArguetaLewisMHesperia (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCervantesArmandoMRighetti (Ernest) (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGregoryGrahamMMontgomery (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDurfeeKeeganMLa Jolla (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySharpIanMArchie Williams (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMuroMichaelMBrea Olinda (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilsonJackMMaria Carrillo (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChoiMatthewMBrea Olinda (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGouldIsaacMSan Clemente (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMikelonisLeonardoMSpanish Springs12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHebmannHectorMQuartz Hill (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityO'MearaMichaelMSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityParadiseJackMGreat Oak (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWardRobertMGranite Bay (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFloresAlec MGranada Hills Charter (LA)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarlisleBakerMFoothill Technology (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHalvorsenTylerMWest Ranch (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySniderNoahMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFarrellPaytonMEsperanza (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMedinaNicolasMSt. John Bosco (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYoungAustinMLa Costa Canyon (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityArellanoJulianMRoosevelt (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVigilAidanMLa Serna (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySantaGriffinMLowell (SF)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeaterCharlesMGranite Bay (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityParikhTanayMMonta Vista (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHenryRowanMNevada Union (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlexanderMalikMQuartz Hill (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAquinoAnthonyMEsperanza (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDiazAlvinoMMatilda Torres (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBurtonCalebMCrescenta Valley (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRushEthanMViewpoint (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWellsChristopherMFrontier (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeungCalebMHomestead (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWinderJamesMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStevensOwenMDavis (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPringleDevinMWoodcreek (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcNamaraRyanMTesoro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHarrisBlakeMVentura (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrownWestinMGreat Oak (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHalpinAlexMLos Altos (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityArriagaRoganMEl Toro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDawsonTrentonMMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityReevesCharlesMUniversity City (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKimRyanMPalo Alto (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDickersonCalebMPlacer (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySiscoJaysonMDavis (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWiseleyOwenMFolsom (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGrossNickMMaria Carrillo (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTorresCaesarMAyala (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFarleyMasonMYorba Linda (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezAdrianMCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRebolloMiguelMMadera South (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFeilerTobyMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCortesDiegoMRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDunnMichealMNorco (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySilvaEvanMClovis North (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFormanTobeyMSpanish Springs12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezUzielMMadera South (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWellmeyerAdrianMYorba Linda (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHoltermannBlakeMClovis West (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVenskoJakeMCollege Park (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPaniaguaCalebMSt. John Bosco (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMomsenJonahMRedwood (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarajasIzekMArnold O. Beckman (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWhitesonSilasMUniversity (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezJorgeMTracy (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCaricatoScottMYucaipa (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMazumderRashiqMArchbishop Mitty (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCadenaAnthonyMBakersfield (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchurmerCharlesMNordhoff (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMitchellBrettMReedley (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVersteegAidenMAmador Valley (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorrisonRyanMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityManensAlexisMBellarmine College Prep (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMuellerSethMYucaipa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarzaNoahMFrontier (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMinerAlexMCarson High School11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarlsonColeMJSerra Catholic (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNakaoRandyMWoodcreek (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLunettaBraydenMML King (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWongMatthewMClovis North (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTerryHayesMBeyer (Fred C.) (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoitoBuffaloMMatilda Torres (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMendoncaJefferyMHilmar (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarry-KaoMalcolmMLowell (SF)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityThorntonSeanMCarson High School10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTarbleBostonMRoseville (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMarinoDevinMMonache (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMarkovichDrewMRedwood (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDesaiKrishMMira Costa (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTellezMichaelMNewark Memorial (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWittGrahamMLowell (SF)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeningDevinMAgoura (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrownellJacksonMSan Clemente (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDisilvestroJoshuaMRio Americano (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWolfeParkerMTesoro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBlakeJettMSantiago Corona (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWatkinsSmoothMRancho Cucamonga (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBossBraydenMTulare Western (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDingEthanMAmador Valley (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKotaRohanMLos Altos (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityConleyJordanMViewpoint (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarabiniLouisMOcean View (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVenturaRussellMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarewTysonMAgoura (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTaylorSebastianMBishop O'Dowd (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcNealCodyMClovis (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNygrenJackMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcFerronJacksonMArchie Williams (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPalmerSebastianMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLlamasKadenMBuhach Colony (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndradeAlbertoMMonache (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezAbnerMOakdale (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBolliniDonovanMBranham (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBlackerDylanMNordhoff (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCastellanosRaelMClovis West (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBoydPatrickMBellarmine College Prep (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCamachoJacobMAmador Valley (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAguayoMannyMEsperanza (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJimenezDanteMCorcoran (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZimmerEdmondMTokay (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZanuckKylerMWindward (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKozmanKiroliosMBuhach Colony (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityArmijoAaronMRancho Cucamonga (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBiwottXavierMVista del Lago (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBodellAidenMWest Ranch (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBowdenChristopherMCentennial Corona (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGranadosEliMScotts Valley (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEstradaDavidMWindward (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMirzaFaarisMLowell (SF)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityValdiviaJulianMTulare Western (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWachterJackMEsperanza (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeeKaseyMViewpoint (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMitchellWilliamMUniversity City (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamirezJoshuaMBrea Olinda (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFeasterAaronMArnold O. Beckman (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBurchWillMBellarmine College Prep (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAfonineLukaMCollege Park (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZavalaDanielMQuartz Hill (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorenoOscarMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWalshLoganMCorona del Mar (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezAlejandroMFullerton Union (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaganaCharlesMCorcoran (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDudleyRyanMGranada Hills Charter (LA)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityThompsonAaronMBella Vista (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJonesGrantMOak Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrlickBrodyMSan Domenico (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLavertyAsherMWoodcreek (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYoungWynneMCorona del Mar (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAbererSilasMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGibsonDylanMLos Altos (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChoMosesMGranite Bay (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMonroyMathewMLittlerock (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillerGrantMLa Serna (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityO'ConnorOllyMViewpoint (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKruegerVinMOaks Christian (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySeeleyRyanMArchie Williams (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYoungGrantMValencia (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreraDiegoMRancho Cucamonga (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNinoAndresMRedwood (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVallesJonathanMWest Ranch (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNortonNikitaMTempleton (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHurstSamuelMLos Altos (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNicholsTravisMSpanish Springs11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYueJamesMMenlo School (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityThanhTylerMTracy (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDazkoOwenMBranham (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOcampoJoaquinMMillikan (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeererPeterMServite (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMouserAndrewMWoodcrest Christian (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHooeyJoshuaMVista del Lago (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezLuisMClovis West (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWillits-MusellCharlieMAlbany (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBuiDustinMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityO'KeefeOwenMLa Jolla (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYangNickolasMAlbany (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHeinAustinMPleasant Valley (NS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHooperThiagoMMission Viejo (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTungpalanNoahMCollege Park (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTangneyBlakeMArchbishop Mitty (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoranBlakeMTahoe Truckee (NIAA)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySasakiCarsonMChico (NS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCoykendallDylanMVilla Park (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFriedlLukeMJSerra Catholic (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityErskineEamonnMSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGivnerSamuelMAlbany (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarrancoRodrigoMWatsonville (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalez-CarbajalDiegoMChico (NS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKobayashiMaxMWindward (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySairamPranavMProspect (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFonsecaBrandonMSantiago Corona (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuzmanLucasMImmanuel (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLiuHenryMPalo Alto (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKadiyalaSreyasMLos Altos (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAdkinsAlexanderMBishop Union (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJorgensenDennisMDouglas High School12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLaFranceRyanMMontgomery (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityXavierGabrielMPoint Loma (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBillingsEliMFoothill Technology (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndersonOwenMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKellyMaximusMPoint Loma (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRatzlaffJakeMServite (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKellyOtisMMorro Bay (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNieblaBenjaminMGranada Hills Charter (LA)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAchtenThomasMArnold O. Beckman (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMitchellLukeMReedley (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHalevyIdoMHomestead (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAguilarOmarMBakersfield (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezAdrianMKing City (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPaul WalshJohnMArroyo Grande (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBotuchisJaredMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTofangdarAlirezaMHart (William S.) (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKlossKellanMGranada Hills Charter (LA)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCardenas-WalDiegoMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcLaughlinNolanMPleasant Valley (NS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGranados-PuvvulaAmanMWindward (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBedollaMiguelMMonache (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRoyerXavierMOakmont (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDiazBenjaminMSanta Barbara (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKeyCarsonMNorth Valleys High School10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEstimoJordanMBishop O'Dowd (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHightowerJacksonMBuhach Colony (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKunzeGeorgeMSan Domenico (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWongKadenMDublin (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBartellHavynMBeyer (Fred C.) (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezJacobMClovis East (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEsparzaOscarMTulare Western (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHopkinsAdamMSkyline (OK)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChangDanielMYorba Linda (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWallaceWilliamMTempleton (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuiahuaAndrewMKing City (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezOsaelMMadera South (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaldonadoAntonioMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYoungJacksonMUniversity (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAugelloJoeMSt. Mary's (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTobinBrennanMUniversity (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHulseJackMMission Viejo (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOviedoEmilioMValencia (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrydenEzraMTesoro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCamposDerekMAyala (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityShawLiamMBishop O'Dowd (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarcia SantamariaVictorMBeaumont (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDuenasAustinMWest Ranch (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDixonConnorMOcean View (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZutshiTanishMDublin (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCastellanosJacobMCapistrano Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMendoGiancarloMWatsonville (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcDanielTysonMMission Viejo (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWoodenJonahMBella Vista (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalesAnthonyMQuartz Hill (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGfellerHenryMWoodcrest Christian (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLandisNateMSt. Ignatius College Prep (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFahilgaNaupakaMRancho Cucamonga (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEnszKoenMImmanuel (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNielsenNathanMYucaipa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityIabichellaJohnMParaclete (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySieversTristanMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHANKERCHASEMSt. Mary's (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWidrigDustinMClaremont (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySubityCalebMValley Christian (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBell-AndradeJoaquinMCulver City (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySmilakTomasMLos Altos (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCephasTrajanMNorco (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGurusamyZaidenMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillerDevinMParaclete (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBurnsEricMRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMacielDavidMMadera South (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMendozaJorgeMLa Quinta (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOatesCarterMHomestead (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZapienDanielMWasco (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGomezDenzelMBishop Union (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrzunaEdwinMOcean View (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCevallosGeorgeMShafter (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRomeroEliMWatsonville (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDatwylerChristianMTesoro (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySmithPatrickMRighetti (Ernest) (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPhanDominicMCapistrano Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTamanahaBradyMNorth Torrance (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMideirosLyleMClaremont (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMuñozCarlosMBakersfield (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBishopIanMBella Vista (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHardingJordanMQuartz Hill (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTurnerTroyMMission Viejo (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoerensBraydenMCentral Valley Christian (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityColbertGreyMReno High School12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityElliottWyattMWoodcrest Christian (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJackmanKaiMLa Quinta (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCruzBenMEdison (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityArreolaJackMRedwood (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPandherGurdaveMClovis North (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaBrianMRighetti (Ernest) (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBakerWilliamMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityContrerasNicholasMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRezneckJoshuaMThe Nueva School (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLightJacobMBeaumont (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDalyNigelMChico (NS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityValdovinosReaganMFrontier (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCauseeEvanMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityThroopChristianMEl Toro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKingDiegoMAlta Loma (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBoparaiKavanMRiver Valley (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoralesAdrianMQuartz Hill (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHoustonLleytonMBranham (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcGreevyIsaacMLa Jolla (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeleriqueBraxtonMHilmar (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCuetoAlejandroMHart (William S.) (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBowenBryceMArroyo Grande (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDaileyRowanMPleasant Valley (NS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMentzelAsaMLowell (SF)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDaviesTaranMLos Altos (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySwainOliverMSan Domenico (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrandtWilliamMPlacer (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDowningTrentMCapistrano Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCortezAnthonyMSanger (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChiuKevinMLa Jolla (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLawsonPrestonMRio Americano (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcKennaTonyMPalo Alto (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChristenCharlieMCapistrano Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPedregosaKevinMDublin (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHendersonBrandoMClaremont (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGirtKentonMChico (NS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRiosAidenMLaguna Creek (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCoxAlijahMSantiago Corona (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAldapeCristianMLa Quinta (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChuaAnselMSt. Mary's (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTennantBrennonMCollege Park (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTaylorDonnieMOak Ridge (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMasebaMitchellMLaguna Creek (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGollaJackMFullerton Union (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHendricksAltinMSummerville (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCayabayabKoenMNevada Union (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJacksonMcCoveyMCypress (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGongHaydenMBay School of San Francisco (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFloresNoahMValencia (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDiazEliasMPioneer Valley (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYamamotoAustinMBrea Olinda (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGaillardTeddyMThe Nueva School (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVasquezRafaelMKing City (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWittHenryMLowell (SF)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStephensLukeMLa Costa Canyon (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGreshamRobbyMYosemite (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoralesJadenMRoyal (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityForsythJaydenMCentral Valley Christian (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezCalebMOakmont (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySteffensNoahMCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityShultzAdrienMLa Jolla (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilsonDevanMGranite Bay (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNielsonMariusMBrea Olinda (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHuchingsNoahMNorco (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDawsonNaveenMAlameda (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityScottNikoMBrea Olinda (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcGinnessConnorMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGleimNoahMLaguna Creek (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLinaresGabrielMNewark Memorial (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWeberChristian MArnold O. Beckman (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRazoRobertMAyala (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMurrayKeeranMSouth Pasadena (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHarrisonFinleyMHilmar (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalesPatrickMBuhach Colony (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityReyesJerrellMOakmont (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuevedoMosesMReedley (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNavarroVicenteMCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPrattCarsonMBeyer (Fred C.) (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTakuraSeanMSouth Torrance (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySantiagoRodrigoMKing City (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchaferWilliamMRedwood (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEntwisleCalebMProspect (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarryJudeMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWaldmanEliMMorro Bay (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRomanJarredMPlacer (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLawtonCodyMCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBudlongCaydenMNordhoff (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBurnettJackMJSerra Catholic (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDonnerRyanMClaremont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMendozaJoelMReedley (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFacendaJacobMAyala (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLightElijahMBeaumont (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDenizJesseMMerced (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWallaceCohenMTempleton (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamirezAngelMMatilda Torres (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGrunburgNoahMNewport Harbor (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPetersenLarsMAlameda (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGoparDevinMBuhach Colony (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNguyenAnthonyMBranham (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPetrikAustinMMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNeulanderAdamMEl Segundo (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPrietoAlvaroMCorona del Mar (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNorrisDavidMAyala (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySpencerSageMDouglas High School11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHayesJamesMQuartz Hill (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySinghArshpreetMMadera South (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWeissAaronMScotts Valley (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWozniakJoeyMNorco (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcCrackenEthanMNevada Union (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRomeoIvanMCarson High School9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYiElliotMCypress (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySiinoDominicMOakmont (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeererJosephMServite (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCanadayJustinMCentral Valley Christian (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLalaniZayaanMDublin (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEnquistIanMVista del Lago (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChavezJacobMMerced (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGutierrezAlbertoMEsperanza (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySmallNoahMAmador Valley (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFredricksStephenMSt. Francis (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeitnerRyanMFullerton Union (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDarrowJeremyMValley Christian (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAvelarRomanMFrontier (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchuetzeJacobMSan Luis Obispo (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySungaJaredMWatsonville (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPimentelJacobMFresno Christian (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySalinas-HolzDesiMWatsonville (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHarrisDenverMLa Jolla (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNinoAlbertoMRedwood (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRiceMaxwellMVista del Lago (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityArdekaniAidenMBuchanan (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPrillhartJadenMFoothill Technology (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAyersCodyMPatrick Henry (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTiffanyJoshMNevada Union (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVanWormerParkerMPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarcelosRyanMHilmar (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityButcherRyanMEl Segundo (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWallJacobMSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityShiJustinMValley Christian (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTasseyCovinMBuhach Colony (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoyaIsaacMPatrick Henry (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAvilaDominicMPatrick Henry (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySalisburyAndrewMValley Christian (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWalhofNathanMCentral Valley Christian (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHoangKobiMLincoln - Stockton (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGinieczkiNickMBay School of San Francisco (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLitchfieldLukeMWasco (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKnickerbockerParkerMLa Quinta (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySomsoukMicahMBay School of San Francisco (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYesenoskyTylerMPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAmayaArturoMLa Serna (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityClementeGabrielMKing City (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWhiteConorMFoothill Technology (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaAlvaroMKing City (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZhangEricMArchbishop Mitty (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlanizNoahMCentennial Corona (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPaddockLukeMVilla Park (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGandhiOmMValley Christian (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFarnworthTylerMMira Loma (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMichelRobertoMHesperia (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlgaziAidanMCorona del Mar (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySmithDaelynMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuAlexMFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarrillo FregosoOscarMOak Ridge (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFieldsRichardMClovis North (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarronJoshMEl Toro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCaballeroJacobMOntario (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStephensRichardMLittlerock (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcGinnessCooperMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTeschOliverMFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCrowderOtisMMira Loma (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHorrocksNathanielMFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKarcherNathanMFullerton Union (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRojasJavierMSanger (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFordhamElijahMFrontier (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChangKyleMPalo Alto (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMooneyLukeMFrontier (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopezJosueMHart (William S.) (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityScottDirkMOakdale (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCahuantziAngelMOcean View (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTalwarMaxMMenlo School (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDivinagraciaRaphaelMFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinezJustinMLincoln - Stockton (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLyJonahMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLucaini-EatonLucasMNorth Valleys High School11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBaileyElijahMExeter (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarrCooperMPlacer (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMosesJacksonMSummerville (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarrChrisMSummerville (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPaulMichaelMSt. Mary's (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFernandezNathanielMSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLovatoNathanMNordhoff (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZavalaAndrewMRoseville (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezUrielMPioneer Valley (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCanadianTeganMSpanish Springs11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPalsgaardIanMFresno Christian (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlvaradoJoshuaMLaguna Creek (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTranTylerMValley Christian (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBenitezChristopherMEdison (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCapitoColinMAlta Loma (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCoontzSeanMGranite Bay (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCollazoJoseMRiver Valley (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMerrittJustinMWindward (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySrinivasanAmayMMenlo School (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityShahRuhaanMMonta Vista (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBedollaAndresMKing City (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKennedyWallaceMVilla Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKadelNavinMJesuit (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLealErickMCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStreeterCamrenMRighetti (Ernest) (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRobirdsMatthewMGranite Bay (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilcoxKylanMReno High School12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySweetmanLoganMTokay (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFreedNateMCarson High School10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySavaliaKaayanMYorba Linda (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGranadosRobertoMHesperia (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilcoxBeckettMPatrick Henry (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySouzaJTMSummerville (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityConnellyNolanMSan Luis Obispo (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCastilloErickMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNordJoelMDouglas High School12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDovaliJoshuaMSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaReneMRiver Valley (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarlsonJohnMOakmont (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNiednagelIsaacMLa Costa Canyon (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySteelmanTaylorMNorth Valleys High School12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLiMaxMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJonesAdamMNevada Union (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFullerLantzMSkyline (OK)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySemerdjianVickenMEl Segundo (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBriggsJaseMLittlerock (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWagnerCaptianMOaks Christian (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrtiz-TiburcioBenjaminMPioneer Valley (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMadrigalApoloMNordhoff (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWalkerJackMMorro Bay (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPereraElijahMLa Serna (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCabrera-RomeroFrankieMNorth Torrance (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWierman CurtisCadenMReno High School12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVelazquezTonatiuthMFernley High School12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezMichaelMEsperanza (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCoxDerekMCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaIanMWasco (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLindbergBryceMHomestead (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAjmaniShahanMTerra Linda (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRoperEthanMCapistrano Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoreraDavidMHilmar (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySagaraNethumMUniversity (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHershLeorMBay School of San Francisco (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLuShunMFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDaviesOtisMSkyline (OK)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLinDarrenMMonta Vista (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHarperConnorMLaguna Creek (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPageAlexanderMValley Christian (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeesettiSohamMMonta Vista (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHartKylerMHeritage Christian Northridge (S12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDaniel WallaceIsiahMNorth Valleys High School12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRowneyTateMBay School of San Francisco (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMelgarCarlosMMerced (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVan DorenChristianMImmanuel (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKinersonBryseMRiver Valley (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWaldronAidanMSt. Francis (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMasanjaWilliamMCypress (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAgredanoDiegoMTulare Western (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezJose ManuelMShafter (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFittCalebMBishop Union (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDovaliDylanMSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKikekawa-FraserJarvisMSouth Pasadena (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMariscal-CarmonaUrielMPioneer Valley (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinConnorMMira Loma (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVuErvinMNorth Torrance (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLaiChristopherMSkyline (OK)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMendozaIvanMOntario (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRosenBenMViewpoint (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBandaJudeMFullerton Union (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMirandaMarioMClaremont (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySullivanLeviMSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCamposNathanielMFrontier (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWuXinMMira Loma (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezKevinMFernley High School11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNordahlRyanMMira Loma (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMunozIsaacMParaclete (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPhamEthanMPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCasellaVincentMServite (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPetersonGradyMMontgomery (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVidalesAlbertMCorcoran (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMiyaiChristopherMHomestead (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySperlingParkerMSan Domenico (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTuttleErnestMRoseville (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHowardKeylanMCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMercadoTomasMMontgomery (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBaileyKadenMExeter (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuezadaJonathanMCorcoran (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezWilliamMShafter (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezRobertMAlta Loma (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLeeTakumiMSkyline (OK)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFrankfortPierceMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuzmanAdrianMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGishAmeenMUniversity (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPereyraAleasMRighetti (Ernest) (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMayAlexMScotts Valley (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVegasXavierMCulver City (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityThilkingKarlMArchbishop Mitty (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPablo PabloAngelMSkyline (OK)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHunterRyanMRoseville (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityParedesDavidMCorcoran (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySevillaMichealMOakmont (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRostamBenjaminMRoseville (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrizabaAidanMHesperia (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLanzendorfMaxMSan Domenico (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRojasCesarMCorcoran (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityForsythLandenMCentral Valley Christian (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezNathyuremMNorth Valleys High School10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMooreAnthonyMParaclete (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWaltherMarkMCarson High School10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNorthNicholasMFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBernalSebastienMChico (NS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillerBenjaminMWatsonville (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinezErnestoMWatsonville (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBergaraIsaiahMHeritage Christian Northridge (S11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVillaManuelMSt. Mary's (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChacko-WhitingAarianMSkyline (OK)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGaskellSamuelMDouglas High School12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySalviRishiMMonta Vista (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYimNoahMHeritage Christian Northridge (S12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAshtonWyattMTempleton (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAcostaGabrielMNorth Valleys High School11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCajigasAndreMBeyer (Fred C.) (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMillonidaJonahMSt. Mary's (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYoungAustinMCentral Valley Christian (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBartonSamMCentral Valley Christian (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLackeyKalebMBeyer (Fred C.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHolstDominicMMorro Bay (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcKeonNateMScotts Valley (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityReidMatthewMPlacer (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMedellinCalebMParaclete (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBernsteinGabrielMThe Nueva School (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBishopElijahMSt. Mary's (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMendozaSamuelMExeter (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAguilarJeanMPioneer Valley (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorudColtonMTempleton (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerryJeffreyMExeter (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVon RudenErikMNevada Union (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBennerRussellMCalabasas (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBlairNathanielMDouglas High School9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWashiyamaTakumiMEl Toro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySaribekyanDavidMRoseville (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoldrupHunterMMerced (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHollenMilesMPaso Robles (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGutierrezGaelMCorcoran (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySettjeCooperMCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonNoahMDouglas High School9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLewisCalvinMMira Loma (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityForsterTobiasMUniversity (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNava TrejoKevinMTracy (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWestonConradMOaks Christian (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMergellAlexMFernley High School10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPinedaMarkos MML King (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFaberyAlecMHeritage Christian Northridge (S11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZamoraRomanMOak Ridge (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDi SaiaNicolasMFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKocherPatrickMOakmont (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFierro GomezAlanMShafter (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCruzNathanielMExeter (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStoutTeaganMLittlerock (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuinea RamosEdwinMContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNagahashiAstonMNorth Torrance (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchwarzerColinMFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAvilaAndrewMShafter (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTurnbullZachMPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorenoChristopherMExeter (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDhillonManvirMClovis North (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityIkedaCalvinMNorth Torrance (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLedesma-JamesSkylerMFernley High School10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorganJordanMParaclete (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWallaceCharlesMCabrillo - Lompoc (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityThiesEricMTahoe Truckee (NIAA)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHubbardJoshuaMAlta Loma (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStankoKieranMLowell (SF)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamahiFirasMMira Loma (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFinnertyBodhiMMontgomery (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezJonathanMCypress (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonNathanMAlta Loma (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBraatenBlakeMBishop Union (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGinnLakeMParaclete (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySaadeAlexanderMHeritage Christian Northridge (S10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityArevaloIrvinMContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDulayBradleyMMonta Vista (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKnellerNathanMSouth Torrance (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKurtleyBrandonMYosemite (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCayetanoEthanMVilla Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLevertonIsaacMHeritage Christian Northridge (S11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTapiaAlanMContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJordanRyanMRighetti (Ernest) (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYamakoshiSpencerMCulver City (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamirezJustusMCordova (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamirezMaximilianoMMillikan (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamirezGadielMMadera South (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorrisLucasMAliso Niguel (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFredericksCalebMSaugus (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuezadaBradMML King (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRajuSattvikMAmador Valley (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarterOwenMArroyo Grande (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamirezMaximusMCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarrig-BraunWilliamMFlintridge Prep (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamosKaydenMValencia (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRadieddineFarisMAliso Niguel (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRamosYeshuaMReedley (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHooperQuinnMAlameda (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDouglassMaxMCorona del Mar (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuyerEvanMFlintridge Prep (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBilodeauConnor MGranite Bay (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHalpineLiamMEl Segundo (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFoxZevMDavis (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTorresAntonioMDel Oro (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBirkenbachJonahMMerced (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityUmholtzRainerMNordhoff (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDizonCarterMLiberty (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCastellanosTylerMRoyal (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRathkanthiwarAryanMMonte Vista (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKawabataKenjiMNewark Memorial (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFuentesOzzyMLiberty (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWebbJustinMProspect (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDiehlArcherMArchie Williams (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonNathanielMContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRayShoppMSummerville (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityIngJamesMFolsom (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityQuallsAugustMReno High School9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHillOrenMThousand Oaks (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRebolledo-YnostrosAxelMCalifornia (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezBrandonMCentennial Corona (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDickranMicahMNewbury Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuttierezKristianMHart (William S.) (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDiaz-BarrigaAlvinMSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLayNoahMSantiago Corona (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFongSkylerMCalabasas (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChicNathanMNorth Torrance (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDiazEthanMGranada Hills Charter (LA)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEandiAnthonyMPlacer (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMorenaMarcosMHilmar (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTilleyKaiMSouth Pasadena (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoralesTylerMUniversity (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKrishnanRohanMThe Nueva School (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFullerNathanMMorro Bay (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBazoCadenMSaugus (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAndersonNathanMCalabasas (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityValenzuelaCalebMChino (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezAlejandroMCulver City (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHarrisonRileyMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMontijoJohnathanMServite (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKimAdrianMProspect (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRios HernandezAngelMHeritage Christian Northridge (S10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVorsterLoganMLiberty (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMunozLucasMCapistrano Valley (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKagazwalaHusainMSouth Torrance (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDhivakaranAadhavanMNewark Memorial (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWartenbergJasonMVilla Park (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRizzoneTylerMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarlson LoganMML King (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaAaronMCypress (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarriosJoseMExeter (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaAlexMDel Oro (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWillisWadeMPaso Robles (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRoblesDiegoMCulver City (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWolfsonMikahMCalabasas (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAragonTajMBrea Olinda (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreraMauricioMReedley (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNevilleAndrewMViewpoint (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNapolesJulianMTokay (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBlockJonahMMenlo School (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrunColinMViewpoint (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStotskyDanielMWindward (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDel MuroSantiagoMBeaumont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMoyalAgamMAgoura (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFitzgeraldNigelMThousand Oaks (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDeanNicholasMThousand Oaks (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezJacobMSaugus (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDuniLukeMArroyo Grande (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGutierrezIsraelMDel Oro (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaJoseMDel Oro (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBocksCharlieMNewport Harbor (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMirandaJosiahMAliso Niguel (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTamBrandonMFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBabuShreevatsonMFolsom (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTankMalachiMEl Segundo (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDe SantosJohnPaulMJSerra Catholic (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHallTylerMMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezNathanMCypress (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChiConnorMWindward (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRodriguezVictorMImmanuel (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLambertNoahMWoodcrest Christian (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarciaXavierMCathedral (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChavesAlexMRio Americano (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlvarado AbarcaManuelMContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHannanMatthewMPlacer (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNewtonKainoaMBay School of San Francisco (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChamieBenjaminMCalabasas (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMinerMaddoxMMorro Bay (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKulkarniDhruvMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGarmaIsaiahMCypress (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTrejoTristanMRoyal (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMinartoDylanMRowland (John A.) (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTurkPeterMThousand Oaks (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNguyenMasonMArnold O. Beckman (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTututiIsaacMAlta Loma (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNicholasZacharyMLiberty (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPlummerJustinMPleasant Valley (NS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEscalanteDiegoMLittlerock (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityValorosiJeremiahMFresno Christian (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMikhaelGeorgeMGranada (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCatanzaroEthanMFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGibsonAidenMPaso Robles (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKlingerCashMValencia (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEvansLandonMPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVeravenichParkerMMission Viejo (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityProstMaxwellMAlbany (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVicenteAnthonyMOcean View (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFogelIanMCulver City (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVilla MorenoCarlosMCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMendozaMarceloMRio Mesa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarterNathanielMAlameda (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGiesea ObeckQuentinMNordhoff (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHengTylerMRowland (John A.) (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDanielsonPhoenixMRiver Valley (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHermannCourvoisier MRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuizAdamMSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWangEricMThe Nueva School (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMejia-HidalgoAlejandroMBeyer (Fred C.) (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarpenterKaiMEl Segundo (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuizNoahMCalifornia (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCarneyJordanMBuena (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGineteIsaacMRoosevelt (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWenAveryMAlbany (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRuzonJoshMTracy (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEasterbrookSpencerMSaugus (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityRydenRiveraMSummerville (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezJosephMCalifornia (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJimenezSaulMCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilliamsConnerMTerra Linda (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJaffinJoshuaMLa Costa Canyon (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWilsonCaelMFernley High School9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDuenasCalebMMerced (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBonaparteKhylerMNewport Harbor (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFogelHaydenMCulver City (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCafaroMateoMMonte Vista (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySachdevaRishabMMonte Vista (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreraJesusMHilmar (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBaileyStephenMProspect (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityIgnacioLeoMRio Mesa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySakaiCarterMFlintridge Prep (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerrera PonceAngelMFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcLaughlinJacobMGranada (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBulmanAidenMEl Toro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPatelDhirMTracy (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrozcoSaulMJSerra Catholic (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcGeeConnorMLiberty (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityNeufeldAaronMShafter (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityParrasNathanMCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBromleyErikMGranada (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySanchezEdwinMEsperanza (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBortolinViggoMFoothill Technology (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCuevas GomezAdrianMGranada (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLewisMatthewMSan Juan Hills (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBelandres Charles MRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStewartFrankMML King (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySandovalVincentMBuena (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStoneAidanMDublin (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCuellarEduardoMSanger (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBhattacharyaShreyamMOak Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySantamariaJoseMBuena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStumpfhauserNoahMImmanuel (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAllen-AguirreMateoMTesoro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMurrayGrantMBuena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcDonaldLeoMFlintridge Prep (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySwadlingZaneMPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcCarthyQuinnMTerra Linda (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySwaineMasonMRoyal (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySantosEliazMDel Oro (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLee-BaezSantiagoMBuena (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEverestMatthiasMSanta Barbara (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuzmanAbrahamMBuhach Colony (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFosterAustinMBeaumont (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPrabhuRonakMMonte Vista (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGoingThomasMAlameda (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHabbestadTorenMYorba Linda (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcAlpineLucasMMorro Bay (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTaoJamesMRowland (John A.) (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityScarinceMichaelMSouth Pasadena (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTapiaAngelMContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchadeAleksanderMGranada (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHalperinSeanMVilla Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMcAdamParkerMAliso Niguel (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPoulsen FuentesRichardMFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchenkTreyMRio Americano (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCheyerDanielMBranham (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySchohnNathanielMNewbury Park (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChenOliverMChino (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityScholzChristianMNewport Harbor (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAspertAldrinMSaugus (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMayoralJacobMCalifornia (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFilippiGiovanniMClovis (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCruzAlexMDel Oro (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKuskeJohnMRio Mesa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityDuttShivneelMLaguna Creek (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTieuLeoMMonte Vista (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMurilloJullianMLaguna Creek (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAguilarAntonioMArchie Williams (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinez FalconHyderMNewark Memorial (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityChangAidenMRio Americano (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalesAlexanderMPaso Robles (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTorresAidanMClovis (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCozaddAugustinMSouth Torrance (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPonteBaylenMLincoln - Stockton (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySegovianoOsvaldoMTulare Western (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKuchnickiQuinnMCarson High School9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySeguraJoseMTulare Western (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityTrejoAngiloMYucaipa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMartinezKevinMFlintridge Prep (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCaywoodHaydenMNorco (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityServinKennethMCathedral (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeaversTheodoreMVista del Lago (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPrietoBernardoMVilla Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPohlmanElijahMEl Segundo (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFabilaOmarMCathedral (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKoernerAldenMTerra Linda (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySextonJackMOcean View (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityUgaldeSantiagoMChino (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFletcherAsaMNewbury Park (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCavanaghGabrielMRedwood (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezArameniMLa Quinta (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAguadoDiegoMHesperia (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMarleyEthanMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKochAndrewMFolsom (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCostelloJaidenMBeaumont (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKnoxJackMCorona del Mar (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityShepherdBenMFresno Christian (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVargasRigoMRio Mesa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityShepherdJoelMFresno Christian (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVasquezEsaiMSummerville (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityShernJustinMRedwood (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFatehiMateenMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAldapeJosephMLa Quinta (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKippesTristanMPalo Alto (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGonzalezJovannyMDel Oro (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBayBlakeMFresno Christian (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFleckRileyMLa Costa Canyon (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVergaraJesseMRio Mesa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityShortRichardMRighetti (Ernest) (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityVestCarterMWoodcreek (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGoodnightColbyMReno High School10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKemsleyNickMRedwood (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMansbridgeDeclanMFlintridge Prep (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOuHoraceMProspect (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGordaTylerMRiver Valley (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOsterhaus-FloresJaydenMGranada Hills Charter (LA)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGossardAidanMRoosevelt (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHaynesTylerMArroyo Grande (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySilvaAndyMCalifornia (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBarraganZaylenMCalifornia (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaldonadoJesusMClovis (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKarresTristanMMontgomery (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMaldonadoDanteMYorba Linda (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityKalinkeBaretMRoyal (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFelstedStryderMSpanish Springs9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPlewAidanMBuena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAldanaNoahMSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezAustinMRoosevelt (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGrayTannerMGranada (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOgilvieMatthewMJesuit (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySittonGabrielMMaria Carrillo (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJuarez-CuevasEduardoMRio Mesa (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySituBenjaminMRowland (John A.) (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAvisAnthonyMWoodcreek (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlcarazJoshuaMReedley (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWatsonSimonMRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAlarcon VidesAnthonyMCanyon - Canyon Country (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJuarezJacobMRowland (John A.) (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySloanJonahMVentura (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJoyceAidanMYucaipa (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySloanNoahMVentura (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJoshiKieranMCalabasas (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBeebe ReadKalleanMSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWengerColeMRio Mesa (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLuluMohammedMNewark Memorial (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWesolowskiAlexMML King (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGrijalbaDavidMTerra Linda (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBatchellerKadenMAlta Loma (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLoweCooperMMonte Vista (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBasinAlexanderMValencia (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGuevaraBrandonMNewbury Park (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHofererDrakeMJesuit (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLorenzoJoshuaMRowland (John A.) (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWileyJamesonMHart (William S.) (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoAdrianMValencia (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityCantuAdrianMWest Ranch (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLorenzoCarterMImmanuel (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPewthersKeltyMNewport Harbor (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopezLukeMRoosevelt (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJohnsonColeMSouth Torrance (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityColeLoganMNorth Torrance (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHernandezMatiasMTerra Linda (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZamoraJorgeMNorco (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBenyamHeyabMSouth Torrance (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezJaimeMTracy (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityJacobsAustinMLiberty (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHoJonathanMThe Nueva School (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHerreraBradenMNewbury Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrandeisOwenMMonte Vista (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityWongDanielMVista del Lago (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityFearCalvinMBella Vista (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrtillanoJacobMYorba Linda (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHodgesMarkMOak Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPettitNealMOak Park (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityEberhartAustinMRiver Valley (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAvarellArcherMYucaipa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLlamasAaronMCalifornia (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityOrtegaHugoMShafter (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLiWangBrandonMMerced (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYadlaHaviMFolsom (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLiuRyanMMonta Vista (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHudsonIvanMBishop O'Dowd (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGutierrezAlanMTokay (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBulalacaoDanielMEl Toro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStallworthJoshuaMTracy (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHigginsDeclanMJesuit (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPriemDavidMGranada Hills Charter (LA)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBuiJaydenMFranklin Elk Grove (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityStantonNicolasMFlintridge Prep (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYoshidaLoganMCentennial Corona (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityGutierrezEdwinMContreras (Miguel) Learning Comp11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrunkeKarsonMAliso Niguel (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLiewCoreyMRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBrownDanielMRoosevelt (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityClarkeQuentinMPleasant Valley (NS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYoungMauryMOcean View (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBlattnerAndersonMAliso Niguel (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityYuJeremyMProspect (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLiaoWesleyMAlameda (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityAbufarhaBaraaMBeaumont (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityBellottiMaxMAlameda (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZamoraNicolasMHart (William S.) (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoperWilliamMLiberty (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHoHaydenMPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySotoMarcoMLittlerock (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityHockingEddieMAliso Niguel (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopezEdgarMChino (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityZavaleta MaximoMML King (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsitySoughayerPorterMRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopezCruzMChino (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityLopezAdrianMRoosevelt (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityMakarukRomanMTerra Linda (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunVarsityPerezSeanMFernley High School11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVO'BrienBrookeFJSerra Catholic (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGeoffronAmelieFSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBurgessRileyFBuchanan (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDimitrashchukElizabethFBuchanan (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVJeanneretGeorgiaFJSerra Catholic (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBurmanBaileyFVentura (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBoucherNolaFOak Ridge (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHernandezSofiaFVentura (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRopackiBriannaFGreat Oak (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLewisEmmaFLos Altos (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGonzalezEvelynFEl Toro (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBarnesKatelynFRio Americano (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPerezItaliaFClovis North (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVUllyottJacquelineFGranite Bay (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBeesonAvaFGreat Oak (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDonofrioEmilyFGreat Oak (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVAltafferAlaynaFSanger (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCabadasValeriaFAyala (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVAllanicAxelleFLos Altos (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCrudenJenniferFLos Altos (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRhodes-NguyenChloeFSt. Francis (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHuxMollyFJSerra Catholic (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMcLeodAmeliaFVentura (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVJohnsonAmerieFJSerra Catholic (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMalmquistLucyFJSerra Catholic (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHakimipourGoharFClovis North (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVForthAshnaFSan Francisco University (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVShieIsabelleFClaremont (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVOkuyamaMichaelaFHart (William S.) (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVNicholsLuluFSan Francisco University (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDooleyEllaFCarson High School12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLopezAlaynaFClovis North (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVAgnoliAnnaFSan Francisco University (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRojasAudreyFGreat Oak (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMartinezAprilFHart (William S.) (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMobleyOliviaFVentura (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCortZoeFSan Francisco University (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVJainChristinaFEl Toro (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFennerAyslaFRedwood (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCuevasRhyannaFMadera South (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSmithCourtneyFCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMaciasRubyFWasco (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFennellKirstenFVista del Lago (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVOrtunoKiraFClovis North (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGundersonGraceFMaria Carrillo (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGeyerReesaFBuchanan (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPlatonAlexandraFLos Altos (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVOakesDalilahFRio Americano (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVExleyReneFNewark Memorial (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMartinMercedasFWasco (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMatrangaGiannaFWest Ranch (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVEdwardsEvanFClaremont (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPengKristenFWest Ranch (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBellAmeliaFSt. Francis (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVAyalaAnaisFAyala (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSwainMaddyFSan Francisco University (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBarkehanaiCharlotteFEl Toro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMurdyMaddieFTesoro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaAvaFClovis (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVJainDiyaFWest Ranch (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCookeKaitlinFRio Americano (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSommerVerenaFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVYatskoMayaFLos Altos (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKimClaireFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaIdalyFCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHelmeCharlotteFQuartz Hill (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHurleyEmilyFClovis West (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHortonHannahFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGuayCelineFSan Francisco University (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVNikaidoClarisseFAyala (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVManciaNicoFWest Ranch (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVO'MalleyCaydenFQuartz Hill (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHecklerAbigailFRoseville (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMillerAveryFEl Toro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGrierAlannaFLos Altos (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFalconeMaiFAmador Valley (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKuryMelaniFHart (William S.) (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVAhartAshlynnFHart (William S.) (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBakusGabriellaFTesoro (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBelflowerJillianFPatrick Henry (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMedinaAddisonFCrescenta Valley (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSherryCaitlinFWest Ranch (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMunsonJuneFWest Ranch (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCunninghamJuliaFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBeckwithTyneFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBadenhopeGeorgiaFSan Francisco University (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGibsonJordanFAyala (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDavenportStellaFSt. Francis (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRobertelloAvaFClovis North (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBryantBeckyFCentral Valley Christian (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFengNatalieFMaria Carrillo (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDoberJordanFCapistrano Valley (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVModiIshikaFLos Altos (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLopezMarilynFWasco (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSchorzAllisonFWest Ranch (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBerryAveryFFrontier (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFalkSofiaFGranite Bay (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHickeyChloeFSt. Francis (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGriffithsCharlotteFClaremont (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVVelasquezLaniFHighland (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMuñozGabrielaFSanger (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVClarkIvyFTesoro (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFfolkesMiaFTesoro (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMeadows-YawJulianaFRoseville (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSpydellHelenaFPoint Loma (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKnaussHaileyFLos Altos (CC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSweeneyEmmaFCapistrano Valley (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMartinSavannaFML King (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHamiltonSophieFClaremont (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVClarkTalulaFClaremont (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCuestaMarisaFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPrasadManasiFMonta Vista (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCarlAriannaFWoodcreek (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVIngramSydneyFCarson High School11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHericOliviaFCapistrano Valley (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBurnsEverFCapistrano Valley (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLustbergRachelFMaria Carrillo (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBanuelosAlessandraFSanger (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHardenZeinaFTesoro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBrodyCaitlynFML King (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCardenas-WallenfelTeresaFPoint Loma (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLozowskiClaireFRoseville (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLantelloCierraFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMaskeyKaitlynFDublin (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPefferEliseFSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLeeGabrielleFDublin (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVTremontiElizabethFQuartz Hill (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKunkelMarenFBuchanan (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPaskosKyraFCollege Park (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRoseMadisonFLaguna Creek (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLiVivianFClaremont (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGaoSiranFMonta Vista (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVTorresGiselleFWasco (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMorenoMaleahFFrontier (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBlauGretaFSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKamarshiHemaniFMonta Vista (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVWittelesSamanthaFLos Altos (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBasasMileyFFullerton Union (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVEscaleraArianaFShafter (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFranzLaurelFShafter (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBettencourtJuliaFRoseville (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVShaferAbigailFFrontier (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRuizPamelaFLa Costa Canyon (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSuarez-VillalvazoVinenzkaFFullerton Union (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBhanseMeeraFAmador Valley (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPachecoUniqueFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMichilleVallesilloFWasco (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVShahbazianJolieFQuartz Hill (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFloresBetssaydaFWasco (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMelgozaPenelopeFOntario (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLarsonKarinaFTesoro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGalvinRemingtonFRoseville (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaAutumnFRio Americano (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDhaliwalJasmineFDublin (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMittalIshaFDublin (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLiKatieFMonta Vista (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCarpenterAvaFPatrick Henry (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMcElroyClaireFQuartz Hill (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCamachoDaisyFYosemite (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSinghJasmineFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVAllenMaxFPoint Loma (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBeachLilyFWoodcreek (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVNguyenAmeliaFEl Toro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPierceLucyFYosemite (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVVashistHridyaFDublin (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVJeonEllaFAmador Valley (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCrumptonZoeFClovis North (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCuevasKellyFEl Toro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMartinGraciellaFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVProctorGracieFYosemite (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGallardoEliseFFrontier (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBanesJulianaFMonta Vista (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVVasquezNatalieFFullerton Union (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKemKailynFYosemite (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVVenketsamyKeiraFAmador Valley (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGomezMalissaFCapistrano Valley (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCalderonLaurenFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVVenketsamyKatelinFAmador Valley (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGrayBrynnFVentura (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGottamKarthikaFDublin (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRiveraFridaFClaremont (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPetekEdenFRio Americano (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVThomasSkylaFRedwood (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVZajicAudreyFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFullerLolaFFresno Christian (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVAdgerToristineFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLeavittMayaFTempleton (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLeMykaelaFSt. Francis (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLazoAkemiFQuartz Hill (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSmithAllieFOaks Christian (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVStarlingTaylorFML King (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKorndorferSydneyFAmador Valley (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVTuvillaIslaFFrontier (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLiuYisiFAmador Valley (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBurgessGenevieveFDublin (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLockeKatherineFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPirrelloAlexandraFLa Costa Canyon (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKooPerriFSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRamMiraFMonta Vista (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLopezKayleenFSanger (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBirminghamAnastasiaFPoint Loma (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFlemingIsabellaFPoint Loma (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVScheidtAvaFSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLopez PerezCarolinaFOntario (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSiauwAshlynFDublin (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLopizzoGiuliaFLa Costa Canyon (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBellacosaAllesandraFTesoro (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFinnekeJadeFNewark Memorial (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHowellZoeFClovis North (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLuerasKyraFSt. Francis (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHongSennaFThe Nueva School (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVFelix-ArvizuVictoriaFPoint Loma (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHolcombJoriFClovis North (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVEversLaylaFLa Costa Canyon (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMaldonadoTrianaFClaremont (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKojimaBrianaFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBrownSiennaFPoint Loma (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVManabeOliviaFOak Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVJaliliElinaFMonta Vista (CC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVEscalanteSadeFClaremont (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPrabhuSamhitaFNewark Memorial (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaKalinaFRio Americano (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVQuinteroJaydenFSanger (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMartinKaylieFFrontier (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVReynoldsRubyFOaks Christian (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDugovicSiannaFYosemite (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBlankEsmeFOak Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDonohueAllieFMaria Carrillo (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRowleyAliceFSouth Pasadena (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDizonLuarenFNewark Memorial (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSantosJuliaFSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMartinezKylieFQuartz Hill (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBharadwajTanviFDublin (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKimHannahFTesoro (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGuoAllisonFOaks Christian (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDeckerMerrinFOak Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGuoTeresaFSouth Pasadena (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMawasSaraFTempleton (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBen MochaArielFOak Park (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGebyowTanaFBuchanan (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSpurgeonSophiaFFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMcIntireKellyFPoint Loma (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSuAliceFAmador Valley (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDeCarloKayaFSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHendriksEvelynFPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDe JongAylaFCentral Valley Christian (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVTonksSophieFJSerra Catholic (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDawBrodyFVentura (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVTrujilloAshleeFFrontier (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKesichCarolineFSt. Francis (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVVargasTonyaFWasco (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMetcalfYumiFGreat Oak (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVVelasquezAngelicFSanger (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMetzlerKendallFBuchanan (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaAnnieFSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMetzlerPaigeFBuchanan (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPendergastSophiaFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKeltgenEmilyFRio Americano (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPerezEmilyFAyala (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMihalcinAvaFCentral Valley Christian (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPerezYarisFSanger (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDaveAnujaFMaria Carrillo (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPickering PickLucieFSt. Francis (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMillsClaireFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPinedoJimenaFNewark Memorial (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMinnickSoliFRoseville (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBrittSarah PilarFRedwood (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKasalPragnaFDublin (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBrancoMiaFVista del Lago (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVDarby-MacInniskyraFLaguna Creek (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPuglieseAbigailFSanger (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGheerbrantLeonieFFrontier (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRaguseMorganFEl Toro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMoffattEliseFRio Americano (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRavillaAnikaFOak Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMoffettLarkinFRedwood (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBoneyEllisonFPoint Loma (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMolinaFatimaFPatrick Henry (SD)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBondarMargaritaFMonta Vista (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMoonRebeccaFAyala (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRomoMelanieFSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMoonSamanthaFOaks Christian (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBiSophieFOak Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVMorenoAmayaFFullerton Union (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVRowlodheMaryFYosemite (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKakimotoKarlyFFullerton Union (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSandersAvaFNewbury Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCressmanPeriFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSaundersNatalieFRio Americano (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVConwayClaireFMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSchoeneKiraFRedwood (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVClaireKelseyFDublin (NC)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVJacklin Elizabeth FML King (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVNahaArunikaFAmador Valley (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVIbanezGabrielaFGreat Oak (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVVon GuntenHannahFVentura (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVShusterEllaFTesoro (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVWesolowskiSofiaFML King (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSidhumSarahFTesoro (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHerrickElizabethFVista del Lago (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSinghSachiFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVChengNikkiFOak Park (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSmithAshlynFSt. Francis (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVNikiforovEmmaFOaks Christian (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSmithZoeFSt. Francis (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVNorrisPennyFYosemite (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSpartaNataliaFPoint Loma (SD)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCharlesOliviaFSt. Francis (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBeaumontClarisseFYosemite (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVChangJadeFOak Park (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVStephensonEvaFSouth Pasadena (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCastoEllaFFullerton Union (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHullingerAnnabelleFPoint Loma (SD)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVObesoLunaFShafter (CS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVSwearnginBrookeFGreat Oak (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVObregonJayleenFQuartz Hill (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVTheurerAnnaFTesoro (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVCastilloAllisonFEl Toro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVTiradoEmilyFShafter (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVOrnelasMatiaFFullerton Union (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVBarkerLillyFCarson High School9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGibbonsLizzyFSt. Francis (SJ)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVTrigotencoLeslieFOntario (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVOuMayoFClaremont (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVTrujilloNaomiFSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVGodseyJadaFLaguna Creek (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVAndrewsAshleighFTesoro (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPadillaSavannahFClovis (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVVartanianGiselleFJSerra Catholic (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVJarraKaylaFOaks Christian (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHoRachelFVista del Lago (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPastorLilaFThe Nueva School (CC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHitchcockEmilyFRedwood (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVPastranaBeatrizFLa Costa Canyon (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVNelliganHuttonFJSerra Catholic (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVLaiAmandaFClaremont (SS)12
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVWeerasekeraRoshniFClaremont (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVChoiOliviaFAmador Valley (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKrogerHaydenFJSerra Catholic (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVHeymingCateFSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVYuKaitlinFDublin (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVKunzCourtneyFRedwood (NC)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVZenonPriscillaFLaguna Creek (SJ)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunJVAbbottMadelineFVentura (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDeGeorgeNickMVentura (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVEstradaRichard MBuchanan (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCarrascoAndrewMTulare Western (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAtkinsonCaseyMMira Costa (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVShaverHudsonMLa Costa Canyon (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPlascenciaEricMMillikan (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVargasEsaudMMatilda Torres (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVStruempfChadMClaremont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGonzalesAntonioMTulare Western (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFuentesRobsonMJesuit (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDaizAndresMBuchanan (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKagayWilderMSan Francisco University (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPratherAterMCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLeeNathanMCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSandrichJaxMRedwood (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSchneiderMarshallMSan Francisco University (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVParcellaMarcoMSan Francisco University (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBascomKurtMBuchanan (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDiazAndresMBuchanan (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDesormiersJohnathanMDana Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLuceroChristianMClovis East (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBlumBradyMJesuit (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDalyJustinMDana Hills (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAnderaBraydenMOak Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSmithDylanMOak Ridge (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFriedlandBenMSan Francisco University (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMaganaNickoMClovis East (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBenitezAntonioMBuchanan (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMoonAaronMCrescenta Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVNathanMoerschMDana Hills (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRuckerLucasMJesuit (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPachecoMateoMSt. John Bosco (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGaroutteWadeMSan Francisco University (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWilsonDynomiteMMillikan (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGumpChristianMGreat Oak (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVellandiCarloMTesoro (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTomlinsonLoganMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRussellJacobMClovis (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBurgerRyanMMira Costa (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVReisRafaelMOak Park (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSanchezJimmyMClovis (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHuntenAlazarMWest Ranch (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGanuelasLoganMClovis East (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCarvajal-LomeliElianMLowell (SF)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBeauchampJack MBuchanan (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAllenTristenMTulare Western (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAndrewsLukasMTesoro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMumpowerColeMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSinghAaravMAmador Valley (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCrockettLucasMMillikan (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFelixTrevorMJesuit (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPerezDiegoMTulare Western (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKrotineDanielMJesuit (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBrownElliottMOak Ridge (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKileyAidanMClaremont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLundbergAidenMLos Altos (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMaciasChristianMMatilda Torres (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVThorsonJosephMClovis West (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSalinasRubenMClovis East (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCamachoIsaakMClovis East (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHarmonDieselMGreat Oak (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAscheBenjaminMGranite Bay (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCandelaJacobMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLynchCarsonMGreat Oak (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWittJacobMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGillin-WheelerEthanMClaremont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSanchezBenjaminMClovis (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBrockZimmermanMDana Hills (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKlimanRowanMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGrimaldiYazhidMAyala (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLewisParisMClaremont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCastilloGaelMWest Ranch (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPenzelBenMBellarmine College Prep (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLeedyNathanMFoothill Technology (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMyersSamMCrescenta Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMatlackErikMBellarmine College Prep (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHuangJadenMLowell (SF)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMasonEldonMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWarbianyJackMSan Clemente (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVEhmanCarsonMMira Costa (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMorenoJoelMClaremont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVNarottamVivekMSan Francisco University (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVOliverriaAlbertMMatilda Torres (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVYamamotoAustinMBrea Olinda (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMathiasLyonsMCrescenta Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMezaDiegoMRancho Cucamonga (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCoronaJaredMBrea Olinda (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAvadisSaschaMClovis West (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTitusKaidMClovis (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKraskaEthanMSan Francisco University (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGutierrezJoshMClovis East (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVJekogianEthanMVentura (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVEgerGavinMLos Altos (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVStitzingerJackMHart (William S.) (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTellezIzaiahMGreat Oak (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBortonJoelMOrange Lutheran (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSanchezEdwardMTulare Western (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDePriestConnorMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGutierrezJoelMLa Serna (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMacConellMichaleMTempleton (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWilliamsZacharyMDana Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHughesLukeMHart (William S.) (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWoffordBrandonMFoothill Technology (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMannTylerMDublin (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSteinSamuelMLos Altos (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRehlingMilesMLowell (SF)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBeaumontLoganMYosemite (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaJaimeMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLeufroySebastianMCrescenta Valley (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBrownNealMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCorlewJosephMPatrick Henry (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTitusJackMClovis (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSajeJakeMLowell (SF)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRodriguezAnthonyMPacifica - Garden Grove (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVOliveraKyleMHart (William S.) (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTaylorBenjaminMMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMalloyCameronMCapistrano Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBonillaIsaiahMClovis (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSidhuLiamMSan Clemente (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVParrDeanMCarson High School9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFelixDawsonMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHasanAyaanMCrescenta Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSturakIanMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVNagataKenshiroMYosemite (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCastilloBraulioMWest Ranch (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBarkeTylerMWest Ranch (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMartinLoganMAmador Valley (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDamianJoshMMatilda Torres (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSavvidesAlexiosMPatrick Henry (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBarbou-des-PlacesTheoMLos Altos (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHottingerHenryMVentura (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCraneTrevorMLos Altos (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVJamesDonovanMCapistrano Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGudiseVarunMDublin (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMcAlisterCoceanMSan Clemente (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVShergillJeevanMDublin (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVIndrayanSameerMAmador Valley (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVerhoevenZanderMBellarmine College Prep (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGagnonJesseMWest Ranch (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHardyAaronMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMatlackAntonMBellarmine College Prep (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHalamaZacharyMML King (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLaxamanaDylanMOak Ridge (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWorleyMichaelMSanger (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVShenAlexanderMLos Altos (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKruegerCameronMOrange Lutheran (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBerdoteAidanMLa Serna (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTelloJonathanMClovis West (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBrockGriffinMCollege Park (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSziebertStephenMBellarmine College Prep (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVNeherSamuelMServite (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHoangTerranceMLowell (SF)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLomeli CastilloAdrianMShafter (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSumnerMickMAyala (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMondragonMaxMFrontier (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVEgglestonKjeatonMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDarlingJonahMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHernandezMatthewMLa Serna (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRodriguezAaronMLa Serna (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLaiOliverMDublin (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSmithSamuelMRio Americano (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMooreCooperMRoseville (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAndersonAshtonMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFalconeTaiMAmador Valley (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVStollerAaronMAlameda (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHernandezDiegoMMillikan (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBlackJDMTempleton (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSinghalVinamraMDublin (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVasconcellosAndersMClovis West (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDowellOwenMAlameda (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCrockerGavinMEl Toro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHernandezNateMRancho Cucamonga (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVvon StroheimDashiellMAlameda (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSantosAlbertMMadera South (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSundarManavMLos Altos (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHayashidaScottMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHardingCarterMTempleton (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWilliamsCharlesMLowell (SF)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCastilloEnriqueMMadera South (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKimKaseyMTesoro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCymborLukeMEl Toro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVEmigJonasMAmador Valley (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVChavezDiegoMClovis East (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPesceGianniMWoodcreek (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFloresDaneMBellarmine College Prep (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFullerOwenMGreat Oak (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVZibellAdamMFullerton Union (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBallardoRomanMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMartinezDanielMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRollandAlexMEl Toro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBaumSpencerMClovis (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSommerfieldKyleMAmador Valley (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVNullSamuelMClovis (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHufnagelEthanMRancho Cucamonga (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVValmonteWillMMatilda Torres (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMejiaBraydenMFrontier (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBarreraZanderMEl Toro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMirandaJohnMTesoro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRossTyrellMJesuit (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBuiAndrewMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGowanCharlieMFrontier (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPonceLoganMMillikan (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLittleAydenMWoodcreek (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHidalgoKacyMMatilda Torres (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRiveraKivenMWasco (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLarsenLucasMQuartz Hill (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRoseEthanMFrontier (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKorthLucasMArroyo Grande (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGoehringCashMPatrick Henry (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLeeTeaganMServite (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVasquezJosephMBrea Olinda (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVArnoldCalvinMArchie Williams (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTapusAndreiMLowell (SF)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDiazChristianMMillikan (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVShermanRileyMFrontier (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVOlsonSamuelMPatrick Henry (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHemannBraedonMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPortilloAdrianMMillikan (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRadadiaYogirajMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRamseyChristopherMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVChaninNathanMFoothill Technology (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCarrilloAaronMLa Serna (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTriboletColbyMRedwood (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRuthenbeckCaleMCarson High School9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDudzinskiMichaelMAlameda (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCoppaCodyMSan Clemente (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaAngelMTulare Western (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVJasarenoAidenMGreat Oak (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTuDexterMLowell (SF)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMikulicsHarryMTempleton (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGaloostianAndreMHart (William S.) (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVButlerJosephMLowell (SF)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCruzAngelMMatilda Torres (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLewis IIIPaulMNorco (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVNixonColemanMClovis East (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVClarkGradyMPoint Loma (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLukQuinnMLowell (SF)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMaddenJackMMillikan (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPartenAshtonMShafter (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVYangEthanMMonta Vista (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAndrusSamMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVYohnAidenMServite (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVIzaguirreFabianMPatrick Henry (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVJungNathanMQuartz Hill (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMcAdooLoganMTempleton (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVParraLuisMCorcoran (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWencesDanielMCorcoran (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPaduaNoah MRoosevelt (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVYiCamdenMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBothofCaseMCentral Valley Christian (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVYoonSungjuMAmador Valley (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGrifalconiZevMYosemite (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLopezRandyMTulare Western (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGuzmanAlejandroMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVIannuzziGrayMPatrick Henry (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVillasenorDiegoMCorcoran (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCuetoMoisesMServite (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRosalesNicholasMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVReynoldsHenryMTulare Western (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRamirezEnriqueMTulare Western (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSotoSebastianMTulare Western (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDuchowBrandonMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDavidJettMPatrick Henry (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMarquezJacobMLa Serna (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBrowningCameronMRoseville (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRodriguezAlexMSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVStewartJackMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBelgalSohamMAmador Valley (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPinedaBrandenMBrea Olinda (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGebhardtColinMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVStoutMichaelMEl Toro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBaronowskiJohnMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLopezUlisesMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMcMurrayJonahMMillikan (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDaniel Garcia NavEdgarMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWilcoxAndyMProspect (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVStrobenWileyMMillikan (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVJeskeAidenMServite (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVenegasAdanMServite (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDelacruzJustinMFrontier (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRenteriaHunterMEl Toro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPaezKellenMGreat Oak (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVIestCalebMFresno Christian (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMcGrewCharlieMYosemite (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSahZainMOak Ridge (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVChoiJustinMAmador Valley (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDodsConnerMClovis West (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMendozaAlexMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAntonioFranciscoMPatrick Henry (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAccorneroNicholasMAmador Valley (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAllredJoshuaMBrea Olinda (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMendozaAlexisMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBakerCorbenMYosemite (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLeeAaronMMonta Vista (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVApplestotAnthonyMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPatelDilanMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVQuackenbushAndrewMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMossColeMCentral Valley Christian (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAvilaNathanMEl Toro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTorresJulianMServite (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGomezJulianMOntario (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSlingerlandMilesMPatrick Henry (SD)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVNanoAlexanderMTempleton (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMoffittSkylerMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPhillippeMaxwellMRoseville (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPantinoNicholasMMonta Vista (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAgnihotriRishitMAmador Valley (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVConcepcionMattMServite (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHoffertGeorgeMTempleton (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGeeIanMMonta Vista (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLopezRaulMShafter (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLandrethJackMBrea Olinda (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaDemetriMBrea Olinda (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHendrixWilliamMRoseville (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMendellPhilipMCentral Valley Christian (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDavisHaydenMTempleton (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPidalMarcusMHeritage Christian Northridge (S11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAbduOliverMRio Americano (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGravesWilliamMLaguna Creek (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDakshinaAidenMWest Ranch (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPALMATEERJOSHUA MArchie Williams (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVJanjiJosephMServite (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBirchDillonMFrontier (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVValeraChristopherMShafter (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWaddillWilliamMSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVillegasRobertMHeritage Christian Northridge (S11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFuerteKhrizMShafter (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVChangAlexanderMRio Americano (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVThebergeParkerMSan Juan Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSeguraAnthonyMClovis West (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVColwellMasonMML King (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRomanAngeloMFrontier (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSamaVarunMRoosevelt (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLittlefieldLukeMLa Costa Canyon (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAndersonYohanMSan Clemente (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLindsayLucasMMillikan (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKwonJonathanMBrea Olinda (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLiaoWesleyMAlameda (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLaborMiloMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLadinMacMViewpoint (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLeeCalebMRoosevelt (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKungEthanMSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWatkinsPrinceMRancho Cucamonga (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLopezMatthewMBuchanan (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRiveraJacobMSanger (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLopezNathanMVentura (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDiaz MolinaAngelMTulare Western (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKrauseWilliamMFlintridge Prep (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSashikumarSushanthMRoosevelt (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKraftOwenMOak Ridge (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVShieldsAidenMProspect (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKraatzGustavMClaremont (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSroyHitenMNewark Memorial (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKongHyunbaeMNewark Memorial (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTangRyderMNewark Memorial (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLuceroNashMSanger (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTorresEnriqueMQuartz Hill (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKnoxChristopherMQuartz Hill (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLeongRyanMCypress (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKladopoulosProshantoMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBalasanianNickMCapistrano Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKimCharlesMJesuit (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLawsonJesseMPoint Loma (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKellyJackMFullerton Union (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDuarteAlexMTesoro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKellyAnthonyMSanger (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRoweHenryMTesoro (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKearnsLaszloMMaria Carrillo (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDeWaltPierreMQuartz Hill (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMaganaNathanMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDe La CruzJulioMMillikan (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKatzSamMSan Juan Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSchafferMiloMOaks Christian (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMagdalenoOwenMBrea Olinda (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCrivelloEnzoMOak Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMahmoodMahadMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCourtneyEverettMRoosevelt (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMaiLukasMFrontier (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSotoAidanMClovis West (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVKaplanJTMMira Costa (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVChuChristopherMAyala (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVJorgensenJaceMClovis (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSturhannSladeMTesoro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLeedyGavinMFoothill Technology (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTaylorCamdenMFoothill Technology (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVJacksonMaximusMRio Americano (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBurnsHenryMFullerton Union (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVJackaryKyleMJesuit (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTroesterErikMSan Clemente (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMartinezIsaiahMSanger (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBlountBryceMBuchanan (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVIllsonThomasMTesoro (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWalkerColeMOak Park (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMassaDarioMLa Costa Canyon (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWhitakerNathanMSan Juan Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMassanjaChristianMCypress (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAstonBeckettMTempleton (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMassardiMicheleMArroyo Grande (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAnawaltDillonMLos Altos (CC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVIkariGaryMDana Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRickettsSamuelMNewark Memorial (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVIbrahimKhalidMAyala (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDuranJimmyMClovis West (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHwangRyanMCypress (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRodriguezMichaelMSt. John Bosco (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMayoJakeMBrea Olinda (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDoleMasonMRancho Cucamonga (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHuerta-SanchezMiguelMFrontier (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRuizJonahMHeritage Christian Northridge (S11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHsuBenjaminMOaks Christian (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSagadevanHudsonMMira Costa (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMcClureAdamMTempleton (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSáldanaNicoMCorcoran (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMcDevittNathanMCypress (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDeFariaOlegsMPatrick Henry (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMcDonaldRocketMSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDamianEmmanuelMMatilda Torres (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHimovitzriesNoahMRio Americano (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSatoorSimhaMMonta Vista (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMcGuireEthanMVista del Lago (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCushman-KihnleyAidanMMonta Vista (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMcKayMatthewMOaks Christian (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVShahAditMEl Toro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMcKemieLoganMRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVShermanElighaMYosemite (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHillbergWallaceMRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVcoxcalebMSan Juan Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHillbergJustyceMRodriguez (Angelo) (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVConroyTaylorMArchie Williams (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMenaThomasMOaks Christian (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCoboMasonMCypress (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMenchavezElijahMRoosevelt (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCircelloBodhiMClaremont (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHerreraMosesMClovis East (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVStantonLucasMFlintridge Prep (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMendelsohnAdamMTesoro (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVChenJarytMOaks Christian (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHernandezHenryMGranite Bay (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCervantesJuanMMadera South (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHernandezAndrewMOntario (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCardosoJesusMSan Juan Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMexicanoBryanMMatilda Torres (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCallejaBenMClaremont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHernandezAidanMClovis (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTelloEvanMNewark Memorial (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHensonNoahMVentura (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVThomasKeatonMCentral Valley Christian (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHeibergerGavinMFoothill Technology (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBurkDuncanMBellarmine College Prep (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHedbergJackMFoothill - Santa Ana (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLewisAidanMArchie Williams (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHechlerKyleMBrea Olinda (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBrownAustenMCapistrano Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHattanJosephMSan Juan Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBradshawTylerMSanger (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHashemYezenMThe Nueva School (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBittnerParkerMSan Juan Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHARGESCHARLES MArchie Williams (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWagnerNoahMFoothill Technology (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMorenoJonahMFullerton Union (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBeasleyBrennenMML King (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMorfinAnthonyMClovis (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBaylessAsherMFoothill Technology (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMorrowBeckettMOaks Christian (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWilliamsAidenMNewark Memorial (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMorrowMerrickMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBakerNathanMFrontier (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVHamiltonAlexMRio Americano (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVArreolaAndresMRancho Cucamonga (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGutierrezMaxMRancho Cucamonga (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVYaoVincentMAyala (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMunozDanielMArroyo Grande (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAlbrightRyanMThe Nueva School (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVMuraseKentoMMonta Vista (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRichardsonGrantMSouth Pasadena (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGuberaChristopherMMaria Carrillo (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRileyColtonMCentral Valley Christian (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGrossJackMArchie Williams (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVEdwardsZionMClaremont (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLangAustinMRoosevelt (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDuganJacobMGreat Oak (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGouldAsherMEl Toro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRodriguezEthanMLa Serna (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGoudyErnestMViewpoint (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDremsaLukeMArroyo Grande (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGonzalezMatthewMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDominguezAaronMLa Serna (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVNguyenAllanMVista del Lago (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDodosDaneMFoothill Technology (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVNiebuhrNoahMFrontier (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDjurovicAleksanderMProspect (CC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGonzalezMarcMML King (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDixSpencerMNewark Memorial (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVNothelferColeMDublin (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRuttFranklinMPoint Loma (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGonzalezJoshMFoothill Technology (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDiazJacobMClaremont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVO'BrienJoshuaMBuchanan (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSalcedoJohnnyMQuartz Hill (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVOlevsonWyattMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDelAlamoAgustinMCapistrano Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVOlivaresMaximilianoMFullerton Union (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSamaniegoLexanderMMatilda Torres (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGonzalezGabrielMDublin (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDe VegaCadenMNewark Memorial (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGondkoffJaredMAmador Valley (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVDanielsonRoccoMOak Ridge (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVOlsenLukeMCypress (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSaravananAjayMWest Ranch (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGomezJoshuaMLa Serna (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSaslowSamMRio Americano (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVOren-WinklerJacobMPatrick Henry (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLeeConnorMEl Toro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVOrnelasJakeMFullerton Union (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSchlefsteinCooperMOak Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVOrtegaAdrianMNewark Memorial (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSchulerSeanMEl Toro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVOvalleNicolasMGreat Oak (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVShadyGrantMSan Juan Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPablo-FabianLuisMMadera South (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCurtisQuinnMAliso Niguel (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGomezEthanMClovis West (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCrawfordShaneMOaks Christian (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPadillaSalvadorMRoosevelt (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCRAVENGRANTMDana Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPadillaSamMOak Ridge (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVShuggDylanMSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGoehringMaxwellMMaria Carrillo (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSilvaDanielMMatilda Torres (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGlennyAndrewMRoosevelt (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCormierAntonioMOak Ridge (SJ)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLauJakeMSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVConnorMichaelMTesoro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPangTylerMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSmithZacharyMGreat Oak (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGleesonMatthewMDublin (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSorensenBeckMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGillTimothyMML King (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSotoAndrewMClaremont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVParkerSemMLa Costa Canyon (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVSoutherTheodoreMVentura (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGardnerFlynnMLa Serna (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVStamperDavidMCypress (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaSalvadorMLaguna Creek (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVChungAndrewMClaremont (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGarciagarbrielMSan Joaquin Memorial (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVStilesSamMServite (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaDiegoMQuartz Hill (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVChangJonahMMonta Vista (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPaynterLeviMArroyo Grande (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVChamberlinSeanMArchie Williams (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPenaWillMHeritage Christian Northridge (S11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCeballosJacobMShafter (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaCiaranMServite (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCasasAlexiey MAyala (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaChristianMVentura (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCaoMingheMClovis North (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPerrigueMasonMFlintridge Prep (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTapiaChaseMTempleton (CS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPerryDylanMTempleton (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCalimaOwenMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPerryIsaacMBuchanan (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCadwellColinMTesoro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVGarciaAndrewMServite (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVCabreraKristoferMAlameda (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPeysackPatrickMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVThomasGabrielMRoseville (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFulkHenryMFoothill Technology (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVThompsonLoganMMaria Carrillo (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPhillipsIsaacMRio Americano (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBurnettRobbieMOaks Christian (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTorresMatthewMLa Serna (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBurdgLandonMEl Toro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTrethewayGarthMVista del Lago (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBrushElijahMRoosevelt (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLaiAdrienMDublin (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTototzintleLuisMSanta Clara (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFongRyanMFlintridge Prep (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBrownMateusMOak Ridge (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPittfieldGrayMOak Ridge (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVTsaoJadenMOak Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFloresJoseMRoosevelt (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVValenciaZebastianMRoseville (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPolidoroCameronMMonta Vista (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBridgesMasonMQuartz Hill (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVengataAdityaMDublin (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBondEthanMPoint Loma (SD)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBhavanSayamMDublin (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVassarIsaiahMGreat Oak (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBenitez EstradaAaronMQuartz Hill (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFloresAvelinoMMatilda Torres (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLandrethThomasMBrea Olinda (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVergeerAdrianusMVentura (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFleckKellanMLa Costa Canyon (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBennettMilesMFlintridge Prep (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPovletichJacksonMWest Ranch (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVVolrathBookerMMonta Vista (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFinleyWilliamMArchie Williams (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVPrestwichTylerMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFinlaysonIanMTesoro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWalchNoahMCrescenta Valley (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVQuevedoNathanMWasco (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWangBrandonMMonta Vista (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFicarraJosephMDublin (NC)12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWarrinerBryceMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRainaKiranMLos Altos (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWatsonJackMNewbury Park (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFedericoJoaquinMBuchanan (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWershingRyanMSan Juan Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFazaAndrewMHeritage Christian Northridge (S12
