Videos: Hangin' With Santa Margarita - Part II

Sore shins from pounding the sidewalk? Kendall Saeger has your cure! (screencapture)


Hey all, the awesome team at Santa Margarita Catholic in Orange County shared another series of videos with us that we've compiled in this article series called: "Hangin' With ... Santa Margarita!" 

If you missed Part I, definitely check it out here

In Part II, we hear inspirational messages from two coaches, get recovery advise from distance runner Kendall Saeger, watch Nick Ruiz crush a 12-miler, catch a crazy balancing drill and spy in on a hurdle workout with Michael Ventura.

Conditions are challenging, facilities are limited (or closed, as we learn), times are downright surreal. But what this series reinforces as its underlying message is have fun, remain positive and when all you've got to work with is a stone and water, make the best darn stone soup you can imagine. 

Thank you, Eagles. Keep crushin' it!!


  • Coach Luke Newman reminds us to stay active and stay safe.

  • Nick Ruiz takes us along for a 12-miler (did we read that Mile 12 split correctly?)

  • Michael Ventura makes the most of what's available to practice hurdles

  • Coach Martin Dugard bringing awesome positivity! 

  • Crazy balance training with high jumper Jake Quinlan

  • Kendall Saeger, post-double-duty workout, shares a "favorite" recovery trick.


Would you like to share how your team is making the most of the shutdown? If you are interested in contributing to this "Hangin' With ... " series of videos, send an email to the Jeffs: California editor Jeffrey Parenti ( and MileSplit Senior Editor Jeff George (