Rankings: Top 50 Boys 300m Hurdles Dream Teams

Upland's impressive history in the 300m hurdles includes three consecutive CIF-State titles, two by Caleb Roberson (5) in 2018 and 2019 and a third by Joseph Anderson in 2017. (MileSplit file photo)


Moving away from our Dream Team distances, we shift our focus to the sprints and eventually, the field events!   California boasts some of the greatest prep 300-meter hurdlers in national history, thus, our move toward researching that event.  

California moved the 300 hurdles for the boys from 33-inches to 36-inches in 1984. So, we limited our findings to only marks achieved in the intermediate hurdles since that season.

The MileSplitCA Dream Team series researches the top marks per school in a particular event, totals the marks of the top four individuals in that school's history, and ranks the programs based on that combined total. What we did in presenting a school's all-time best relay teams, we are now doing with non-traditional relay events as a way of ranking the state's top programs by event.

But, with that, we do not want to dismiss the fact that before the adjustment, California ruled the national spotlight in the event as well.  In 1983, Danny Harris of Perris shattered the national record in the 300 low hurdles (33-inch) in rolling to the State Meet title in 35.52.  In doing so, he broke the record from fellow Californian, Tony Atkins of Walnut.  

Muir, a program that dominated all throughout the 80's and 90's, are far above the rest of the competition when reflecting on California state lore.  Muir averaged an astounding 36.62 per hurdler. Hawthorne, strongest during the 1980's, averaged an outstanding 36.90 per hurdler!  

The dominant program of recent times, Upland, ranks third overall with a 36.99 average.  

The top 'B' team?   That belongs to Muir, which averaged an eye-popping 37.53 as a 37.26 clocking did NOT break into the Mustangs' top four!  This second group finished just outside our top 10.  Muir boasts eight boys that all broke 37.75!  Their 'C' team sits just outside the top 50, with an outstanding 38.36 average!    

Despite not being ranked in the top 10 with their best four, Long Beach Poly's 'B' group would have also finished in the Top 50.  Altogether, the Jackrabbits have had 14 boys break 39.00 in school history!  


SchoolNo. 1No. 2No. 3No. 4Total
1) Muir (SS)36.1836.5536.6537.112:26.49
Makio Haywood ('96)Terry Jenkins ('99)Kenny Haslip ('94)Marquis Profit ('04)
2) Hawthorne (SS)36.5636.8036.8837.342:27.58
Michael Graham ('85)Raymond Young ('84)Yki Vallery ('87)Desmond Smith ('92)
3) Upland (SS)36.0236.3237.5038.132:27.97
Joseph Anderson ('17)Caleb Roberson ('19)Namir Hemphill ('19)Andrew Werhare ('92)
4) JW North (SS)35.9036.3038.1138.312:28.62
Reggie Wyatt ('07)Jeff Garrison ('01)Ron Howard ('02)William Shropshire ('88)
5) Indepedence (CC)36.4337.1437.5837.952:29.10
John Montgomery ('88)Bill Gaines ('76)Cary Nobles ('84)Steve Kemp ('86)
6) Los Alamitos (SS)36.7237.3837.4137.692:29.20
Jose Rubio ('17)Kevin Ahlstrom ('04)Shaquille Richardson ('10)Tyler Rios ('14)
7) Santa Margarita (SS)36.9537.1437.2537.892:29.23
Blake Hennesay ('17)Matt Blasdel ('96)Austin Tinsley ('14)Jimmy Martin ('09)
8) James Logan (NC)35.9336.5838.4338.502:29.44
Kevin Craddock ('04)Monte Corley ('10)Robert Scott ('90)Joshua Hall ('16)
9) Serra (SS)36.7637.0637.7638.042:29.62
Steve Smith ('00)Lloyd Siscard ('13)Derek Knight ('85)Hassan Rahmann ('04)
10) Roosevelt (SS)36.3437.2937.9638.092:29.68
Anthony Easter ('17)Austin Hill ('10)Leran Hutchings ('11)Andre Bernard-Joseph ('15)
11) Taft (LA)35.2836.9838.8738.982:30.11
Jeshua Anderson ('07)Dale Morgan ('09)Chris Wellington ('06)Joel Darden ('09)
12) Long Beach Poly (SS)36.5737.7637.8237.992:30.14
Kenyon Rambo ('97)Jeremy Johnson ('99)Liam Anderson ('19)Juan Ward ('14)
13) Buchanan (CS)37.0537.5337.7738.242:30.59
Paramveer Chohan ('16)Sean Johnson ('10)Tim Boghanof ('98)Jeff Boghanof ('03)
14) Rancho Bernardo (SD)37.2737.4737.8138.062:30.60
Bobby Salimi ('00)Brian Fell ('95)Josh Farmer ('18)Devin Saunders ('11)
15) Granite Hills (SD)36.2537.1838.3038.902:30.63
Jeff Hunter ('01)Kevin Finley ('10)Cory Dart ('03)Chris Costa ('05)
16) West Covina (SS)36.8437.1138.3038.432:30.68
Gordon Bugg ('84)Chey Walker ('95)Ricky Johnson ('10)Glenn Stewart ('86) 
17) Trabuco Hills (SS)37.2637.2737.7038.652:30.88
Cameron Hurd ('16)Bryan Payne ('04)Collin Hurd ('18)Isaac Korn ('20)
18) Los Osos (SS)36.5737.3137.3639.672:30.91
Aidan Christensen ('17)Oluwatobi Adegoke ('19)Victor Bolden ('12)Demo Adegoke ('10)
19) Rancho Buena Vista (SD)37.0037.3437.4539.152:30.94
Tracy Smith ('97)Brandon Bornes ('03)Devon Alvarado ('16)Zachary Kleppe ('16)
20) Sherman Oaks Notre Dame (SS)37.4237.6137.7938.222:31.04
Jon Williams ('01)Chris Fisher ('86)Jensen Wayne ('02)Austin Lietz ('15)
21) Vallejo (SJ)36.5337.0738.5238.942:31.06
Rico Hatter ('99)Chris Redmond ('92)Mike Wilson ('15)Ford ('94)
22) Mission Viejo (SS)37.2737.8537.9138.052:31.08
Diego Courbis ('14)Josh Hill ('18)Quinn Williams ('17)Cole Paton ('15)
23) De La Salle (NC)36.8637.3438.1838.712:31.09
Marquis Morris ('14)Jonathan Harvey ('16)Michael Barton ('10)Mister Marshall-Cotton ('10)
24) Dorsey (LA)37.2237.8238.0038.112:31.15
Kai Kelly ('04)Darryl Lockett ('86)Ronald Copeland ('88)Greg Lee ('98)
25) Great Oak (SS)37.2337.2638.0538.692:31.23
Jeremiah Ruger ('17)Duane Solomon ('12)Chris Lawson ('07)Jordan McFadden ('15)
26) Mater Dei (SS)37.3537.5137.6638.772:31.29
Corey Hammond ('12)Sam Barkley ('11)Charles Michinock ('11)George Lynch ('88)
27) Bellarmine (CC)37.2537.5238.3138.372:31.43
Coke Edmon ('94)Jalen Wright ('13)Napoleon Greene ('06)Thomas Phillips ('07)
28) Fairfield (SJ)37.2037.2338.3738.662:31.46
Craig Cooper ('84)Dante Thomas ('09)

