Virtual Meet: CIF State Championship

Does the MileSplit database think Michael Norman and VIsta Murrieta can repeat as champions?

There are many ways to look at this weekend's CIF State Championship statistically. We have a season's worth of data, and we can use all the athletes' best marks to predict the outcome of specific events as well as the meet as a whole.  We also have the results from the sectional finals, in the form of the seed marks entered for each athlete on the performance list (which includes any athletes that hit the auto-qualifying mark).  Both approaches have their strengths and weaknesses, so the best thing is to look at the data both ways to get a more complete picture!

On the following slides, you can find two virtual meets for each sex: one using only the sectional finals qualifying marks, and one using season bests.  See what the database has to say, and draw your own conclusions - ours will be published tomorrow!  You can use the "Next" links to move slide by slide through the virtuals, or go directly to the one you most want to see by using the links below.


  • The season bests virtual meet operates by team rather than by individual, so it may not reflect the actual events an athlete has decided to compete in through sectional qualifying.
  • The section qualifying marks virtual meet is missing the 3200, which was not included on the copy of the performance list we used to prepare that virtual meet.

Virtual State Meets using Seeds from Section Finals

Girls - Boys

Virtual State Meets using Season Bests

Girls - Boys

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