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBarrElijahMGreat Oak (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRashapAstonMMaria Carrillo (NC)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBarajasMatthewMLa Serna (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVFallonDavidMPatrick Henry (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVBakerTheodorMPoint Loma (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVEscalante BeniCristianMOntario (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAtkinAidenMGranite Bay (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVErfleLincolnMQuartz Hill (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVWymanBenMSan Clemente (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVRestrepoAndresMQuartz Hill (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVYanIsaacMMonta Vista (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVReyesDominicMRio Americano (SJ)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVYangVianMThe Nueva School (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVReyesPrestonMBuchanan (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVYehNicholasMSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVReyes BocanegraRyanMQuartz Hill (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVAlvarezFabianMOntario (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVElsayedAdamMSouth Pasadena (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLawhonWyattMYosemite (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunJVLealLoganMRoosevelt (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEmmonsAddilynFClovis North (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOlsenLilyFBuchanan (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGrossIsabelleFMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGaxiolaEmmaFHart (William S.) (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNinoRileyFBuchanan (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPowellKaedynFBuchanan (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSoaresAmeliaFBuchanan (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMeeksCarlyFSan Luis Obispo (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPhanMeenaFArcadia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMartinOliviaFBuchanan (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLopezAlyssaFLa Quinta (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDavisAngelinaFFrontier (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophScrimaCecilyFTulare Western (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSiebumSophiaFGranite Bay (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRalliEmmaFGranite Bay (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDuclosAbbyFNordhoff (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSuarezYadiraFTulare Western (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBriggsMadisonFQuartz Hill (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDiazDaniellaFClovis North (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTrenamCarlieFMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRussellColbyFPoint Loma (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMurphyDanielleFWest Ranch (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGonzalezEmiliaFArcadia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNooraliRaayaFBuchanan (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHarmonIvoryFGreat Oak (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNayyarKiranFDublin (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophYomEllinFWest Ranch (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBerkelandMollyFSan Luis Obispo (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophZuritaJaylaFWest Ranch (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFlorezKaraFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKintonAmeliaFClovis North (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNorenaChloeFOaks Christian (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBarrowSophieFMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHanXitongFDublin (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophArcenasVictoriaFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophO'BrienMcKelleFBuchanan (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAdamsSkylarFWest Ranch (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLunaIsabellaFCrescenta Valley (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOelkersSageFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEllisonRileighFClovis West (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophContrerasKatelynFWest Ranch (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPrattRileyFEl Toro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWieseLylaFBishop Manogue High School10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBasasMileyFFullerton Union (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBarraganPaulinaFTulare Western (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOakesRilynFFrontier (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBaileyCharlotteFLa Reina (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFloresHeidyFTulare Western (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEstradaRaeganFWest Ranch (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKitchnerMollyFWest Ranch (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJonesKlaraFCypress (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMartinezAlysonFDublin (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAmbrizJenizeFMadera South (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAdamsIsabelFOrange Lutheran (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLesterSadieFBrea Olinda (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVasquezNatalieFFullerton Union (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCuestaSofiaFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMoraMirandaFEl Toro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophReyesMyaFMatilda Torres (CS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPachecoDestinyFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRaghuramanSheenaFGranite Bay (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBecerraLuzFMadera South (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDajalosIsabellaFMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTapiaRaquelFRoosevelt (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWangElsaFGreat Oak (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSchurmerEmilyFNordhoff (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSoderinKateFSan Luis Obispo (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophChenCathyFDublin (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDuncanKendallFFullerton Union (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDeGeorgeKellyFCrescenta Valley (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophChiAmandaFEl Toro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/Sophde JongCarysFCentral Valley Christian (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCifuentesAnaFLa Reina (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDanaherSamanthaFEl Toro (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRileyFinnFSan Juan Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDyeCarolFSan Juan Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRussellCharliFClovis (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophChangJadeFOak Park (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSicilianoLeahFSan Luis Obispo (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophChanJaylaFEl Toro (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophStutzmanEmmaFPoint Loma (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEnriquezIsabelleFTulare Western (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAguirreVanessaFLa Serna (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPaulCynthiaFLa Reina (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophYatomiCambriaFRoosevelt (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBarraLeslieFMadera South (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEscobarAdrianaFFrontier (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCraibElleFEl Toro (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPetersSydneyFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEspinozaCamilaFQuartz Hill (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBannerLaurenFEl Toro (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCeCe) TorresCeciliaFMadera South (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRazoAliciaFAyala (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEudyPaigeFPoint Loma (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRodriguezLizetteFTulare Western (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFernslerLidaFCrescenta Valley (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSanchezDanaFClovis East (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFigueroaJacquelynFAyala (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSeverClaireFOaks Christian (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCasolariJordan FLaguna Beach (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSmithAshleyFCrescenta Valley (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCasalins-DeBoskeyEvaFPatrick Henry (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophStarobaMarianFMaria Carrillo (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFoggSavannahFMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTaiAllisonFArcadia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGannLeahFCentral Valley Christian (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTelloMoniqueFClovis West (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGarciaAudrinaFMadera South (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophValdezAdrienneFFrontier (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGarciaSherilynFHart (William S.) (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAguilarIslaFLaguna Beach (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGarnerAdleyFGreat Oak (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophClowardEmmaFPatrick Henry (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCasalins-DeBoskeyCassandraFPatrick Henry (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBasergaNatalieFLa Serna (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGómezBrileyFCorcoran (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPalaviciniBellaFClovis West (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGomezEvelynFOntario (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPerezSophiaFOak Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGonzalezAngelinaFLa Serna (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPetitCharlotteFSan Luis Obispo (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGonzalezArabelaFMadera South (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPlonkaLilyFLa Reina (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCarmenaAlexandraFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophQuackenbushIreneFNordhoff (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGrayAbigailFQuartz Hill (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRamirezBridgettFQuartz Hill (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGrazianiKeeleyFMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophReyesAnnaFTulare Western (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGreenAddisonFGreat Oak (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRizo RomanDarelysFFullerton Union (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCambronDanicaFLa Serna (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRothermundNaiyaFCrescenta Valley (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGuerraCayleeFRoosevelt (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSadabSophiaFSan Juan Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCambronAlexandraFLa Serna (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSantoroCorinneFPoint Loma (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHarbourSadieFLa Reina (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAndradeAnabelleFQuartz Hill (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHaringVidaFNordhoff (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophShehornHannaFScotts Valley (CC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHaringZuzuFNordhoff (SS)11
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSiemsAlexisFRoosevelt (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCamachoRebeccaFMadera South (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSniderLiaFPoint Loma (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHarrisonAmayaFAyala (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSombatShelbyFClovis East (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHarrisonChloeFSt. Francis (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophStormNorahFEl Toro (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHassaniDianaFOak Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSumalJasleenFOak Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHattanElizabethFSan Juan Hills (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTannerBrookeFFullerton Union (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHernandezAlizeFShafter (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTeepleAnnikaFLaguna Beach (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHernandezBelleFQuartz Hill (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophThomasGeorgiaFRedwood (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHernandezChristinaFFullerton Union (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTuggleAlanaFCrescenta Valley (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHernandezNatalieFLa Serna (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCruzAdalynaFRoosevelt (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHernandezRosaFMadera South (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWeaverZoeFBuchanan (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHerreraVanessaFOntario (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWongKyleneFDublin (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHollarMiaFSt. Francis (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophYounghouseLiliannaFLa Reina (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHoxieMayaFLa Serna (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBeckhamKaitlyn FGranite Bay (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHuffKieraFOaks Christian (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOlmsteadMacKenzieFSt. Francis (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJimenezLeslie FMatilda Torres (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOrtegaBrandyFShafter (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJohnsonMeganFImmanuel (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPaddockLucyFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCahillJaselleFPoint Loma (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPatwariAmoghaFArcadia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJonesSorayaFBishop Manogue High School9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPegosSierraFSt. Francis (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJunAbigailFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPessesZoeFQuartz Hill (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKaznerEmilyFRoosevelt (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPetersonAuroraFSan Luis Obispo (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKimAllieFCypress (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPhamVictoriaFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKimPhoebeFAyala (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPintoAaliyahFShafter (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCabralKaitlynFAyala (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBarajasEmily FAyala (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBrownKatiana Mari (Kade)FOak Ridge (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPurvance RassuchineAdelineFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKlimiukAmeliaFPoint Loma (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophQuinleyEmilyFCentral Valley Christian (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKongOliviaFDublin (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBanfieldMalloryFSan Juan Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKrogulskiAmeliaFSan Juan Hills (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRatcliffSerenaFOak Ridge (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKurzEmmaFSummerville (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophReddiLeilaFDublin (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLaiIsabellaFGranite Bay (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLaraVictoriaFCorcoran (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLazarusNaomiFOak Park (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRimmerZoeFSummerville (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLeeSarahFRoosevelt (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRobbBaileyFImmanuel (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCourtlandGraceFLa Reina (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRodriguezValentinaFRoosevelt (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLoganMadisonFClovis North (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRudtLiliFQuartz Hill (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBrisbinAveryFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAraizaSabrinaFLa Serna (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLopezAngieFMatilda Torres (CS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSampeurSohaniFDublin (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLopiccoloChelseaFRoosevelt (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSandovalIsabelleFOntario (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBraceJordanFSt. Francis (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSchmidtBrooklynnFClovis (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLunaOliveaFMatilda Torres (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophScopisSamanthaFFullerton Union (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMaganaAngelikaFClovis East (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSernaXitlalyFOntario (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBotimerSofiaFFullerton Union (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophShadyChelseaFSan Juan Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAceronDesireeFCentral Valley Christian (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophShermerAuroraFBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMartinoHayleighFLaguna Beach (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCorbellFrancescaFOaks Christian (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMathewsDanilynnFSan Juan Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSilveiraNavaehFFrontier (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMcDanielLucille FGranite Bay (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSneddonSierraFBrea Olinda (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMcElroyMadeleineFQuartz Hill (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAllredAmeliaFBrea Olinda (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMcGarvaFreyjaFLa Reina (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSombatHeidiFClovis East (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMedranoAvaFBeyer (Fred C.) (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSreenathKushiFArcadia (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBonniciMilenaFSt. Francis (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSteussyVeronicaFCrescenta Valley (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMehrandard-DuranKianaFEl Toro (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophStringerJosephineFOak Ridge (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMendezAileenFTulare Western (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAhnLaurenFCrescenta Valley (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMercerLilaFPatrick Henry (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSymmankBethanyFDublin (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMillerLaurenFGreat Oak (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTangEmilynFMonte Vista (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMinickAbigailFSummerville (SJ)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTapiaBrookeFFrontier (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMolinaAndreaFPatrick Henry (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTaylorTaylorFLaguna Beach (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMooreKalayaFSt. Francis (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTejwaniSophiaFLa Reina (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMooreMeliseFLa Quinta (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTerrabonneColletteFCypress (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCorviAllisonFRedwood (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophThomeCeliaFPoint Loma (SD)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVenturaEmmaFCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTribbeyJoslynFMaria Carrillo (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVerduzcoCieloFLa Quinta (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTuvillaIslaFFrontier (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVillatoroElizabethFFrontier (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophValdovinosYadiraFLa Quinta (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCrockerQuinneFMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVazquezAnyahFLa Quinta (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBoesZoeFPoint Loma (SD)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVerdugoMileyFShafter (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNassBeatriceFRedwood (NC)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVillalpandoArianaFLa Serna (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBlackJamisenFSt. Francis (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVolpeEllaFLaguna Beach (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNegreteTaylorFClovis North (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWarshaviakEllaFOak Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNewmanKateFOak Park (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWellsDelilaFBuchanan (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNguyenKatiaFLaguna Beach (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWilderOliviaFFullerton Union (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBishaiAngelinaFOaks Christian (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWongSiennaFMonte Vista (NC)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBertranMorganeFSt. Francis (SJ)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBentAudreyFGreat Oak (SS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBejaranoDezireeFOntario (SS)10
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAbercrombyKaseyFSan Luis Obispo (CS)9
Girls 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCockrumAvaFTahoe Truckee (NIAA)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMaciasMartinMCrescenta Valley (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLimJoshuaMHomestead (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGarciaJosiahMTokay (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSaladoHeynerMTulare Western (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDel ToroAlfonsoMMatilda Torres (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRodriguezAmaniMBuchanan (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCastelloMatthewMBuchanan (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophArredondoJustinMSt. John Bosco (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMartinez-FernandezJorgeMDublin (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCastelloAndrewMBuchanan (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMedinaEdwardMSt. John Bosco (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFeeserEthanMSan Luis Obispo (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNiemiGunnarMRedwood (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAlbertsLucasMJesuit (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophToledoJosephMSt. John Bosco (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophZavalaGabrielMQuartz Hill (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGagnonJasperMCrescenta Valley (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJopsonRafaelMJesuit (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDouglas-RejonMateoMSt. John Bosco (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAvalosEduoarMTulare Western (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophChavarinJoelMSt. John Bosco (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBrisenoAlfredMTulare Western (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOrtizNicholasMSt. John Bosco (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLevyParkerMHomestead (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOliverriaAlbertMMatilda Torres (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCastanedaMathewMClovis North (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTrenamKevinMMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMcMurrinJackMGreat Oak (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophParedesBryanMMillikan (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSanchezRubenMGreat Oak (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMongaManitMClovis West (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSchnurrenbergerKebMTahoe Truckee (NIAA)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFisherMaxMTahoe Truckee (NIAA)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMadiganFletcherMPoint Loma (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAebischerNicoMSan Luis Obispo (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMartinezJadenMClovis East (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRuttTrevorMPoint Loma (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophChoiHaydenMDublin (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFrostJosephMBuchanan (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKolberSimonMTokay (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophQuatroWilliamMLa Serna (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVillalobosSebastianMClovis North (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCook-AppelBenMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLebedMasonMSan Luis Obispo (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWalkerGavinMBakersfield (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophIbarraJordanMHart (William S.) (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHolderOwenMBuchanan (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJacobsonEvanMClovis West (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNickelZevynMAmador Valley (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPedroAnthonyMClovis (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLunaJoshueMTulare Western (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKipfConnorMOak Ridge (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHuangTristanMDublin (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCelesteAydenMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWilsonBenMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLockeAydenMClovis North (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJose CervantesJuanMShafter (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCaldwellStewartMSan Luis Obispo (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAmarkhilSujadullahMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHsuWilliamMHomestead (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMontoyaNoahMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEsquivalDominicMCrescenta Valley (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDellingerAidanMSan Luis Obispo (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTreinenTrystanMMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLevineEthanMPoint Loma (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMakCallanMAmador Valley (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJanyavulaSrikarMDublin (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMezaAzarelMMatilda Torres (CS)13