Marc Higgins ('90)

Frank Lake ('99)
29) Irvine (SS)37.1437.3738.5238.612:31.64
Al Williams ('98)Brandon Phillips ('10)Phil Oh ('96)Jon Peck ('92)
30) St. Mary's (NC)37.2637.9538.2238.352:31.78
Halihl Guy ('01)Darrien Hawkins ('88)Dwayne Morgan ('84)Rich Nero ('88)
31) ML King (SS)36.4138.1638.4838.742:31.79
Reyte Rash ('19)Dillon Lay ('17)Josh Jeter ('12)Jacob Porter ('11)
32) Woodbridge (SS)37.6937.7938.1238.312:31.91
Greg Muniz ('92)Jalen Craver ('11)Daniel Sun ('16)Charlie Davidson ('92)
33) Esperanza (SS)36.7437.8038.4539.012:32.00
Keith Pontiflet ('85)Anton Hector ('93)Pat Swanson ('96)Kevin Carr ('97)
34) Servite (SS)37.7937.8138.1138.332:32.04

Matt Willis ('02)John Hall ('96)Ian Ward ('17)Kyle Sandoval ('17)
35) Hart (SS)36.8038.0438.4938.732:32.06
Jason Medearis ('94)Dayne Comrie ('03)Connor West ('14)Trevor Lien ('11)
36) Loyola (SS)37.7537.9238.0938.312:32.07
Keith Moten ('92)Jordan Paul ('05)Ryan Holmes ('08)Christian Rhodes ('99)
37) Carson (LA)36.6738.1038.5338.842:32.14
Justin Collins ('15)Kymoni Bellamy ('12)Christopher Roulier ('89)Patrick Washington ('16)
38) El Camino (SD)37.9838.0638.2138.242:32.49
Steve Forte ('94)Isiah Jackson ('11)Tyrae Jones ('02)Jarrel Davis ('05)
39) Millikan (SS)37.6838.0038.3138.522:32.51
Jonathan Sanders ('09)Riley Williams ('18)Misana Viltz ('14)Alex Castro ('12)
40) Los Gatos (CC)37.3937.6238.6738.922:32.60
Joe Monti ('19)Masaki Wada-Law ('19)Isaki Wada-Law ('17)Charlie Geaves ('16)
41) California (NC)35.4538.6938.8039.682:32.62
David Klech ('06)Nicholas Cassell ('04)Nino Kolyouthapong ('03)Kevin Diestel ('01)
42) La Sierra (SS)35.0239.0039.1739.502:32.69
Reggie Wyatt ('09)Ramzy Ali ('14)Robert Taylor ('10)Delvonte Deary ('99)
43) Los Altos (CC)37.6738.0938.5138.552:32.82
Eric Hersey ('07)Tyler Burke ('85)Daniel Yeager ('13)Dan Nord ('95)
43) Bakersfield (CS)37.2838.2638.3438.942:32.82
Thomas Mack ('02)Larry Parker ('94)Jeff Depetro ('85)Edward Morrow ('08)
45) Tustin (SS)36.9138.0538.6639.232:32.85
Dominique DeGrammont ('97)Shane Vickers ('97)Shad Vickers ('91)Jacob Anderson ('13)
46) Grant (SJ)37.1737.6739.0639.092:32.99
Diatori Gildersleeve ('88)Albert Pride ('87)Julian Reed ('18)Willie Stallworth ('08)
47) Dana Hills (SS)37.6037.7138.7739.022:33.10
Mikey Fischetti ('09)Vince Fusco ('10)Jeremy Buck ('90)Chris Milosch ('05)
48) Canyon Springs (SS)36.5938.1639.2839.322:33.35
Mickey Grimes ('95)Bradley Alexander ('15)Randy Brown ('97)Dante Reese ('94)
49) Ganesha (SS)36.7137.1338.6240.932:33.39
Kenny Hall ('85)Dana Hall ('87)Jermaine Hunsaker ('96)Avery Terry ('09)
50) Arroyo Grande (SS/CC)37.5137.8938.5139.492:33.40
William Henry ('89)Bryan Jones ('94)Matt Sill ('17)Clark ('89)