Section Showdown Virtual Meet: Boys, SD vs. SJ


What is this?
  • This is a dual meet team competition that matches the all-time marks in one section against those in another using dual meet scoring and individual event participation rules.
  • The first phase was head-to-head. If you missed any of those articles, click here to get caught up. This phase of the competition is head-to-head semifinals in a double-dual scoring format.
Contenders, pretenders and the beast awaiting the feast
  • There are six sections that range between 101 and 198 schools: Central, San Diego, Los Angeles, Central Coast, North Coast, Sac-Joaquin. Those are the six in the dual meet competition.
  • There are three sections with a combined total of just 105 schools: San Francisco, Oakland, Northern. Those sections don't have the depth of athletes to be competitive in this virtual format. Sorry, but they are not part of the dual meet tournament.
  • From the dual tournament, two three sections from each gender were eliminated leaving three semifinalists, which would be scored in a double-dual: North Coast, Sac-Joaquin and San Diego in the boys and Central Coast, North Coast and Sac-Joaquin in the girls. 
  • And then there's the Southern Section, which includes 37 percent of the schools in the state. We have something special lined up down the road to involve the beast that is our friends in the SS.
The setup
  • Meets are held at neutral sites on a perfect 70-degree evening with no wind. Scoring is based on the best all-time marks from each section. Times may be converted. Altitude is not a factor.
  • Sections are limited to three entries per event and athletes are limited to four individual events. Dual and double-dual meet scoring is 5-3-1 for 1st through 3rd with a 5-0 score for both relays. There is separate competition for boys and girls.
  • Meets are presented in order of events with updated scoring after each event. The approximate conclusion of each field event is slotted throughout the track event schedule.


  • If only this could happen for real!

BOYS: San Diego Section vs. Sac-Joaquin Section

4x100 Relay

The San Diego Section didn't have a burner on the University City team in 1998 but they also had four runners who not only were very fast, running 40.66, but couple handle the baton. Score: SD 5, SJ 0


Although plenty of outstanding runners have tried to break 4-minutes for the mile, in California, only Chula Vista's Tim Danielson (3:59.4 in 1966 which converts to 3:58.1 for 1600) has accomplished it. He wins the race but Riverbank's German Fernandez (4:00.29 in 2008) and Armijo's Luis Grijalva (4:01.24c in 2017) barely beat UC's Mac Fleet (4:01.49 in 2009) for second and third. Score: SD 5, SJ4. Running score:  SD 10, SJ 4.

110 High Hurdles

The combination of the Sac-Joaquin Section having three runners in the top 13 all-time and this being the San Diego Section's weakest event produced a 1-2-3 sweep. This trio of all-time leader Jamar Marshall of Stockton St. Mary's (13.22 in 2019 as a junior), Merrill West's Warren Williams (13.55 in 2019) and Kimball's Deion Lightfoot (13.62 in 2017) was unbeatable here. Score: SJ 9, SD 0. Running score: SJ 13, SD 10.

High Jump

Vista del Lago's Jakob Grimsman's 7-3 two years ago was superior to the 7-2 by Madison's Frank Schiefer in 1979. A five-way tie at 7-1 among Oakmont's Isaiah Holmes (2016), Vintage's Fletcher Carlyle (2005), Bear Creek's Darryl Feilbach (7-1 in 1987), Jesuit's Timothy Ridge (2010) plus Poway's Tynan Murray (2008) split the third place point. Score: SJ 5.80, SD 3.20. Running score: SJ 18.80, SD 13.20.


Second worst event for San Diego puts them in a deep hole as Elk Grove's Zach Larrier (46.49 in 1997), Atwater's Tony Berrian (46.49 in 2019) and Golden Valley's Eddie Levine (46.53 in 1997) leaves the likes of Morse's Lydell Burston (46.85 in 1996) up the track. Score: SJ 9, SD 0. Running score: SJ 27.80, SD 13.20.


Funny how a section that gets swept in the 400 comes right back to do a little dusting up of its own. With Madison's Kenan Christon (10.30 in 2019), Southwest's Riley Washington (10.30) and Helix's Reggie Bush (10.42 in 2002) powering to the finish line, the SDS jumps right back into the race. Score: SD 9, SJ 0. Running score: SJ 27.80, SD 22.20.

