DMR Dream Teams: Boys Top 50

University City's Nico Chapman (left), Great Oak's duo of Spencer Dodds and Isaac Cortes (center), and Loyola's Mason Ratkovich (right) each warrant inclusion on their school's all-time Distance Medley Relay Dream Team. (Credits: Clark Kranz/Lizette Adams)
Which teams could put together the best all-star distance medley relay teams?

The legs could be any four runners who competed for the school at any point in history, without repeating any of the legs.

Teams were balanced for the fastest possible net time. For each team, we used each runner's personal bests in the 400m/440y, 800m/880y and 1600m/mile, while choosing another runner for the 1200m leg and estimating their time based on their 1600m. In all cases, the top miler went on the anchor leg, with the next best on leadoff. For adjusting 1200m legs, we used this tool, with minor adjustments. 

Needless to say, especially for those of you that know me,.... this was heaven in regard to delving back into the history books, researching the top programs and top names on the California prep scene!  You will notice that several 'kids' from 1950's and 1960's are included on this exclusive list.   In quarantine mode and 'forced' to look up Track & Field results over the past 60+ years --- sign me up!  

This is just the beginning as we are developing Dream Teams galore here, with our Dream Team 4x800's and 4x1600's currently in the works!  

With that, please send us a message if you have corrections and if we missed someone.  Email us at, and we'll do the math to see if you jump in!

Quick sidenote:  Loyola leapfrogged Jesuit just last year for the top spot!  But, look at what impact Matt Strangio's 4:03+ 'unattached' 1600 meter effort could have yielded for runner-up Jesuit!!  
Another sidenote: The battle between Jesuit and Newbury Park that could have been in 2020!!!!    Jesuit had already rolled to a 10:01.82 for the 7th fastest in California State History while their 1986 team, holds the state record at 9:56.3.  Needless to say, 2020 was going to be the Year of the Distance Medley Relay as both squads were projected to break that state record.  Meanwhile, Dana Hills felt that they had a team that could break thier school record of 9:58.76 (which is #2 in state meet history).
Yep, another sidenote:  If anybody can provide us with 800-meter times for that epic Lompoc squad of 1973 (they are one of the top 4x1600 Dream Teams in state history) - that would be incredibly helpful!  Considered to be one the top teams in national history, their 1973 effort of 10:03y equates to just under 10 minutes and they are vastly under-represented on this particular list!     


1. Loyola (SS)2:56.0247.541:52.224:03.159:38.33
Elias Gedyon ('11)Andrew Arth ('19)Mason Ratkovich ('19)Mark Matusak ('05)
2. Jesuit (SJ)2:56.4747.691:50.704:04.159:39.02
Michael Stemper ('96)Tom Blocker ('09)Patrick McCrystle ('82)Mark Mastalir ('86)
3. Great Oak (SS)2:56.8747.991:50.624:05.479:40.95
Isaac Cortes ('16)Sean Burd ('11)Nelson Quintana ('16)Spencer Dodds ('16)
4. University City (SD)3:00.7147.161:54.874:01.499:44.23
Allen Siegler ('16)Vince Williams ('96)Nico Chapman ('16)Mac Fleet ('09)
5. Villa Park (SS)3:01.0048.941:52.384:03.779:46.09
Dave Congelosi ('79)Shelton Davis ('98)Jim Sorenson ('86)Garrett Corcoran ('14)

