Section Showdown Virtual Meet: Boys, CS vs. NC



  • The competition matches the all-time marks in one section against those in another using dual meet scoring and individual event participation rules.
Contenders, pretenders and the beast awaiting the feast
  • There are six sections that range between 101 and 198 schools: Central, San Diego, Los Angeles, Central Coast, North Coast, Sac-Joaquin. Those are the six in the dual meet competition.
  • There are three sections with a combined total of just 105 schools: San Francisco, Oakland, Northern. Those sections don't have the depth of athletes to be able to compete in this event. Sorry, but they are not part of the dual meet tournament.
  • And then there's the Southern Section, which includes 37 percent of the schools in the state. We have something special lined up down the road to involve the beast that is our friends in the SS.
The setup
  • Meets are held at neutral sites on a perfect 70-degree evening with no wind. Scoring is based on the best all-time marks from each section. Times may be converted. Altitude is not a factor.
  • Sections are limited to three entries per event and athletes are limited to four individual events. Dual and double-dual meet scoring is 5-3-1 for 1st through 3rd with a 5-0 score for both relays. There is separate competition for boys and girls.
  • Meets are presented in order of events with updated scoring after each event. The approximate conclusion of each field event is slotted throughout the track event schedule.


  • If only this could happen for real!

BOYS: Central Section vs. North Coast Section

4x100 Relay

As it should be, this was a very close race to start the meet. The 1983 Fresno Edison team clocked a 40.83 and won by an eyelash over Concord De La Salle which in 2009 sped to a 40.85. Score: CS 5, NC 0. Running score: CS 5, NC 0.


St. Joseph Notre Dame's Cooper Teare (3:58.76 in 2017) ran the state's second-fastest time ever en route to a 4:00.16 mile. Oh, so close to a sub-4. De La Salle's Rich Kimball (4:01.0 in 1974) beat Stockdale's Blake Haney (4:02.67 in 2014) for second. Score: NC 8, CS 1. Running score: NC 8, CS 6.

110 High Hurdles

James Logan's Kevin Craddock (13.39 in 2004) is No. 4 all-time and his all-star teammates aren't far behind with Ells' Dedy Cooper (13.3 in 1975) and Kennedy's Robert Gaines (13.4 in 1975) combining to give the North Coast Section a sweep. Clovis North's Caleb Foster (13.67 last year) might have broken up this trio if he'd been able to race this year. Score: NC 9, CS 0. Running score: NC 17, CS 6.

High Jump

In 1997 the Central Section had two superb jumpers in Riverview's Jason Howard (7-2.25) and Selma's Gabriel Zarate (7-2) and that was more than enough to top Berkeley's Kerry Myers who scaled 7-2 the year before. Score: CS 7, NC 2. Running score: NC 19, CS 13.


Olympic champion (1988) and UCLA great Steve Lewis of American (45.76 in 1987) ran away from Corcoran's Jerry White (46.4 in 1952) but Eureka's Alexis Robinson (46.55 in 2013) got up to capture third. Score: NC 6, CS 3. Running score: NC 25, CS 16.


West of Bakersfield's Marques Holiwell (10.33 in 1995) gives the Central Section its first victory on the track. Salesian's Jahvid Best (10.36 in 2007) was right behind, edging Berkeley's Kenny Robinson (10.39 in 1981) for third. Score: CS 5, NC 4. Running score: NC 29, CS 21.

Long Jump

With Tulare's James Stallworth (No. 1 all-time at 26-4.75 in 1989) and Edison's Gerald Hardeman (25-9.50 in 1972) going 1-2, all the NC could gain was a third behind Castro Valley's Nate Moore (25-8.75 in 2014). Things are getting tight in the scoring department. Score: CS 8, NC 1. Running score: NC 30, CS 29.


Only one California runner ever had a faster time in high school than Berkeley's Pete Richardson (1:47.31 in 1981) and El Cerrito's Dale Scott (1:47.9 in 1972) and since Michael Granville wasn't from either of these sections, the best the Central Section could get was a tie for third with Bakersfield's Clark Mitchell (1:48.4 in 1965) matching Logan's Aaron Richberg (1:48.40 in 1995). Score: NC 8.50, CS .50. Running score: NC 38.50, CS 29.50.

Shot Put

Liberty's Daniel Viveros (71-3 in 2019) topped Amador Valley's Nathan Esparza (69-4.75 in 2016) with Buchanan's Jacob Wilson (66-5.50 in 2017) collecting the bronze. Note that all three athletes were from the same decade. Score: CS 6, NC 3. Running score: NC 41.50, CS 35.50.

300 Hurdles

Meanwhile, back on the track, the NC made it a hurdle sweep. California's David Klech (35.45 in 2006), James Logan's Kevin Craddock (35.93 in 2004) and Ells' Dedy Cooper (36.2) provided nine big points. Score: NC 9, CS 0. Running score: NC 50.50, CS 35.50.


Despite losing the 100, the North Coast contingent surprisingly was untouchable in this event with Salesian's Jahvid Best (20.65 in 2007) leading the way. A ways back, Clayton Valley's Cameron Reynolds (20.99 in 2019) beat Berkeley's Ken Robinson (21.03 in 1981) for back to back sweeps. Score: NC 9, CS 0. Running score: NC 59.50. CS 35.50.

Discus Throw

The Central Section desperately needed a sweep and got one here with Clovis' Jonah Wilson (221-5 in 2017) putting his all-time state best on top. Bakersfield's Jeff Buckey (210-1 in 1991) and Clovis East's Willy Irwin (208-10) completed the 1-2-3. Score: CS 9, NC 0. Running score: NC 59.50, CS 44.50.


This was the last individual event on the track and it spelled doom for CE which would win just one individual track event. St. Joseph Notre Dame's Cooper Teare (8:41.46) and De La Salle's Rich Kimball (8:43.6 in 1974) beat Stockdale's Blake Haney (8:46.80 in 2014) to the finish line. Score: NC 8, CE 1. Running score: NC 67.50, CS 45.50.

Pole Vault

Acalanes Brent Burns (17-8.50 in 1987) was superior here as Hoover's David Cox (17-4 in 1991) and Clovis West's Doug Fraley (17-0.50 in 1983) made it just a one-point edge. Score: NC 5, CS 4. Running score: NC 72.50, CS 49.50.

Triple Jump

If only there were more than six field events. The 1970s decade standouts like San Joaquin Memorial's Dave Tucker (52-6.25 in 1970), Hoover's Henry Ellard (52-6 in 1979) and Edison's Randy Williams (52-3.50 in 1971) handled the NC like the NC hurdlers dominated earlier. Score:  CS 9, NC 0. Running score: NC 72.50, CS 58.50.

4x400 Relay

The North Coast finished up on a high with Ken Robinson adding even more points by anchoring the Berkeley team of 1981 to a 3:08.94 time and the victory. Score: NC 5, CS 0.

  • FINAL SCORE: NC 77.50, CS 58.50
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Photos by Spencer Allen (Sports Image Wire), Eric Taylor, DeAnna Turner.