Long Jump

With jumpers like Ken Duncan at McClatchy (26-2.25 in 1972) and Merced's Heulon Hewitt (25-10/75 in 1968) among the Top 10 all-time, San Diego section record-holder Doyle Steel of San Diego High (25-5.25) was a distant third. SJ had two jumpers at 25-5 and SD had one. Good event. Score: SJ 8, SD 1. Running score: SJ 35.80, SD 23.20.


Golden Valley's James Levine (1:48.52 in 1997) nudged Madison's Bob Hose (1:48.6 in 1964) to capture the gold medal while Jesuit's Michael Stember (1:49.29 in 1996) was a solid third place for the SJS. Score: SJ 6, SD 3. Running score: 41.80, SD 26.20.

Pole Vault

With three vaulters over 17-4, the Sac-Joaquin Section is second only to the Southern Section in this event, producing a 1-2-3 sweep. Davis' Sondre Guttormsen (18-10.25 in 2018) leads the Granite Bay duo of Scott Roth (17-5 in 2006) and Ryan Shuler (17-4 in 2006), who at least got to be on the same team for a change. Score: SJ 9, SD 0. Running score: 50.80, SD 26.20.

Shot Put

This event is exact opposite of the pole vault with all-time state leader Brent Noon of Fallbrook (76-2 in 1990) leading a sweep. Morse's Darius Savage (66-3.25 in 2006) and El Cajon Valley's Curt Hampton (65-11.50 in 1974) edged Atwater's Dave Porath (65-10.75 in 1978). Score: SD 9, SJ 0. Running score: SJ 50.80, SD 35.20.

300 Hurdles

Right after getting the results of the shot put, San Diego closed the gap even more in this event where Granite Hills' Jeff Hunter (36.25 in 2001) and Mt. Miguel's Kevin Jones (36.44) finished 1-2 ahead of Vallejo's Rico Hatter (36.53 in 1999). Score: SD 8, SJ 1. Running score: SJ 51.80, SD 43.20.


After getting swept in the 100, the SJS needed someone to break up the SDS contingent and Cordova's Kevin Willhite (20.81 in 1981) obliged. Willhite couldn't catch Madison's double sprint state champ Kenan Christon (20.55 in 2019) but he did beat Morse's Ike Okenwa (20.97 in 1998) to the tape. Score: SD 6, SJ 3.

Running score: SJ 54.80, SD 49.20.


Just as he did in the State Meet I 2008, Riverbank's German Fernandez (8:31.42 in 2008) came up huge for the reeling SJS, beating all-time state No. 7 in Patrick Henry's Thom Hunt (8:42.2 in 1976) and El Camino's A.J. Acosta (8:43.27 in 2006). Score: SJ 5, SD 4.Running score: SJ 59 4/5, SD 53 1/5.

Triple Jump

Rancho Buena Vista's Von Ware (52-0 in 1994) steps up big but San Diego needs more than firsts now with only two events remaining. Cordova's Joel Smith (51-11 in 1987) and Franklin Zuheir Sharif (51-6 in 2006) take the next two spots. Score: SD 5, SJ 4. Running score: SJ 63.80, SD 58.20.

Discus Throw

Although San Diego swept the shot, Atwater's Dave Porath (209-6 in 1978) was able to sneak in for second behind Morse's Darius Savage (212-1 in 2006) but ahead of The Bishops' Daniel Schaerer (206-5 in 2004). It's going to come down to the 4x400 Relay. Score: SD 6, SJ 3. Running score: SJ 66.80, SD 64.20.

4x400 Relay

In a time-honored tradition in a dual meet that comes down to the final event, the two teams line the inside of the track to cheer on their teammates. With Ray Carter giving Morse the lead on the second leg and Lydell Burston roaring away on the final leg, Morse's 1996 team wins at 3:10.80 to give San Diego a come-from-behind victory. Score: SD 5, SJ 0.

  • FINAL SCORE: SD 69.20, SJS 66.80
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Photos by Robert Austin, James Leash, Kirby Lee/Image of Sport, Pat Rhames.