6. Ventura (SS)

Garrett Reynolds ('16)Jay Ramsey ('94)Colin Campbell ('05)Josh Spiker ('00)
7. Brea Olinda (SS)3:04.6747.871:54.103:59.659:46.31
Brennan Koryta ('14)Dave Buck ('63)Cody Nguyen ('12)Austin Tamagno ('16)
8. Edison (SS)2:59.8748.261:51.744:06.799:46.61
Charlie Christensen ('77)Ryan Rivituso ('19)Tm Lloy ('75)Jon Butler ('81)
9. Dana Hills (SS)3:01.6547.801:51.424:05.799:46.67
Connor Kaddatz ('11)Cade Lindahl ('06)Andy Sims ('84)Jake Ogden ('76)
10. Gahr (SS)3:01.6846.841:53.844:05.099:47.42
Dennis Arriola ('79)Donn Thompson ('76)Mark Hakee ('81)Jim Arriola ('76)
11. Trabuco Hills (SS)3:03.6547.871:55.364:00.839:47.71
Riley Sullivan ('08)Chaz Rozean ('09)Wes Luke ('00) Jantzen Oshier ('11)
12. El Cajon (SD)3:02.3748.471:53.434:04.109:48.37
Armando Valencia ('67)Bruce Ruff ('67)Oscar Soto ('14)Terry Cotton ('72)
13. Carpinteria (SS)2:58.3649.541:52.924:08.059:48.87
Coley Candaele ('90)Terry Stark ('73)Phil Adcock ('80)Tom Grewe ('82)
14. Helix (SD)3:02.0247.911:53.984:05.249:49.14
Daniel Das Neves ('92)Eric Parker ('19)Shelby Hernandez ('13)Steve Whitcomb ('79)
15. Hemet (SS)3:00.3449.811:52.334:06.549:49.23
Robert Frichtel ('96)Robbie Edwards ('90)Troy Collins ('89)Mark Fricker ('77)
16. El Modena (SS)3:01.5549.061:49.544:09.349:49.49
Ruben Esparza ('82)Mike Terry ('91)Dave Kingsland ('77)Victor Valen ('84)
17. Royal (SS)3:00.3747.561:51.944:09.789:49.64
Hudson Andrews ('07)Tony Ramirez ('03)Brian Rodie ('03)Scott Blackburn ('75)
18. Big Bear (SS)3:02.1350.071:54.944:02.629:49.76
Chad Hall ('07)Aaron Brown ('12)Caleb Webb ('15)Ryan Hall ('01)
19. Foothill, Santa Ana (SS)3:02.1148.121:52.604:05.549:49.90
Matt Bell ('74)Ethan Traub

20. Esperanza (SS)3:03.7247.731:52.924:05.549:49.90
Mike Chavez ('04)Roshawn Sims ('91John Carrow ('88)Ryan Bousquet ('00)
21. Bellarmine (CC)3:00.6848.601:50.644:09.999:49.91
Scott Robinson ('87)Andre Chapman ('10)Alex Scales ('17)Collin Peattie ('19)
22. Westminster (SS)2:59.4748.961:53.704:07.809:49.92
Carl Trentadue ('65) Jim Harris ('80)Steve Dyer ('72)Mike Solomon ('67)
23. La Sierra (SS)3:01.9346.131:52.744:09.589:50.12
Dylan Knight ('07)Reggie Wyatt ('09)Edgar Cobian ('12)Spencer Knight ('07)
24. Cabrillo, Lompoc (SS)3:09.4946.321:49.794:05.079:50.70
Collin Hacker ('06)George Porter ('83)Duane Solomon ('03)Michael Coe ('07)

25. Long Beach Poly (SS)3:01.6045.381:50.144:13.589:50.70
Myles Andrews ('11)Bryshon Nellum ('07)Greg Jones ('68)William Frankenfeld ('19)
26. Arcadia (SS)3:02.7047.971:53.574:06.619:50.84
Phillip Rocha ('16)Alex McElwee ('14)Tony Mosely ('12)Ammar Moussa ('11)
27. Lompoc (SS)3:00.0149.371:52.444:07.009:50.88
Alvin Gilmore ('73)Anthony Manahan ('17)Tim Costa ('74)Terry Williams ('73)
28. Crescenta Valley (SS)3:03.2348.241:52.444:07.109:51.01
Dylan Wilbur ('19)John Ramsey ('65)Morgan Bateman ('89)Don Moses ('76)
29. Martin Luther King (SS)3:05.7148.531:52.634:04.339:51.20
Lane Werley ('12)

Reyte Rash ('19)

Nathan Torres ('13)Tyler Janes ('16)
30. Huntington Beach (SS)3:03.5748.591:50.744:08.449:51.33
George Gleason ('15)Jess Strutzel ('95)Paul Williams ('68)Robert Angel ('75)
31. Woodbridge (SS)3:03.1946.921:49.214:12.219:51.52

