Catching up with Redwood senior, Liam Anderson

Redwood senior, Liam Anderson, is the fastest returning runner from last year's NXN race. He finished in 3rd place last year and will be one of the favorites to win this year's competition. During the spring Track and Field season, Anderson had the fastest 1600m and 3200m times in California with 4:09.31 and 8:52.74 personal bests. He repeated as NCS champion in both events and won his first state title in the 1600m.

To what degree, if at all, did your junior season success exceed expectations?
          To be honest, my junior XC season met my expectations pretty spot on. After getting second at State XC my sophomore year, I expected to win junior year, and with regards to getting third at NXN, I expected to be somewhere around there, again based on the previous year's results. As for track, I feel like I didn't quite reach my expectations, but I think I definitely came close.

In what ways did the success change your life? 
          My success made my long-term goals for running seem a lot more attainable, and it gave me the motivation that I needed to take my training up a notch.

Of all the tremendous accomplishments last year, what stands out the most? 
          I would have to say NXN is the most notable in my mind. After working hard all summer and putting in the miles, being able to reach my goal in a single culminating effort was really rewarding to me.

If there was a disappointment, maybe a race or a failed time goal, what was it and how does that help motivate you now?
       Looking back, I can't say that there was any single race or goal that was all that much of a disappointment for me. 

What can you do for an encore? 
       Win NXN.

What have you been doing with training to make sure there isn't a letdown? 
       I'm working harder, plain and simple. Last year I got a taste of the podium at NXN and every day I'm working to improve upon that. 

How does your pre-cross training now compare with last/previous years? 
          This summer was relatively similar to last year, the biggest thing we've done is simply up my mileage, but we're also refining all the little things.

Where are you in regards to college recruiting? 
          I've narrowed my list down to just a few schools and will be taking three officials over the next month.

What do you most take to heart about what your coaches tell you about handling the pressure?
         One thing my coaches tell me that has really stuck is to use any pressure as motivation. 

What do you wish the Liam heading into his senior season could tell the Liam heading into his freshman or sophomore season?
          If I could, I would tell freshman me to minimize my distractions and concentrate more on running.