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVelardeSamuelMAyala (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSantibanezGermanMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLegaspiDiegoMLa Serna (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVargoRohenMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSanthiapillaiDanielMDublin (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRoachEthanMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGrahamBrysonMFrontier (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFernandezBryceMClovis East (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGutierrezAndrewMLa Serna (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCastilloEstebanMClovis East (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBallardoRomanMWasco (CS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBandaJudeMFullerton Union (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLipinska-HuntAlexanderMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFishburnWyattMEl Toro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPerezSantiagoMWest Ranch (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMontagMasonMClovis East (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBoyleTommyMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPadillaWilliamMClovis (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMartinezHectorMMadera South (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHightJoshMOrange Lutheran (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSanchezEmilianoMTulare Western (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDudekDougMOak Ridge (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRogersChaseMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHarrisonBenjaminMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBlantonTristanMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJainAkashMDublin (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPosadaLeonardoMTahoe Truckee (NIAA)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDodsGarrettMClovis West (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMcMichaelHenryMCrescenta Valley (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCorreiaOwenMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAndersonJohnMPoint Loma (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGroesbeckWillMPoint Loma (SD)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMavrosNathanMEl Toro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAlcalaJohnMFrontier (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLaredoDiegoMAmador Valley (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMiyasatoBlakeMFullerton Union (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHansenKarstenMClovis (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGudgelCamdenMMerced (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBarreraSimonMLa Serna (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAndrusBenMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDadabhoyJibrilMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGarciaAlexanderMNordhoff (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBenedettoAnthonyMFullerton Union (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTonJohnMCentral Valley Christian (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophInmanGrantMAmador Valley (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRubalcavaIsaacMGreat Oak (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGarcia IIOmarMWasco (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLenrowBenMProspect (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophArevaloCesarMClovis North (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBassettZacharyMClaremont (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMillerGabrielMClovis East (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLopezJesusMMadera South (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLyleJosiahMClovis West (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophO'ConnellAndyMClovis West (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKimblerMatthewMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophThomsonCurtisMServite (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophParadiseMarcMClovis (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSwansonJohnMHeritage Christian Northridge (S10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHorningWillMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRipLukeMCentral Valley Christian (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBriggsIsaacMOak Ridge (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVangBrodyMMerced (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWhannDaxMOak Ridge (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGaudioMattyMTesoro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophStollJhonsonMMadera South (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPeñaJacobMShafter (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRayAndrewMBuchanan (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGonzalezJacobMHart (William S.) (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFernandez DuFurNicoMPatrick Henry (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGonzalezAaronMClaremont (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGonzalezBobbyMCrescenta Valley (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGonzagaFelimonMMadera South (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGoehringMaxwellMMaria Carrillo (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGlovskyMatthewMClaremont (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOrozcoIvanMMillikan (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGreenCarterMTesoro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBoisselierSebastianMRio Mesa (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBasaEliMProspect (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPovletichCameronMWest Ranch (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSandelliLennonMQuartz Hill (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFernandezColtonMWest Ranch (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGarlickRydeMMatilda Torres (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBarreiroJohnMJesuit (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGrondonaKaiMMonte Vista (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSchroederLucasMOrange Lutheran (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFengJustinMDublin (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAlcarazDanielMShafter (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFeatherstoneHaydenMTahoe Truckee (NIAA)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAguileraKaidenMGreat Oak (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGuzmanGustavoMAyala (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMuirJamesMMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHammondTyMTahoe Truckee (NIAA)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGamaHectorMShafter (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFaganMatthewMClovis West (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBoyadjieffScottMMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHarikrishnanMadhavMHomestead (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophParkerJackMWest Ranch (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEscalanteYeshuaMClaremont (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBeckerTerrenceMClaremont (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHasaniKevinMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBeattyJayMClovis West (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHebmannClementMQuartz Hill (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRegalado-AyalaJosueMLa Quinta (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHernandezAlonsoMNordhoff (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFurioDrakeMClaremont (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHertensteinBradyMBuena (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRuizMatteoMShafter (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHessOwenMWest Ranch (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSanchezArtemioMWasco (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHeyerHughMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophArceFidelMOntario (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHickeyEthanMClovis East (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophShokerHarnekMClovis East (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophElmasryYassinMGreat Oak (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFerrasoliDanielMQuartz Hill (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHimslJosiahMHart (William S.) (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophUriasSantiMSanta Clara (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHinesJudahMHeritage Christian Northridge (S10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAhnJustinMHomestead (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHinojosa-GarciaBrandonMMillikan (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWarrinerLandonMMcClatchy (C.K.) (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHodgesLukeMOak Park (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWilsonDavidMAyala (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEkkJacobMMillikan (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNavarroRicardoMMerced (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHolt-BushKameronMFrontier (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNordbyNicholasMTesoro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEisenbergJamariMClaremont (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOlivaresJacobMTulare Western (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEganSeamusMPoint Loma (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOrtegaMichaelMOntario (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophHunterWaucobaMSan Luis Obispo (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOzzimoAsherMOrange Lutheran (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEddyWillMNordhoff (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFloresLennyMMadera South (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophEcheverriaKhrizMWasco (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPattonGilbertMLa Serna (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDuxburyVincentMQuartz Hill (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPerezJasonMRio Mesa (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDryerGradyMProspect (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPikeLindenMOak Ridge (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDohertyKyleMEl Toro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPranteMilesMHart (William S.) (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJaramilloChristopherMOntario (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRamirez-OlivaCharliMCordova (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJohnsJacksonMJesuit (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophReaDylanMBuchanan (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJohnsonAidenMCypress (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophReyesLuis-MateoMAyala (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJohnsonGeorgeMCrescenta Valley (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBeasleyAaronMJesuit (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJonesCameronMMaria Carrillo (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRodriguezLorenzoMServite (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJonesJoshuaMSanta Clara (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRothCadellMLaguna Creek (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDiazHectorMMillikan (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRyanNicholasMJesuit (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophDentiLukeMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSampsonAndrewMTesoro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophJosephMasonMImmanuel (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSanchezMarcoMRio Mesa (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophK'MillerJacksonMBakersfield (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSandrichColeMRedwood (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKamCharlesMAyala (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAragonTajMBrea Olinda (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKarnawatDhruvMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophShaferJonahMFrontier (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKatayamaEvanMProspect (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSmithAidenMMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKenningtonArjunMFullerton Union (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSutliffRylandMClovis West (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKimElliotMProspect (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAlvizoAdamMWasco (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKimNoahMAyala (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTurnerJonahMPoint Loma (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGarciaMichael MMatilda Torres (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophValmonteKadenMMatilda Torres (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKingstonSeamusMMonte Vista (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAinaSamuelMHart (William S.) (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCurtisAshtonMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAharaCarlosMRio Mesa (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKohlenbergerHeikkiMFullerton Union (SS)11
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWalshJackMMillikan (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCorralThomasMLa Serna (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWeeksBrendanMServite (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKoyamaSotaroMHomestead (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWilliamsCharlesMTahoe Truckee (NIAA)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophKrishnanAkshathMTesoro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFrancoMarcoMGreat Oak (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLandrethThomasMBrea Olinda (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMunroAlexandreMQuartz Hill (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCobabeBryceMMillikan (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNguyenLeandroMFullerton Union (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLaskeyQuanMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBraceyLiamMMerced (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLazourasTydeMOrange Lutheran (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophNothmannSolomonMMonte Vista (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLeBrandonMTokay (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOchoaDanielMClovis North (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophClevenBrodyMMillikan (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBoydonBryceMMonte Vista (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWisemanCamdenMTesoro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOrtegaAngelMMerced (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophYoungBraydenMMonte Vista (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOrtizAlejandroMNordhoff (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophYueTedMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophOrtizNicolasMNordhoff (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophZamoraJulianMHart (William S.) (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPaceJosiahMCypress (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophChrysanthisAlexMCypress (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPalaciosRicardoMOntario (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophChristieAidanMGreat Oak (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBleyKadynMTesoro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLerenaAngelMLa Quinta (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPatelJaydonMLaguna Creek (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophChavez AndradeJoshuaMGreat Oak (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBestDylanMOntario (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophChakrabortyAritraMEl Toro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPendergastIsaacMBurroughs Ridgecrest (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCayaxJacobMSt. John Bosco (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPerezJoshuaMFrontier (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLinaresDanielMOntario (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPerryTheoMCrescenta Valley (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCauseeZachMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBecerra-RubioEmilianoMRio Mesa (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLipmanLucasMDublin (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophPrabhatRishabhMTesoro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLiwanagKaiMSan Luis Obispo (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophProctorMalachyMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCarlosAidanMHeritage Christian Northridge (S9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRacoGabrielMTesoro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLongKillianMGreat Oak (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRathJonathanMMaria Carrillo (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLopezIsaiahMRio Mesa (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRaymondAidanMFrontier (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFisherRonanMCrescenta Valley (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophReddyJaypalMJesuit (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLopezJesusMNordhoff (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRestrepoDominicMQuartz Hill (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLozanoBlaineMFrontier (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRicoJoseMBuchanan (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCapelliThomasMOak Ridge (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRislingNolanMServite (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFloresAndrewMEl Toro (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRodgersBobbyMCentral Valley Christian (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLynchCaedenMTahoe Truckee (NIAA)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRodriguezIsaiaMRio Mesa (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMaciasAugustineMClovis West (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRodriguezRolandMMerced (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCanoUlyssesMLa Serna (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRomeroShawnMMerced (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCanadayNicholasMCentral Valley Christian (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBarrientosMatthewMServite (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCamposEricMWest Ranch (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBarreraThomasMLa Serna (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMaldonadoOctavianMFrontier (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophRykerBlakeMNordhoff (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMartinNicoMFullerton Union (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSamantaEkanshMAmador Valley (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMartinWilliamMShafter (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSamsCliftonMLaguna Creek (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCamarenaNathanMOntario (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBarajasDanielMTokay (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophCadavonaRileyMRio Mesa (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophArroyoSamuelMMillikan (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMartinezLuis-FernandoMLa Quinta (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSandersonBoMFullerton Union (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophByrneBenMServite (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFongGabrielMLaguna Creek (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBuuMatthewMOak Ridge (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSantosChristopherMMatilda Torres (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMazzaoccoEliMOak Park (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophScholnickEthanMTahoe Truckee (NIAA)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSwansonLukeMBishop Manogue High School9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSchueslerConnorMMerced (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTaitRyanMJesuit (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophShimojimaGavinMAmador Valley (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTaylorMaxMOrange Lutheran (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSilveiraJohnMServite (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTetangcoJamesMMerced (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophStoddardTylerMAmador Valley (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGamboaDelfinoMHart (William S.) (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophStullJacksonMScotts Valley (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophToledoGabrielMWasco (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBustosGabeMWest Ranch (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophGarciaNoahMTulare Western (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophSzadkowskiMateuszMDublin (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBurtonCharlesMHart (William S.) (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTaylorHaydenMClovis (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBuntemanJacksonMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTellezXaviMShafter (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMedinaRichardMTokay (SJ)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophThompsonLoganMMaria Carrillo (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMejiaFrancoMMatilda Torres (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTofanDavidMBuchanan (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMendezMatthewMServite (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAparicioDaniel MAyala (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMendozaRudyMLa Quinta (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAldridgeJasonMEl Toro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMenvielleNathanMServite (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTroostJonahMHart (William S.) (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMetzgerJoshMOak Ridge (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophTwisselmanIanMLa Serna (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBulmanColeMEl Toro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophValadezJoaquinMRio Mesa (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMironyukAlexanderMClovis North (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVan LeemputBaileyMOak Ridge (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMitchellCalebMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVarelaLeviMEl Toro (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBrownLachlanMPoint Loma (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVazquezRaulMNordhoff (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophModrzejewskiJoshuaMOak Park (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVera RosasDanielMProspect (CC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBrownGarrettMAmador Valley (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophVlahosGeorgeMJesuit (SJ)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBromleyDrakeMFullerton Union (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWallaceLoganMAmador Valley (NC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMontenegroIseahMQuartz Hill (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWangWesleyMProspect (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMontesXavierMWasco (CS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWeberBraydenMOrange Lutheran (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophBrisboisBraydenMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWestlakeVannMLa Quinta (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMooreGradyMCanyon - Anaheim Hills (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWiebeHenryMShafter (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMoralesBearMPoint Loma (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAguayoFidelMOntario (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophMoriartyKaseyMQuartz Hill (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophWintersAdamMNordhoff (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophFosterQuinnMOak Park (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophXiongThomasMMonte Vista (NC)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLeighEdwardMSt. Margaret's Episcopal (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophYuMaximilianMPatrick Henry (SD)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLeithBridgerMOak Park (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophZamekAdamMProspect (CC)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLemusLouisMSanta Clara (SS)10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophZaragozaAdam TrueMSanta Clara (SS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophLepizRubenMMadera South (CS)9
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophZazzaraColeMHeritage Christian Northridge (S10
Boys 5000 Meter RunFrosh/SophAcostaVicenteMWasco (CS)10