Michael Hadden ('02)

Jalen Craver ('10)

Eric Schermerhorn ('84)

Dragan Simic ('12)

32. Carlmont (CC)3:01.8147.731:52.604:09.399:51.53

Brad Suhr ('08)

Elliott Surovell ('12)Jim Layton ('13)Steve Miller ('72)
33. St. Ignatius (NC)3:01.7447.791:52.104:10.749:52.37
Dave Anderson ('84)Matt Hurst ('14)Nick Rose ('71)Jim Robbins ('88)
34. St. Ignatius (NC)3:02.7748.051:50.834:11.249:52.51
Brendan Fitzgibbon ('97)Carlos Tan ('56)Neil Fitzgerald ('86)Klaus Hoffman ('68)
35. Mission Viejo (SS)3:02.9748.051:52.444:09.159:52.61
Brett Hickman ('18)Greg Jones ('77)Jon Cook ('74)James Cameron ('09)
36. San Pasqual (SD)2:59.6648.821:52.054:12.249:52.76
Francis O'Neal ('89)Nicholas Aly ('11)Jesse O'Brien ('06)Nazario Romero ('93)
37. Newbury Park (SS)3:03.9149.431:52.184:07.339:52.86
Jeff Wilson ('92)Terry Pagano ('11)Sean Grumney ('10)Nico Young ('19)
38. Arroyo (SS)3:00.7849.441:54.244:07.259:53.02
Luis Medina ('05)Kevin Florence ('76)Richard Welker ('71)Noah Hibbard ('19)
39. JSerra (SS) 3:02.7949.381:54.094:08.299:53.08
Peter Herold ('19)Chase Harmon ('12)Anthony Grover ('19)

Andrew Burkhardt ('16)

40. Davis (SJ)3:05.8347.501:51.594:08.299:53.21

Nick Borosky ('16)

Mike Davis ('96)Willie Hall ('16)Michael Vernau ('17)
41. San Clemente (SS)3:08.4748.771:52.894:03.139:53.25
Garrett Milner ('00)Nick Provencio ('08)Matt Stollenwerk ('03)Connor Dune ('16)
42. Upland (SS)3:02.3048.201:51.684:11.289:53.45
Steve Scott ('74)Kerry Tate ('88)Ryan Gamboa ('06)Phil Orr ('81)
43. Rio Mesa (SS)3:05.1048.181:52.024:08.499:53.79
James Fitzgerald ('15)Darion Zimmerman ('12)Travis Cooksey ('87)Philip Reid ('03)
44. Vista Murrieta (SS)3:02.5945.191:51.784:09.539:53.86
Porter Reddish ('13)Michael Norman ('15)Kevin Gonzalez ('12)Edgard Villa ('18)
45.  El Toro (SS)3:01.7349.431:53.344:09.539:53.94
Juan Gonzalez ('13)Trevor Oblouk ('14)Toby Villalva ('09)Brandon Bethke ('04)
46. Corona (SS)3:00.0847.521:52.824:13.749:54.16
Paul Arcos ('08)Kenny Moon ('04)Josh Silva ('15)Larry Conard ('66)
47. West Hills (SD)3:03.4349.361:52.914:09.449:55.15
Ben Aragon ('01)Nathan CunninghamDustin Diaz ('98)Evan Fox ('00)
48. Agoura (SS)3:02.7447.891:55.774:08.899:55.29
Bryan Dameworth ('90)Jeff Ingalls ('89)Doug Wong ('11)Jon Stormo ('78)
49. La Costa Canyon (SD)3:04.6746.911:55.704:08.159:55.43
Garrett Stanford ('19)Karson Lippert ('17)Alex Merder (15)Darren Fahy ('11)
50. Torrey Pines (SD)2:59.3450.241:53.054:13.039:55.66
Matt Carpowich ('11)Jack Kuzminsky ('14)Trent Newquist ('11)Tal Braude ('14)

MileSplitCA editor Jeffrey Parenti contributed to this report.